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15 March 2024

Young people and the news

Welcome to this week’s competition! Every Monday we’ll open a new competition and the winners will be announced on Fridays. If you win, you’ll get three stars and your entries will be pinned to the top of the discussion!

Now that you’ve had a chance to explore all of the Festival 2024 topics, we’d like to give you a chance to reflect on why these issues are important for you to learn about.

STEP ONE: Pick one of the Festival 2024 topics

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    Prisons and justice systems

  • Asset 176

    Business and politics

  • Asset 178


  • Asset 180

    Women in media

  • Asset 177

    The Enhanced Games

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STEP TWO: Explain why it’s important for young people like you to learn about it

For example, what might happen if young people don't learn about this? Or how might learning about this have a direct impact on your life or future?

  • terrific_opinion | Mary N. Raptou School | Greece 11 Mar 2024

    I think it's important for Young people to learn about the topic of immigration in the news because it is a topic that occupies a lot of countries.
    First of all, young people should learn what is the difference between immigration and refugees.
    News should inform us what are their rights and how governments can incorporate immigrants into their own society.
    It is a problem in many countries that some people ignore it or just want not part of it. But facing immigration in our country and how we behave towards them is a major issue. Intolerance, inclusiveness, intercultural acceptance are key words used daily at school so immigration is a notion completely related to them.
    We need to be educated even from the news how to use these characteristics in order to confront racism and biased opinions.

  • unique_expression | Elite Scholars Academy B | United States of America 13 Mar 2024

    I think it is important for young people to learn about the topic of elections as they will have a part in it one day and the way we live depends on elections and who we elect. When people turn 18, they should be educated on elections and how they work as we depend on them; voting is very important as when we vote we play apart in our country, doing our duties as a citizen. I'm in 6th grade and elections and voting is a very interesting topic that me and my classmates love to debate about.

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  • I believe it's really important for young people to learn about AI. As our world gets more and more advanced with technology, knowing about AI will become crucial. Imagine, in the future, so many things will be run by AI, like smart devices, self-driving cars, and even robots helping out in different places. If we start learning about AI when we're young, we can understand it better and even learn skills that will help us in the future.

    For example, we can learn how to fix or create our own AI programs. Just think about how cool it would be to build something that can think and learn like a computer! Also, by learning about AI early on, we can find new and innovative ways for AI to solve different problems in our world. It's like unlocking the power of technology to make our lives better.

    But if we don't learn about AI when we're young, it might all seem confusing and overwhelming later on. We might struggle to find good jobs because many of them will involve AI or other advanced technologies. By learning about AI now, we can be prepared for the future and all the amazing opportunities it will bring.

    1. I do agree i think it is important for people to learn about (AI). Because the world of today is technologically advanced so just like you said knowing about the (AI) is very important knowing how to operate the (AI) is important
      learning about these can become a useful skill people can start earning money before getting a job learning about all these at a young age is very useful people these try to learn how to do these for example there was graduate in my country that graduated she studied the course computer science and passed with flying colors but when she was asked to on a computer she did not know how to so learning about this things is very important.

      1. Hi , knowleadeable_messageýag

        I totally agree with you the world has gone digital and Ai has made a lot of work very easy, with little time you can do so much the importance of its use can not be over look, It keeps you ahead of time, offering current news of happening around the world and helping to navigate through many schedule and so much more, proper and responsible use of the Ai gives alot of benefits.

    2. Hello
      I also agree that young people should learn as much as they can while they are still young. I believe that as people who are young our minds where practically made for learning and also made for garbing difficult ideas that our parents, teachers or even friends are trying to make us understand. Some of us young people may grow up to be very important people who make use of very high-tech technology and we may need to know these things sooner than later.

      1. I agree with you that children or young people have the capacity to understand or remember a lot of things therefore I think they to should learn more about AI because they would have to deal with it in the nearest future. In my opinion AI would soon become a very important part of people's lives.

      2. I agree with this comment because I think young people are meant to go to school and learn more things that our parents didn't now about. In my opinion I will go with the topic of the enhance games I think the enhance games is dangerous to the human body and I also think that the constant use of enhance drugs may slowly kill humans.
        THANK YOU!!!

        1. I agree because the enhanced games is a very important topic especially for young people who want to become athletes. I feel that learning about the enhanced games in the news will help them make the right decisions

    3. I agree that AI is an essential topic which needs to be more emphasized on because the world is rapidly evolving with AI and we live in a computerized period. Just think about the future and how it would look with AI features. It could make life so easy for people who have accepted and has been working on their technical skills so I think that people should really learn about AI because it is becoming more advanced. Can you believe that before we didn't even know anything like AI and to complete a task we had to stress ourselves and life wasn't easy but as AI came life has been like paradise .
      Therefore, i think that every young person needs to be fully involved in learning about AI and how to use them. Even countries that are not fully involved in using computers should make every effort into introducing this into their schools and curriculums so that they do not get left behind.
      So I we should be prepared for how AI will revolutionize the world .

    4. I agree because... Young people should have a great opportunity in life and I think AI can help them in schools project and an amazing and wonderful time if the AI technologies can also be known as a job bringing machines

    5. Yes, I agree with you. Young people need to learn about AI because the world we live in is fast evolving to the use of technology. As we know, the young ones are our future and it is so important for them to know about the things that are happening and the things that are being invented. When we know about AI, as the world would be evolving, we would also be evolving not that we are not being carried along. It is indeed the unlocking power of technology to make our lives so, so better and easier. When we know about these things, the opportunities that would be coming our way in the future would not seem strange to us because we are already familiar with them.

