How can AI change the world of jobs and education?

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  • Hi topical talk
    My opinion or idea about how AI can change the world of jobs and education. Yes AI can change the world of jobs and education for instance we can stay in our homes to work with our gadgets like laptops and phone and our personal wifi to work saving you the stress of going to the office and work all day, you can stay in your house and learn through Google classroom, online teaching with your teacher, for example during the COVID-19 pandemic, schools were closed because of the virus but we were still learning through Google classroom and online teaching with our teachers.
    So am saying that it is good to use AI to work in your homes and learn with your teachers online, but it will cause laziness to us, for me I prefer going to school and see the teachers face to face.

    1. I disagree because... Because when students go to school they meet other students This helps them make friends and develop their personalities, I see To teach children online It may make them isolated and shy

      1. I agree because if you keep a child in a house too long, not socialising with anyone as in person, they won't actually learn how life actually is. What is the fun of keeping a child in a house instead of letting them go to school. They get to meet their friends, talk to them and play with them.

  • It is possible AI can change the world in in many ways such as jobs. When discussing AI people tend to always worry about how it's stealing people's jobs, and yes, it is. But, jobs are always changing and or being remastered so I don't think we should worry about AI taking some jobs. But I do not agree with AI teaching. Yes, AI may be able to teach but it doesn't mean they should. Kids Ned to make bonds with there teachers. Teachers are one of the many influences on what a child wants to be want they grow up and AI is incapable of these kinds of things. This is my opinion on AI taking jobs.

  • Hi
    Firstly, Just as AI has disadvantages, it has much more advantages. People can open a small business, or in bloggers, they can make money from Tik Tok, or when they advertise the store, they make money, and the store almost becomes famous and orders are made,

    Secondly ,and AI can take humanity to another place by working on it. It is better and faster at work,

    Thirdly , even though when the Covid-19 virus came, we were closed schools,

    fainly ,but we were able to communicate through AI and we were able to chat with each other through

  • Ai can change the world
    Because Many jobs are being wiped out, such as in factories where humans used to do most of the work But now machines do that, such as canning and storing And many more jobs like The postman who was traveling to deliver the mail and the messenger Which was sent by the rulers from one country to another and in education because the number of students was They use it in writing presentations however They are important for study, but a student can write with just a click can allow him to write a n essays and presentations ,
    "So every thing in our life has prons and cons"

  • I believe that the integration of AI into the workforce and educational systems has the potential to revolutionize the way we work and learn. AI technologies can automate routine tasks, freeing up time for workers to focus on higher-value activities, and personalized learning experiences. However, there are concerns about job displacement and the need for upskilling to adapt to AI-driven changes. Balancing these opportunities and challenges will be essential in harnessing the transformative power of AI for the future of jobs and education.

  • I think AI has already changed a lot the way students interact with the internet and generally the social media nowadays.
    AI will change the education a lot. It will help students and especially university students to find faster information and research deeper a topic they want.
    Concerning jobs I believe that AI will be implemented more on the technical side of jobs such as making products , gather and analyze data faster and effectively.
    AI is here and we will experience the biggest achievements of it the next few years.

  • It is possible for AI to change the world, and it can change the world in so many ways such as football. In football today they are so many fouls in football that the argument can lead to fight in the filed and it is in legal but if the are using AI machines to detect every thing that is happening on the filed and the is a foul the AI machine will see it and the referee can go back to see if it is a foul and the will be any foul in the filed the it will bring a fair game for example the VAR (Visual Assistant Referee) it is a very good help to football because the rate of argument in football has refused and also maradonald used his hand to score a goal on the FIFA world cup final and that was because the was no Var and nobody noticed it but if it was in the current football season it will be seen by the visual assistant referee I will suggest that AI should be used in football.

  • Hi there! In my point of view, AI influence education and work in our world.
    Influence of AI in education
    Artificial intelligence has been applied in educational tools that help to develop teaching and learning skills. It gives teachers the time for understanding and adaptability, It can help student development, and teachers' performance.
    Influence of AI in work
    The workplace is one of the main fields of
    applications of Al. Technology companies can optimise production processes. In addition, they can increase the safety and efficiency of workflows. The best thing is that the way AI and humans will work together is still evolving. Finally, In my point of view, this will be a good thing for us and a this will make our lives easier in the future......