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  • I think there should be a Hub discussion on "legal and illegal immigration" because it is important for the topical talkers . It will help them to know the punishment for illegal immigration and the use of legal immigration. so having knowledge about this topic is important. THANK YOU!

    1. Hello Thoughtful_hedgehog.
      I agree with you because it is crucial to know about legal and illegal immigration and to have this in mind as young as this age is a good thing. This will have a big impact on you. This will help you to understand what will happen when you do what.
      Thoughtful_hedgehog, I hope this opinion will be a standpoint because it is crucial.

    2. I completely agree with you because illegal immigration can pose a threat to the country. Any terrorist organization or association or any spy from other countries can pose a threat to both the civilians as well as the government. Strict policies must be made to stop illegal immigration.

      1. Have you made any assumptions in this comment?

      2. Hello, i respectfully disagree although you do make a reasonable point saying that terrorist can come in illegally to spy in order to commit a act of harm against a place, i believe that people should refrain to thinking that everyone who immigrates illegally is a bad person. Sometimes people don't have any other choice and are just trying to get out of dangerous situations, maybe they don't have the money or most importantly don't have the time. what if they are in danger and have to leave the country and the only way is to illegally immigrate. Does that make them a bad person?

        1. I disagree because immigrants can move to other countries to peacefully cohabit, I agree with you on that. But there are immigrants that only move to a country to cause chaos, calamity, and to spread pandemics. For example, back in 2020 there was a case in Nigeria that a 44-year-old Italian came to Nigeria but ended up spreading the COVID-19 in our nation.
          To conclude my point, there is always a negative form of something positive. People might use immigration for negative purposes. Anything good can be utilized for something bad.

      3. Hi
        I agree with you digital_fern. Yes illegal immigration can pose a threat to a country because some people migrate so that they can terrorize a country and it can cause a war between some countries. For example a man migrated from his country to another country and they catch him in a sensitive area stealing the country information they will imprison and it will cause a war between the both countries.

    3. I agree with you Thoughtful_hedgehog, in addition, nowadays people are just leaving their countries even currently in my country, the surprising thing about it is that these people mostly go to the western side of the world, such as China, the UK, US, and Canada, While some got to the middle east and Europe. They leave home to go there and have a better life. In my country, they mostly leave because of corruption, unemployment and poverty. So that is why our country loses very talented people and this phenomenon is called “brain drain”.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    4. I agree because... Illegal immigration can cause a lot of problem in a society.Some people might be spy from their real country but pretending to be immigrants in the country. Illegal immigration is against the law and nobody is above the law. Topical talkers really need to know legal and illegal immigration. THANK YOU!

      1. I disagree because... You are saying that illegal immigration is bad since the immigrants could be spies from other countries. I don't think this would be one of the problems because when the immigrant is a spy, whether the immigrant came to the country legally or illegally they would still get to look for the factors they are searching for as spies. But I agree with you saying it is against the rules. It can cause people to live on the streets from been kicked from a country. And using UK as an example, it's going to overpopulate Rwanda filling it with illegal immigrants. And we all know that this could be a large problem leading poverty rate increases and child abundance.

    5. I agree so we can have more knowledge of immigration. And know what is legal and illegal so that was a great comment.

  • Hello tropical talkers,
    Here, is a potential question for discussion or debate: “ what role should economic factors play in determining immigration policies?”
    This question focuses on the economic regard of immigration policies and cause participants to consider the impact of immigration on the country’s economy. It invites debate on whether economic factors, like job market commands, and potential offering of immigrants, should be key determinants in shaping immigration policies. This question provides a policy for great discussion on the interaction between immigration policies and economic thought.

  • A good question to spark a discussion or debate about immigration policies could be:

    "Do you believe immigration policies should prioritize economic interests, humanitarian concerns, or national security? How can countries strike a balance between these priorities?"

    Regarding smaller discussions on the Hub, I recently came across a thoughtful thread discussing the impacts of immigration policies on refugee resettlement programs. It delved into the challenges refugees face when seeking asylum and the role of host countries in providing support and integration opportunities. It would be beneficial for more people to engage with this discussion and share their perspectives on how communities can better support refugees and asylum seekers.