  • Hello, there.
    I think it is important for young people to learn about the topic of eco -anxiety because climate change can destroy the earth's nature, environment and human existence in the future.
    Firstly, I think climate change is the biggest and most difficult challenge facing the earth and humans. The climate is constantly changing due to various human-made causes. As a result of climate change, the global temperature is continuously increasing. As a result, the sea level is rising due to the melting of the ice. Due to the melting of the ice, the lives of the animals in those regions are endangered. For example, the existence of the polar bear in the North Pole is endangered. Besides, due to increase in temperature, soil dryness is increasing and fertility is being lost. This could lead to food shortages in the future. Besides, there will be an acute shortage of clean water for people. In the future, the amount of habitable space for people will decrease.
    The young people like me must know about eco-anxiety. They are not aware of climate change, their activities will destroy the balance of the environment. Also if the youth are not aware about a very important problem of the world like climate change then every human life including their life will be in danger. Young people are innovative, creative and have creative intelligence. They will play a very important role in combating climate change.The activities of World Climate Conference COP 26, Bengal Climate Conference etc. are making people aware about climate change. Young people can fight climate change by planting more trees, reducing energy use in daily life, increasing use of renewable energy, etc. I think youth is the only force to fight climate change.

    1. i agree with For this week’s competition I picked the topic eco-anxiety and I think if young people like me should have information on eco-anxiety and climate change, this is important to help give notice and concern of how climate change affects all of us knowing this helps us make a change because children and young teens get eco-anxiety too. so for a better future give us more knowledge and information this will help us adapt to any harsh reality of the world and understand how to combat climate change. climate change awareness helps address the impact of climate crisis thereby empowering the general public with the right knowledge, skill, values and the know how of what and what not to do when it comes to the topic of climate change and eco-anxiety.

  • I believe that eco-anxiety, AI, and elections should be the main focus for young people to learn because those three topics are going to shape their future. In my country, we have made large advancements in technology, so it will be important for young people to learn early. AI could soon be nearly everywhere, and it could be a struggle to comprehend how fast the world is changing. I also believe that eco anxiety should be something that kids and teens should understand, because our world is going to face many troubles soon. In a passage from the national weather service, they stated that there could be a solar storm that could very well shut down power for months or years, and I think that children should understand this and learn how to handle it before its too late. Finally, I think that children should understand elections because very soon they will have the power to control who operates their country, and it could be quite problematic if people vote their wrong choice because they couldn't understand how it works. There are many types of elections, so if someone wants to move to a different place, they should at least know how to vote in that place.

  • I disagree because... If you say that young people should learn about AI it affect their studies and the will not concentrate most especially with their studies and when it is exam time the will use AI to sheet, for example even in the hub most of the people in the hub use AI to comment and it is wrong you are meant to come up with your own opinion, descion, example and point of view so I will say it is not fully advice able to tell young people about AI but I will not say it is not totally advice able not to tell young people about AI because if you teach them about coding and programming at their early age it will better because it will benefit their future and sense of thinking but I will suggest that the should be use of parental control in their G-mail account so that the will not abuse the use of AI. THANK YOU.....

  • I think it's important for young people to learn about the topic of immigration in the news because it is a complex and significant issue that shapes societies, economies and cultures.Understanding immigration is crucial for young people as it directly impacts their lives, communities and the future of their countries.
    Immigration is such a topic that involves social, economic, political and humanitarian dimensions. By learning about immigration, young people can develop empathy and a better understanding of the experiences, challenges and contributions of immigrants. This understanding promotes inclusivity, respect for diversity and encourages the building of cohesive communities.

    If young people don't learn about immigration, they may be susceptible to stereotypes and misinformation. Lack of knowledge can lead to misunderstandings and discriminatory attitudes towards immigrants. By learning about immigration, young people can challenge misconceptions, combat xenophobia and promote a more inclusive and welcoming society.

    Moreover, immigration has economic implications that directly affect young people's future job prospects and economic opportunities. Immigrants often play a vital role in filling labor market gaps, contributing to innovation and driving economic growth. By understanding the economic impact of immigration, young people can appreciate the value that immigrants bring to their communities. In an increasingly interconnected world, understanding immigration is crucial for young people's global citizenship. Migration and displacement are global issues that require international cooperation and understanding. Learning about immigration can foster a sense of global responsibility, empathy towards refugees and asylum seekers, and inspire young people to engage in humanitarian efforts and support the rights of migrants.

    1. Yes I agree with this because it does provide diversity and can help children welcome any kind of ethnicity. There should not be stereotypes and young people can learn how to respect people who are different from them.

      1. I strongly agree with this comment young people should learn and be willing to live in harmony with diverse culture and other people's way of life .

      2. I agree because diversity can help people to understand and know what other people are going through and the people of that country can help them feel like the are wanted and the will have an understanding on to help them do. This would promote peace among societies.

      3. I agree with you that a child should be opportune to go out and know more about other part of the world it is a great way to learn about other culture, beliefs and their ways of life. This can erase any form of stereotype and false belief and hatred towards a group of people thereby fostering a sense of unit, tolerance, understanding letting go of judgement and bring a feeling of community.

