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Well, always when a new king is crowned, his goal is to live up to the expectations of his... Suggest a discussion! 03/5/23
Well, if we talk about this, I honestly don't find it a good thing, I mean in the end it's an... Report back 18/4/23
Well, in fact, it's great that there are young people out there who care about these big issues,... …Clover Hogan! 17/4/23
Well, there are a lot of ideas, but I mentioned this solution in a story I wrote. This story... Climate change in your country 17/4/23
If there were more laws, this would cause indiscipline. Humans naturally hate laws, it is the... Earth Day poll results! 13/4/23
Well, actually, there may be a lot of opinions and ideas, but I think we should think in a more... Suggest a discussion 13/4/23
climate change , pollution, rubbish ، depletion of natural resources، all of it is a dangerous... Classroom spy... 13/4/23
Ok , the news story that affecting my area is the immigration ، it's a long story , but ,... Competition #1 News near you 11/4/23
haw to think in the topic or the problem that you have , see the think from different... Start of Festival survey 10/4/23