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  • The future of jobs is the most important thing to learn about AI, because Artificial intelligence has a lot to do with the jobs in future for example the farms.Works in the farm might not really be as it is now, because the use of higher machines invented by human will definitely make work easier, but come to think of it, is it all farmers that can afford the machines that make farm works easier? My answer to that is No because farmers might end up just planting and not clearing the farms and these reduces their income from farm work.

  • I scored 14 out of 16 . This quiz actually helped me to enhance my knowledge regarding Artificial intelligence. The fact of creating awareness while using AI is very important as in the quiz the fact is provided that AI can leak videos. Throwing light on such things is a must so that people can take precautuons while taking benefits from Artificial intelligence.
    Thank you!

    1. I agree with you because yes this quiz really helped me regain my knowledge of AI. I want to congratulate you on your score. I got 9/16 but you had an amazing score. I agree that there are things that are good about and bad about.

  • I managed to score 15/16. This quiz has helped me realise that AI can be very dangerous but it can also be very helpful. Our world has made lots of technological advancements. AI comes under those advancements. AI is basically a recreation of human mind with the only thing missing being emotions and human behaviours. AI has already overtaken many jobs around the world. For example, in Japan there are robots that act as waiters in restaurants. If everything continues like this it won't be long before most of the jobs in our world is overtaken by AI. This quiz has been very beneficial to me as it has help me discover more things about AI after a little research on my own part.

    1. I agree with you but I scored 9\16. This helped opened my mind to the fact that AI can be equally helpful and at the same time really dangerous. The world has made a lot of advancement and AI is one of the biggest ones yet. AI, simply is the artificial intelligence aimed at improving or making jobs easier and better. AI also has disadvantages with one being privacy violation because if not properly protected it can pose a risk to individuals' privacy and could lead to identity theft, unauthorized access and misuse of personal information, so with that the security of individual can be violated if not properly secured

    2. I got a 9/16 which means I have some work to do when it comes to AI, but what @humorous horse has to say is quite true, AI are very resourceful, and they help us in terms of efficiency and accuracy, but if we don't moderate the way we use AI they can eventually reduce the effect of manpower, and looking at the future generations this can create a very big issue as they will be faced with a lot of challenges, such as laziness, dullness and lack of creativity.
      Also, from what i got from the quiz is that moderation is key, because as it stands AI are mostly aids to man.


      1. Do you have any suggestions on how we can moderate the use of AI, especially among students who heavily rely on it and adults who rely on AI for the least things?

    3. Hey, I scored 14/16 on the quiz too! It’s interesting to know your thoughts on AI – knowing its potential risks and benefits. The examples you mentioned, like robots acting as waiters in Japan, highlight real-world consumption. The idea of ​​AI gradually taking on roles is very exciting. Your plan to find out more about AI after the quiz reflects an admirable curiosity. It’s exciting to learn and discuss these developments together!

    4. Hi,
      This quiz has really been of help to me in opening my mind to a wider horizon on AI. AI has a lot of questions some answered some unanswered, and honestly I had some unanswered questions but after this quiz I got some answers of questions that have been in my mind for a long time, like one of my questions was that will AI really just take away the jobs of people and leave them not to have any source of livelihood? But after the quiz I found out that AI will not only make peoples jobs more easier but it will even create jobs that never even existed, and it has already started doing that , because according to research and the quiz 60 percent of jobs that exist today didn't exist back in the 1940s and this is all thanks to AI. To know that we the young generation may still have hope of having our dream jobs and maybe even having a wider range of jobs to choose from really gladdens my heart and I am sure I am not the only one that is really excited about it. After having this quiz I did my own little research and I found out that I really only know little about AI and honestly I can't wait to see what AI has instore for us in the future that awaits us. All I can say is that this was really a rude awakening.
      Thank you!

    5. I agree because... I tallied 16 out of 16 and this quiz and it has really given ma a wider range of understanding about AI because when people say that AI would take over jobs, I would usually not listen to them but from what I can see, is that it's actually happening but if you really think deep into this, it depends on us and what we are going to do. If we keep using AI for everything thing. Both the hectic and unhectic tasks, AI will definitely take over.
      I feel the way we use AI should be unprejudiced with our own efforts too. AI is here to give a helping hand does not take over.

    6. This quiz has made me realized and deepened my understanding on how AI is becoming very important and needed in our world. This is due to the fact that almost every profession is needing the attention of AI from medical doctors, to engineering and many other professions. Even individuals have found AI useful through self-driving cars, robots, ChatGPT or other AI chatbots, and artificially created images.
      But our high level of intelligence is what separates us from the AI.
      AI systems might display some traits of human intelligence, including learning, problem-solving, perception, and even a little aspect of creativity and social intelligence.

    7. I completely agree with humorous_horse. The effects of AI depend on the person who uses it. It's great to hear that the quiz helped you explore the potential and challenges of AI. Indeed, AI's rapid advancement brings both opportunities and concerns. As we continue to innovate, it's essential to consider how we can use AI responsibly to benefit society while also addressing its potential impacts on employment and other areas.

    8. I agree with you that AI also has a lot of disadvantages
      Its shocking o see how the world trusts ai so much when it could be so harmful

    9. Absolutely right ,thanks to AI for the significant improvements which have been observed in various fields like health, transportation, and guidance. I scored 14 out of 16 in a quiz, underscoring the positive impact of AI when used appropriately. It's crucial to recognize that AI can be beneficial when used responsibly, but misuse can lead to harm. Before engaging with AI, it's essential to carefully read and agree to the terms. Being aware and using AI for constructive purposes is key to maximizing its benefits.
      Thank you

  • I got 16 out of 16. It is important to know that AI can help students write essays and summarise books. One interesting fact is that AI can't completely replace teachers, so we will always need teachers in the future because teachers can empathise with their students. They can show emotions and love towards their students. Students learn better when their teachers love and care for them. Moreover, teachers can apply different teaching methods especially when a student cannot understand a given point or topic which is quite different from the way a machine might handle such a situation as it can only give what it has been programmed to do.

    1. I agree because... AI can help finish tasks which may seem strenuous for man within a nick of time.

      For instance, there are two businesses in competition who produce similar, Mr. A uses AI in his business to aid efficiency while Mr. B uses his effort and strength in production. Mr. A will be more efficient, and his production processes will be smoother because he has the help of an AI, but Mr. B who uses manual labor in his production will not be as fast and accurate as Mr. A.
      So that's trying to imply that AI is accurate and efficient and will help in performing tasks even faster than humans.
      Thank you!!!

    2. I agree with you.
      Enen if AI ca n write essays or summarize books it can never replace the place of our teachers. AI just work as they are instructed to do. They don't have emotions or any types of feelings. As they do the works as instructed to do they don't use any new ideas or creative ideas to teach students.
      You are right AI works as waiter in various restaurant of Japan. The country is developed but the country hasn't got teachers as AI. I think that they don't liked AI as teachers as i mentioned above.
      About the quiz above. It has given me more knowledge about AI and the technologies now!!!

  • From the given quiz, I have learned many things about artificial intelligence that I didn't know before, so it has given me new knowledge that is helpful. Some of the things I learned from this quiz are that AI is both very dangerous and helpful. After a few years, AI could be the future because, in many places, it has been used for both boring and dangerous jobs. Additionally, the rapid advancements in AI technology are reshaping various industries, making it an increasingly integral part of our evolving world. Furthermore, this quiz has inspired me to research more about it. Overall, this quiz has been very helpful for me.

    1. I scored 16/16 but the discussions of Topical Talk has made be realize that there are still many things I need to learn. Like you said @cheerful_tiger, AI is rapidly advancing so we can never know everything. The topic of AI and jobs could go on forever so there will always be things that we don't know about and the answer to. The AI we have now could be completely different to what we see today, for the better or worst. We should be ready for AI to reshape our lives completely.

  • I got 16.
    In my opinion, the most important fact people should know about AI is the fact that it's era has come.
    AI has already started replacing workers. People cannot change the fact that AI is in existence. The only thing that they can do is accept that fact. AI can make the world a better place though it will not replace humans, it will still be a really big help.
    I also learned that AI can create new jobs which will replace the ones WORKERS were formally doing. This will be a really big help especially for those who will lose their jobs due to AI.