  • I believe that it is important for young people who learn about the topic of Eco anxiety because it is rapidly destroying our world and is making it uncomfortable for us to live in because of the gradual changes in climate and the environment in general. Take for example, the terrible stories of flooding in our world. A good example of such is the most recent flooding case in Nigeria in Adamawa state which was caused by an over flow of water in the Lagdo dam in the republic of Cameroon which is connected to the River Benue in Nigeria which caused high water levels, which led to the activation of a response plan in Adamawa, Benue,Taraba and other states of the federation. On the 5th of October 2023 in 5 local government areas in the state( Yola South, Yola north, Lamude, Madagali, and Demsa local government areas) causing 8,504 households( 51,043 individuals) in the local governments to be displaced and 33 casualties, this has led to many people in the state to loose their properties and some their lives, and has left them homeless, poor which has made them open to illnesses with them sleeping outside. This is very heart displeasing because our underestimation of climate change as a global emergency is making some people suffer and lose important properties and loved ones.
    I see this topic as very important because some people are losing lives and properties daily due to climate change, but if we the upcoming generation can be able to learn about climate change, we can actually be able to tackle this problem and prevent it from getting worse and people losing more lives and properties.

  • I think it is important for young people to learn about the topic of AI in the news because it will affect us the most. The fact is that we are young and because of this the future of AI lies in our hands. We should be taught about how AI could revolutionize humanity and how it can help us make a brighter future. In the future AI will be everywhere and it will be our job as the younger generation to keep up with it. Young ones should be taught how to use AI in a good way that will benefit all of us in the long run. When we remain in the dark about all the advantages, disadvantages and numerous possibilities of AI, we will not be able to develop it further or maintain what other people have built. We need to become conversant with the future of Humanity because it will help all of us to develop together. I think it was a very good idea to introduce the topic of AI on this hub. It has really helped all of us to gain a wider knowledge of the world around us and what the future holds.

    1. Hi intelligent_orchard!
      I think that it is really important for young people to learn about AI, I say so because in our world today with a great focus on technology, young people have to go with the flow. AI is very important to young people because they might be the one that will advance our world in the future. AI is also very useful to us as young people because it gives us more knowledge and understanding in what we are to work on so that we will be more creative and imaginative. If young people are able to AI it could become a useful skill and they could also make money online with the use of AI, For example if we want to make something and we don't know how to make it we can simply use AI to show us how to make it. AI can also help us become more educated in our previous lives today especially in our various schools today, If we are to solve different problems in the world we can use AI to solve it, AI can better our lives in our world today in different ways.
      Thank You!!!

  • I think it's important for Young people to learn about the topic of immigration in the news because it is a topic that occupies a lot of countries.
    First of all, young people should learn what is the difference between immigration and refugees.
    News should inform us what are their rights and how governments can incorporate immigrants into their own society.
    It is a problem in many countries that some people ignore it or just want not part of it. But facing immigration in our country and how we behave towards them is a major issue. Intolerance, inclusiveness, intercultural acceptance are key words used daily at school so immigration is a notion completely related to them.
    We need to be educated even from the news how to use these characteristics in order to confront racism and biased opinions.

  • I think it's important for young people to learn about the topic of AI in the news. AI is the most advance technology that human has created which is helping us in every way in every field like in education,medical,entertainment and agriculture and I believe that there Will be vast difference in technology until 2050 because of AI and some people are already thinking about going on mars so in this Morden generation everyone is depend on AI also AI unlock the door of opportunities and without knowing about AI it will be hard to survive in this world so it is crucial for young peoples to learn about AI.

  • I think its very much important to learn about the topic of "immigration" because if young the people are thinking to leave their country, they should be well known about immigration policies in following country in which they are thinking to live ,and they should follow all the poicies too.
    Immigrants fill essential jobs in countries of destination and they have contribute of birthplace to their countries through the transfer of remittiences and knowledge, trade and foreign direct expenditure. So, it is necessary to learn about the topic 'IMMIGRATION'.

  • I believe that it is important for young people to know about immigration, understanding immigration is crucial for young people for several reasons:

    Cultural Understanding: Learning about immigration helps young people understand the rich tapestry of cultures that make up their own society. They learn about different traditions, languages, and customs, fostering a more inclusive and tolerant society.

    Historical Perspective: Immigration has played a significant role throughout history, shaping nations and societies. Teaching young people about immigration provides them with historical context, helping them understand how past migrations have influenced the present.

    Economic Impact: Immigrants often contribute to the economy by filling labor shortages, starting businesses, and paying taxes. Teaching young people about immigration's economic impact can help them appreciate the positive contributions immigrants make to society.

    Social Justice: Immigration issues are deeply intertwined with social justice concerns such as human rights, equality, and discrimination. Educating young people about these issues can empower them to advocate for fair and just immigration policies.

    Global Perspective: Immigration is a global phenomenon, and understanding it helps young people develop a global perspective. They learn about international migration patterns, refugee crises, and the interconnectedness of nations.

    Empathy and Compassion: Learning about the challenges immigrants face, such as leaving their homes behind, adapting to a new culture, and overcoming language barriers, cultivates empathy and compassion in young people.

    Legal and Political Understanding: Immigration laws and policies can be complex and controversial. Teaching young people about immigration laws and the political debates surrounding them helps them become informed citizens capable of participating in democratic processes.

    By educating young people about immigration, we equip them with the knowledge and understanding needed to navigate an increasingly diverse and interconnected world.