    As for updates on the news story about immigration policies, I've noticed several developments regarding proposed legislative changes aimed at reforming immigration systems in various countries. It would be interesting to explore how these potential changes could impact immigrant communities, national economies, and social cohesion.

  • Hello
    I think there should be a Hub discussion post about the "Impact of immigration on local economies" because it's a topic that often receives strong opinions. By exploring questions such as how immigration affects job markets, wages, housing, and public services in different regions, we can understand the complexities involved in it. This discussion can help highlight both the benefits and challenges associated with immigration, offering valuable insights for policymakers and the local public too

  • Hello
    Well recently i heard about this "Canada will soon launch a citizenship path for undocumented immigrants. Canada's Immigration Minister, Marc Miller, revealed the nation's intent to introduce a broad and comprehensive program, facilitating the application for permanent residency for numerous undocumented individuals."
    I think there should be a Hub discussion post about everyone's view on this, Should it be permissible or no and why so?
    This can be related to any country and not specifically Canada

    1. Great topic - I think it also ties in with triumphant_snow's topic suggestion below which is around implementing laws for the protection of immigrants.

      How do you think a citizenship path for undocumented migrants could help protect immigrants?

      1. Well i think that providing a citizenship path for undocumented migrants is good for their financial stability. It will also provide them legal status which would allow them to work, travel and live without any fear of being exiled too. It would also assure their safety. They could also get access to their essential needs such as education, healthcare, etc which would contribute to the well-being of the society too. Establishing a clear and accessible path to citizenship could help protect the rights and dignity of the immigrants. These are the ways that citizenship path for undocumented migrants could help protect immigrants.

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about "Should immigrants be judged?" Because most immigrants come from entirely different cultures, this will make them subject to more bullying and mistreatment. They may also not know how different cultures work, if you lived in the West your entire life, heading to Beijing will seem like traveling to another world. So I want a Hub discussion post about should these things be judged or not. On one hand, experiencing a whole new life, you must be ready to be judged, it is part of human nature. On the other hand, all humans should be treated equally, so that sparks the question. "Should immigrants be judged?"

    1. Hi, i agree with you and i think that this question should be talked about more. Often immigrants are treated as different and are often stereotyped because of bad people/groups that have given their religion, culture, and race a bad name. and so i think we should really ask ourselves if we should be treating these people differently and in a harsh way or if we should invite them in with open arms and treat them equally. because i believe that everyone should be treated equally no matter what religion or place a person is from because you never know what a person has been through and if they are immigrating to get out of danger the last thing they should be worried about is being judged by others and being mistreated for being "different".

    2. I disagree because they come from different places with totally different cultures and traditions that might differ from ours. They might not be used to the cultures and traditions of the place that the immigrate into.
      So in my opinion, they should not be judged because the cultures of various places differ and the cultures of a tribe would definitely contradict that of another.

      1. I honestly believe that if any person immigrates, they have to be ready to be judged. While you and I may believe that immigrants shouldn't be judged, other people may have different perspectives and opinions.
        So, the thing that should happen is that people are not judged, but sometimes the things that shouldn't happen happen. So, I agree with your opinion, but I think that if an immigrant immigrates, they should be ready for the consequences.

  • In my opinion discussing in a Hub "THE ENFORCEMENT OF IMMIGRATION LEGAL GUIDELINES " is a complicated and hotly-debated discussion.
    Because, talking about the costs of enforcement and the way in which the americacan put in force our immigration legal guidelines humanely and in a manner that ensures due procedure is vital.
    We as topical talkers will find different opinions about "ENFORCEMENT"
    and we'll be able to know what is the meaning of "ENFORCEMENT" to other topical talkers.
    What do you think?
    Tell me your opinions.
    Thanks 😊

  • I think there should be a hub discussion on political blogging.

    1. I agree because... Political blogging involves individuals expressing their opinions and discussing political topics online. Bloggers share their views, analysis, and engage with readers to create a platform for open dialogue and information exchange on political issues.

  • My perspective there think there should be a Hub discussion post about "how immigration is good or bad for your country " where hub will discuss there opinion on immigration that how it will effect your country if would be amazing just hearing the thoughts of people about immigration

  • Personally, I think there should be a Hub discussion post about the effects of immigration and how it's good or bad with a question asking if we agree or disagree on immigration. I say this because I feel like it will give us more knowledge about immigration and what could happen if immigration never existed and how it affects us now that it does exist.

