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  • Is it ok if i don't choose a discussion topic from th0se and I give mine like 'Should parents choose for their children their future careers'

    1. The discussion ideas need to be on the topics you're learning about for the Festival

  • wow this is a great opportunity to bring about great discussions on the platform since we are on the students we know what we like and what excites us

    thank you

    1. I agree this platform will not only give the solutions but also polish the critical analysis and problem solving skills of the students.

  • Hi
    I What is the impact of rising food prices on farmers and producers? · to know that climate change

  • Hi
    I need to know about what is the impact of rising food prices on farmers and producers in Asia?

  • nd Meaningful response to Pakistan's food crisis threat in the wake of recent flood crisis and climate challenges. change.

  • Meaningful response to Pakistan's food crisis threat in the wake of recent flood crisis and climate challenges

  • End of the safe food will be the end of world.
    2023 could be the year a hunger catastrophe
    Armed conflicts vs challenge of hungar
    Climate change vs resilient agriculture
    Obesity vs starvation
    And the weapons could be currency hike, ban on import and un even distribution of food.

    1. You mention several problems here - which do you think might have the biggest impact on world hunger. What could people do to try to solve or prevent this problem?

      1. Yes definitely hunger is the mother of all the rest of the problems.
        I agreed with the fact that for zero hunger the behavioural pattern of the people needed to change through dialogue.
        People had enough knowledge about poverty, hunger and starvation. To recognise the need of change is the only way that the question what is happening must be replaced by why is it happening. It will leads to a sustainable positive change in this system.

    2. I agree because... Since the earth is warming day by day the next year will have more hunger prolems more than this one. And some countries might use it as an advantages to attack other country

  • How can we rehabilitate the farmers who are effected by flood crisis in Pakistan?

    1. if there is fertile and free land in Pakistan you could give each some amount of land because I know what they do most is farming so you could rehabilitate them by giving them land to carry on agriculture

      1. But 1/3 part of Pakistan is effected by flood so,what will we provide them?

        1. if that is the matter there is a trend of reusing plastics for farming in urban areas and initially it needs less land compared to the normal farming so this won't only help to rehabilitate the farmers but also help to make the environment sustainable.

  • Hi!
    I need to know Can we achieve the goal of zero hunger all over the world? If yes. Then how?

    1. Thank you... Through reducing food waste, colonizing agricultural lands, material and moral support, helping countries to each other, building hospitals and schools, sustainable agriculture, promoting international cooperation, adhering to the Human Rights Charter, taking an initiative for a future free of hunger, and spreading awareness about food waste towards that future that is blessed In which everyone achieves their basic right to food, getting rid of hunger would enhance economic growth, reduce poverty and protect the environment, as well as promoting peace and stability in the world, we must work together governments, businessmen, farmers, scientists, members of society and consumers each has an important and effective role to put an end to For famine in our world for this problem

  • Because I cannot access the above activity, I will write the topic here
    Title: Is this true?? Scientists have discovered that Mars is habitable, and that it contains water and air, and it is said that we can grow plants there, and this means that it contains the ingredients for life. you : What do you think, can we do that?? If you found it fit to live on Mars, would you go to it, why??

  • Considerate platform to change lives

  • I do not want to select any of the topics from above but hope to learn about:

    Democracy vs Communism

    eg: Learn about China and Russia's government compared to UK, India and USA's.

    How does their government impact the citizens of the nation?
    What are the advantages or disadvantages of either government?
    Why would a country still desire to follow communism in the 21st century after many things have changed (biased opinions; gender inequality; and disrespect to diversity)?

  • Do you think Elon Musk is doing good or bad?

  • Should more countries follow the US and introduce gender affirmative action when it comes to jobs and education, or should they introduce blind interviews to give everyone an equal opportunity?
    If we discriminated girls for a long, long time, is it fair to start discriminating boys? Don't we say that two wrongs don't make a right?

  • This is a really great opportunity. We will be having discussions on the podium
    I believe that this platform will not only provide solutions but also sharpen critical analysis and problem solving skills of students.

  • I would like to know why the morality police think it is right to enforce women to wear a hijab. What do they want to gain? Are they being blackmailed into doing these things? Why do they think they have any right to both physically and mentally harm females? It could scarr them for life.