  • I scored a total of 13/16 points and have learnt that AI can help in the field of medicine and even perform surgeries. a very good example is Keith Thomas, a quadriplegic patient who received a brain surgery (implant) and was for the first time, able to move his arms in a very long period of time

  • I got a 16 out of 16. This quiz made me to see AI from two different perspective. The positive and the negative. Considering the unmitigated truth, AI has really enhanced our society in many ways, like increasing the efficiency of our work, there are even self driving cars, there is also reduction in human error and many more. But as there are many advantages there are also many disadvantages.
    People have degraded AI to the extent that they now use it for criminal activities. Apart from that, AI are used in industries which makes their work easier and that is good, but people have decided to replace humans with AI completely which is bad, because people will be driven into poverty and they will also not acquire a skill that can be resourceful to them.

    1. I agree because with the way things are going by 2050, I am sure AI will take over 95% of the jobs done today and might become and inexperienced that wouldn't even know how to walk . Recently, Tesla announced that they were going to be revealing a Tesla Bot which most household jobs for humans. And is note that are one of the largest self driving car manufactures

      1. Interesting comment, do you really think it would get to the point that humans wouldn't know how to walk? What do you think the 5% contribution from humans would look like?

        1. Yes, I actually think that people will not know how to walk again because AI will make people lazy. Technology continues to advance each day and it will get to a point whereby, there will be no need to walk again and people will also forget how to work. But AI is making matters better in the case of walking. AI has been able to tackle that issue of paralysis by the use of brainwaves and now people that have paralysis are able to walk.
          The 5% contributions from human will be in a scenario where it involves emotional support because AI has no emotional capabilities and also in a case of judging.
          They cannot make judgement because, they only see it from one perspective, that is their past records.
          So humans are better of doing the judgement.

        2. I disagree because no matter the evolvement of AI to aid us, it can not reach the point of humans not being able to walk. In biology, there is what we call conditioned reflexes, these are the activities one has been doing from time to time e.g writing, walking learning how to talk and so on. AI development cannot prevent us from performing this activities, because these are conditioned reflexes as stated above. Therefore, the development of AI will help in more discoveries and not make us lazy.

  • The future job opportunities are the most important
    things that I personally know about AI because it is like future activiy that will take place. With the look of things, AI is taking over everything that humans do so it is good we look ahead and talk about things that are likely to happen in the future in order to be aware that things might turn out either good or bad in the future.

  • I learnt many more things about the AI and its limitations as well as its importance. AI is very dangerous if it is in the hands of destructive minds but it is also a gift of technology which can help humans to be more advance than now. It can be a good companion for a set of people who are suffering from the mental illnesses like depression, loneliness, etc. Also AI has been replaced with many types of job opportunities in the world according to the data and the data also speaks that there are many other works which cannot be done with the help of AI. I think that AI's era has just begun and it has a long way to go.

    1. I agree because, AI can be very dangerous if it is in the hand of destructive mind because AI is controlled by us So, it does whatever you say to do. So if AI gets on the hand of destructive minded people they will use the AI to harm others. So we should asure that AI doesn't gets on destructive minded people's hand.

  • I got 13 out of 16. One important fact that people need to know is 60% of jobs today did not exist in 1940. That tells that AI will replace a lot of jobs, humans will not have jobs in the near future, families will lack money for the basic necessities that means no food, no housing, children might not go to school, our markets will be empty resulting in the society becoming uncomfortable and stressful for the citizens. On the other hand AI creating more jobs, and improving workers' efficiency will lead to great advancement for countries and the world at large.

  • I scored 13/16. From the above quiz I have learnt that AI has positive as well as negative aspects . Positive aspects includes automating repetitive tasks, enhancing efficiency, and enabling innovative solutions. On the downside, concerns include job displacement, ethical considerations, and potential biases in algorithms. Balancing its benefits and addressing challenges is crucial for responsible AI development and usage.

  • From the knowledge test I have discovered that AI can be advantageous for humans. In the 1940s there were limited job opportunities with 60% of jobs not existing at the time. AI played a pivotal role in creating new employment opportunities addressing this gap.

  • After completing the knowledge test I was surprised to learn that AI is now aiding doctors in surgical operations. this development is quite intriguing as it suggests that AI can assist doctors efficiently in performing numerals operations within a limited time frame.

    1. Indeed this is a great step in the AI field. It can be used in many fields like medicine, engineering, and even education. Doctors can do surgical operations and diagnosis using the help of AI and machines. Engineers use AI to help them solve hard mathematical equations and get ideas for good designs. Teachers can use AI to assist them to teach the students and analyze their grades and how they can help them.

      1. You're absolutely right! AI is like a super smart helper that can be used in so many cool ways. Doctors can use it to do surgeries and figure out what wrong with people. Engineers use AI to solve tough math problems and come up with awesome designs for things like buildings and cars. Even teachers can use AI to make learning more fun to figure out how to help students do their best in school. It's like having a really smart friend who can help us with all sorts of stuff. Thank you.

  • I scored 15 out of 16.
    The one question I failed was regarding whether or not Artificial Intelligence has completely taken over the educational system in at least one country, I answered yes. At first, I assumed with the rate at which AI is developing at least one country out of the many countries in this world would have an educational system run by Artificial Intelligence.
    This quiz was quite educational and enlightening,it made me think of many different possibilities that may or may not have occurred relating to Artificial Intelligence.
    I have mainly learnt and understood that AI is virtually involved in every part of our lives and only keeps on progressing.

  • From the knowledge test, I scored 13 out of 16 marks. I've gained insights into the positive aspects of AI, such as enhancing efficiency and saving time. However, I am aware of the potential dangers associated with AI, like job displacement and the creation of fake videos. Moreover, without sufficient rules and regulations, AI usage can pose serious harm and function poorly.

  • I scored 6 out of 16. This quiz broadens my understanding of AI. I learned that AI is technology that empowers a computer to think or acts in ways more akin to humans.
    A lot of machines and gadgets are already infused with AI. In a case where unlocking smartphones can be done through face recognition, eliminating the need to enter passwords because of safety. AI has made it possible for us to save a lot of contacts through voice recognition. The percentage of jobs didn't exist in 1940 because the of AI had not yet been introduced to the world. AI has created many job opportunities for a wide range of individuals.AI has aided numerous professions worldwide today.AI has changed the future of work, education, and other aspects for the better.AI can assist students in summarizing books, creating artwork, writing essays, and much more.AI cannot physically attend school to represent each student.But AI can support various educational tasks. Teachers cannot be replaced by AI because they play crucial roles in the lives of students, providing valuable guidance, support, and a human connection that goes beyond the capabilities of artificial intelligence.

  • I scored 16 out of 16; I realized that AI, which is rapidly advancing, has the potential to significantly impact various aspects of our daily lives. It goes beyond just programming computers to mimic human intelligence and instead focuses on developing new ways of thinking and problem-solving that surpass human capabilities. AI has already made a significant impact in fields such as medicine, finance, and transportation, providing more accurate and timely insights than humans. However, the quiz also acknowledges that there are challenges and risks associated with AI's development and deployment. AI algorithms can perpetuate existing biases and inequalities if trained on biased data or designed by people with limited perspectives, and AI systems can pose privacy and security risks if not developed with appropriate safeguards and oversight mechanisms. In conclusion, it is crucial to approach AI with a critical and nuanced perspective that considers its potential benefits and drawbacks to ensure responsible and sustainable development that addresses societal challenges while respecting human rights and values.

  • wow! I managed 15/16
    I am really glad that robots haven't replaced teachers yet nowhere. This is a relief. I can't imagine talking to a robot as a tecaher and not being with my classmates in our class. Imagine even replacing my friends with AI robots!

  • Through this exercise, I've come to understand that AI will be a benefit for humanity. Back in the 1980's, 60% of the job we have today didn't exist , indicating that AI will likely create new jobs opportunities before potentially taking over. This technological advancement aims to simplify tasks and make life easier for people, which has been a primary motivation behind its development.

  • 15/16
    The quiz helped me to realise my understanding of AI and how dangerous it can be. However it can also be helpful like opening up new job opportunities and increasing efficiency.
    The fact that I think is most important is that 60% of the jobs that exist today did not exist back in 1940. This is important to know because AI might make many people loose jobs but it will open up many more new jobs that don't exist today.

