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Your point really took my attention. So, these are some of the ways we can save our... Save the planet 13/5/23
I agree because... to prove that they are my family and I have a special love for them so they... Nepotism poll results! 11/5/23
Strike is one of the evils bedevilling our contemporary society. Why do I make this conclusion?... Can everyone strike? 06/5/23
According to the Advanced English Dictionary (offline), Art is the product of human creativity.... Student suggestion 05/5/23
I don't think so. Even though, every thing in this world will always have a positive and... Student suggestion 04/5/23
I agree with you seriously because some families are so ravaged by poverty that children are... Join a discussion! 04/5/23
IS THERE A PLACE FOR ROYALS IN THE MODERN WORLD? My response to this question is no. This is... Are royals relevant? 26/4/23
My country is affected by climate change in the following ways: 1. Frequent flooding especially... Climate change in your country 20/4/23
How to think critically and problem solving with ease and also be confident in myself when ever... Start of Festival survey 20/4/23
I agree because... Those that don't like talking much are always attached to their gadget and it... The metaverse: marvellous or madness? 18/4/23
A change in working condition can be fair and not biased only when, there is no ethnic,... Working conditions 18/4/23
Let me begin by saying that strike is an undesirable phenomenon in our society. Strikes... Can everyone strike? 18/4/23
The metaverse is a digital space that can be accessed via virtual reality enabled devices unlike... Suggest a discussion! 18/4/23
Climate change has increased the burden of diseases in my country especially malaria. mosquitoes... Climate change in your country 11/4/23
Electioneering Uncertainties Each time election is to be held in my community, it comes with a... Competition #1 News near you 11/4/23