Did you do the classroom lesson?


Did you complete the lesson about women in media at school with your teacher? If so, we’d love to hear about any good discussions you had. You could tell us…

… about any good debates between you and your classmates. For example, about how you thought one of the experts would have responded to a question.

…how you changed your mind about something during the lesson. For example, did anything you saw in the videos help you to see things from a new perspective?

…about how you feel about the experts, who shared their views. How did hearing from these women help you to learn?

If you haven’t done this lesson yet but you’d like to – let your teacher know. They can download the Topical Talk resources.

Ask your teacher to send us photos of the lesson in action for a chance to appear on our social media!

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  • Hi!
    In our class, we had a discussion about women in media. Our teacher gives us a important of women in media.like they struggle to learn and the problems there facing and how the do there job.thats why is important to know about women in media.

    1. I agree with you hardworking_mulberry, I can see the significance of acknowledging the struggles and achievements of women in media. Their experience and insights are crucial for a more balanced and inclusive industry. By understanding the unique challenges they face, we can better support their growth and ensure that their voices are heard. I am committed to learning more about this topic and contributing to the conversation.

    2. It was informative and interesting. Our mothers are our role models and female heroes who encourage us to be braver and better people. They also teach us about the value of women in society and the advantages of being women.It is best if individuals grasp the value of women and their duties at an early age.

      1. Thanks for your reply. It's true that mothers inspire us everyday they encourage us to be our best selves and tell us to always be positive and help each other and lead a huge example on independent woman. Thanks 😊

      2. I agree because... Our mothers are just the best people on Earth. When you give them a house, they make it a home. When you give them a food they make it a meal. All these are the fascinating about women. I see these as the opportunity to express my feelings about the way women are treated in the society.

      3. I agree with you because it was also interesting to me and the most important fact that we learnt about women is the fact that women in media perform crucial roles in making way for gender equality in society despite the fact that not all their voices are heard. They are indeed our role model. Like my mum, any activity that comes up which involves celebrating women, my siblings and I take our time to celebrate our mum and she tells us stories about stuff that happened to her when she was young, and how she was treated. My mum is indeed my role model for her to have gone through all those situations and still made up her mind to consider her career and come out successful.

        1. It is true that our mothers serve as our role models; they show us how to be courageous, stand up for what is right, and only want the best for us. Women are truly unique beings, and they want the best for us in this life. I hope that no one will discriminate against any of the ladies who are dealing with gender bias.

        2. Hello unbiased planet

          I indeed agree with what you are saying because the topic women in media has really educated me on the significant role that women play as well as how their roles in the society can have a great impact on the lives of countless people. Women like Malala Yousafzai used their gender and turned it into their strength and attempted to fight against gender discrimination and inequality. Malala Yousafzai became one of the world's most famous school girls because of the significant role that she played in stopping gender discrimination. Women have impacted on the lives of many people and the really deserve much respect for all the effort they put.

          Thank You!!!

    3. yeah that's really true that we get to know about women struggle learning about their jobs and works and and also get to know that women are important on media too.


    4. Hello hardworking_mulberry I remember that our teacher thought us the challenges women face like

      1. Lack of education: our teacher told us that some women are not well educated because of their family background

      2. Unemployment: our teacher also told us that some women are unemployed because they are not well educated or because they are the ones who does the household chores.

      3. Cultural barrier: some cultures don't allow their female children to go to school.

      THANK YOU!

  • I really enjoyed our discussions on the representation of women in the media. We talked about how women are often portrayed in stereotypical ways, and how this can affect how society sees women and their capabilities. I found it interesting to discuss how the media can shape our perceptions of gender roles and what it means to be a "woman." We also talked about how media can be a powerful tool for raising awareness and creating social change. It was a really eye-opening discussion!
    We the boys were just amazed!

  • Hi,
    I think that from our discussion in my classroom I was able to learn more about the women's right movement. What I got that was peculiar to me was the way that women were being discriminated even when it comes to their pay. This one really got to me as I know how hard mothers work to take care of their children. I thought that everyone was paid according to their accomplishments, but I found out that reverse was the case. I came up with a theory that could put an end to this by suggesting that everyone should be payed by the work they are able to accomplish during work.
    I learnt so much about women activists and journalists and I even got to know how important they are in tackling issues that affect both men and women notable among them were Selam Gebrekidan, Zanny Minton Beddoes and Luba Kassova which have used their positions to empower women.
    In conclusion I think that from this lesson my main take away was how everyone is equal irrespective of your status and that how everybody deserves a say.


    1. Are mothers the only people who work hard to take care of children, glad_outcome?

      1. Hello Katie @ Topical Talk
        I would say NO. I was practically talking out of personal experience. I believe that everyone takes care of the children but the reason I was particular about the mothers is because they usually spend more time with their children. Fathers as well try their best to provide for their children and this is where the link of gender equality comes in. I think that both of them should be respectfully allowed to provide for their child even if one can do more than the other.