  • I scored 13 out of 16. This quiz has helped me realize that AI has contributed to the development of employment and it has helped in the development of machines like laptops and mobile phones it can also help do some jobs more efficiently AI can also help in educational sector by providing essay writings and artwork. Thanks

  • I scored a 14/16. The most important thing I took away from this quiz is that AI is on a huge rise, and as youth we need to be prepared. This quiz talked a lot about school, how it can aid teacher (or become one…), help students, or help students find a way out of boring assignments like book summaries and essays. One day, maybe not in the near future, perhaps teachers will be taken over by AIs, and curriculums will change. I believe this is a negative in its own right, and it is important for us to recognize the advantages (aiding teachers), and the negatives (aiding students cheat).

  • I got 14 out of 16 . This test helped me to understand more about AI and to understand that even though it's exciting, it still has it's cons . Artificial Intelligence can 24 hours a day and complete many tasks but it 's unable express emotion and provide empathy during times of sorrow. It could also be used in culinary industry, an example is the robotic kitchen (which featured on BBC) which was manufactured by Moley Robotics, this devices was able prepare food almost perfection with each part playing their own small role . It was also able to perform over 50 recipes and could be coded with more recipes

  • This quiz has taught me something really valuable, and that is the importance of artificial intelligence (AI) in human lives. It doesn't replace people in their roles in society or in their professions; rather, it advances technology. AI is a game-changer, making life better for humans while also introducing novel and inventive approaches to living.

  • I actually managed to scale to 14 out of 16. It actually was a fun learning quiz because in my own opinion, AI is going to change the world in some way because artificial intelligence will enable organizations to shift from reactive to proactive engagement strategies. By implementing AI-based self-assessment tools and personalized recommendations, workers can take ownership of their workplace performance, work-life balance and overall well-being.

    1. What do you mean by proactive engagement strategies? Can you give an example?

  • I scored 13/16, the 1940 question was quite hard, i put 20% but it was 60%, As well as the questions nearer to the end, aka, the one with teachers, I might have thought that AI replaced teachers in only ONE country, but since i know the ones i got wrong, I can learn from it! AI is a HUGE part of our planet/world, it creates jobs, and can help us in other things, I will take the test again soon, later on, then i hope to get EVERY ONE correct!

  • I scored 16. One important thing I want people to know is that AI can also write essays and summarize books for students who are weak in certain areas so, broadening their knowledge and helping them advance more in areas where they show strength.
    Also, students with learning disabilities (Like the visually Impaired) who cannot efficiently type or even see can use the text-to-speech method to gain knowledge.

  • I scored 14 out of 16. I get to know that AI is both helpful and dangerous at the same time. It helps me to learn more about AI, like how they work,what they can do. AI is created by human but it doesn’t have emotion like us.

  • I scored 14 out of 16. This quiz really enhanced my knoledge regarding AI(artificial inteligence). AI is really a scary thing! Quite alot of studies suggest that AIs might take over most of the work done by human making them unemployed. AI being a scary thing and all it is extremly useful for us, it can make for an excellent research source or for students like us we can make an AI write essays, aricles, etc. in detail. AI is actually reforming almost all the industries in the world making them evolve and automated. In my opinion our schools should integrate AIs just like how they have integrated calculators to help us in our studies. And yes AIs can help humans do their jobs and work, but a few jobs AIs can't do are scientists and analysts, because these jobs require domain knowledge and critical thinking skills to derive insights and identify patterns. Works which require human empathy and ethical considerations like judges also can't be replaced by AIs.
    This quiz really opened my mind about AIs, how they can be benefical to us, how they are scary and how AIs have improved our lifestyles.

  • I got 14 out of 16. I agree with each and every point in it. Yes, it can be used to help kids do their school work, it can do dangerous works for humans, it does help in the medical department and probably does a hundred more of such things. It enhances every point of life. This quiz actually helped me to see the good side of AI but it is still impossible for me to turn a blind eye to massive losses that many are going to face in the name of AI.

  • I got a 14/16. I'd say it's a pretty good score. In the near future AI might just replace teachers partially. I'm saying partially because by the time having a teacher would feel old school but completely relying on AI would also feel weird but an AI assisted teacher would be a perfect match in my opinion. I also agree with the fact that people are getting lazier and their creativity has gone off because of AI already. I can't imagine the future if AI is not taken seriously.
    Thank you!
    I've actually learned some thing off of this quiz.

  • My score was 13 out of 16.
    I had always thought that since machines and robots would eventually replace humans in the workforce, there wouldn't be many jobs available for humans in the future. I've learned more about artificial intelligence thanks to this quiz.
    After doing this quiz, I learned that while automation and robotics may change the nature of the work force, their invention has led to the creation of new employment opportunities. I also learned that machines are only supposed to help humans with specific activities. Even as technology advances, robotics will still require human operation, maintenance, and invention.
    In addition, new industries and professions will emerge, providing jobs in industries we may not have even dared to imagine.

  • I got 16/16...I am somehow totally aware of these questions probally because I use ICT tools too much...This question test our knowledge about AI which is really helpful!! I am aware about the advantage and benefit that AI provides afterall AI is a creation by human to HELP HUMAN but if you use it in a negative way your the one to be blamed instead of saying AI weren't good enough!! For me I use AI to talk about my personal things that even i can't talk with actual humans which proves me that AI is such a useful tool if you use it the way its designed to be used.. :)

  • from my angle of prospective my opinion is based on the fact that there aren't enough rules making shore that (AI's) are being developed safely but to me means that there is a possibility that (AI/ROBOTS) can take over the world, country, or state I think that in the future humans might revolt against (AI/ROBOTS).

  • From the above quiz I scored 15/16. This quiz was the most intresting quiz ever. The concept of quiz on a browser is itself a AI. From this quiz we can see that how much the AI had developed since the creation. AI have developed the concept of making new projects to entertain the world. AI is both useful and harmful. If we use AI for bad works then it will probably end up harming the people. The purpose of AI school be used for the knowledge, to solve our curiosity, to know the things that you are interested in. AI is made to help humans so if we use AI for bad works then it might end up harming the people using the AI.

    1. Good point. In what way do you think AI could harm people using it?

      1. Thanks for your curiosity
        We know that AI is harmful for us as if we use the AI in a wrong way. AI has the potential to automate tasks and replace certain jobs, leading to unemployment and economic disruption. While AI can create new job opportunities, the transition may be challenging for individuals whose jobs are automated. AI systems are trained on data, and if the data used for training is biased, the AI system can perpetuate and amplify those biases. As AI becomes more advanced and integrated into various aspects of our lives, there is a risk of becoming overly dependent on AI systems. This can lead to a loss of critical thinking skills, reduced human interaction, and potential vulnerabilities if the AI systems fail or are manipulated. These are some of the main reasons that is harmful for human from the AI (Artificial technology)

      2. Well, I won't say harm in a physical sense but it can mentally and emotionally affect you. The AI can affect you emotionally when you get discriminated online. For example, we blacks from Africa. We can be discriminated or encounter racists because of our skin colour. Another way that AI can affect us is that when we start to rely on AI too much, it starts to affect our creative thinking skills and when it gets bad, we start using AI for things we can easily do. Defrauding can become a major challenge with AI because, for example, in Nigeria of recent there have been cases that when a transfer of money during an online payment has been made, it will show that the transfer was successful but actually it is all a lie, an act of manipulation. This is not right.

  • There are so many important thing to learn about AI, AI helps in the production and growth of industries and companies but the important thing to learn about AI is that they are not able THINK LIKE HUMANS. AI has slightly been the best thing that has happened to us as humans presently, why because AI has a disadvantage such as fake news, lack of job employment e.t.c. that is to say that AI can have advantages and also have disadvantages in our present life.

  • I scored 15 out of 16
    Now, some of the questions i answered here, looked like an eye opener. We all take AI to be the most important thing in academic right now without knowing that the same AI has a lot of effects on the students. For example, AI helping students in summary writing does not really sound so pleasant because it reduces the students creativity and ability to think, of course, we all know that summary writing requires thinking.
    AI making fake things look real is also not good because there are lots of advertisements that will be going on, people will embrace it thinking that its real then at the end after putting money into it, it will be a scam which may cause blood pressure to someone who might have put into it a lot of money.

  • I got 9/16. This quiz actually exposed me to the advantages and disadvantages of AI.
    I got to know that AI writes and summarize essays and can never replace teachers in this world because the students will perform better when they are taught by human beings and not AI.
    Secondly, AI doesn't have emotions and concern to students which will pose a negative attitude and behaviour towards the students because they need to be loved as they are learning and find solutions to their problems because AI are only designed to perform some certain functions.

