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I pick C because with drugs even if they can be good it still can effect there wellbeing as a... What do you think about the Enhanced Games? 28/2/24
In the lesson we talked about how football was represented online and how there are so many... Did you do the classroom lesson? 22/2/24
I think it's not fair because say football there are men's football cards but there aren't... Gender inequality: have your say! 22/2/24
I think it will help because AI doesn't rely on fuel or diesel it uses batteries and charging so... AI and the planet 09/2/24
I think that AI links to business and Eco anxiety because the things going on in AI can be used... Competition #3 winners 09/2/24
I agree about the bit of people not understanding the situation because it is a very difficult... Why don’t people change? 08/2/24
I think that they are not making a change because they think that nothing bad will happen in... Why don’t people change? 08/2/24
I think that one job AI will always be able to do better than humans is teaching because AI will... People v robots 07/2/24
Being with people i have known a long time . I also think that prisoners should have a phone so... How should prisons be run? 30/1/24
If i had a AI companion i would like it to be helpful i would want it to be able to tell if... AI companion 29/1/24
I think that they should be run a bit better because they should feel safe and not cramped in to... How should prisons be run? 29/1/24