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Hi, To answer the question the fans use the media to help support women's sports. And the... Women's sport 03/2/24
Hi Marie, I am not sure of my arrived conclusions but I do have some hypothesis on point 3.... Show what you know 02/2/24
Hi, I scored 12/15 on the quiz but through it I learned something new and also something that I... Show what you know 30/1/24
Hi, In my opinion to protect people actions that commit restriction of freedom is justifiable... Freedom v safety? 30/1/24
Hi, From the two options I personally chose protection from crime. See in our current society... Prevention or protection? 30/1/24
Hi, Comfortable, Reformative or anything like it would not help in stop crime. Because in a... What’s the purpose of prisons? 29/1/24
I disagree because reformative approach can be a bit risky in fact a lot risky. As Fito actually... What’s the purpose of prisons? 29/1/24
Hello, I personally chose the curious option. Because in the distant future I and a lot of... What's your reaction? 28/1/24
Hi, See from the opinions above the third one “School is not just about learning information.... Will schools exist in future? 28/1/24
I'm not sure about this because as AI continues to develop and be newly constructed they get... People v robots 26/1/24
AI is evolving constantly and with this it has the ability to do many works previously done by... People v robots 26/1/24
I achieved 12/16 which is good but this quiz gave three new information. Two of them in my... Test your knowledge 26/1/24
In my perspective, AI bots are a double aged sword for education and future of the schools. AI... AI and the future of education 25/1/24
Contrary to mine and a few others beliefs, Teens and other younglings are also terrified of the... Show what you know 24/1/24