      2. No, though mother's have unconditional love and care for their child.
        But in the aspect of taking care of the child,I think both parents are responsible.parents are not the only people to take care of their child.
        * The society is also responsible for child's upbringing,they are cases where a child will lose his parents they society will Carter for the child's need by put the child in an orphanage or the child can be adopted.

        * The school:the moment a child lives the house to school,it is now the teachers responsibility to take care of the child.
        * The family:a child can decide to go on a holiday in a family house without the parents and the child will be cared for and showed love by the family.
        With all this I hope I have been able to convince you that without the mother a child can still be cared for.
        But mother's still deserve the celebration.
        Happy international women's day in advance.

        Thank you.

      3. No, obviously it can not be that the mother only takes care of the children, but I can say probably why most people are say that women work hard to take of the children is because, one of the main responsibilities of a woman is to nurture and take care of their children is to become good and well behaved. But without the fathers support all this can not happen in a complete and positive way. Fathers help their children make better life choice. Fathers contribute to their cognitive development. children with good development would build a b good and stable life for their selves in the future. So I can say positively that mothers and the fathers have a very significance in taking care of their children.

  • Hearing from these women was really helpful for my learning because they shared their experiences and knowledge with me. It was like having my own personal teachers who could give me advice and guidance. They talked about their challenges and how they overcame them, which inspired me to work harder and never give up.

  • We had a discussion about women's representation in media, which was very interesting. Our class teacher pointed out some of the famous women who have contributed to society, such as Malala Yousafzai and Dora Akunyili in our own country. Our teacher explained and we discussed how their contributions have changed the world, especially for women. Women are now receiving more respect and are being regarded for higher offices in some places.

    During our discussion, a question was asked about whether women should work or stay at home to take care of their children. Most of us agreed that women should go out and work because they can contribute positively to the world. We even expressed our preference for female teachers because they understand us better, are more caring, and provide better guidance. I was concerned about having a new male teacher instead of my female class teacher, who I prefer because she's the best.

    Most of us agreed that if more women are trained and given opportunities, the world will be a better place. It's like investing in the future.

  • We were having a friendly chat when a question popped up about women who work and how they manage to take care of their children. It initiated a debate among us, with some suggesting that there are men who enjoy taking care of household responsibilities while their partners handle the finances. However, others argue that children need their mother's love and support, especially when they are young. We then discussed the possibility of companies allowing women to work from home.

  • The lesson in our class is on going and has me completed absorbed. The lessons are feeding me with great information about gender partiality, women’s position etc. We have continuously been watching and are going through the sources and videos provided by Topical Talk which are great information feeders. After watching the video of Zanny Minton Beddoes, a statement said by her that ‘Women are batter peace negotiators than men’ got me thinking. It made me realise how true that statement actually is. Until now I thought that women aren’t that politically strong or trained to take decisions concerning peace of a particular area but after hearing her views, my opinion has definitely changed . She has rightly said that women are more consensus, focused and reasonable and I would humbly like to add- more tranquil and resilient. They will definitely be more judicious and vigilant in peace negotiations and these negotiations will definitely be more successful. In a nutshell, this week’s topic has me completely engrossed and I am thoroughly enjoying my lessons.

  • The lesson conducted by our teacher has opened my mind to discover what women are capable of. However, I disagree with the opinions shared by the experts, as they were very biased against journalism.

    1. Why do you disagree with the experts?

  • Hello!
    My class had a wonderful discussion about women in media. Everyone gave a example of what they knew about women in media.One of my classmates reported a story about a women who was killed because she wasn't wearing her hijab the right way.We all felt that if a man would have made that type of mistake he would have been given another chance. Another story was told by me , I reported women in football because everyone knows about men in football and who's the best male football but no one talks about who's the best female player. And i found out that the best female football player is Alexia Putellas.

  • I changed my mind when she said that men are using media different than women and i found another strange thing that women isn't taking the same importance as men
    tanks for listening

  • In the lesson we talked about how football was represented online and how there are so many things on men's football and how little women's football barely gets shown also how much more men's football tickets sell for compered to women's tickets! How unfair!

  • Hi ,
    Wow what an amazing topic .We had a discussion that says "girls don't have opportunities to go to school" in some countries girls don't have the opportunities to go to school such as:
    6.South Sudan
    10.Central Africa Republic.
    There are disadvantages of not letting a girls go to school such as :
    1.poverty:girls who don't go to school are more likely to be exploited and at a higher risk of violent relationship
    2.health she won't have the knowledge to look after herself well
    3. she would be illitrate.
    4. Financial difficulties
    In my defence girls should be given more oppurtunities to go to school because in future girls would be one day our mothers and she will teach her children what she learnt in school. Girls education teaches a lady how to be a good citizen.
    Goodbye and have a wonderful day.