  • Hi Topical Talkers, I would really like to bring up a topic about leaders, their impact on the livelihood of their citizens, and the right way to react to poverty;
    These are very crucial topic that should be discussed about, many people come from countries where there is poverty and while the citizens are suffering, their leaders are living in luxury, the ignorance of the citizens livelihood is a pivotal contribution to migration, many people are tired that they are living in a poor country where the government doesn't care about them. I think that the government should stop overtaxing those with a lower income and leave the rich.
    Thank You and I hope we can all discuss this topic together.

  • I agree because......
    If they are too many immigrants it could also lead to the fact that the country may start to become weak economically. The fact is that the more the citizen of a country the lesser tge resources available.

    So i think is fair that president joe biden made that law.

    1. Please provide a reference for your point about the link between immigration and a weak economy.

  • I think there should be a hub discussion on the advantages and disadvantages on having too much or over populated citizens in a country

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about the impact of immigration policies on local economies because it is a complex and multi-faceted issue that deserves further exploration.

    This topic is important because immigration policies can have significant effects on the labor market, wages, and overall economic growth in local communities. It would be interesting to discuss the pros and cons of different immigration policies, such as how restrictive or lenient policies impact job availability, entrepreneurship, and the overall economic well-being of both immigrants and native-born citizens.

    Additionally, examining case studies from different countries or regions that have implemented different immigration policies could provide valuable insights into the potential consequences and trade-offs of these policies.

    I believe this discussion would shed light on the economic aspects of immigration policies and contribute to a more informed and nuanced understanding of this complex issue.

  • While I was discussing this topic among my classmates we got into an excellent debate about whether immigrants should be allowed to be elected in the political system of a country. Some said that if the immigrant has been living for a long time, is trusted enough, and has the potential to be a political leader it should be alright. Some of them argued that since the immigrant wasn't born in the country, he/she should not be given the right to be elected as they might not know the condition of the country very well. We got an example of the UK's prime minister who is an Indian. Many people in the UK are not so happy for him. What do you guys think about it?

    1. That is a very interesting topic. It reminds me of a news story I read last year about a Syrian refugee who was elected to become mayor in the town he lives in in Germany. When he arrived in Germany in 2015 he wasn't even able to speak German! (

      I suppose the heart of the question is what do you think makes a good leader/politician? Does it matter if they are from another country if they really care about the area they live in and want to make positive changes?

      1. I think that a great leader is someone who has excellent leadership qualities, is well-qualified, and has a deep understanding of their country. To be honest, I don't believe that where a leader is from really matters. As long as they genuinely care about the country and its people, they can make a great leader. However, I do think it's important for the leader to try to get to know the country's culture and its people so they can better understand the challenges that they face.

  • Hi
    How about we discuss the impact of immigration on cultural diversity? Immigration often brings together people from different backgrounds, cultures, and traditions. This can lead to a vibrant and diverse society where people can learn from one another and celebrate the richness of various cultures.
    What do we think about this topic let us know more about this suggestion that I made.

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion on what causes people to migrate to one country to another. There are many reasons why people might migrate to another country, both negative and positive. Some people might migrate with good intentions like hoping to get education, to get a job, or to escape anything negative going on in their country; although, not everyone who migrates has good intentions. All in all, the topic "What causes people to migrate to one country to another?" is a topic that will educate people and a topic where people can debate over.

  • I think there should be discussion on the topic " LAWS MADE FOR THE PROTECTION OF IMMIGRANTS" since there are not so many laws made in their favor and this often leads to their exploitation so knowing everyone's opinion an this topic would be great and knowledgeable.

    1. That is a good suggestion. In what ways do you think migrants are vulnerable to exploitation?

  • I think that there should be a Hub discussion about WHAT COUNTRIES SHOULD DO TO REDUCE THE LEVEL OF IMMIGRANTS THAT ARE IN THE WORLD because I kept thinking about the how many immigrants are in our world and how so many of them are trying their best to move to other countries, the sad part of it is that not many of them made it to the end and those that managed to make it, some of them are stuck in misery and grief, they are not living a happy life and they are also being treated unfairly. This made me really emotional and I thought that bringing this up on the Hub will help us to know on how to deal with this particular issue that is happening worldwide in different nations.

