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Good answer but I don't agree with you. I do believe that art has the ability to convey the... Thinking questions 04/5/23
This is an interesting comment and I agree with it but It is really impossible to know... Test your knowledge 04/5/23
I agree with your view. Al used in engineering manufacturing&health on other hand advanced... Thinking questions 02/5/23
The Royal family has along history that goes back to early days of British Iseles.The Royal... Suggest a discussion! 26/4/23
Workers strike in 1877. The great Railroad strike of 1877 strained on july in Spartanburg West... Can everyone strike? 22/4/23
Hello Dr I would like to ask you 1.How do you live in the face of death? 2.How do you muster... Ask Dr Rachel Clarke! 21/4/23
I think a strike is legal if it doesn't violate any provision of the statute.It cant be said to... Suggest a discussion! 20/4/23
When there is a strike , workers stop doing their work for a period of time, usually in order... Suggest a discussion! 17/4/23
Metaverse can be disadvantage.The high degree of freedom which is an advantage of metaverse... The metaverse: marvellous or madness? 14/4/23
I think flight can expensive because the prices can vary depending on the route &time of the... The law in your hands? 14/4/23
Hi ! I would like to ask you : 1-Is Palestine a climate issue? 2-How do climate change affect us? …Clover Hogan! 13/4/23
I participated in Earth Day by considering 10 actions on how to support Earth Day. One of the... Classroom spy... 13/4/23
I think that we can share our experiences in real times with friends,family or anyone they want... The metaverse: marvellous or madness? 13/4/23
I think internet controls our life in every aspect education,science , medicine, trade and... Suggest a discussion! 12/4/23
Metaverse, the Internet and Virtual world.A place where every human has been to these days .... Suggest a discussion! 12/4/23
I'm a 14 year old Palestinian girl ,as a voluntary work I made a little reading group to help... Competition #1 News near you 12/4/23
I think there is no single to access the metaverse.Unlike the internet,where you have access... Suggest a discussion! 12/4/23
8 actions to consider in support of Earth day. 1- Measure your foot point. 2- drive and fly... Suggest a discussion 11/4/23