  • Hello. We have learnt today in our classroom about equal rights for all. We have been taught about the word meaning ‘social bias’ which means a false belief of something that is based on assumptions such as women are better than men at looking after children which is false and based on experiences people have had. It does not mean every women is better at a task then men or men are better than doing a certain task than women. Thank you!!

  • We did not do they classroom lesson because they teacher told us to research for ourselves.Women are useful and should not just be treated as low level humans. Women provide for us food at home,they care for us,they are the holders of our generations and are very hardworking. They are equal to men because they can do what men can do so they should be given an opportunity to help to contribute something to our society. I am my classmates were debating that men are better than women and women are just in this world to be men's helpers but now through this topic I have had a different perspective about women,they are to be celebrated and treated equally as much as men. We can stop gender inequality by forming reformative programs and more.What I am trying to say is that without women men might not be able to live on their own.

  • Yes we done this in class today. And it was by far one of my favourite topics we have done so far. And we did have some very interesting debates. One of the most popular ones was “who has the power to stop social biased” some said the adults because they teach the children. But on the other hand some said the children because they are our future generation and can put the correct information out there to save society being biased. In my opinion I think the adults because they teach children nearly everything they know and kids reflect off of there parents and the way they were raised so I think the adults should be teaching the kids it’s wrong to be socially biased.

    Thank you

  • Hi!
    We had a wonderful lesson in our class about women equality and discriminations, their based stereotypes. We all debated on what is the difference between men and women, their strengths and weaknesses. We talked about what discrimination was done between men and women. Some of them are :-
    1- Women are not fairly represented in the news or people think that men are inferior to women. I think this is not true and men and women are equal. There are plenty of examples of women doing something equally good as men.
    2- There is also a discrimination done with men! Whenever a women commits a crime and the evidence comes out that she did do it people don't believe it! They either give her small punishment or declare her innocent. On the other hand, if man commits a crime they immediately believe it! This is another sign of gender discrimination
    Women are emotional beings who can emphasize easily with others, but men are practical beings.
    People think that women are weak because they are emotional. The women who were negotiators had a chance a bit more than men to win the negotiation.
    Thank You

  • in my class we had a circle with rulers in the middle and we had a slide with questions and when you want to answer a question you would take a ruler and answer it then you would stand to the side and listen to the other people.

  • Hello,
    Today in my class we saw the perspectives of two female journalists about gender equality. One of them said that women could also be good leaders like men and they're capable of doing more dangerous jobs that men do. The other said that she and other women get harassed for trying to do jobs that men do and that women should be able to do everything that men do.
    Thank you for reading. : )

  • Today in lesson we all commented about whether women are equal, I feel that women are represented in the media fairly,

  • Hey guys today at class we were talking about if women are treated fairly on social media. I believe, no because some women receive sexist comments for example this job is for a man or men are better than women.This is not fair to women because all women's voices are meant to be heard. Secondly, it is also sexist to say that men are meant to be outside working and women are meant to be with the children at home and this is t5he reason why we have international women's day to make sure that all women's voice are heard.

  • In our classroom today we learned about women and how they are treated on the media.We were first asked to stand up behind our chairs and stand in a circle.We put our rulers on the floor as tokens.We then looked on the board for the questions.We all took a ruler as out tokens and answers the questions.My answer was are woman are treated fairly on the internet. I said that they are not treated fairly because if a woman posted a nice photo of herself some people would be nice but most people would say mean think like she is disgusting and its just rude they should not be doing that in the first place.

  • In class we discussed about gender and how women are treated in the news.Women in the news are spoken about with language that has sexist connotations and are more likely to be featured in stories about accidents, natural disasters, or domestic violence than in stories about their professional abilities or expertise. and Gender equality requires equal enjoyment by women and men of socially-valued goods, opportunities, resources and rewards. Where gender inequality exists, it is generally women who are excluded or disadvantaged in relation to decision-making and access to economic and social resources.

  • Today in lesson we were talking about how we hope woman are treated I am in the middle because lots of woman can't pick a man job say like '' I want to build a house'' but some men say its there job and woman can't do it but i think it should be fare for all woman an men so I am in the middle because I think it not the men fault but maybe it is some of the time.

  • Our lesson was a really interesting lesson, discussing issues on
    gender equality and compare many views.
    What was intersection though was a survey we took. We compared three schools in our city and the teaching staff working there concerning gender.
    It was quite surprising that in all three of them women teachers were by far a lot more working there.
    In this position we concluded that maybe teachers at primary schools act as mothers because of their maternal insict. That's why is a profession that attracts mostly women.
    In a way I felt relieved that women are in such professions so much attracted.