  • I chose AI because a lot of people my age are using it. They need to learn how AI is beneficial to the world and how it can affect humanity negatively.
    AI has a lot of resources available that makes it somewhat intelligent, these resources can advance education systems all over the world. But some kids around the world turn this advantage to a disadvantage by abusing the access they have to AI information and resources. Such as when they are given home assignments, and they decide to use AI. When they do that, they never actually learn anything, which is why I appreciate how hard topical talk adults are trying to make sure topical talkers don't use AI for their comments so that they will learn something. The thing is you can't use AI during a test or any form of assessments and there will be an all too clear difference between the scores you get in your home assignments and assessments. Kids should learn that if they don't understand something they can ask for help from someone who understands or a teacher.

  • think it's important for young people to learn about the enhanced games; effects of doping. Because generally most young people are interested in sports and they find it really competitive, they try their possible best to achieve their goals.Orientation should be given to them that if they work harder they can achieve their goals and enhancement is not the right decision. it helps them understand the potential dangers and consequences of using these substances.
    And to also make them know that doping is not only illegal but also unethical. Which also undermines sportsmanship, by educating them it encourages them to make good decisions about their wellbeing and follow a healthy way to achieve their goals. If young people are not well educated about this they will get exposed and involve themselves into these drugs which they will grow dependent on this drugs and find it difficult to perform sports without them

  • think it's important for young people to learn about the enhanced games; effects of doping. Because generally most young people are interested in sports and they find it really competitive, they try their possible best to achieve their goals.Orientation should be given to them that if they work harder they can achieve their goals and enhancement is not the right decision. it helps them understand the potential dangers and consequences of using these substances.
    And to also make them know that doping is not only illegal but also unethical. Which also undermines sportsmanship, by educating them it encourages them to make good decisions about their wellbeing and follow a healthy way to achieve their goals. If young people are not well educated about this they will get exposed and involve themselves into these drugs which they will grow dependent on this drugs and find it difficult to perform sports without them

  • So I chose AI.
    I chose AI because:

    1. AI, we need to learn AI because it helps with:

    Automation and Efficiency
    Data Analysis and Decision-Making
    Industry Revolution

    There is a high risk that AI might take control of the world by bringing in unemployment which means some jobs will be taken from humans so if you go to a restaurant and they bring an AI bot as you waiter and you don't know how to use it you will not get what you want.

    AI needs to be learnt because things will be run by AI, like smart devices, self-driving cars, and even robots helping out in different places. If we start learning about AI when we're young, we can understand it better and even learn skills that will help us in the future.

  • I think that it is important that we learn about AI because realistically it is our future. When we look forward ten or twenty years from now technology will be an even larger part of society than it already is. So the sooner we learn about what our future is going to look like the better, it will give us a chance to grasp the technological advancement that comes with it.
    It is also important because we need to understand what we are up against when it comes to jobs being taken and the future of our education system. So this is why I believe that AI is one of the most important things for us to learn about out of these topics.

  • Hi everyone!
    I think it is important for young people to learn about the topic of women in media in the news because young folks will realize the effects of being gender bias to an opposite gender. It will teach them that they should be an epitome of gender equality and not vice versa. Young people are our future leaders so if they are taught to prevent social biases, then when they grow up, they will avoid gender bias and will appreciate their opposite genders which will positively influence others. It also enables young people to figure out that their opposite gender should not be underestimated and to keep void of false stereotypes.
    If young people do not learn about this, it will worsen gender inequality. Since people will not learn the effects of social biases and “gender shaming”, then I am afraid they might promote gender inequality because, besides, everyone around them might be social bias and this will negatively influence that person’s attitude.
    Thank you!

  • It is important for the younger generation to be aware of the devastating state are world is in, how climate change is unacceptable, especially if we leave it until it's too late. If we send unprepared people into a world of chaos, how will they cope? This is why it extremely beneficial for them to learn and realise how the world is changing, and why it is too. Only 50% of younger people are aware and ready to take action on this disastrous climate crisis. And, an even more shocking fact, is that only 40 countries have declared a state of emergency. That's 40 out of 195. So only a small amount of people are aware of this problem, meaning if we could get the majority of the younger generation conscious of the Eco enigma, than that means that there are more people fighting for change.

    1. Interesting ideas. Can you tell us where you found your evidence?

  • I think that women in the media is important because they are not seen very much on the TV and they are not treated fairly by they are getting less money doing te same job as men, girls football is not shown very much on TV, they are not playing the same rounds on tennis so it's not equal.

  • I think it's important for the young people to learn about the topic " Business and politics" in the news because today's youth are the future businessman and politicians. From now they need to know about it so that in future they can choose the right business to invest. They also need to learn about green business so that they can do business at the same time protect the climate. From young age, they need to increase their curiosity and knowledge about different types of business and which actions might affect the business. They need to learn different terms and action which might affect the business in future like boycott. If the young people start learning about this topic from early age, then they might come up with new and innovative business idea which will not only give profit but will save the whole world as we need to think about the climate as well. They might be able to make a revolutionary change in business strategies with their unique and creative mind. For this reason, I think that the young people need to learn business and politics to strengthen their future and to secure a way of earnings.