    1. An immigrant is someone who chooses to leave their country and move to live in another. What might the world be like if nobody ever moved to live in another country?

      1. If nobody ever leaves their country to another, I think that no one will know about the existence of other countries apart from listening to it on the news. Also, with that, I think a lot of businesses are going to crash down because most countries import and export goods for their sales. It is also going to affect us because we will not be aware of some particular or vital things we need to know like places that are suffering, because even if it is shown on the news, a lot of people may not believe.
        It may also stop the works of explorers and overall, kill fun.

        1. Hello,
          I agree with you because it is very vital that people rove to other places to learn how to interact with various environments and to educate themselves on the cultures and traditions of different parts of the world.
          There is need for people to migrate and move to other places. Some importance of people migrating include:
          1. It helps to enhance social awareness
          2. It enables one to be capable of adapting to different environments and to get used to different cultures and traditions as well as religions.
          3. It can also be used an opportunity to meet different people e.t.c.
          THANK YOU!!!

      2. Thus, the question is: What might the globe look like if no one ever relocated to live abroad? Because humans love to explore new information, take on adventures, and learn about new ideas, I believe that the world would not be an exciting, fun, or adventurous place. In addition, immigration is important to me because it allows me to learn about and discover new things in different countries; if we are unable to migrate to different countries and explore new things, I do not believe that the world will be an exciting, fun, or adventurous place. For this reason, it is important that we have the freedom to migrate to different countries under immigration policies

      3. Well, in my own perspective, if nobody ever leaves their country for another, there will not be sharing of knowledge and skills among other countries. Resourceful skills can therefore not reach such countries which can lead to underdevelopment of such countries because it would only depend on the ideas of the citizens in the country. Immigrants play important roles in the aspect of sharing their ideas and exploring other parts of the country.

  • I believe that political rights and citizenship should be the subject of a Hub discussion since they are important subjects that need further research. It is our responsibility as citizens to understand and uphold our rights.

  • I believe it is crucial to initiate a thoughtful discussion about the human rights implications of divisive immigration policies. It is important for individuals to be aware and enlightened about their rights when it comes to immigration. One human rights implication that should be considered is the principle of non-discrimination.
    The Emmanuel principle emphasizes the importance of non-discrimination and equality. Divisive immigration policies that target specific nationalities can lead to discrimination. These policies undermine the fundamental principles of human rights, as they treat individuals differently based on their nationality rather than their individual merits.

  • Hi topical talkers,
    Here's a crucial topic to discuss or debate in the hub "changing immigration laws".
    The question focuses on the changes or amendment of laws guiding a particular country about immigrants such as: immigrants do they have equal rights as the citizens, etc.
    This topic invites debates and discussion whether immigrants should be given equal rights as the citizens or not and the pros and cons that may occur due to the ammendment of these laws. This question will enable the students to think critically on this issue which will help the students to develop creative minds and fast thinking skills.

  • Several years ago, Trump built a "wall" between America and Latin America, which caused great division to local citizens from both sides. This action receive mixed reactions and was a substantial reference point for people worldwide.

    So, I think their should be a discussion about how this artificial boarder might have affected people there and internationally and what potential consequences it might have posed to economy, policy and the environment. Moreover, we should also consider whether this would be beneficial for the president, the citizens and generally the profit and the reputation of the specific country.

    1. Hello! i like the points you make, and i think that in addition to what you said maybe we should ask if the people that climb over the border should be able to come to the U.S or should be deported because this is a controversial topic and people have lots of opinions over this, but when i hear about people climbing over to get into the U.S i believe they are doing it in order to get a better life with more opportunities. But often i hear about people saying that the people that are climbing over the wall to get into the U.S just want to get in to do crimes and do harm but i think it's wrong to assume that every person that does that is bad. I also wonder if these stereotypes actually determine how beneficial immigration can be to a specific country.

  • "I think there should be a hub discussion post about the impact of immigration policies on cultural diversity because it's crucial to explore how different policies affect the cultural fabric of nation and how diversity can enrich societies."