    1. Yes you are right. That was the conclusion of our survey.
      More female teachers especially in the primary sector. And what was interesting was that the principal and the vice principal of our school are women. They are considered women in power representing fairness, and successful judgment.
      So these in a way supports the idea of equality.

  • During our classroom discussion, I really learnt a lot about how women were being unfairly treated in many countries and the high rate of gender inequality in many countries across the globe. But with all the advancements being made a lot of people are beginning to stand up and fight against gender equality and we are gradually getting towards achieving the goal of gender equality and this is really an improvement. Also, during the discussion, I recently came to the realization that there are a lot of social biases in our society and we all can choose to work together to change this and to also promote fairness and equality in the society. As Mahatma Ghandi said'' Be the Change That You Wish to See in The World'' because we all play a part in making a change so in order to make a change we all need to work together.

  • The lesson made me realize the gravity of the opposition that women face just to achieve their dreams. It made me realize that there was actually a struggle to be heard among aspiring women. I was previously oblivious to the prevailing issue of gender inequality in the society. But this topic has made me more aware of what happens and has taught me to pay more attention to what happens around me.
    Hearing from the experts this week has inspired me. Each one of them worked hard to achieve their goals. They didn't give up, even when faced with gender bias. Hearing from them taught me that one should always stay strong and never give up, even in the face of adversity. They also taught me to do what I love and love what I do. This has been a wonderful Hub topic, and it has been a learning experience for me all through.

  • Hello, everyone.
    I have already completed a discussion in the classroom with teachers and classmates about "Women in Media".this discussion has changed my perspective on the progress of women in the world discrimination against them.
    The development and progress of the human civilization from the beginning of the creation of the world till today if the result of the combined efforts of both men and women. it is undeniable that men as well as women have a great role for the development of society or nation. The total population of the world is about 8 billion and almost half of this population is women. Therefore no progress is possible in a nation where women are ignored. All over the world women are performing tough duties and responsibilities.
    Women are playing in equal role in the working life both at home and outside. Women are not lagging behind in any of social life. The contribution of women in all spheres of life particularly significant. Still,women are being discriminated against in various societies, which should not be case.
    Women's roll in education, research, medicines,employment,engineering etc is undeniable. Discrimination against women must be stopped in order to build a changing and developing world. Only then will life become beautiful and meaningful.

  • During this lesson I come to relies that it is inappropriate that men have more jobs opportunities than women . This is because people thought that men had more abilities and are stronger , and it is not true . Doesn't matter if it is a women or a men we all can do the same things . It is still unfair that men are making more money for the same jobs and this has to change now . I have shared this opinion with my class mates and now also with you. Thanks .

  • There was a discussion about women empowerment in our class ... We have learnt how women raises their voice and their unity brought the change in the society ... We have discussed about chipko movement in India, in that chapter , we had learnt that there were some people who were cutting down the trees for commercial purposes but the unity of women and their power did not let those trees to be cutted down . They encircled the tree and did not let to that happen .. in this way they save the tree by their empowerment. Similarly there was one anti arrack movement in India , women laid out the procession and kept their demand to the government to ban the alcohol...in this way women led the alcohol to banned in Andhra Pradesh (state of India).

  • Hi,
    we had a debate about women and how they are treated unfairly Some said that women are treated well enough, while others said that women are treated unfairly and they said why, after their reason, they convinced everyone why women are being treated unfairly and why we should stop it.

    1. Can you tell me why women are treated unfairly, and why we need to stop this?

      1. Hello everyone!
        I believe that women are often mistreated in security emergencies because some people think that women are not strong enough to handle emergency situations or that they are useless to be secured in life. However, it is important for men to stop mistreating women because women can make significant contributions to society. As the saying goes, "Educate women to educate the world."

  • Hello,
    In my class we had a look at some of the women in media questions and had a discussion about them and the answer some of them.

    1. Can you tell me some of the things you discussed in your lesson?

  • We treated a topic called gender in class. There are similarities between men and women. They include:
    1. Both men and women can learn the same subjects if they choose to.
    2. Men and women can be parents.
    We also talked about gender stereotypes. For example:
    1. Men should be assertive and masterful while women should be shy submissive and stay in background.
    2. Women should not speak where men are speaking.
    3. Men should be tall and have broad shoulders while women should be small and slender.
    4. Women should not make much money as men.
    All these are gender stereotypes that are not true. I think both men and women should have equal opportunity.

  • How I feel on this topic in class, but I did have a couple of arguments with my classmates but many most agree with having women and more things. I enjoyed the lesson today, and would love talking more about it we don't get to talk about women's politics or anything on women in social studies, This is how I feel on the topic .