  • I scored a 14/16.
    I learned that AI is able to complete assignments using just an idea of the topic at hand.
    I learned that though AI is smart, it cannot yet replace teachers.

    Something everyone should know about AI is that for send home assignments it can answer your questions normally not presenting, say, the formula used to work out the answer so when it comes down to any form of assessment the person who used AI won't know what to do as even the first step. The person who didn't use AI but their brain power and what they studied will emerge victorious.

  • Hi everyone!
    I scored 15 out of 16 and learnt new and interesting things that AI can work in the medical centre and create fake videos, It is interesting that AI can create art and essays.
    but AI can still not replace humans in jobs such as teaching.

  • I got 15 out of 16.
    This quiz has taught me things I actually had no idea of and has also made me know the advantages and disadvantages of AI.
    AI has also taken over some jobs in other countries. For example, AI chatbots can handle basic inquiries and provide support. However, it's important to note that AI is more commonly used to augment jobs rather than completely replace them.
    But it is important to note that it hasn't completely taken over jobs in any specific country. AI is more commonly used to augment jobs rather than replace them entirely. It is all about finding the right balance between technology and human expertise.

  • Hi , I scored 8 after taking this quiz I have to realize the benefits of AI in this recent times , AI can reduce human labor and difficult tasks. AI can help us discover , explore and respond to global challenges such as illegal activities, polluting waterbodies and deforestation. AI can also help patients by improving diagnosis, treatments and help prevent diseases.

  • I scored 15/16 and the most important thing for people to know about A.I is that 60% of jobs didn't exist in 1940.
    The fact that A.I is slowly but taking over a lot of jobs like retail workers, assembling lines. Which were in the past consider only something people could do, but it makes me wonder that alot of jobs may not exist in the coming future and alot of new jobs maybe created to. My question is what jobs do you feel my case to exist ad what jobs do you think will be created to?

  • I got 12/16. This quiz helped me understand more about AI . I say this because after I got the questions that I got wrong. I say this because every time I got questions wrong it tells me the answer, and it also tells me why this answer is correct. I learned that in the news AI is making fake videos into real videos. I did not know about this stuff from the news because I really don't watch the news that much. So this is how this quiz helps me understand more about Artificial Intelligence (AI).

  • I scored 13 out of 16, and I did learn a very important information which is how AI has provided more job opportunities . Compared to 1940 there is an increase in percentage of jobs available and from this there will be more opportunities in the future.

  • I managed to score 13/16. This quiz enhanced my knowledge on Artificial Intelligence. It helped me realize that AI can be dangerous and at the same time helpful, I think people need to know that 60% of the jobs today did not exist in 1940. This tells us that AI will soon replace lots of jobs, for example: humans will not have jobs in the time ahead of us , households will need money that means no shelter, no housing, no food and children will have a hard time going to school. However, AI helps in creating more jobs and improving worker's efficiency that will lead to great improvement for countries all over the world,

  • I got 10 out of 16 Lots of machines and computers already use AI for example smart phones use predictive text and home hubs recognizes your voice AI doesn't always involve a robot.
    60% of jobs today did not exist in 1940. Experts predicts that AI will have a big impact on the future of work because of all of the ways that it can help people to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently.

  • 14 out of 16. One thing I know is that AI cannot take over all jobs in the future, for the fact that humans still exist on this earth. Fine! some set of people will lose their jobs causing more dependants to be more than independent. The fact remains that AI has added so much convenience to our jobs and make life easy for us. Ranging from medical sector, to manufacturing sector, entertainment to education and so many other industries. I saw that 60% of jobs today did not exist in 1940, meaning that no matter how AI is or it's going to be humans are still needed to operate AI.

  • My score was a 16/16. The most important thing that people need to know about AI is that it can and is already taking people’s job. This will affect the economy by getting rid of cash permanently because as you see now most things are payed digitally and don’t allow cash. It will also affect the economy because of the things you do in your job. On the quiz I think one question asked “Is Artificial Intelligence in the medical field” the answer was yes but what really had me intrigued is that a AI could possibly do the job for you while you just sit there and all you have to probably do is just enter a certain program and it will get to work while you just sit there and make sure nothing goes wrong. This is why I am very worried about the future of the world and the harm coming to it.

  • Hello everyone,
    I secured 11 out of 16 and from my delving, and all the data I was able to gather together I can see that AI has its merits and demerits. A quote by Billy Cox says "Technology should improve your life not be your life..."
    And I strongly agree with this in the sense that if we actually look at technology now, from what I have seen, I personally think we should use technology to improve our lives like the quote here and not forget we have good and abled bodies that are able to work.
    thank you.

  • The topic AI is a very common thing in the world at this moment.
    I have got correct all the quizzes that means 16/16 as this is a common topic. I know many things about AI. I learned it previously when AI was a new topic and everyone was interested in it.
    So, this is how my experience about the quizzes and AI in the world.
    Thank you.

  • We scored 13 out of 16, for teachers it is good to know AI can write students essays for them to avoid plagiarism. It is useful for students as it can summarise the books they study in English and make it easier for revision.

  • This quiz has helped to view AI in a different perspective. AI has both negative and positive impacts-but the majority focus on the negative sides. The most important fact I got to understand is that AI can never replace the job of teachers and it enables more work efficiency and effectiveness. Teaching involves emotions and social interactions with students of various behavior and AI can never really connect with the students like teachers can. Another thing is realized is that some people feel that AI will take over the world as it can now perform 60% jobs that are normally performed by humans. Everyone forgets that the world is a large place and some places might not even know that AI exists or might know but they don't have resources to implement them to the extent of it replacing humans. Another fact I got to know is that a negative effect of AI is it cam make videos and make them real which can cause a lot of problems for human if not controlled.

  • To me scoring is not the main point, its finding out more and more and let curiosity take over. I scored 13/16 which is not so bad as i learned 3 new things about AI. I used to be really curious about AI. The first time I heard about Stephen Hawking, I was left speechless. He used to talk by typing phrases onto a screen by using his thumb and eyeblinks and it would talk for him. His story made me want to learn about AI more and more! I like viewing things from both sides and the first thing i noticed when i heard about Stephen Hawking is how useful AI can be. It can really help humans in almost everything, from helping someone talk to even discovering new planets and deep inside the oceans! The use of AI is amazing but what hurts me is that it's being used to harm others too. Viewing it from the other side gives me the chills and a slight taste of reality because it was invented to help people but in reality many are using it to harm others. I really hope that AI in the future will be as useful as it was with Stephen Hawking!

    1. I really like your example of how technology helped Stephen Hawking to communicate effectively. This ia great original point. This is a really great example of how people with disabilities can be helped by new technological advances.

  • I managed to score 15/16. This quiz help me realize more about AI. I didn't know anything about AI until my teacher (English teacher) was talking about it and he told us to join this tropical talk. This quiz is talking about AI, the definition,the percentage where it didn't exist in 1940s, whether AI can help in medical operation.
    AI means: Artificial intelligence
    It is defined as the technology that enables a computer to think or act like a human ways.
    AI can help in medical operation,the assist doctors in the hospital to help in treating citizens.
    The percentage where it didn't exist in 1940s is at 60%, because AI didn't exist that period.
    And it also talk about how AI can create job awareness to people at any time.
    AI also assist teacher in schools in typing exam's question for students.This quiz has been very beneficial to me as it has help me discover more things about AI after a little research on my own part.

  • I scored 15/16. This quiz made me realise how much I already know about AI but there's so much more to know. I was happy to know that my school has educated me about things like AI.

  • It is an indisputable true that Artificial intelligence is starting to develop rapidly over the last few decades and it has already opened many new doors to community. Specifically, artificial intelligence is inextricably intertwined with a human brain. So, it is common knowledge that it can accomplish things as good as people or even better and it can also impact in a significant extent their lives. It has the strength to create new job vacances, to improve work efficiency and also attain menacing and difficult jobs that a regular human can't do. However, in my perspective, i believe that before using AI in a regular base, people should be aware of the hidden dangers that is can pose, start being more responsible and stop acting nonchalant. In our days, there is still a proportion of people who don't apperceive many aspects of it, including me who scored 9/16 in the previous quiz. Nonetheless, as far as I'm concerned, i can say without hesitation that having perception and resourcefulness and baring in mind everything we mentioned before are the keys to understanding the importance and the considerable contribution AI has to humanity.