  • In my opinion I choose AI because our world is becoming a more advanced and soon everything we will be technology based, but will AI be positive or negative impact to the world, this a question that every young person should think about. In my opinion I think AI has it pros and cons. Yes, AI has improved many jobs over the years, such agriculture, Healthcare, construction, Education etc. And AI has also helped in fight to help stop climate change. But the problem is humans are relying on AI to much neglecting the responsibilities of humans. For instance lets take the Apple vision Pro, humans will be so glued to this AI device forgetting that their obligations and tasks, this can be very dangerous leading to a lot of health issues and relying every thing we do to AI . AI is just an Algorithm created by humans, and can easy malfunction and get damaged leading to lots of losses and destruction. I also think humans shouldn't have to fall on AI to much, people like teachers, AI can express emotions and can relate to students, AI cannot improve students collaboration and communication skills. AI will limit students from communicating hence loading them with a lot of work and assignments, which will stress them . In my opinion I think young people should create AI that can help students with their learning skills as a teacher not a marking scheme so students can learn for them. Young people should also use AI to create more eco-friendly to help stop climate change. Young people can use AI create more recycle bins and effective platforms for students to learn. In my opinion young people should use that AI as benefited our world we are so grateful but doesn't mean Ai is ready, AI still need more fixing and advancing and it is up the young people to ensure that AI is ready to help support humans in the future.

  • I believe that it is crucial that young people learn about the topic Eco- Anxiety in the news because people need to gain awarness of this pressing issue in the world, there are alot of people who don't know about climate change and alot of people who don't even care about climate change so we need to make sure these young people know because they are the ones in control of the future is if they don't know about it and continue to make these mistakes the future will be full of global warming.

  • I think it's important for young people to learn about the topic of Prisons in the news because it is a topic that is never analyzed or presented .
    Yes, we have seen many criminal stories and what they have done and how they were caught. We sometimes watch on TV how the trial goes and what punishment is the best for them.
    But media never focus on how these prisoners live on prisons, what reform methods have been implemented and if their imprisonment has led them finally in better citizens.
    In general we need to be informed what are the purposes of prison and how they can be improved.

  • I think it's important for young people to learn about the topic of eco-anxiety in news because it's helps young people understand how environmental worries can affect mental health. News stories with clear language and practical tips can show them how to cope with these feelings and get involved in protecting the environment.

    1. I agree with resilient_analysis because it is true young people are suppose to know about eco-anxiety, because it is very easy to instill morals and proper ways of doing things to children, the earlier they get to know the right and proper care of their environment the better, also this can help them develop a sense of accountability and sustainable pattern of behavior that will likely remain with them as they grow up as adults helping them to build survival skill as they navigate through life in general. Eco-anxiety in news should be communicated to both young and old in age appropriate way for better understanding.
      thank you

  • Hello fellow topical talkers i am writing this all about AI and the future and I think it is important for young people to learn information on my topic because AI will be mostly in the future and could have a massive impact on our lives when we get to that massive stage in our lives but what cold it mean for Jobs by then. It is expected that the global GDP is expected to grow by $15.7 trillion by 2030 as a direct result of Artificial Intelligence and also it will become a pillar of policy in the future. Some of us will kind of think of this as a new generational impact for peoples lives in the future .it will not come as a surprise to many that it will be mostly in our everyday lives in only a couple of decades to come and also rumours are spreading that AI could take over the world one day, We will just have to just wait and see.

  • The topic I am going to be commenting on is AI.
    I strongly think the reason young people should learn and study about AI is because, I am sure the world of technology is developing every day, meaning in the future there will be more AI generated gadgets and substances. If young people start learning the basic skills of working with AI, the future will be easier for them and maybe they can show other people how the use of AI works, especially children who want to be like them when they grow up. AI can help a lot of people make their jobs or daily activities way easier, so if it is being thought to young people, who have fresh minds, it can give passion to others who want to be something in the near future, and the young people can also own businesses about teaching people the steps of using AI, which can benefit the world since most people don't get the chance to be thought all about AI.

  • I think it is important for young people to learn about the topic of the enhanced gaming because as a young child who plays sports I understand why people use drugs to help them play better, the reason is normally because a sports player will always want to be the best but if there is someone better they think they can’t be better than, they decide to use drugs. When children resort to using drugs they can ruin their chances of becoming a professional at their sport and can also cause severe damage to their organs and health. Drugs are very addictive so when young children like me get addicted to them it will ruin their academic and can change their future for the worse.

  • Hello everyone, I think that young people to learn about AI, main of the main reason I say this are Ethical Considerations: AI raises significant ethical questions. Discussions allow us to explore how AI impacts privacy, autonomy, fairness, and human rights. We need to consider the ethical implications of AI's decisions and actions, especially as AI systems become more autonomous and influential.

    Societal Impact: AI technologies have far-reaching consequences for society. Discussing AI helps us understand its potential to transform industries, economies, and the nature of work. It also allows us to anticipate and address challenges such as job displacement, economic inequality, and the digital divide.

    Regulation and Policy: Effective regulation and policy are essential to ensure that AI is developed and used responsibly. Discussing AI enables policymakers, industry leaders, and the public to develop regulations and policies that promote innovation while safeguarding against misuse and harm.


  • I think its important for young people to learn about politics, so that when they grow older they don't understand what politically, is going on in their country, and also there world. OKnowing about polotics, also enables you to get a grasp, on why things, i say elps citizens achieve their own interests and make decisions that conform with their attitudes and preferences, promotes support for democratic values, facilitates trust in the political system

    1. Thank you for that wonderful comment, but I somehow disagree with you because when young people get to know about politics, if it is a corrupted country, they will get to know out what is actually going on in the country and this will make them loose hope in the government and it will also lead them to start developing some stereotype concerning politicians which will finally make them not to participate in any political activities that are supposed to lead to the growth and development of the society and the world at large because they will say that the government is already corrupt and nothing good will come at of it.

