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It makes me tension free by knowing that the prisoners are in the prison. A prison is simply... What’s the purpose of prisons? 01/2/24
Hey, Gutsy_blackcurrant, What have you said is absolutely right. Though AI has given us the... Classroom spy! 27/1/24
I completely agree with the words you have said.we should work hard and learn the skills. Will schools exist in future? 26/1/24
I think that it is fun and interesting way to you for knowing me with some questions. And it is... Tell us what you think! 25/1/24
I think that people should only show the bad news about the climate change so, that we can... Too much negative news? 25/1/24
The topic AI is a very common thing in the world at this moment. I have got correct all the... Test your knowledge 24/1/24
AI is one of the common news of present days. AI is making the world fully dependent on it day... What's your reaction? 24/1/24
I agree with you because what you said is completely true. I also believe that the education... Will schools exist in future? 24/1/24
The news that caught my attention is the 'new curriculum'. In our country the honorable minister... Competition #1 winners 24/1/24
Yes i agree with you. AI can operate the jobs in future. All the works will be operating to AI. Jobs of the future 23/1/24
The future job will mostly operated by AI. For example- Robots. Robots are one of the most... Jobs of the future 23/1/24
I completely agree with opinion 'C' because school is Important in a person's development. There... Will schools exist in future? 23/1/24
I fully disagree with opinion 'A' is not just only for school is important for a person's mental... Will schools exist in future? 22/1/24