  • I scored 13/16 and my limited knowledge about AI has been expanded thanks to this quiz. I may use chatGPT often but that does not limit my fear about what's in store for AI in the future. What worries me the most is the era of unemployment that it may bring as it can perform various tasks efficiently with minimal labor cost. The deepfake videos that can easily ruin someone's life are highly concerning as well. There definitely should be guidelines to what extent a person can use AI.

  • This quiz results were extremely helpful for me as I get to know a lot about AI. I got up with a question.
    Has AI has changed our lives?
    Not totally but yes..it has started.
    We are surely not aware about the advancements in AI happening day by day. However, what I would like to focus on is, will AI replace teachers and take over through education sector??
    This really is the main topic to focus on. In this fast forwarding world, we are so close to AI, where it's proved to be really helpful for we students as most of time we are asking for help regarding our assignments and they really provide it for us.
    But I don't think AI should over teachers. Why? Because they truly lack emotions and I personally think that no AI can't replace teachers. Even if they do it can't understand us like a human teacher.

  • I scored 15/16 and I am amazed that I didnt know the fact that ai could make new jobs !! It was an eyeopener for me! but now that I think about it , its completely true, AI gives the opportunity for more people to be employed for the pupose of ai related tasks such as technical support. This automatically applies that ai can create new jobs related to AI tasks. I want to thank topical talks for providing us with new information . I hope others can learn from this too!!

  • I scored 15/16. But I must confess I never knew this deep about AI until I took this quiz of which I managed to score 15/16.
    I will like to mention some of the things that this mighty quiz made me remember.
    1: To help students write essays, summarize notes and to help them with them some art works.
    2: AI helping in the healthcare (hospitals) and many other places.
    So I want us to look at the side of AI helping the students to perform some different tasks which I mentioned earlier, why 8 want to talk about this particular one is that majority of us if not everyone of us is a student.
    AI helping students write essays, summarize notes and help them in some art work is definitely a good and wonderful one which we really need to appreciate, but my problem now is that this will definitely lead to laziness among some of the students, why because majority of the students will now depend on the AI for all this things. Because no body will see an easier way of success and cease to follow it.
    So what I'm saying is that as we are considering the advantages of AI in the aspect of education we should also be considering the disadvantages also. So now I would like to ask this question, is there anyway that AI will make the students to increase in this areas, not students relying on the AI for this task?

  • I score 14/16 in this quiz; I got lot of knowledge about AI from this quiz. Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the stimulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. The term may also be applied to any machine that exhibits traits associated with a human mind such as learning and problem-solving. The ideal characteristic of artificial intelligence is its ability to rationalize and take actions that have the best chance of achieving a special goal. A subset of artificial intelligence is machine learning, which refers to concept that computer programs can automatically learn from and adapt to new data without being assisted by humans. Deep learning techniques enable this automatic learning through the absorption of huge amounts of unstructured data such as text, images, or video. Artificial intelligence is based on the principle that human intelligence can be defined in a way that a machine can easily mimic it and execute tasks, from the simplest to those that are even more complex. The goals of artificial intelligence include mimicking human cognitive activity. Researchers and developers in the field are making surprisingly rapid strides in mimicking activities such as learning, reasoning, and perception, to the extent that these can be concretely defined.
    Thank you,

  • Hii
    I scored 12/16 with the limited knowledge I have about the subject. Our school in India has actually started to teach AI as a compulsory subject to all the students from 6th standard to 10th standard and Ii can already see the need for it, the world is changing at a rapid pace and I feel so relieved that our school is also focusing on developing the skills that are needed by these young minds to survive in this ever evolving world.....thank you for making me realize the same through this quiz.

  • I got a 14 out of 16 in the quiz. But an option on a question made me stop and think, it was ‘AI can go to school in students’ place’. It was silly at first but the more I thought about it the more I wondered maybe instead of human children going to school AIs can go so that they can gain more knowledge and experience and all these other things to help develop the world better. What if there was an AI school? Or what is there was a possibility to have your own personalized AI that can help you with your studies while at school, maybe read text out loud to you if you are blind or dyslexic, help you understand a concept better by visualization, or talk to you when you are feeling lonely or gloom, it will be an AI suited for only you. There are endless prospectives with AI in a classroom and I almost feel giddy about the probability of these opportunities.

    1. Wow! This comment really got me thinking. I love the idea that AI could help people who learn differently. Would access to this be equal? Or could there be some challenges?

      1. AI could aggravate current inequalities leaving persons, companies or states behind

  • AI can support healthcare by providing accurate diagnosis and treatment

  • I scored an 11/16. The quiz's most significant lesson regarding AI to me is how technology has the potential to alter our lives. It matters because it has an impact on industry, employment, families, and how we use technology. Families especially! We can better prepare for the future by being aware of this. It is also important to consider the ethical implications of AI applications. Knowing these things improves our understanding of how AI works in our environment. The main takeaway from the quiz on AI is its ability to bring about both positive and negative changes in our lives for me. Its just mind-blowing. Comprehending this helps us a lot in navigating the digital realm. Picture this: A map that helps us make decisions that benefit everyone by taking into account how they will impact each of us individually or not?

  • AI can support healthcare by providing accurate diagnosis and treatment recommendations, which can improve patient outcomes and save lives. Additionally, AI can enhance productivity in industries like manufacturing by automating repetitive tasks and improving efficiency.

  • Hello
    Unfortunately I didn't manage to hit my personal target on this quiz and scored 8 out of 16 which seems embarrassing to me as I thought I knew a lot more about AI. On the other hand, this quiz made me realize how much AI can do to humanity, just the news of spreading fake information shocks me. The point is that artificial intelligence would have to reach an infallible level to be used on a daily basis by citizens like us. The problems that can be caused are considerable. An example of these is the hacking of personal data that can cause problems for the whole society. Another common problem that concerns teachers here in Greece every day is the copying done by many students through various applications in daily tasks or even in competitions. Therefore, what I want to conclude is that a more developed network must be formed in order to make proper use of AI, because otherwise the consequences that can be caused are irreparable.

    1. You shouldn't feel embarrassed! Come back and take the quiz again after reading some more of the posts.

  • I scored 10/16 .After my research,I learned that AI can learn and adapt,just like humans do. It continuously improves it's performance and provides accurate and efficient results. AI also has the potential to enhance creativity,innovation, and accessibility for individuals with disabilities. It's impressive how AI can do things that humans can't.

  • I scored 9/16 but i dont mind because I learnt some usefull things in just few minutes.The fact that stayed in my mind the longest was how many things can AI do... like writing an essay,taking our jobs and making our lives easier. Just the thought of what 2050 will look like makes you think about the concequenses of the nowdays AI's development.

  • I feel the most important thing for people to know about AI is what it is. If they are not educated about AI this will stop their ability to acquire information, they would be pushed out of the digital revolutionised community and they would hinder their ability to interact with online groups effectively

  • I scored 16/16. This quiz helped me realise how much ai has already done to make people’s life and jobs much more efficient.

  • I scored 15 out of 16 on my first attempt andvi must confess that it's quite positive and encouraging to see how AI has created more jobs in a long run from 1940.
    It's assuring to know that despite the negative effects(AI dependency) something good/ numerous advantages came out of it

  • I scored 11/16 in this quiz,
    I learned that AI could do more things for us humans like summarize a essay, create artwork, and many other things. I am concerned that AI hasn't been used in a single school without any teachers because I thought that some country had the feature of commanding the AI to teach students on their studies.
    I personally think that schools not using the AI to teach students might because AI can't completely replace teachers, so we will always need teachers in the future. Teachers show their emotions towards their students so they could learn better when their teachers love and care for them.
    AI has many advantages and disadvantages in our lives,
    We are using AI in most of the working sectors to create us a leisure time to rest. AI systems can process and analyze vast amounts of data at incredible speeds, leading to improved efficiency and faster decision-making in various applications, from business operations to healthcare diagnostics and these technologies, can perform tasks with a high degree of accuracy, minimizing errors and improving overall reliability in areas like data analysis, prediction and in other difficult tasks.

    AI excels at tasks that involve data analysis and pattern recognition but may struggle with tasks requiring creativity, intuition, and complex decision-making that involves emotional or social intelligence. AI can't do jobs that are mainly related emotions and human characteristics.