  • It is ok if your comment is not accept by a expert your comment is still perfect

    1. I'm not sure about this because... I do not understand what you mean

  • My topic for a discussion would be about doctor shortages.
    My title for a discussion is:
    A few questions can be:
    Why are poorer areas having a shortage of doctors but are receiving a greater amount of patients?
    Why is the gap between the number of doctors in richer and poorer areas widening?

  • Cooked creepy crawlies nd bugs should be packed like lays kurkary noodles nd crunchees

  • this is my first time comenting and i am so exsited about cometing

    1. That's great, try to write comments that respond to tasks or engage with other comments.

  • I think Topical Talk should make a suggestion about Recycling.

  • My suggestion is;
    In this ever changing world with problems such as climate change, world hunger and wars, it has been discovered that the one of the major root causes of most problems in the world is going through is obstruction of aid to the victims due to corruption. What would be the best way to fight corruption?

  • These days .social media have an important role in every ones life,what about teenagers.
    *Should teenagers watch all kinds of social media?
    *How they impact on teenagers intersts and behaviour?
    *How can we protect them from the bad effect of social media?

  • Is sending the waste in space ethical ?

  • Should the food be free for children (0-5 years)

  • Fast fashion - Did COVID-19 make us care less about what we wear and help with the problem of fast fashion?

    It doesn't let me do this on the form but I think it is a good topic because there is a lot of research that tells us our thinking changed during the lockdown.

  • People are using the Internet a lot these days.
    Do you agree that the Internet is a virus that steals people's minds? Why
    and there is a saying that Means
    Internet Double-faces sword, explain the advantages and disadvantages of
    Internet, and How it helps damage society.

  • Modern life has become easier, thanks to technology and the Internet in communicating and exchanging information. There is no doubt that the Internet has made our lives easier and more comfortable. We can use the Internet to communicate with people all over the world.

    -Do you think the Internet made our lives easy or more complicated? What are the most prominent uses in facilitating our lives?

    -What are the risks and advantages of using the Internet?

  • How canwe say STOP to bully.

  • I would like to have a discussion about the world cup and if people agree that it should be held in Qatar.

    1. Look in the World Cup topic area for this!

    2. I agree because it is famous around the world and other countries might want to host it

  • Hi I want to know why football including world cups cost so much

  • “Money: space can be yours”

    No of use had the idea to make a planet private yet.
    Do you think you should be able to buy a planet in the future?

    1. No, I do not think so, because space is an external world, no matter how hard we try, we will not be able to finish discovering what is in it, and knowing and exploring other planets is everyone’s right, and no one can seize it, because it is like the sea that everyone has the right to swim in, but no one has the right To prevent others from swimming with it

  • Is cultural appropriation really a thing? If it is, what is it and what are the ways it affects people of color?

  • I would suggest holding the World Cup in Qatar. We are now following the World Cup and enthusiastically supporting the participating teams.The most exciting thing is that it takes place on Arab soil. Show their ability to carry the trophy home. In the end, I would like to ask, what do you think about the World Cup in Qatar?
    which team do you support? Who do you think will win the cup?

    1}How much innovation, determination and initiative does one has to have in other to create a new type of food that hasn't been existed yet until you successfully create one that goes viral from the scale of 1-10.?
    2}What are your plans in creating a new type of food never created before?
    3} In your own understanding and words, how can you call a person who creates a new type of food.


  • For Fast Fashion, I think a discussion about sending your old clothes to a campaign to be turned into the latest fashion clothing. We can discuss how we can make a campaign, will and how it would reduce the number of clothes and other ways to save clothes.

  • Are young people given a chance to be political.

    In modern times young people are being told about politics but they are not really given the opportunity to be political, most countries do not allow young people to lead, they tell us about politics, but we can never engage so how are young people meant to be political when we do not have the chance to be political.

    In this discussion we would like to know how the younger generation can be given a chance to be political.
    Also, what stops us from being political.

