Enhanced Games: what else can be enhanced and why?

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This is the act of increasing or improving the quality, value or status of someone or something.

We have seen news about human potential being improved in many fields such as the medical field, entertainment and now even sports is not left out. The introduction of the enhanced games has once again proven that with the help of technology, humanity can do much more. But should there be some cases where enhancements on the human abilities should be prohibited? Ithink yes. Here are some examples of what i think.

1. The human mind: Looking from the perspective of the enhanced games, when someone has a problem, they can take drugs to help them. In a classroom setting, different students have different learning paces. Finding a way to enhance the human brain to keep up with the learning will give that particular child an advantage over the others and make them lazy because they are not relying on their own abilities, just a computer that has been inputed into them.

2. Sports: Though the present topic talks about enhanced games, i personally think that athletes should not take drugs to improve their abilities. Competitions are there to choose the real winner who actually put in work to achieve something. Drugs will undermine this mission. I think that athletes should be left to train based on their own abilities.

3. The human body: It is well known thtat the entire human can be enhanced. This can been seen through bionic body parts. These on their own are very good. But in a case where the entire body is handed over to an artificial intelligence is very bad. The human body is specially designed and it's functions should not be messed with.

In general, technological as well as biological enhancements can be beneficial but not in all cases. In cases that it messes with the human functions it should be considered bad. Enhanced games that makes use of drugs that affect the system, altering the human mind to quicken its processes and taking over the body using AI will make us less of human and more of part machines.

I look forward to seeing what you all think about this.

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  • I would say something else that can be enhanced is creativity.What I mean when I say this because people are always in the world trying to make a new dish,or making a new skill when playing sports.A lot of people have trouble making new things because there are already so many things in the world.So that is why I would like to help stretch the minds of people and wonder if that could be done by using enhancing drugs.

    1. Your opinion is really insightful, among my peers I have noticed that the skill of creativity has been slowly but surely depleting, they are relying on artificial intelligence for assignments even those which require creative thinking such as writing stories or poems. Frankly, it would be really cool if an enhancing drug could help stretch creativity to an extent which might seem far fetched to today's youth.

    2. HELLO!
      I agree with you if creativity is enhanced humans will be able to create more things better faster and more when people try to create something it will take a long time but if creativity is enhanced creative tasks will be done faster.
      THANK YOU!

    3. I agree with you consistent_crow, this is because having your creativity enhanced would be great for everyone. For example it could help solve problems creatively and invent new things to help quality of life things or major things.

  • I agree. Usage of drugs only seems to enhance the human beings, but on the long run it actually damages the body. Left to me I think that we should have a game that only really on the natural talent the aid of nothing other than training and diet.
    Individual talents are what make a sport competitive. If the game was boosted through the use of a drug, it would not be fair on those who have worked so hard.
    In my opinion nothing should enhanced except for the preventive measures against doping. Nobody would feel alright if the person who won you, won through an aid, it wouldn't just feel alright.
    In conclusion I think that doping should remain illegal, and athletes should not use drugs rather encourage their selves to work hard.


  • I feel that enhancing the human mind should be prohibited because it may cause severe damage to the brain and body. Your brain is one if not the most important organ in your body, and it is also the most complex organ in your body. Trying to enhance the brain would be very risky and difficult to do, so I feel that trying to enhance the human mind should be prohibited for health and safety reasons.

  • I also think that human intelligence can be enhanced . If a drug is developed specifically to enhance intelligence, it's could benefit individuals with learning disabilities by making it easier for them to learn without any difficulties. I believe with proper guidance and dosage instructions, this drug can be used positively to help those who struggle with learning to improve their abilities

  • I think that the human immune system and also be enhanced. This is because if a specific drug is developed to improve people's immunity, it can protect them from falling sick frequently. This would results to fewer hospital visits and medications allowing people to live healthier lives. I believe with proper guidance the development of such drugs can even prevent the occurrence of many diseases

  • I think that P.E.D.s can prove useful in some situations such as a disabled person trying to study or understand a lesson Etc. But at the same time it must be healthy so it won't cause any side effects on this individual in the long run. In summary, while enhancements can be beneficial, we must ensure they preserve our health.

    1. The challenge is that most PED's mess with the brain serotonin (a chemical that carries messages between nerve cells). When it is affected, it can start to send wrong messages and affect the normal body functions. This is not beneficial to the body at all. This is one of the reasons why PED's should not be allowed to work on any biological level. Using PED's that have a very bad adverse effect on the body will have dire consequences even though in the short run they will be helpful. If PED's should be allowed, they should be well tested and safe so that they do not distort the system of the individual they are being used on.

      1. I totally agree with you, I think that with more and more time for research it'll be someday possible to use PEDs without the risks which will be a great achievement for the human race.

  • I like how you compare the enhancement drugs to AI. Drugs are artificial substances that in a way make us act less like ourselves whether it be making us faster or jump higher. Robots are notorious for doing tasks better than the human race so the fact you state that these types of drugs are making us part robot for a time period is a really good observation. The fact that robots are artificially intelligent means that you have compared the drugs to having an artificial effect on us that will wear off when the drugs start to become less effective. If robots are given too much information will they stop working as they are not that enhanced yet? If so will these drugs stop working on us if we use them often?

  • Hello Everyone! I would like to say something that can be enhanced is individual's leadership skill. Leadership skills are an essential component in positioning executives to make thoughtful decisions about their organization's mission and goals, and properly allocate resources to achieve those directives. Valuable leadership skills include the ability to delegate, inspire and communicate effectively. Whether a student, teacher, project manager, or CEO, anyone in a role that involves influence over others and decision-making can benefit from strong leadership skills. These skills can be especially helpful for early-career professionals, newly promoted leaders, and start-up leaders. Leadership skills are essential in roles that don’t even involve leading others as well. These are skills that also help you to exude confidence and may be beneficial in progressing your career into leadership positions.

  • Hello Everyone! I would like to say something that can be enhanced is peace in our life it is because without peace, it will not be possible to achieve the levels of trust, cooperation and inclusiveness needed for societies to be resilient to shocks, manage disputes and adapt to changes in their environments.

  • HELLO!
    I think many more things can be enhanced like the organs of the body the immune system the parts of the body and the human brain if the human brain is enhanced he/she would be able to do many things like dusting the house and more

    1. Yes, the role of technology has helped us develop new gadgets like bionic body parts which have helped people with physical disabilities. I think that such enhancements however, should be made only on those who really need it. I mean they should be given to those who can't really function properly like someone that is handicapped. But in a case where the person is completely healthy, enhancing the person's body further is completely unnecessary and might head to overdependence and laziness in the future.

  • HELLO!
    Some other things can be enhanced like innovation if innovation is enhanced many more things will be made faster another thing that can be enhanced is the human brain if the human brain is enhanced people will be more smarter. Another thing that can be enhanced is the ear nose an mouth if the ear is enhanced people will be able to hear much more better if the nose is enhanced people will smell things better. If the mouth is enhanced a person will be able to taste everything.

  • I would like to also share my thought on what I think can be enhanced like
    1 muscles: some medicine's taken in can enhanc3 the strength of a particular individual example glucose is one of those medicine that when taken in it immediately provides strength and energizes the body.