    Balancing the benefits of AI with ethical and societal considerations is crucial for fostering a positive impact.


  • The most important fact about AI that people should know is that AI is a tool created by humans and its behavior is determined by how it is programmed and trained. AI does not possess consciousness or emotions like humans do. It is important to understand that AI is only as reliable and unbiased as the data and algorithms used to develop it. Therefore, it is crucial for people to be aware of the potential biases and limitations of AI systems and to critically evaluate their outputs. This knowledge empowers individuals to make informed decisions and to ensure that AI technologies are developed and used ethically and responsibly.

  • I scored 13/16!
    Overall I think that AI will be something important in our lives but I don’t think it’s right do use it just for us to relax.I think that people will still do some things like we do today like going to school and going for work.I don’t think we need to let AI to make the job for us or else many people in the future will be lazy and a lot of exciting things that are here today might not happen in the future cause of other people’s laziness or they will be happening by robots.For example, football in the future might not exist cause people are lazy to play or it will still exist but robots will play in the place of humans.
    Overall I think that we don’t need to give AI that much power of the good of the world.

  • The quiz helped me alot, I wasn't able to score that much but I am priviledge to partake in it and have learnt enough, but I was shocked when I found out AI were able to make fake videos for people, and I am priviledge to have learnt something new in tropical talk today and cant wait to share it with my friends as well as teachers. Thank you tropical talk.

  • I scored 16. This quiz made me understand AI in many ways: I helped me realize that Ai is helpful in various jobs for example heavy labor jobs. On the other hand, it also made me realize that AI could be harmful to humans. For example, it could make fake videos seem real and it could be very deceiving.

  • I learned AI stands for Artificial Intelligence; it can think like a human and can mimic human actions when programmed to do so. I learnt it is here to stay. I learned that 60% of the jobs done today didn't exist in 1940. AI will change work for the better. AI can assist in many works today. AI can help with the work that students do. Ai has not yet replaced teachers and I think they never will. Robots can do most jobs and are usually not under regulations they can make fake videos and artworks.

  • I got 16/16 and I learned AI is here to stay and will be dangerous if not under control.

    1. I also got 16/16 and I learnt that about 60% of the jobs that exist today did not exist in 1940.

  • I got all the questions right, some of those questions made me to think about the roles of AI, how it has helped other humans to gain new jobs, what this test reminded me about is the fact that most people think that because of AI schools won't exist, I mean sure AI can generate ideas, notes and answer some questions, but the real fact that most people ignore is that AI can't replace the students, AI can't make schools to close and AI can't take the place of students. AI was made to assist students not to replace them.
    Thank you for reading.

  • I scored 15/16. I believe that the most important fact about AI is the dangers of fake videos that can mislead us. People might think they are able to do things they see but this could lead to injuries or even death. So we better be suspicious when watching videos!!!

  • I scored 8/16 which means I was half aware about AI. But after this quiz I came to know about some facts about AI. It might be dangerous and helpful at the same time. As we know, before time there was no concept of Artificial Intelligence,people used to work day and night for their living. But in today's modern world AL has been a great help for us. It has reduced a lot of human efforts. Let's take my example; when I was in 3rd or 4th standard I was not much aware of AI. If I had any doubt, I used to take help from my elders but slowly I started clearing my doubts with the help of some AI tools like Google and ChatGPT. I am pretty sure most of the students of today's generation take's the help of AI tools to clarify their uncertainty and generate new ideas. I also came to know more about AI because of this quiz and I am trying to get deeper knowledge about it.

  • I think that AI is so important for making new jobs in the future . I learned about importance of Al on making jobs on future. It attracted me . I always find about this type think . I think that this part is most important thing of Al . If Al make new jobs sector in the future. Many jobless people will be get new job . Then , we can rise quickly our economy of our country. So, we should be give it more importanc. This is only my thinking.

  • I managed to score 15/16, but to score isn't the objective of the quiz but to test our knowledge of A.I is. This quiz helped me to realize the reality of A.I because A.I wasn't the technology I thought it would be. A.I hasn't taken away the jobs making people jobless but has increased the opportunities of jobs for other people. I even realized that A.I has increased 60% rate of work compared to that of the 1940s. Humans have achieved great technological achievement with the support and technological efforts of A.I. A.I has helped Humans achieve great heights in medical and technological fields. A.I has been really useful but at the same time, it's really dangerous. It's failure could cause loss of properties and even lives. A.I is the technology which has human's mind but no emotions, interaction and counselling skills. A.I has been used to do a simple work but it has overtaken many jobs. A.I is being used in companies for different purposes. And as a result, in Japan in many companies, more than 40% respondents stated the introduction of A.I in companies have helped to work productively and to reduce the working hours.
    At last, I would like to say that the quiz was really useful to me as it cleared some of my doubts and changed my perception towards A.I.

  • I got 14/16 . This test taught me that AI also has disadvantages. I thought at least five countries would have robots as teachers completely. AI can make artworks like what! AI is basically a human being in a computer without a body. I also learnt that they can help with operations and surgeries.

  • Hello everyone!
    I scored 9/16 in the test though am supposed to be sad this test has taught me so many things I didn't know about. Thanks for also teaching me that AI device's has not yet replaced teacher's am really gratefully.

  • I got 15 out of 16 on the quiz.
    The quiz served as a wake-up call to me where it changed my perception that AI and technology is growing at the highest possible rate. It has created 60% job opportunities since the 1940s. It solves our homework in seconds. It can summarize long paragraphs into two-line sentences. The level of AI has reached in such a short period of time is something to be taken note of. However, AI still has room to grow in emotional intelligence as no nation has completely replaced human teachers with robots yet.
    It is up to us whether we choose to grow with technology or let it outgrow us.

  • Hi there!
    I scored 15/16 in the quiz. It really helped me to know more about AI. True to say AI has now became a part and parcel of our life. After it’s invention our modern life has fully changed. AI is mostly contributing in our job sectors. By the use of it, workers will be free from dangerous works. New sob sectors will open. All the old dangerous works of 1940 have become easier because of artificial intelligence . AI is also helping us in education.
    I think AI is the mirror of the present world. It is basically a system which can be related to human reaction. The way by which AI is developing, it is sure that it will bring welfare for human beings.

  • I got 15/16 and to be honest I started taking the quiz very lightly but towards the end of it it made me realise something that is very important for everyone to get straight. AI isn't magic; just like there are two sides to a coin, we need to dive deeply into any topic before making our final decision. AI can be both good and bad, it can help us, assist us, make our lives easy, but just as easily destroy us from the inside, making us isolated from the outside World, always in our gadgets and making us lazy.
    We need to look at the longer run here, but as long as the coin rests and is balanced there is no harm. We must use the tools for our good. If we know how to use AI and at what moment it would be a game changer for humanity.

  • I just hope that in the future the A.I does not take away too many jobs to the point where Humans don't have jobs and don't make money.

  • I got 12/16 this quiz helped me realize that AI can be dangerous but also good for this world. Al can take over jobs in the future such as engineering & other stuff. AI can open up new jobs & create other stuff but AI can create negatives & positives for the world.

  • The fact from the quiz that interested me was the fact that AI is already living amongst us, it very developed countries like Japan, there are already robots working in places like, restaurants and shops it would be mined blowing to see AI walking around, but for the questions on the test I strongly disagree I did not get a full mark, because from the way I see it, all my answers were correct, but I guess they were not supposed to be correct. This quiz has really thought me more about AI I am really grateful for taking this test.

  • Have you heard about self-driving cars? They are powered by AI and can do some amazing things! They make our road safer by reducing human errors.plus, AI can optimize traffic flow, which means less time stuck in traffic jams and more efficient transportation systems. It's like having a personal assistant who knows all the shortcuts.

  • I scored 10 out of 16 points, AI or artificial intelligence, from its role in medical operations to the evolution of job opportunities. Recognizing the need for rules in AI usage is crucial for responsible development. Additionally, AI's involvement in educational tasks such as creating art and summarizing books, showcase is diverse applications. A fun fact I learned is that 60% of jobs we had today we didn't have then.

  • Hey people, so i just took the quiz and got 15/16 and that's pretty good in my opinion but the reason why is because i learned that ai can create fake videos. i feel as though this is the most important thing because there are kids getting cps sent to their homes for missing school, and yet you're telling me ai can send out a video to people and say school is over, or others. So i have one question, do you believe we should back track the development of technology or continue advancing.

