how the crazy world of social media affects the chaotic world of business and politics

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Dear topical talkers and others, I am basing my standpoint on business and politics but more specifically how social media affects businesses and politics. I have chosen this topic as social media has platforms such as instagram and facebook and I bet not many people knew this but social media influences customer relationship and revenues overall business performances! As many people know businesses and even the government use social media for advertisement, as the english government have created a new advert focusing on energy saving and businesses such as polstar car company have used social media to create more interest in their new car. So that is why i have chosen this topic!

People who may be affected by this as if for example their if their is a political vote then social media is a big influence in who to vote for as many users share their opinion on platforms such as social media as you can share views at a global rate giving you a voice and helping find a group of people who have the same opinion as you. But you also have problems with social media and voting as people peer pressure their fellow users so when it comes to voting and social media their are negatives and positive impacts. People may also be affected by the faces of businesses who must have a lot of social media influence so they are recognised, as they are who control the company as they are who you would see in advertisements and who gather new users. Though when the face of the company speaks out about something either against your companies belief or what they stand for and if it creates bad press for your company you could face the problem of a celeb who has worked for the company for a while being fired and now that company needs new celeb such as the story of nike no longer using their face of the company.

I think that voting should not be affected by social media as under 50% of people under 27 are convinced to vote through friend and family through social media which is called peer pressure and it is not right even if it may seem to be good it is not right to force someone to do something they dont like. I strongly feel that the face of the company should have a say in the world and not be forced to change their views for the liking of the social media world and the company they work with.

In this world of social media we should not be influenced by the " face" of the company / political party or who to vote for in an election.

A problem I have found is that only a fraction of companies have the "face" of the company having a facial or skin differences like Phillida Swift who works with the company face equality international and I believe social media could be a major platform where, businesses could change their views and maybe support people with facial/skin differences by shouting out,saying it's not right to discriminate ( means to make an unjust comment on how someone looks) against people as their face / skin is different as at the moment the government have no law in stoping,that even if 1/111 people in the uk have facial/ skin difference it doesn't mean it is right to discriminate against them! So I believe that in the world of Business and Politics, social media can be used by businesses and politics to support problems that need addressing such as facial and skin difference that will help people like phillyda swift to shout out and use their voice just like she did. We are a kind world we just need to prove it by creating a world, where social media can help business and polit rather than give them bad views on new products or new laws.

I hope you injoyed my standpoint and it widened your views. Thank you all so much for reading this and good luck in the competition.!

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  • I agree with you. At every turn we take, we see the the effects of social media all around us, whether good or bad. Sometimes social media handles have either ruined businesses and celebrities or helped them tremendously. But sometimes, businesses or celebrities are ruined not because they did anything wrong, but because of trolls on the internet that decide to attack them. We can't always believe what we see online. But not everyone understands this and they may start to turn on the business. Social media is supposed to be a platform where people can discuss and interact but it is being turned into a platform where people take advantage of others and ridicule them. This is not right at all. A lot of businesses have died due to false news. This needs to be stopped.

    1. I agree because with the current rate of usage of social media, news can be spread and is easily believed by many, like the video posted of a Tesla self driving car hitting a robot, but as you have said, social media is not meant to be for giving fake news and spreading rumors, but for discussing critical world issues and the way forward. I also think that people need to be able to get internet usage ethics like getting news only from credible sources and not any post made on the social media.
      THANK YOU.

    2. I'm not sure about this because social media influence has taken control of the youth of today, Gen Z and Alpha's specifically. Everyone, learns, develops, or uses social media. Businesses, on the other hand, can be influenced by social media in two ways: negatively, by consuming false expectations from your boss, and positively, by promoting their content worldwide to gain views and followers. So social media isn't only one-sided. In all, social media has the power to influence business and even people to unimaginable heights, like small startups going viral or important messages for the world?

  • I also think that social media plays a huge role in businesses. There's another issue that comes with this. Influencers promote many brands and advertise them, which is also a source of income for them. But many times influencers promote brands that are not the best for us for example, if they are advertising a food brand it could be that the product is not heathy. But they lie in their videos that it is healthy and due to the influence they have on their audience, their audience believes it and buys the product which may affect their health. It is wrong that social media influencers lie and deceive their viewers just to promote a brand. I think that influencers should be honest about a product and not promote any brand that isn't right. Brands that use animal testing and have products that may harm consumers in any way should be avoided by influencers.

  • Thank you for your comprehensive analysis of the impact of social media on business and politics. Your essay adeptly explores the multifaceted nature of this influence, touching upon its effects on customer relations, revenue, political discourse, and societal issues such as representation. You effectively outlined both the positive aspects, such as increased reach and engagement, and the negative implications, such as peer pressure and ethical considerations. Your emphasis on the importance of maintaining ethical standards in leveraging social media for political and business purposes is particularly commendable. Additionally, your call for greater inclusivity and representation of diverse faces in corporate messaging adds a crucial dimension to the discussion. Overall, your essay offers valuable insights into the complex dynamics of social media in contemporary society, urging a nuanced approach to its utilization in business and political contexts.