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I would a sweet dish like chocolate cake because chocolate cake is one of the Queens favourite... #36 A royal treat! 27/5/22
I agree with: Person C, as young people have just as big of a voice as adults. However, may be... #19 Respond! 28/1/22
I found the word ,world, and it links to the news as everything, anything and all the news... #18 Search and say! 26/1/22
If I had £1,000,000 dollars 1. I would give money to charity for example: charity's to... #17 Hey big spender! 14/1/22
What new stories might we see in 2022? I think that we will see a lot of climate change as many... #16 Wheel decide! 12/1/22
I think C as the number of species that are getting extinct are horrifying and it interests me... #11 Tell me more! 12/11/21
I think B as it it happening all around the world because people are building houses over green land. #10 Pick a picture 05/11/21
I think that Together We March because it is all about protesting. It is a very new book as it... #9 Think of a link 02/11/21
And it also has Climate Change protests #9 Think of a link 02/11/21
Journey of discovery Opinions are important Understand what others are saying Read many... #8 The News 26/10/21
We MUST protect the Earth from harmfulness we want it to be in danger #34 Caption this! 13/5/21
What I meant was: 'We MUST protect the Earth from harm unless we want it to be in danger'. #34 Caption this! 13/5/21
Hi, I think that an amazing fact involving numbers is that more than 100, 000 people are... #28 One can win! 29/3/21