  • I think it's important for young people to learn about the topic of eco-anxiety In the news because it can be beneficial to young people because it raise awareness about the environmental challenges we face and encourages action. By understanding the impact of human activities on the planet young people can become more informed and empower to make sustainable choices of they are not informed global warming will be very threatening to the Earth's atmosphere. It also helps them develop a sense of responsibility towards the environment and motivates them to take part in conversation efforts. Additionally, learning about eco-anxiety can foster critical thinking skills and explore innovative solutions to address environmental issues. It's also important to provide support and guidance to help young people navigate their feelings and channel them into positive action.

  • I think it's important for young people to learn about the topic of "eco-anxiety" in the news because it directly impacts our mental health and well-being. As climate change's impacts grow clearer, lots of kids are starting to feel super worried, stressed, and bummed about what's coming for our planet. If young people don't learn about eco-anxiety, they may struggle to understand and cope with their emotions regarding climate change. If you don't learn about it and understand what's going on, those feelings of worry and sadness can get really big, and that can cause serious mental health problems like depression and burnout.

  • I think the importance of fair and free elections is undermined. We, even as children are affected by our parents choices, indirectly or directly, positively or negatively. Therefore we have to learn about our country because it is our habitat. Whatever happens in or to it affects our standard of living. We should present and past mistakes and learn from them to avoid mistakes in the future.
    Most countries practice democracy but it doesn't feel that way anymore. Democracy is government of the people, for the people and by the people but now democracy is slowly becoming autocratic due to the high rate of corruption in the government. Children may not be allowed to participate in politics but they should be allowed to express their opinions on the government's actions on the mass media. This way, the country develops as the generations come.
    The knowledge of elections to children is very vital because it breeds leadership skills in them to do better than their predecessors. Children need to know they also have the power to influence the government. This is why Civic Education, Social Studies and National Values Education is taught in schools.
    Thank you.

  • I think it's important for young people to learn about the topic of eco anxiety in the news and in every possible way because learning about eco-anxiety helps students recognize their feelings and concerns about climate change. Eco-anxiety can lead to feelings of grief, anger, and guilt .By understanding it, students can learn how to manage their emotions and find coping strategies towards the situation.
    When students grasp the urgency of environmental issues, they are more likely to engage in meaningful actions.
    Eco-anxiety can transform into a driving force for positive change amongst our fellow student. For example , " the last seed" is an African documentary produced by "the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation '' that illustrates the importance of learning about eco-anxiety and emphasizes the urgency of preserving our planet and inspires students to take action.
    Thank you.

  • As we face the challenge of climate change, young people need to learn about eco-anxiety and what it can do to help us make a difference.
    Eco-anxiety is a feeling of worry that arises from the threat of climate change.Learning about eco-anxiety in the news Can turn our feelings into a powerful force for positive change. Watching the news on equal anxiety as personally inspired me to think of it as a superpower. The news on eco-anxiety can motivate us to take action and together we can create a greener future for everyone.By listening to the news on eco-anxiety , we will learn more about nature and environmental issues which can turn our worries into knowledge and understanding .
    Let's work together to make a positive impact on the world for a more sustainable future.

  • Hi topical talk
    I want young people to learn about women in media because young people should know how women were in the past were not treated equally by;
    In terms of education , people say that it is better we train boys and leave girls because they say that women education ends at kitchen, but it is not true because today women are doing more than men today in the education aspect.
    Young people should join hand and come together to improve and give women a chance to show us the men what they are capable of what they can do.
    Also young people should know about AI , how AI have improve they world , because in they future like in 2030 they world has improve and make they world a smart world like in terms of gadgets and transportation , because scientists have invented a lot of machines that will make they a better place and comfortable for us to live.

  • I think it's important for young people to learn about the topic of AI in the news because : Young people are the future to the world of humans, why I so is because the parents are the past of the future to come.

    So for the betterment of the future of the young, people should decide to learn more about AI so as to enhance the ability of AI to work for the betterment of the future

    So in conclusion, why I will say that AI is important to the young is because it helps to improve the life of living for the betterment of the future of the world. So without the topic AI, people may or not even be able to enhance in their daily life activities so the topic AI is very important for the young people. Thanks .

  • I believe that it is important for young people to learn about eco-anxiety in the news for many reasons. I am lead to decide this because we are noticing more and more issues in the environments we grow up and thrive in turn to ruin over time. Young people will have the worse of the backlash due to the rapid pace of climate change and global warming so young people need to learn how to help prevent these issues. It will help the world survive thanks to more understanding what is going on and how to help fix the issues caused by those before us in many generations. Making a world for the many others to come in the future.

  • I think that it is important for young people to learn about AI because learning AI will have positive impact like helping them in future work and education. and it will make them bring new technological machines. and if they did not learn about AI they can't you won't be comfortable when you're working.