    1. Please add to the existing discussions on immigration. This would make a valid point.

      1. Absolutely,discussion the impact of immigration policies on cultural diversity is vital. It's an opportunity to delve deeper into how various policies shape the cultural landscape of nations and the potential benefits of embracing diversity. Expanding on exisitung discussions on immigration can indeed provide valueable insights into this important topic.🤔

        1. Can you give some examples on the impact of cultural diversity?

  • Hello, let's talk about the future of space exploration! It's an endlessly fascinating topic with so much room for growth and discovery. We can dive into the exciting possibilities of space tourism and the vast knowledge that could be gained about the universe. For example, space vacation is something we could most definitely talk about.

    1. When people explore space, we get the opportunity to see what is outside the earth and to witness the beauty of the universe and the relevance of nature. It can also bring good reputation to a country and all that can be done through immigrants. Immigrants are capable of changing a country for the better so any country that does not accept immigrants might be at a great loss.

  • Hii,
    I think there should be a Hub discussion post about the positive and negative impacts of staff with inmates because, from my point of view, it is important to know the behavior of staff towards topical talkers. It will help topical talkers to understand whether all the staff are good in behavior and nature or not.

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about whether we should have super open borders or super strict rules for who can come in, because it's like a big mystery with lots of different clues. Some might say we should all be buddies and let everyone join the party, but others might think we need to be like secret agents and keep the clubhouse safe. It's like a big treasure hunt for the best ideas, and everyone's got a map to share!

    Thank You!

  • What a great discussion!
    Immigration is the moving of one country to another and this topic asks us why some refugees or immigrants are not accepted in some countries. A lot of different people have a lot of different opinions in the world about other people but I think one of the major reason why I think some refugees aren't accepted is HATE:DUE TO FEUDS AND SPORTS.... For instance, Nigeria lost the AFCON final to Ivory Coast on Sunday and the thing all Nigerians felt for ivorians were hate because we lost, that's enough of reason to disallow ivorian refugees from coming into Nigeria.

  • There should be a hub discussion on "COLONIALISM"
    Colonialism is the imposition of more developed culture over a less developed one, backed up by expansionist and economic adventurism.having a discussion on this topic will take us all back to history and learning more about our countries.
    Taking us back to history,before the 1880s, Europe had gone ahead of the rest in the world in science and technology.this is one of the country that participated in colonizing other country.
    Many countries were colonized during this period ,countries like Nigeria, Egypt, Ghana and some other countries were colonized by the great britain.the reason why countries are been colonized is because of their resources, economic exploitation,power, religious and cultural motivations.
    This is a very interesting topic and I wish others can participate,to see how countries all over the world were colonized.

  • I think it's really important to talk about "Brain Drain and Brain Gain" because it's all about skilled professionals leaving developing countries and moving to developed ones in search of better opportunities. On the flip side, Brain Gain is when talented individuals move to a new country and share their skills, boosting the host country's economy and innovation. Brain Gain happens when people are drawn to better living conditions, opportunities, or favorable work environments. While Brain Gain can be a good thing, Brain Drain is definitely not desirable.

    1. How can countries strike a balance?

      1. Hi Tiff, it seems that these days, a country's priority is on the military, while education and infrastructure are being neglected. I believe that investing more in education, especially in public schools and companies, would create a better environment for skilled professionals to work in. This, in turn, would reduce emigration and make a country more attractive to skilled professionals from other countries. In conclusion, I strongly suggest that a country should prioritize investment in education over military spending.

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion on "How can countries balance the need for secure borders with the ethical responsibility to provide refuge to those fleeing persecution or seeking better opportunities?" considering situations like in North Korea. People there are completely isolated, and those who manage to escape face different experiences depending on the country they flee to. There's always a risk that some might be spies, but at the same time, many are genuine refugees in need of help. So, the question is, what should be valued more: humanitarian aid or border security? This discussion could help us look for solutions that prioritize both safety and compassion.

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about how immigration affects cultural identities and creates new cultural expressions in host countries. In my view, immigration shapes cultural identities and sparks new cultural expressions in host countries in various ways. When people from different cultures move to a new country, they bring their traditions, languages, foods, and customs. These mix with the local culture, resulting in a mix of cultures. This leads to new art, music, food, and literature that blend different traditions to reflect the diversity of the immigrant population.

  • So far, I have enjoyed the talk about immigration, but I feel like we have left a piece out. I suggest we should talk about how immigration came about because we cannot talk about a something we do not know the history of. It will be better to start from the dust before we reach the peak of the mountain. It may look like we all know everything about it but some just talk based on what they have read from the internet, so if we start from the scratch we will give a better explanation on the topic immigration, THANK YOU.

