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At all levels of education, AI will likely be transformative. Students will receive educational... Jobs of the future 06/2/24
AI chatbots are generally safe to interact with. They're designed to follow specific guidelines... AI bots on the Hub? 06/2/24
Female football players have also been an inspiration to young girls. They have shown that with... Women's sport 05/2/24
The personally responsible citizen acts responsibly in his/her community by, for example,... Responsible citizens 05/2/24
AI and machine learning models can predict changes in biodiversity based on environmental... AI and the planet 05/2/24
AI chatbots are chatbots that employ a variety of AI technologies, from machine learning that... AI bots on the Hub? 04/2/24
AI helps protect ecosystems, biodiversity, and natural resources, ensuring a healthier planet... AI and the planet 04/2/24
It's not just a tool; it's a comprehensive AI companion that caters to a wide array of needs,... AI companion 04/2/24
In futuristic classrooms, teachers will have access to student-created “learner profiles.” This... Will schools exist in future? 03/2/24
"Examples include data entry, basic customer service roles, and bookkeeping." Even assembly line... Jobs of the future 03/2/24
Although experts typically list AI's ability to free people from repetitive and mundane tasks as... AI bots on the Hub? 03/2/24
Machine learning can optimize supply chains to reduce waste, monitor resource consumption and... AI and the planet 02/2/24
Rapid advances in AI threaten to eliminate many jobs, and not just those of writers and actors.... Jobs of the future 02/2/24
Safety and security represent many things, including a stable income, consistent housing,... Prevention or protection? 02/2/24
Just like any other invention, AI can be used for good and for bad, but it's neutral. To assume... AI and the planet 01/2/24
AI robots can assist in construction by performing tasks sush as bricklaying and painting. AI... AI companion 01/2/24
Other “trainer” jobs AI could create include systems administrators who are building server... Jobs of the future 01/2/24
Many countries also draw the line on youth with regard to the age at which a person is given... Age restrictions 01/2/24
However, AI could potentially improve the yield of crops and teach farmers how to utilise... What's your reaction? 31/1/24
This Act was enacted in 1920 and is the major legal source to regulate animal protection and... Animal rights 31/1/24