  • Good day everyone
    I think it's important for young people to learn about immigration and elections. Immigration plays a huge role in shaping the social environment around us, which affects our behavior and attitude. Immigrants from a whole new place will diversify the society. Elections also affect the people because the decisions and policies of the leaders we choose shapes our future.
    I think that we should learn about immigration and elections because they are related. For example, in February 2004, France passed a law banning students from wearing any political or conspicuous (attracting attention) signs. But it encountered a lot of resistance form immigrants who come from former French colonies like Morocco and Algeria. One more example is Germany, where the lawmakers voted to introduce a law which makes obtaining citizenship easier so that immigration is improved and skilled workers can be recruited.
    This shows that the policies of the government we choose will affect immigrants. If a country’s approach towards immigration is strict, it will be harder for immigrants to settle there. But if the country is lenient towards them, it will be easier for them to live in the country.
    Thank you.

  • i think it is very important that we get lots of peoples opinion on ai and the technology in the future and ai in my opinion cant do every job such as teaching if you want to be a teacher i think you will have to know the children and know what they like in a way that ai can't ai can just give them work and if they are a higher mathematician then better w0rk for them and lower work for the people need but if you are a human you can get to know them and know whats good for them that mabey in a way the ai bots can't

  • I think its really important for young people to lean about AI.As our world evolves,technology advances and when you are on a app or website you are most likely to be talking to an AI (Artificial technology).Most kids of the age of 9-11 get a phone which they use for school youtube tiktok snapchat. Yet do they know they are actually watching or talking to a real person? The answer is no and they are most likely talking or watching an AI yet there is a chance they are talking or watching a real person.How do you know?You won't ever know unless they tell you sorry i can not do that yet then its quite obviously an AI you probably could tell if it was an AI or not but you probably would not be able to.

  • HI, i believe that it is really important for young people to learn about AI and how it changes the world and how it may impact us in our lives. Our world gets more and more advanced with technology and knowing about AI will become crucial. For example, in a couple of years time Ai may take over many jobs for example being a teacher, fixing cars,doctor and working in a factory making things. In my opinion young people should be knowing all these things so they can think about it and even make a few changes in the future when they are older. For me i was shocked when my teacher was doing a lesson about it and telling us what AI can do in the future and in our world. AI may solve hard decisions and hard problems too. So in my opinion it is Ai what young people should learn about but not only.

  • Eco-anxiety is a rational response to the current state of our world, but it is important that, like with other anxieties and emotions, climate-related fears should be navigated with great care.But it motivates the person with eco-anxiety to do something about the ecosystem and the environment.

    Thank you for reading my opinion!

  • I think it's important for young people to learn about the topic of 'Elections' in the news because after a few years we will also be able to cast our vote, we would have to choose our future leader or to become one. It is crucial to understand the election system, to know whether it is fair and does it provide an opportunity to all people equally, to become a voter and a candidate.

    Young people should know about political parties, party politics, corruption, leaders, and many other things, so that they do not choose a wrong person as the leader. They should be aware of advantages and disadvantages of politics and power play.

    Further more, they should be able to make out whatever is best for the nation and citizens, so their decision making capabilities would enhance if they have proper knowledge of parties, which would include, what the party/leader did in past, what the party/leader are doing in present and accordingly if they should be chosen as the country's leader. Thus, it is important for us to reconsider whether the candidate should get elected, should he/she be given the most power and will he/she be able to tackle the population and economy.

    After all, future of every country, belongs to the youth, thereupon, understanding about these topics are necessary. Decisions regarding present and future are required to be accurate and in accordance with the population and so it's important for young people like us to learn about these topics.

  • i believe that imagration is important because it can save some people from bad countrys which are rude and dont help you when you need it.i also think immagration is very important because you learn where other places are like and what happens in those places which explores what we know and when we know in conclusion i think immagration is very important and eveyone should know about what it is and what it does.

    1. Yes, I agree with you. The topic immigration is important to people especially migrants because those people who do not know about other countries and feel like going for visitations there can be aware of such places and their policies. This can also help explorers in their works and I believe the media can also be responsible for carrying such information. In conclusion, indeed, the topic is good as it helps people to know about other countries.

  • I feel that it is important for young people to learn about eco anxiety because young people are going to eventually grow up one day and they will have to live in a world with a bunch of problems in it. The young people have a opportunity to fix global warming. If young people do not step up, global warming will be even worse than it is today.

  • I think it is good for people to learn about AI and work because in todays age AI is very big right now and I think it is important to learn if they could take jobs because it is a very reasonable outcome.

  • It's important for young people to learn about the topics of eco-anxiety in the news because climate change is a very important topic. This topic tells the youth about how by humans that it is causing the Earth to heat up and will cause worry any worry can cause action to help the world try to preserve our Earth so future generations can stay and live on our Earth. Imagine our descendants having to wear a mask to live and even some may even need to go to different planets that may have oxygen.

  • I think it is of crucial importance that young people should learn about immigration in the news because it can teach them the hardships immigrants have dealt with trying to move into a new country. This can open their minds and even show adolescents why some people could be immigrating in the first place. Whether the people were escaping war or trying to a better future, they all have good reasoning and divisive laws just make it hard for them to gain something better, something some of us have but do not realize. I am saying specifically because I live in the U.S. which is a place many people have immigrated to or attempted to.

  • I believe that it's very major for young people to learn about business and politics. Business and politics are important because they can impact each other and change how a country's economy and society look. Business choices can be influenced by rules and regulations made by the government, and at the same time, politicians often depend on businesses to help the economy grow and create jobs. It's important to know how business and politics are connected if we want to understand how things work in the world today and make sure we're helping the planet grow in a good way.