  • We had a lesson about the women in the media, and we were divided into boys and girls. The boys enforced that men are better in the sports world and women just aren't. The girls, on the other hand, did not agree with their stance. I believe that in the sports world, men and women are or can be equal. There are many factors for why people think men dominate the sports world. It could be more attention, more money, or more investors, which could be males pumping into sports activities for men. A learner went on to argue that men generally dominate all fields because they are active and women are just meant for low-key jobs and raising families. THIS MENTALLY IS WRONG! No one should ever think like that ever. There have been many actions that men take to overpower women, and women are active in sports too. During PE lessons in our school, the time allocated for girls is way shorter than that of the boys, and whenever we argue, we get punished for it, which is wrong, yet we have interschools, the girls always win and the boys always lose. No attention has been paid to train us better; instead, they focus more on the boys. What doesn't help us is that all our PE teachers are male and can't relate with the ladies. This mentality has changed, and it affects young girls and women greatly. Their preferred occupations are shunned down because of their gender. I think some actions can be taken to put an end to this. Gender equality should be discussed and acted on openly, and parents should stop allocating chores to just women and instead should share them equally. Everything between men and women should be equal, starting right from the early stages. These are just a few actions that can be taken to remove this mentality.
    Thank you very much.

    1. Sorry to hear about that and thank you for sharing your experience. How do you think you could diplomatically advocate for gender equality in your school?

      1. Thank you for your response. To answer your question, I think there are many ways to advocate for gender equality in my school. One main thing could be a day set specifically to talk about and address gender equality on our academic calendar. Other things we can do include spreading awareness:
        We can team up with teachers and school staff to organize events that shed light on gender equality issues. This could involve hosting discussions, film screenings, or inviting guest speakers to share their insights on women's rights and gender stereotypes.
        Secondly, we can push for fair policies: and advocate for policies that treat everyone equally. This might mean campaigning for gender-neutral dress codes, equal time during PE lessons and ensuring equal opportunities in sports and extracurriculars, and using inclusive language in school materials.
        Creating supportive spaces: Start support groups or clubs where students can come together to talk about gender-related topics in a safe and welcoming environment. These groups could cover everything from body image to LGBTQ+ rights.

        Fighting against violence by working with school leaders to develop protocols for handling gender-based violence or harassment. This includes setting up reporting systems, providing support to survivors, and running prevention programs.
        Opening up dialogue: Encourage conversations about gender equality among students, teachers, and administrators. Host forums or panels where everyone can share their views, ask questions, and have constructive discussions about gender issues during free periods between classes. We could also invite other classes to witness and also learn from it.
        Thank you so much for response.

      2. Thank you for your response. To answer your question, I think there are many ways to advocate for gender equality in my school. One main thing could be a day set specifically to talk about and address gender equality on our academic calendar. Other things we can do include spreading awareness:
        We can team up with teachers and school staff to organize events that shed light on gender equality issues. This could involve hosting discussions, film screenings, or inviting guest speakers to share their insights on women's rights and gender stereotypes.
        Secondly, we can push for fair policies: and advocate for policies that treat everyone equally. This might mean campaigning for gender-neutral dress codes, equal time during PE lessons and ensuring equal opportunities in sports and extracurriculars, and using inclusive language in school materials.
        Creating supportive spaces: Start support groups or clubs where students can come together to talk about gender-related topics in a safe and welcoming environment. These groups could cover everything from body image to LGBTQ+ rights.

        Fighting against violence by working with school leaders to develop protocols for handling gender-based violence or harassment. This includes setting up reporting systems, providing support to survivors, and running prevention programs.
        Opening up dialogue: Encourage conversations about gender equality among students, teachers, and administrators. Host forums or panels where everyone can share their views, ask questions, and have constructive discussions about gender issues during free periods between classes. We could also invite other classes to witness and also learn from it.
        Thank you so much for response.

  • Hi!

    Today in our class, we had a very interesting discussion on the topic of gender equality which led to a debate about the amount of money paid to different genders. Some of us believed that the quality of work involved was necessary, while some of us also believed that sponsorships in sports like football played a role.

    We then talked about the ways in which women are represented. During this conversation, someone in the class brought up the way women are portrayed because the word "leader" or "boss" doesn't always come to mind when we think of women.

    We also discussed how a person's culture or background can affect their perspective on equality. For example, if someone wasn't given the opportunity to pursue education or forge their own career path, they might feel that this is right and do the same to others.

