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If I was born into such a family, I would have modernized, I would have also tried to change... Suggest a discussion! 03/5/23
Well meeting new people on the metaverse, yes its an advantage and also a... Particular people 02/5/23
Well I think it does have the potential to ruin lives, we are both coming from the same point of... Student suggestion 02/5/23
Yes I agree because, as accurate atom said the more we win, the more we earn, this will now make... Particular people 02/5/23
Who inspires me to protect the planet is former president of US, by name Richard Nixon, EPA was... Who inspires you? 01/5/23
I agree because I think she is very bold to be able to do such I have observed these days that... Who inspires you? 01/5/23
In my own opinion earth day should be taught to everyone not only a specific group of people or... Is one day enough? 29/4/23
Same here I am also very grateful to the Economist's for thinking about producing a platform... How to win awards 28/4/23
I agree because not only the on the issue of income, Some people greatly rely on such... Pick ONE person 28/4/23
I think there should be 12 earth days, one each month, as I said in my post earlier, we need... Is one day enough? 27/4/23
I personally disagree with this because I feel one day dedicated will not be enough to save... Is one day enough? 27/4/23
Hello, I pick Nellie. I can imagine if Nellie was in Nigeria the strike would have affected my... Pick ONE person 27/4/23
Firstly government are not doing what is expected of them in terms of what they had produced in... Strikes poll results! 26/4/23
today I will be laying a little more emphasis on an aspect of climate change known as "Ozone... Climate change in your country 26/4/23
Now look at it this way, A metaverse can be seen a composite of all universe(s) meaning the... The metaverse: marvellous or madness? 14/4/23
I think there should be a discussion on the issue of Bad leadership because that is the issue... Suggest a discussion 13/4/23
Personally I feel the cashless policy is a disadvantage quite alright but look at it from this... Competition #1 News near you 12/4/23