  • I scored 14 out of 16. This test helped me to understand that AI could be both helpful and dangerous. Artificial Intelligence could have a positive effect on some jobs. What I mean is that people can program an they AI to do difficult and dangerous tasks that would be impossible for them. For example , making a car is extremly difficult
    for a human to do it. For a machine which has an AI inside it , it is much easier and it would be a better work. So as you can see Artificial Intelligence is a huge progress for the entire humanity.

  • Hi!
    I want to write about the disadvntages of AI. One of them is that some students use it to write essays and do their homework. That is very negative because it prevents students to think by themselves. And now you will ask why. Kids and teenagers are going to schools to learn how to write , read and count. If AI do these for the kids, then they won't learn and they will remain stagnant.So , in my opinion , if we use AI properly we will benefit.

    1. Can you explain what you mean by "properly", terrific_opinion?

      1. By "properly" I mean we should use AI for useful things. What I want to tell you is that, for example, AI can be used in the field of medicine. This can help humanity. At the same time, others can use AI for bad purposes, such as stealing personal data or money from someone. That's why the creators of TN have to develop it more to recognize who has good intentions and who doesn't.

  • I scored 12/15 and realized that AI has the capability to produce numerous convincing fake videos. While I was aware of this fact before, it didn't fully register in my mind until now that it has become increasingly difficult to trust what we see in the news, as AI can create fake videos that appear genuine, deceiving us in no time.

    On the other hand, AI has the ability to assist us in various ways, such as writing essays, summarizing books, creating artwork, and being utilized in workplaces. Considering the positive and negative effects of AI, I find myself in a neutral position when it comes to taking sides for or against AI.

  • I think the future of jobs will likely involve a greater integration of technology and automation. While certain routine tasks may be automated, there will be an increased demand for skills related to technology, creativity, adaptability, and emotional intelligence. Lifelong learning and the ability to collaborate with AI will become essential for navigating the evolving job landscape.

    1. Can you describe what you mean by "collaborate with AI"?

      1. I think human-AI or human-machine collaboration is the coming together of people and technology to create or produce things.Collaborating with AI involves working alongside artificial intelligence systems to enhance productivity, problem-solving, or decision-making. It can range from using AI tools to automating tasks, leveraging AI-driven insights, or even co-creating with AI in creative projects. The goal is to harness the strengths of both human and AI capabilities for more efficient and effective outcomes.

  • Hey, I scored 11 out of 16 which shows that I need to put more effort in studying more about artificial intelligence. The quiz have given me an open mindset to study more about AI. The quiz made me to realize that there are balanced emotions on the merits and demerits of artificial intelligence.

  • Scored 16 out of 16 but am surprised and shocked at how far AI has come in such a short span of time. Not more than ten years ago I remember reading about the AI we use today in science fiction novels and other media. And now we use it on a daily basis.

  • I achieved 12/16 which is good but this quiz gave three new information. Two of them in my opinion are fantastic and one of them being a little scary. The ones I think are great are:
    1. Since 1940 AI has helped create 60% of the current jobs we have. This is amazing due to the great unemployment factor that many countries including mine faced. Due to this, those countries GDP are much stable and their national development is much increasing.
    2. AI is already being used in medical operations. This feat in my perspective can help a lot in the development of medical operations, faster checkup and disease identification. And even in the future might be used in a device to scan for early cancer cells meaning faster, better, and much equipped treatment.
    But one thing is scary in my perspective. AI can make fake videos look realistic. Through this many different criminal activity can be done and could provide for criminals with realistic blackmail footage, CC camera footage tampering etc. Therefore, as Elon Musk had said ''AI can be humanities biggest threat.''

  • I learned that AI should and can be used in moderation. When humans over use AI they will lack empathy and creativity

  • I scored 15/16 . I believe that the most important thing people should know about AI is that it has its advantages as well as disadvantages, just like any other thing in the world. What's important is that we should use it ethically. AI has replaced humans in various sectors like customer services by the creation of chatbots, manufacturing plants by the creation of robotic AI-powered systems, and even in transportation ever since the creation of self-driving vehicles. However, we should remember that it can't replace humans in everything like it can't go to school on your behalf because it's you who has to study to become intelligent and create even more intelligent machines.

  • i got 13 out of 16. good enough.

  • i got 15 out of 16 on my second try. yay.

  • I got 12/16 on this test and I'm very glad that i did. It shows me that i already know what Artificial Intelligence is coming to and how it can affect the future and the up coming generations. It can be a worrying yet an exciting thing to anyone who is interested in technology and help grow the AI community. It is also very worrying for some especially the adults who only have their jobs to feed and cater for their family.

  • AI has been an increasingly common topic in the news today and there have been very different opinions about them. One of the topics are about if AI should replace people in their jobs. One of the advantages are improving efficiency, and creating more exciting jobs. On the contrary, AI could take over from people's jobs and many would be left without a source of income. What are your thoughts about occupation and AI?

  • i got 12/16 and i am very surprised because i didn't think i knew much about artificial intelligence(ai). i find it very worrying because some robots are so smart they are taking over jobs and if this expands it can affect the future. e.g. most people's jobs have been taken by ai and people are now left with no money and can't feed or provide for themselves.

  • the future of works and jobs of the al because when like of the futures to in jobs

  • On this test, I have scored 13/16 which is a decent score. AI can be a very powerful and advanced technology. AI can sometimes be very dangerous, imitating someone's voice or creating a video of someone you may know. It can sometimes be very helpful, creating essays and even helping us find an answer to a certain question.The future of jobs is the most important thing to learn about AI, because Artificial intelligence has a lot to do with the jobs in future for example the farms.

  • i got 13 of 16 and believe that the most important fact was that AI may replace teachers in the future.

  • i think that ai shouldn't be produced. i have a paranoid of ai invading earth and i want to stop the creation of ai robots.i think that by just having ai to help you is enough but if we replace humans with robots everyone would get lazy and less physical.

  • I got 15 / 16 and learnt that AI is technology that enables machine to think similarly to humans.

  • The quiz helped me a lot. I came to know many things from it.
    The future of AI holds immense promise and potential for transformative impact across various sectors. Advancements in machine learning, natural language processing, and robotics are anticipated to usher in an era of increased automation, efficiency, and innovation. AI is likely to become more integrated into daily life, influencing fields such as healthcare, finance, education, and transportation. While the development of more sophisticated AI models raises questions about ethics, privacy, and job displacement, efforts are being made to ensure responsible AI deployment. The collaborative interaction between humans and AI, emphasizing ethical considerations and addressing societal challenges, is expected to shape a future where intelligent systems contribute to improved decision-making, personalized experiences, and solutions to complex global issues. Continued research, development, and ethical frameworks will play pivotal roles in defining the trajectory of AI in the years to come.

  • I managed to score 15/16 and this has helped me to understand the importance of AI on our modern day society. AI has its own merits and demerits. AI can assist us in doing our jobs and performing our day-to-day activities but they can also make us very lazy. If people begin to use AI too frequently, we might become very sluggish knowing that robots are available. This explains the need for individuals to control how they use AI in the society.

  • The fact that is most important for people to know about AI is that they can be used in our life to make our life easier and comfortable.AI can perform our taks faster with less cost.But due to AI also there might be increase in unemployment because if every work is done by Robots than how other people will work and earn money.This is my point.I will always look forward to share your opinion about my point.

  • How will ai change the future for the better? I think that is the most important thing for people to know about ai because in the future ai will be a big thing, more than it is rn. This can let people know how the world's gonna go and how jobs are going to be different. They might possibly change the whole position the world is in right now. So i believe that is the most important thing for people to know about.

  • I managed to score 12/16. But score doesn't matter, the things or knowledge that you gained from is important. This quiz helped me to understand the reality of AI. Firstly, I didn't know that 60% of jobs didn't exist back in 1940s and this is all thanks to AI. It created many jobs for people. With this quiz, i got to know two sides of AI, positive and negative. It can develop the world but at the same time, it can also harm the world.
    Another interesting fact is that AI can't replace teachers. AI might have many knowledge but it can never handle the reality of school and students.