  • Hello, everyone!
    A smaller discussion I found on the Hub that I feel should be highlighted is "brain drain".
    Brain drain is a terminology denoting the moving abroad of high quality professionals in search of better living and working conditions. In my country, Nigeria, brain drain is a serious issue ravaging our society. Professionals everywhere are leaving to other countries. They are taking our work force with them, reducing the amount of specialists we as Nigerians can rely on to provide us with good and services. Especially in the medical sector. A lot of doctors are emigrating to countries like the US, Canada, Germany and the UK to find better jobs. According to the Punch Newspaper, about 1417 doctors moved from Nigeria to the UK and US in 2023. In fact, just last year, in my school, about nine students left because their parents found jobs abroad.
    I'd especially like to see the point of view of students who live in the countries that all the professionals are migrating to, such as the countries I mentioned above.
    I feel that brain drain is an important but neglected topic that needs to be brought to light.
    Thank you!

  • Hi people of wonders
    I feel that there should be a hub discussion post or debate whether immigration rules should be banned or not. I chose this topic because I would want to know different point of views on this topic. I would love to see countries that immigration rules do not favour. It will improve our listening and creativity skills because it will help us to listen to different point of views and agree or disagree. It will also help us to be innovative and create an ideology why immigration policies should be ban or not. We can use mind maps to do this.
    Thank you so much.

  • I think that maybe we should start a discussion on "Are countries behaving selfishly" because from the recent developments we have seen, all of us have seen them I think that personally they may be acting selfishly because they are deciding to not take any asylum seekers who honestly really need a place to be or want to further their education but they just cant because of some rules from other country leaders who are being very selfish.

  • The topic I think that would make a great discussion is that " should immigrants be allowed to rule a country or a place". It has two sides which are; they should be allowed to or they should not be allowed to. Allowing immigrants to rule a country is not a bad idea since the person is already a qualified citizen of that place or country,this is because as long as someone is a citizen of a country the person has the right to vote and be voted for, infact so many countries are ruled by people who are not really from the country itself,but since the person is a citizen he/she has the right to rule that country.
    Some people say that it is not right at all because the immigrant will not know the full history of that country,he or she might find it difficult in learning their culture, language,mode of dressing, religious belief etc
    I think that this would make a great discussion on the hub and students will shear the opinions they have about it.
    Thank you!

  • Hello, my name is spirited_concept from Alimosho Senior Grammar School.
    I would like to express my concern about a deduction of my stars. I had 41 stars and on Friday I saw that my stars had reduced from 41 to 39.
    I would like to know what prompted this deduction, please.
    I would appreciate some clarification.

    My teacher forbade us from using AI. She keeps reminding us and also on our WhatsApp platform when we're not in school. But, our comments keep getting rejected. And the reason the hub gives is that we use AI.

    And also my other classmates complain of the rejection of comments please it is becoming too much. And at times we post quality comments and we don't get stars.

    Please look into this.

    Thanks for your time and attention to this matter.

  • I think that the hub discussion post should be on the "impacts of ai on business" because ai could be very useful in business which saves time, increases the productivity, human errors can be reduced and helps the employees to focus on hard could be more successful if AI could launched at that workplace.

  • I think that there should be a discussion on the work of immigration officers. To able to know their use to the society.

  • I think there should be a hub discussion about the possibility that humans will be so populous that the land to human ratio will be small - there would be more humans than land!
    The discussion can delve into the disadvantages of such a scenario and possible solutions, for example what if we started making real underwater metropolis, I mean the earth is made with 70% water, or maybe traveling to another planet?
    How about the naming / identity system, with so many people I am sure an individual would have many look-alikes.
    Less space to breathe, extinction of a plethora of wildlife, rapid climate change etc. Enhanced human interactions, more policies like the one-child policy of China, or maybe a new way of living, in the air, in water etc. There is so much to discuss, that’s why I really want this to be apart of the hub discussions.

  • Hi
    I think there should be a hub discussion about illegal mining because illegal illegal mining is bad and it can bring many problem to the community. Problem like earth quake and flood.

