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Transitioning to clean and renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and others is crucial for... How to make a change 21/2/24
Your analysis of Egypt's vulnerability to climate change is really insightful. It's clear that... Climate change in your country 21/2/24
I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your approach to managing news consumption.... Too much negative news? 20/2/24
I totally agree with valuable_journalist's perspective on this topic. It's clear that we still... Why don’t people change? 20/2/24
I just wanted to share something really interesting that 'benevolent_groundhog' pointed out. He... Why don’t people change? 19/2/24
I completely agree with you, grate_brain! It's really sad to hear about the mistreatment and... Animal rights 19/2/24
Hi Tiff, it seems that these days, a country's priority is on the military, while education and... Suggest a discussion 19/2/24
I totally agree with nice_ferret's sentiment. It's amazing to see how people and communities in... Climate change in your country 18/2/24
I totally agree with plucky_piccolo's comment. It's awesome to hear that your country is... Climate change in your country 18/2/24
Hey there! I totally agree with healthy_snow's thoughts! It's really important to understand the... Climate change in your country 18/2/24
Wow, I couldn't agree more with marvellous_hedgehog! You've raised such an important point about... Too much negative news? 17/2/24
I have some really interesting information to share with you about boycotts. Did you know that... Are boycotts helpful? 17/2/24
I think it's really important to talk about "Brain Drain and Brain Gain" because it's all about... Suggest a discussion 16/2/24
Wow, I couldn't agree with you more, giving_snail! You've represented a powerful point of view... Show what you know 16/2/24
I completely agree with adventurous_river. Keeping up with the local news not only helps us stay... Responsible citizens 16/2/24
Wow, I'm impressed by your thoughtful and well-researched analysis of AI's impact on education!... What's your reaction? 15/2/24
I completely agree with bright_conclusion! Your insights and suggestions are absolutely crucial... How to make a change 15/2/24
I fully agree with distinguished_measurement's statement. India's innovative approaches to... How to make a change 15/2/24
"I completely agree with the idea of giving_snail. It seems like you have thoroughly considered... The “face” of a business 14/2/24
I wholeheartedly agree with reasoning_knowledge that climate change is a global issue that... Climate change and inequality 14/2/24