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The festival topic I am more passionate about is METAVERSE! The metaverse is a concept with a... STEP ONE: do the lessons, pick a Standpoint topic 21/5/23
I would treat my family the same as others because even if we are not related they are still... Nepotism poll results! 16/5/23
I say we have the power to stop it by reducing the way we use them, because they are making us... "AI" is taking over the world. 12/5/23
I think that AI can cause the human species to disappear because, for example the robots we are... "AI" is taking over the world. 12/5/23
In my opinion listening is a really great skill. This skill can help you understand the news,... Competition #5 Standpoint skills 10/5/23
Nepotism can be seen as having both pros and cons. On one hand, it may be advantageous for a... Nepotism poll results! 10/5/23
Nepotism decreases the job satisfaction and morale of all employees -- with the exception of the... Nepotism poll results! 10/5/23
I agree with you, in addition I believe it all started from step 8 when her dad gave her a role... Where does nepotism start? 09/5/23
I am curious about whether artworks generated from the internet by AI is not violating the right... Student suggestion 05/5/23
Creative confidence is only going to grow - This technology not only makes creativity widely... Thinking questions 03/5/23
They're basically 3 ways Ai can catalyze human creativity -Identity patterns -provide the... Thinking questions 03/5/23
A royal family can provide a sense of continuity and stability in a country's history and... Are royals relevant? 02/5/23
I believe that AI is a positive force in art production. It can influence human creativity by... Thinking questions 01/5/23
Due to political advancement, the duties of the royal have been taken over by the political... Are royals relevant? 27/4/23
Our country has Kings and Queens but they are not governing the country, each local government... The role of royals 26/4/23
I appreciate your point and feel your empathy. The empathy which employers should have for not... Suggest a discussion! 19/4/23
In the case of punishment for crimes in the metaverse, I believe they should be dealt with in... Metaverse poll results! 18/4/23
I agree with you but on the other hand the doctors also need a favourable working condition... Strikes poll results! 18/4/23
Yes, If I am opportuned to go to the metervers, I would like to be a cyber security, because... Metaverse poll results! 17/4/23
Over the years, strikes and street protests have been the most potent weapon used by workers to... Suggest a discussion! 17/4/23