    1. True illegal Mining causes a lot of casualties, some have been listed above by inspiring_sealion but others include loss of fertility of soil, lack of biodiversity, loss of government revenue, genetic diseases, and many more, many illegal miners do not have the right materials expected to work, they do not have the protective materials to protect them from the hazardous effects of illegal mining, now in many states, farmers have stopped farming to start illegal mining, many have died out of genetic diseases and explosions, many people can't afford drills, so they use explosives to mine. Illegal mining affects the economy of a country, which affects the livelihood of the citizens which influences them to migrate to other countries.
      World leaders should discuss on this to better upgrade their county's economy.
      Thank you for seeing my views.

  • I have got a very interesting question that will get a lot of different answers and points of view. Why don't we sanction immigrants according to their age and deal with it based on those circumstances? This is the best question i cold think of, i hope you have your own opinion about it.

  • I think there should be a discussion about what is happening in Texas. The United States wants to open a border for migrants to come in. But Texas does not want them to come into Texas. This could cause war with Texas and the U.S. As for the migrants trying to come could possibly die.

    1. There is a very similar discussion about this happening in the immigration topic. Can you find it?

  • I think there should be a hub discussion on the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. Russia has been at war with Ukraine for two years now. As you probably already know, multiple countries such as the U.S have been supporting Ukraine in their conflict with Russia. However these countries are scared to actually help with the fighting due to the concern of a third world war. Most of these countries can only send supplies and medical help to Ukraine. I think there should be a discussion on how citizens of Ukraine feel about the crisis.

  • I think that there should be a discussion about inflation in the hub. I would like to talk about this because the cost of food has been going up and up to the point where people can't buy a lot of food because they can't afford it. People who are poor and can barely keep up with buying food as it is now. Old people also have it hard old people are not fit to work anymore so if old people don't have jobs can't earn money how can they buy food they need food to so if prices started to drop then more old people could buy food. To live we need food but if prices go up more then we might not be able to afford it as much as we want and need it it's also not good for people not to eat if their lives are at steak.

  • I think that there should be a discussion about the kind of toys kids play with and what toys should be unavailable or banned.

    I wonder why people make toys that are not a good influence on little boys or girls/ anyone who likes to play with toys.

    I have heard some news about toys that should be banned because they are either inappropriate , or can cause harm to people.

    I have seen some discussions about toys that aren't a good influence on apps like youtube.

    For some reason people decide to make toys that are inappropriate or dangerous and that's not safe, so that is why you have to be carefull with the toys that you or your kids play with each and every day.

  • Would anyone like to talk about if ALL immigration policies are fair? I think the policy is ...... weird to me certainly someone would agree right? A reason that people do immigration is because of safety issues. If you get sent back to another place they might not accept you.

    The Texas Policy

    The Texas, like owner is sending off all immigrants to different locations that are not safe! The only people that have been born that can live there and that is NOT FAIR. I think that all people should be able to stay in texas FOR A PERIOD OF TIME.

    The UK and Rwanda problem

    The UK keeps sending immigrants to Rwanda which Rwanda rejects them to another place which is kinda dumb. So the UK should just accept some of the people.

    That is my opinion!

  • I think that there should be a Hub discussion, on human rights. And in my opinion it is important for other people using topical talk, and also for black history months also it would be a great topic. It would help people by learning human rights, human rights is your opinion, it would help people about choices, and decisions being made.

  • I think illegal immigration’s is a problem as when crossing the border not only will it make it a hectic and an unsafe environment but it will give opportunities for criminal activity or illegal substances and potentially dangerous terrorist organisations

  • Hello
    Immigrants are human just like us. We should treat them the exact same way we treat ourselves not withstanding the fact that they come from different places with different cultures and beliefs that might fall contrary to that of ours. They should be treated with love and care nevertheless, we should teach them our cultural norms and the laws of the societies where we reside.
    Another reason is that immigrants might be the ones to help a country to migrate and advance. They might end up being the way forward for a nation and might also be the nations answer to their problems. Despite the fact that immigrants can also cause trouble they can contribute to the countries development.
    THANK YOU!!!

    1. I agree because... treating them well will help us in cooperation. When we treat our immigrants well, we can achieve harmony with each other's country helping in the signing of major treaties and agreements. An example of this is the formation of the UN. This body was formed as a result of helping refugees who came into a state for help.
      I also think that one of the advantages of accepting and treating immigrants well is cultural enrichment. When immigrants introduce new cultural practices, this diversity enriches the social fabric, fosters understanding, and promotes tolerance. I feel that immigrants have an important role in the way a nation is structured, and I think that accepting immigrants is good.