  • The class discussion was very interesting. It was very fun, and it seemed like we got stuck on " gender inequality" for a while. People kept on agreeing and disagreeing back and forth. I noticed a trend. Most of the girls supported women and spoke about how women are usually in the shadows and the boys kept on disagreeing with the girls. This topic completely changed my perspective on women. Before the discussion I thought women would be gender bias to men because of the population of women but then I heard about the pay gap, and it totally blew my mind. The experts helped me see outside the box and I now think that women have taken over media. And it's nice to hear that women reign in a particular section just like the way men. reign in sports.

  • Hello Topical Talkers ,

    During our discussion we talked about gender equality and the large number of attention given to males .Most females in my class felt the attention given to both genders should be equal because each gender has his/her own ability making them able to certain things in their circle.

    And as I went further on to interview some people from both genders ,most felt that some sort of attention should be given to women ,as they seem underrated to add on go through a lot like: stressful and tiresome hours of pregnancy , nursing while balancing home chores and work .
    While others felt women have already enough attention .

    So in conclusion I feel the attention given to each gender should be equal because each gender has a duty to secure a balance and I just seems men ar3e given more recognition while women are underrated ,and this has happened for a very long time ,but we can put a stop to it if we shine light on the importance of both genders .

    I would like to hear your views on this topic and whether or you agree to the fact both genders should be recognised .

  • In our class we talked about the difference in pay between footballers. One of my friends had seen a news article about this. We decided that the fact that it is in the news means that people are talking and campaigning for change.

    1. It's great to hear about discussions you've had about news articles, shining_king! Well done to you and your friends for coming to a sensible conclusion.

  • In our class we discussed about Gender equality and Female rights, one of the talk was about Female who don't get treated fairly as others when getting a job. I would say it isn't fair for many reasons, but there could possibly be reasons to why that is so. For example over a hundred years there has only been 3 prime ministers with the gender of Female. For the USA it was the same, but instead of Prime MInisters, it was Presidents. In the USA there has never been a Female President and because of that we came to the conclusion that the Presidents are usually rich white men.

  • In today's lesson in class, we discussed genders equality and female rights. one of our teachers told us that over hundreds of years ago, the females weren't allowed to vote and i just think that the females were not treated in the way the mens were treated. Also, we discussed that in our country {UNITED KINGDOM}, we had 3 prime ministers but in the united states, they don't have female prime ministers but had one black prime minister who was a man.

  • We talked about how here is a range of enaquality in different issues; one of our best examples was how the money in men's football is much greater than woman's but there has been positive change for example how there has been a rise in the amount supporters for women matches and how that the record transfer fee is rising in woman's matches which is currently around 600 grand.

  • I think it is unfair that woman and men that have the same position In a job. Get payed much less than men do!

  • I heard in the news that the CEOs of big business are mainly men and not women. Although more women are taking senior roles,they still seem to miss out on the top job.

    1. Hi Jubilant_llama, why do you think women are missing out on the top jobs?

  • During class we talked about gender equality and how it’s unfair that we are treated differently because of something we can’t help (our gender). Someone mentioned about the football and how men are still being paid more than women and their matches cost more.

  • During our class discussion, we talked about how gender equality appears in our daily lives, on social media, and in sports such as football. We noticed that male football players are payed so much more than female players.

  • Hello Topical Talkers!

    In our class, we had a conversation about the women in media. Today in class we learned a lot about the women in media and especially me. One of our conversations was about if we thought kids had more power to stop social biases or adults. I, at first, thought children did, but one of my classmates said something that really changed my opinion on it. The classmate basically said that adults would have more power because they have more understanding and have more experience and if they didn't experience they had knowledge than a child would. That conversation with that classmate made me change my opinion and I wanted to share that with you all.

    Bye Topical Talkers!

  • In our class, we talked about how women get treated differently than men and how some women dealt with that. All of us had different ideas and answers when it came to talking about the 5 women who are journalists or work for the news in some kind of way. A lot of our class had a lot of good points and ideas about the topic. Also, when I talked about Josie Verghese, I talked about how she had so many good ideas when she was speaking in her video. She made my mindset go a different way. I changed my mind about my answer a lot of times because of her thinking. For example, when she was talking about how she worked with 11 to 18 olds to talk about journalism. She was also talking about how someone could help tell someone's story. We also talked about how most women working don't get paid as much as the men do. It's really unfair for men to get more money than women, even though women have the same job or assignment as the men. Men often take leadership when talking about jobs and how some men are very dominant. Lastly, we talked about different news stories that affect women in different ways. There were so many things to digest and think about. I hope other topical talkers feel the same way!

  • We discussed how women are being treated during this time in life. We talked about 5 different women and their jobs, and also did different things about how those five women would feel or what they would say. We also went to different news stories to get some ideas about what we would write in our summaries. After writing our summaries we talked about each other's summaries and ideas about how we felt about this Women In Media Topic. I thought that women should stop getting so underestimated because we can do just as many things as men do. From Firefighters to Doctors, from Grant Writers to Journalists, us women can do a lot of things. Some of my classmates disagree with me but some of my other classmates agree with me as well. I really enjoyed this topic from this week and I can't wait to see what the topic is for next week!

