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Hi Topical Talkers, I believe boycotts can help bring about change...As it is given,boycotts... Are boycotts helpful? 18/2/24
Hi everyone, So,If a developer were to create an AI robot specifically for me,I would like it... AI companion 18/2/24
Hi Everyone, I think the should be a hub post on "How political influence impacts the quality... Suggest a discussion 17/2/24
Hi Arushi, Yes,I do think companies can stay neutral in situations where business and politics... Countries behaving badly 16/2/24
I think young people should focus on learning more about sustainability, waste reduction, and... Are green skills the future? 15/2/24
Hi guys,regarding the 1st question,studies have shown that attempts to influence voters can have... Businesses and elections 15/2/24
Hi Topical Talkers,i think it is reasonable for brands to expect their celebrity ambassadors to... The “face” of a business 15/2/24
Hi everyone,I think the spell which should be brought to life is 'Anapneo' which clears... Competition #4 winners 15/2/24
Hi guys,There are several issues currently making headlines in both local and national news that... Report back 14/2/24
Hi calm_cloud, i understand that you are not supporting country A because the total population... Countries behaving badly 14/2/24
Hi everyone,if I was business owner with branches all over the world with the recent news of... Countries behaving badly 14/2/24
Hi Harriet, I apologize for not citing my sources properly...I found the statistics on the... Prevention or protection? 02/2/24
Hi,Marie To me,the topic of whether convicted individuals should be denied their right to vote... Show what you know 02/2/24
One piece of information that shocked me was about prisoners' voting rights and out of curiosity... Show what you know 30/1/24
Hey Guys, I choose B: “A bad prison can make crime worse instead of better.” I agree with... What if prisons aren’t working? 30/1/24
Hey guys, I do think crime prevention and public safety are two crucial aspects for any... Prevention or protection? 30/1/24
Hi guys, Regarding the 1st question,the top priority of prison officers should be... What’s the purpose of prisons? 29/1/24
Hi !, I think the decision of whether a situation is serious enough to declare a state of... Freedom v safety? 29/1/24
Hi Everyone, I would like to begin by saying that to me the question of whether it's right to... Freedom v safety? 29/1/24
Joycelyn explained that people might experience eco-anxiety differently based on a variety of... Joycelyn Longdon on different experiences 29/1/24