  • Yeah, so I got 15/16 eventhough I wasn't really interested in AI but everyone knows basic knowledge about it because it has become a hot topic of present days. The main thing which caught my attention in the poll was about AI helping students with their school work and teachers completely being replaced by AI. Nowadays technology provides every information of past and present but schools provide experiences that go far beyond just acquiring facts. School provide us different topics and subjects that help us choose our passion, interest, and create a better future. Schools improve our critical thinking, problem solving skill, and social skills. While technology provides information and knowledge but it still can't completely replace schools, teachers and the benefits of human created learning system.

  • I scored 10/16. One of the things that most surprised me was how many of the jobs that exist today didn't exist 80 years ago at 60%. This just shows how much our world is changing and how we as a world are developing. I think that this just shows that AI won't necessarily take jobs from us but create new ones and help us do better with the ones that already exist. The use of Artificial Intelligence in jobs will just assist us in doing jobs more efficiently: creating new resources for schools, assisting in surgical procedures and many more. I think this shows the necessity of AI in our everchanging society.

    1. This is very interesting! What sort of skills do you think will become more important in an AI driven job market?

      1. I think any skills surrounding computing and programming will become vital to the upkeep of Artificial Intelligence. Without these skills there would be no way of continuing to evolve with the AI and it would get to a point where we can no longer progress, if people don't know how to fix these machines or robots.
        Engineering may become increasingly important to build any machine that uses AI.
        Even skills like observation and communication may be necessary to be able to spot what is going wrong or if we have taken advantage of this new and innovative technology. Communication will become very important as people in many different fields will need to be able to work together to make AI and teach everyone how to properly use it to help in their area of work or life.

  • I got 9 out of 16. I learned there about AI,how it work and how this important for us. That's how I can know about AI's good and bad side too . It's true that AI exists.Through this quiz I learned that 60% of today's jobs did not exist in the 1940s which is an important fact.Thank you very much for organizing the quiz.

  • I received a score of 15 out of 16 on the quiz. Question 6 caught my attention as one of the most thought-provoking. It asked, "How might AI change the future of work for the better?" This question prompted me to think about the potential advantages of AI. Many people have concerns that AI will replace their jobs and, in extreme cases, dominate the world. This question can shift their perspective and help them recognize the positive impact AI could make on society. For example, AI could help automate repetitive tasks, allowing employees to focus on more creative and complex work. Also, AI could enhance worker safety by monitoring hazardous environments, detecting potential dangers, and alerting workers in real time.

  • I scored 15 out of 16. This quiz enhanced my knowledge about AI as it introduced me to the fact that AI can be so helpful yet very dangerous. AI (Artificial intelligence) is a machine with the same amount of intelligence as humans. AI has started being part of jobs and taking over jobs as it is seen being used in various jobs such as helping doctors, helping scientists, and replacing waitress'/waiters. I believe the most important fact from the quiz is that AI can make fake videos look realistic. AI being able to make fake videos look realistic can be dangerous as people may fall for it, and the ability of making fake videos look realistic can be used in so many ways as it can make dangerous fake videos look very realistic as it could be scams. AI being able to make fake videos look realistic would most likely mean AI can make real photos look realistic too, which adds on to the danger and many should be aware of the capabilities AI has.

  • I scored 13 out of 16.
    And from the quiz I learned that AI has done both good and bad things. From making ones job easier to making one completely jobless.
    Some good and bad things about AI that I learned from the quiz are classified as :

    1. AI enhances productivity.
    2. AI drives technological advancements.
    3. Efficient in automation.

    1. Job displacement.
    2. Bias in algorithms.
    3. Privacy concerns and data misuse.

    And like other human innovations all it depends on is how we use it for good or bad. It all depends on us.

  • I got 14 out of 16. In this test, I have learnt that AI can do dangerous jobs and boring jobs for us, however, AI can do human professions and can make people loose their jobs in replacement of AI based devices. I also learnt that AI is so particular about login details eg if you do not use the dash in the username carefully, you will get it wrong

  • AI is helping us protect the environment! It can monitor and optimize energy usage in buildings, making them more energy-efficient and reducing waste. And when it comes to predicting natural disasters, AI can analyze data and help us be better prepared. Ai can also enhance creativity and innovation! It can generate new ideas, designs, and even music with AI-powered tool, artists, musicians, and designers can explore new possibilities and push the boundaries of their craft.

    1. I agree because... as a student , AI has helped me personally to obtain high quality educational resources and has also analyzed my method of learning and has taught me a lot based on that. It has also exposed me to a wider space and system of learning than what I am used to ; which will make it easier for me to adapt to a new system of learning .

      Thank you.

  • I got 4 out of 8. I have done a lot of discussions and work on al in school. Currently the pros of al outweigh the cons. It is being used in education, diagnosis and cure in medicine. Satellites in space help communicate and gather information

  • I scored 11 out of 16. I realized AI is in between both good and bad, from this quiz I came to figure our that there has been a lot of scammers running around with fake identity, and what makes it believable is videos, voice recordings, etc.. People are taking advantages to trouble others and benefit themselves. On the positive view, AI has helped students to make their essays, presentations, free writings, and overall increase in terms of studies. There are numeral countries who have deployed robots in their restaurants, slowly but surely, in some aspects AI will overcome humans in terms of efficiency, accuracy, storage, and overall ratings. This quiz has given me loads of new and important news about AI and its effects on our future, and I will keep researching to know more about this topic.

    Thank You....!

  • I scored 14. But one thing I want everyone to know is that AI (artificial intelligence) can write essays and summarise books for students who don't know as much in certain places, expanding their knowledge and helping them to be even better in places where they show a good understanding. Also, students with learning disabilities who might not be able to type effectively or students who might not be able to see, use text-to-speech methods to gain knowledge.

  • It nice it's teaches. Different things like 1. Perform repetitive tasks with high accuracy and consistency, such as assembly line work in manufacturing.
    2. Assist with elderly or disabled individuals by providing assistance with daily tasks and mobility.
    3. Help with search and rescue missions by navigating through difficult terrain and locating missing persons.
    4. Perform hazardous tasks, such as bomb disposal or exploring dangerous environments.
    5. Support medical procedures, such as surgery or rehabilitation exercises.
    6. Provide customer service and support in retail or hospitality settings.
    7. Conduct surveys and data collection in research and environmental monitoring.
    8. Assist with household chores such as cleaning, cooking, and organizing.
    9. Teach and assist in education, such as language learning or tutoring.
    10. Entertainment and companionship, through activities such as storytelling, games, and social interaction.

  • I scored 16/16 this quiz helped me remember that in the future AI will be a troubling thing for young people growing up in the future including myself. I say this because AI might take away some things or jobs that some people might want to do in the future.There is already a job choice that the public believes could be run or replaced by AI,such as being a technology man or woman.This is something that is logical to be replaced.That's why I would say that AI will be a troubling thing for young people growing up in the future for the subject of getting a job.

  • AI is super helpful in our everyday lives! You know those virtual assistants like siri or Google assistant? They are AI's and understand what we say and help us with things like setting reminders and sending messages. It's like having a smart friend right in our pocket.

  • I achieved a perfect score of 16 out of 16 on this quiz, prompting me to view AI from contrasting perspectives—both the positive and the negative. AI has been very helpful for human beings in reducing human involvement in hazardous work places such as mines, chemical extraction factories, providing medical assistance, helping in monitoring climate change, fraud and risk detection. However, the advantages are balanced by notable drawbacks.
    Regrettably, we know that it is artificial and cannot think on its own. It can have intelligence, but we cannot expect a machine to have any biases of its own. Any bias can transfer from the developer to the machine while the algorithm is being developed
    For Example - If you search on Google for salons, the first few searches are mostly for female salons. This is based on the assumption that if a person is searching for a salon, in all probability it would be a female.
    Another major area of concern is Unemployment AI is making people’s lives easier. Most of the things nowadays are done in just a few clicks. In no time AI will manage to be able to do all the laborious tasks which we humans have been doing since long. Maybe in the coming years, AI enabled machines will replace all the people. This may start an era of mass unemployment.

  • Here are some different things it taught me

    1. Definition: Robots are machines designed to perform tasks that are typically performed by humans or animals.

    2. Types of Robots: There are various types of robots, including industrial robots, service robots, mobile robots, and humanoid robots.

    3. Sensors: Robots use advanced sensors such as cameras, sonar, and lidar to perceive their environment and interact with it.

    4. Artificial Intelligence: Many robots use artificial intelligence (AI) to learn and adapt to their environment and perform complex tasks.

    5. Programming: Robots are programmed using computer languages such as