  • In our class,we had a discussion about women in the media.Our teacher told us that media is important because it tells more things in the whole world.

  • Every night news reporters can report all about them.

  • Well, today we joined the live lesson, which I really enjoyed because we not only got to hear from the professionals, but we also got to express are own opinions in the pol. I loved listening to the in depth explanations about things that I ( definitely) did not know before. It was also exciting seeing the results to the pols, and hearing everybody's amazing questions and then hearing the view from both sides of the debate. It's really interesting to hear that these terrible things are still happening all around the world, and that some places still have unfair rules and rights. I really loved it!

  • There was really nice discussion about in the news, we can see men's kabbadi, men's football, men's cricket, etc. But the question is why we can't we see more women's football, women's kabbadi,etc. We had many debates on this topic. There are many women's involved in different types of games but why is it not shown in the news? Is it because of our men dominant society?
    By respecting others opinion and sharing ours, we had completed this lesson.
    Thank you!

  • In the lesson we had in class I learnt something that opened mind

  • In my class, we did the live lesson on women in media. I found the live lesson very interesting because the experts had very some great stats to share with us. We did some debating in our classroom. Often I found that I thought differently to everyone else in my group. However, I usually managed to today debate my side of things too. On the questions about international women's day, I thought that there should be an international woman's day because and every day is man's day. Men get higher pay, more news is about men, people think that women are feeble and idiotic, so people vote for men as politicians. The majority of a prime ministers in the past were men. there have been only three women prime ministers in the UK: Margaret Thatcher, Theresa May and Liz Truss.

  • Hello
    We discussed women in the media in our class and it was my favourite topic so far! I loved hearing all the women talking about how are women in the media shown and their opinions. In my class we watched the videos of all the womens and their stories. I enyojed talking about gender inequality and how we were teached since childs some esteryotipes.

  • Hi!
    We had a discussion in class about this topic, and it gradually turned into a heated debate between the girls and boys. Due to this, we had to continue the debate online.
    One of my classmates stated that in this new era, people are now noticing women, however, there is a lot of attention being paid to women that men now.
    I had to disagree with him, because gender equality started in the late 19th century that means that all those years before prior to the late 19th century men have dominated and women were treated unfairly, so I think that it is time for women to have a chance at a bit of dominance, because men have been dominating for lots of years.
    The heated debate was centered around men and women in football. One of my classmates stated that lots of people prefer to watch male football than to female football because the amount of spectators at men's football are many compared to the ones at women football.
    Lastly, my classmate and I exceedingly agreed on Zanny Minton Beddoes view that stated " Nations that fail women, fail". My classmate went on to explain this by using the saying "if you have taught a man you have taught a person, but if you teach a woman you teach a nation".
    I agree with this because it conveys that feeding knowledge to a woman has a higher effect on the world compared to educating a man. Women are the ones that provides us with children, thus they can pass on their knowledge down to generations, and those generations can even pass it to strangers which can pass it to other strangers; these strangers can make a nation.

    1. Thanks for sharing your class discussion. What would you do to ensure gender equality in your country?

      1. HI!
        In my opinion, I think that the most important thing to do to ensure gender equality in my country is to educate the citizens about gender equality-especially the female citizens.
        I think that one factor that increases gender inequality is the mindset of citizens in my country,; some men are still living in the past, they think that women should only stay at home and take care of the children. Some women in my country also have the same mindset, these women can sometimes educate their daughters that they are not allowed to do certain jobs, or they are not allowed to wear certain dresses and a whole lot.
        In conclusion, I would first educate the citizens of my country about gender equality.

      2. HI!
        In my opinion, I think that the most important thing to do to ensure gender equality in my country is to educate the citizens about gender equality-especially the female citizens.
        I think that one factor that increases gender inequality is the mindset of citizens in my country,; some men are still living in the past, they think that women should only stay at home and take care of the children. Some women in my country also have the same mindset, these women can sometimes educate their daughters that they are not allowed to do certain jobs, or they are not allowed to wear certain dresses and a whole lot.
        In conclusion, I would first educate the citizens of my country about gender equality.

  • My class, were discussing about women on the media on Wednesday. During that interesting lesson, we came to decide whether, women are mentioned in the world a lot. I thought that women are not mentioned enough in the world and so did a few of my other classmates, except from the boys. The reason why I thought this was because, for example, when you watch football matches, the referees are always men. Another reason, which will clear and include everything up is, women don't get that much opportunities as men. Hearing these phenomenal, courageous women, has helped me by making me feel happy and that you have to keep on moving and going. The expert, that made me feel most like this is, Selam Gebrekidan. Thank you Selam Gebrekidan! These experts are exceptional!