  • well I think a topic that might spark a debate is BALANCING because i have had on the news some countries are trying to protect thier border while upholding its obligations to increase assistance and provide protection to those feeling unsafe. I think making a hub discussion about might bring up some ideas on how to promote the situation such as Fair asylum processes. also I also think that ECONOMIC IMPLICATION OF IMMIGRATION should be another topic for discussion because as a topical talker I think exploring this issue can show both negative and positive effects on one hand immigrant could impact on the society by filling labour shortages and increasing consumer demand however there are also some consequences like argument with natives born workers for jobs, driving down wages in particular industries.

  • Hello! It's me. I think so, that this immigtation policy is not actually good. I know that if some countries send them for spy our country by tourist face that we have to help to policy but if anyone come for see and sit in our country from other countries with good behaviour so we have to pretend them very nicely because they are also like us human not any creators and we have to help them to teach our culture.
    Thank you 🙃

  • Here's a question that could spark an interesting discussion or debate:

    "Should immigration policies prioritize skills-based criteria over family reunification?"

    This question touches on various aspects of immigration policy, including economic considerations, humanitarian concerns, and societal integration. Advocates for skills-based criteria argue that it can attract talent and contribute to economic growth, while proponents of family reunification stress the importance of keeping families together and fostering social cohesion.


  • Certainly! Here's a question that could spark a great discussion or debate on immigration policies:

    "What should be the primary factors considered when developing immigration policies: economic benefits, humanitarian concerns, national security, or cultural preservation?"

    This question can lead to various perspectives and opinions, as individuals may prioritize different factors based on their values, beliefs, and experiences.

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about the side effects of immigration. I say this because many people who migrate get sent back. Which is really sad. I say this because they could've had kids that they have to leave behind to return back home. The kids suffer too. They get separated from their parents. Passed from home to home. THis is almost the only thing I never hear people talk about and I believe who should all know about this their planned future were ruined.

  • „I think there should be a Hub discussion post about the impact of immigration on local communities because it's important to understand how immigration policies affect people's lives and neighborhoods.“

    Probably this already been suggested.
    Anyways that would be interesting!

  • "I think there should be a discussion about “why some of us didn't used to help immigrants”. Some people didn't want to assist them because they were concerned about the country becoming too populated.”

  • I think there should be a discussion on how countries can influence other countries to follow same migration rules as them whether good or bad.
    Countries can realise that the denial of immigrants into their countries reduces the population to a desired amount.
    Countries can also realise that accepting immigrants gain them favor among other countries

  • Hi
    I think they should be a hub discussion post about hipocrasy because hipocrasy is a very bad thing and it can never make a country progress and it promote harm to other citizens. Lastly creating this topic on the hub can get other topical talkers to have their say on what hipocrasy can do to a country. Thanks 😄

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about the reason on why people immigrate. That way people will know why this is happening. This is a topic I barely hear getting talked about. Many people chose to migrate for their better. Not for fun. Many migrate for a better life for themselves and generations to come. Others migrate for their safety. It's not fair that they get talked about for immigrating. They are coming for a better life. Many even risk their life to be where they are today. this should be spoken about and fast.

  • "I propose a Hub discussion post exploring the concept of 'immigration storytelling,' where individuals share personal narratives and experiences to foster empathy and understanding, ultimately shaping more inclusive immigration policies."

  • I think a great dicussion would be on discrimination against races, tribes or countries and their culture.
    A reason some countries would not allow some immigrants to cross their borders may be because of their race or rumors they have heard about people from those countries. Their culture might also be a reason they are not accepted into other countries.
    For instance, I am a grown up and I work in America, there would be colleagues who wouldn't want me to bring gobe (bean and fried plantain with gari) or waakye(rice mixed with beans usually eaten with a spicy sauce of some sort in a leaf) to work because they would not be familiar with this custom.
    If immigrants have cultures, actions and/or skin colour the citizens of the country they are migrating to are used to, they might not be accepted in their society and would be turned away.

    Please if you have anything to add or subtract to my idea feel free to do so.