  • When scientists studied the movement of the sun, the surprise was: the sun is not stationary, but rather revolves around the center of our galaxy, one cycle every 240 million years!! But that's not all, they found that this sun does not only rotate, but also rises and falls during its rotation, and every rise and fall takes more than 60 million years!! Thus, the movement of the sun is compound: rotation + descent and ascent, that is, a rippling movement similar to the flow of sea waves. Hence, we live on earth and our lives are very short compared to the age of the sun, which scientists determine by five billion years.The question now: Why do stars appear in the same location over millions of years?

    1. This is interesting stuff reflective_journalist! Can you tell us where you found your evidence?

  • The BBC writer discusses something most of us would take for granted, but it turns out there is no answer yet. Why do most of us use our right hand for books, food, and basic chores? Did this phenomenon arise recently, or with the emergence of man himself, and did the ancient man use his right hand? Knowing that most people use the right hand and a very small percentage of people use the left hand. The question now: Why do we use the right hand?

  • The topic that i am going to talk about is on how the government should try on stopping the global food crisis . The government should send out people to scout local areas where people live in order to help the development of the country.

  • On this site there are many interesting topics that increased our knowledge and knowledge and made us think and search for them, but if we add some topics to them, it will become a gateway to knowledge and information that increases our culture and knowledge, including:
    (The importance of reading and reading in human life and its impact on the individual and society.)

  • I think that there should be a topic that talks about (the impact of technology on society) in terms of advantages and disadvantages and how it had an impact on our scientific, practical and cultural lives.

  • I want to talk about outer space. First, outer space is a void in the sky between planets and stars. It consists of helium and hydrogen (types of gas). It also contains many planets, galaxies, moons and stars. The physicist (Charles) estimated the temperature of space at sixty-five degrees Kelvin, and the first spacecraft was launched in (1961), then the various trips into space were launched, and the discovery of space began with the naked eye, which is inaccurate, then it developed into a telescope, and then into balloons. Then the Germans launched the first rocket into space likeOuter space also has an effect on the human body because of the difference in atmospheric pressure and because of the lack of earthly gravity, so it has many negatives for astronauts and explorers 1 - osteoporosis 2 - an explosion in the lungs due to the difference in pressure, thus damaging the sinuses and also works to leak blood into the tissues The body 3- Due to the lack of oxygen, this astronaut suffers from bloating, so suits were made for the astronauts, as they are ready-made suits to protect them from many of these negatives and provide oxygen
    And as I said previously that outer space has no gravity at all according to scientific research, then discovering the reason? And the answer that everyone is waiting for sparks deep thinking in the human mind
    The reason / is that space is a relative vacuum, so there is no indication of motion (motion is very slow in space).
    The space world contains a solar system that everyone knows has eight planets
    Arranged according to its proximity to the sun (Mercury _ Venus _ Earth _ Mars _ Jupiter _ Saturn _ Uranus _ Neptune) As for Pluto, there are scientists who consider it a planet from the solar system, and there is no such thing as Pluto. It is known as a dwarf planet, so it was expelled from the solar system (because of its small size) and here I finished my topic and this link helped me D9% 88% D8 %AA%D9%88 Thank you

  • I will ask you a question, and I hope that you will answer it with a convincing answer. Is it correct for parents to force their children into the profession that the parents find compatible with the children?

    1. On the issue of protest in Iran: Mahsa Amini, I knew the Ajayyah through the questions we were asked. No one has the right to take a decision on behalf of another person unless it is from his relatives and the person is less than 18 years old. Those over 18 have the right to do whatever they want.
      But on the other hand, the mother and father are the ones who tolerated us and raised us until now, and it would be a shame if we did not obey them, so it is better to listen to them, because in the end they are looking for our interests.
      However, we are the ones who can determine what his capabilities are and what he can be compatible with, and not others. For example, I do not like to engage in geography and history, but I love mathematics and science, and my dream is to become a neurologist, but my family They advise me to be a plastic surgeon, because this profession does not exist in our society, and it will benefit us a lot, so I will try to work on both sides in order to satisfy myself at the beginning and please them again.

  • How do I know if my discussion has been accepted or not?

  • I am wondering why only England in the World Cup take the knee (to show that you respect black people and don't agree with racism) because I have not seen any other team do it.

  • I think there should be a discussion you can share your ideas a Inventions just by adding a comment. about the already made discussions.

  • Did cop27 made a change in your local environment?