  • In my class we had a great great discussion about women in media. we had 3 questions and we all had to answer 1 out of the 3 question and we hade a question that said
    "why do you think it is unfair for women " and I said "because in sports especially football even if a women is better player than the men still get more money.

  • What most upset me was finding out that men often get paid more. We found out that there is a thing called a pay gap and this is wrong. women should have the right to equal pay. Especially for us young girls to learn this is negative and makes me feel like my future is not fair.

  • What surprised me during the lesson was when we were told men were getting paid more for doing the same jobs as females. Just because men are sometimes stronger it doesn't mean they are more suitable for every role. I want to be able to earn the same as any male earns, why shouldn't we?

  • the most important piece of information that I learned from the lesson was that the next generation will be limited in the jobs they do or the opportunities available because of being female. this is si shocking and it is inequality. Women are just not represented fairly enough

  • HI
    in our class we had a discussion about women in the media. Our teacher taught us what women in the media go through and what they have experienced . We also had to vote if women in the media were treated fairly or not. I have voted no because they did not have equal right to men and men thought that they were better and that they are and that they should be more important than women.😭

    1. I agree because... Men consider themselves superior than women which is unfair. I believe that both gender have the same right in the society. Every body is suppose to be treated equally in the world. I think that most women feel like they are downcast and their opinions are not needed in the society. It is time women speak up to gain thier right.

      1. I'm not sure about this because i don't think that all men think that they are better than women but some men may think that they are better and they deserve more and they should be treated better than women. I believe that both genders have rights not only one gender. I feel like most women feel unhappy that they can't share their opinions or take part in something too.

  • We discussed this very important topic in our class room sessions and also discuss the success stories of women too. In our country there are too many female role models who played a vital role in struggle and succuss. I want to share here an exemple of recently highlighted news about ASP shehrbano, she is young lady who safe a girl from near about 300 persons who blamed that a girl has wear a dress with Arabic words print on her shirt. But Shehrbano save this girl bravely and realised the people if she will guilty than must be punished. She put an exemple tha a female has courage too to handle hypered community with good manner and also put exemple to humanity to safe a girl.
    ASP Shehrbano is well educated women she also work for transgender community to empower them.
    Department decided ded to give Quaid-e-Azam police medal (QPM) to her. She is gold medalist student and very impressing personality to our nation.

  • In class we learned about the difference in earnings and we think this is because men's economics have been evolving for longer.

  • Hi our teacher gave us questions about should women be treated fairly and we all had a discussion
    about how the male do most of the things and female do not but we were also talking about how
    we can change it like maybe actually treating each other fair so that's what we learn about women in the
    [thanks] ;']

  • Hello everyone!
    Half of the world's population is women.but women are deprived of their rightful rights and dignity. Under the influence of patriarchal society, women are deprived of their rights on the one hand, on the other hand, education employment, salary, work. The environment is lagging behind. Not only that, violence against women is increasing because women are not treated as human beings. So women have united and fought against this inhuman treatment towards them . In this context, the United Nations has recognized March 8 as International Women's Day. This is a special day in the history of Women's movement. The commitment of this day is to establish basic rights of women.

  • Good morning! Everyone
    In our Topical talk class we are discussing a very important social issue, Gender inequality. And another special topic of discussion in our classroom is Women in media. In the current era , women are no longer sitting at home, the proof is the participation of women in various social media,the number of women in online sales in increasing day by day. Currently women are ahead in various communication media, social and mass media. Discussion about Women in media, we Got it that , in the present era , the role of women as well as men is immense. Today the contribution of women in the world is everywhere.

  • Hi, in my opinion I found this discussion to be very interesting and heartbreaking to hear how so many women are treated unfairly in society. In our discussion, one of my classmates, insisted that women are treated this ways because weak and do not have the capabilities of a man. This made me disagree with his opinion because I find women to be very hardworking and reliable. Here in Ghana, many women are treated unfairly, at a young age most women are forced not to go schools whiles the boys get the privilege to study and go aboard, they forced to learn how to cook, clean, and do other house chores and the end these women are forced to becomes housewives 'or women are not allow be some jobs such mining jobs, getting the rule of a manager of board director because many companies look down on women. This has affected the young girls of our generation, girls are allows being bullied schools by boys because they weak, girls cannot join football academy's because male coaches think they are weak or other sports such as boxing, wrestling etc. It also balls down to parents , they always plant this mindset that girls grow up to housewives and market women. In my opinion I disagree to this , girls are allowed to be what ever they what be and women should never give up and always stand up to those who want to push you down. There s saying that goes" if you a man, you teach a person but, if teach a woman, you teach are nation".