  • I think it's important for young people to learn about the topic of (Prisons and justice systems) in the news because this issue is very important to all members of society, if we work on this issue, we find that it is fundamentally related to the rest of human rights. This issue is very important for young people to learn how to respect their rights and the rights of others. For example, we can look at statistics that show cases of injustice and mistreatment of prisoners in some prisons and work on developing the awareness of these young people about the importance of improving this system in dealing with others. Surely, they will learn justice and equality, and their understanding of these values will create a generation that is understanding of the issue of justice, and based on that, building a better society without discrimination.

  • . AI is used to help people and is not used to brake or smash or be silly with it it is used to give people ideas and right now i am using AI to share my ideas with everyone and AI can also help with lessons cause teachers always or sometimes use the computers to put stuff on the board so we can learn and we also learn stuff of topical talk off of AI and AI is allowing people to share great and amazing ideas with people and also we use AI to call message family friends and others this is why AI are very useful today .

  • I believe that it is really important for younger pupils to learn about the Enhanced games. I believe this because if children do not know why there is two sorts of games the Olympics and the Enhanced games which are similar but one is allowed to use drugs and one isn't.

    For example,competitive people like myself might not think the Enhanced games is a good idea because if you don't want to win off of your own back than what is the point of even competing if you don't put the work into winner by yourself without drugs.If the world improves more athletes will be using drugs to help them win and most drugs are not good for you. Are teachers teach us not to cheat and if you want to be good at something you need to put the work into it . Also some athletes can afford to buy better drugs than the people that can't afford the same drugs as they can is it fair for the other athletes that can not afford better drugs ?So how does the Enhanced games help us to not cheat and to put the work in for the things we want?

    The effects of drugs can be very serious including death,illness and very dangerous side affects. Children should know if drugs are are good thing or a bad thing and what is the result of drugs because if we don't know the harm children when they are old enough will start taking them.

    So why is the Enhanced game a thing ?

  • I think it is good for people to learn about elections because when the are voting they will have an idea of how it works and no one will be able to impersonate them.If the are called to be a president or want to contest by themselves they will know what to do for the people and they will not cheat the people in anyway the will be truthful and never lie to citizen's.

  • Hi,
    In my opinion eco-anxiety is one of the most important topics for people to know more about. Climate change is one of the biggest problems that causes eco-anxiety. It won't just affect animals, forests and coral reefs, but also affects the whole world.
    Our climate will continue to increase in temperature. The world population would increase by several billions, and therefore our fields and forests would disappear and become cities. On the contrary, our houses may be covered with a green wall. What is a green wall?!
    It's a green wall covered with greenery (plants, flowers etc.). It's only depends on us, so if we do not take serious steps to reduce global warming, it will cause loss of human lives, plants and animals. Many cities located on the coast would be submerged under the ocean.
    So, what could be done?
    We should reduce and even avoid everything that produces greenhouse gases and promote renewable energy. For example; instead of driving a car — use public transportation or a bicycle. Also, we can plant more trees, reduce, reuse and recycle. Use less hot water and turn off electronic devices when not in use. Spreading awareness can be very helpful.
    Most people imagine the world in 100 years will be more negative than the world now. Why should everything on our world become worse? If we change things now and fight together for a good future, we can imagine a beautiful, colorful and peaceful one in 100 years. You can help, too!
    Finally, I think that the fate of our world is in our hands.

  • I think it's important for young people to learn about AI in the News because we all are aware that the upcoming world would be totally AI based or digital so if from young age we are taught to handle AI so it would bring a great impact on the developments in future future the careers would be totally changed like the jobs of writer,graphic designer, architect would be at risk even now for example SORA a platform form which our ancestors might not have thought of is with us..have you ever thought their would be a one to anwer your all questions??! is their with us CHAT Gpt which is also AI based if we have such unbelievable development in the field of AI today so our imagination for tomorrow would be boundless...not only learning AI for creating such platforms will help us but it will also protect us from being under cases of the world is growing ,new ideas are emerging,AI technology is improving it might be dangerous as some people would definitely misuse this technology to threaten us like by creating fake voices,images or videos but if we are already aware of this new technology we can never be fooled...still the AI today has not been so perfect their are always errors in it but at minor level so we must have the skill to decode it..many of the schools already are already teaching subjects of AI to teach today's youth about their upcoming future world which is appreciable.."so in future either AI will be your good start or it can result in your failure" be educated and AI aware to protect yourself..!!

  • Hello,
    I think it is important for young people to learn about the topic of Eco-Anxiety and Climate Change . I think we should learn about this as young people because it is something that is definitely going to effect our future and there is no doubt about it . To illustrate this point, the earth has warmed around 2.45 degree Fahrenheit and it is expected to warm around 5 more degree Fahrenheit in the next century which could cause impacts such as worse extreme weather, higher death rates and dirtier air from pollution .
    Conversely, some people might say that young people should learn about AI instead . They might say this because we as young people are currently in a rise of using technology everywhere we go . To demonstrate this work places now use face scanner and schools uses technology that is improving everyday . If we learn the dangers and the advantages of this it could help us to use it to the best of our ability .
    I do not think AI is as important as climate change though because climate change can ruin lives . Such as destroying homes and habitats and even injuring or killing people through extreme weather . So I think we should learn that it is good to have some eco-anxiety and to know what is going on around us .
    Overall I think that we should learn about eco-anxiety and climate change to what it could do to our planet .
    Thank you for reading,
    Good day .

  • The point I am going to focus on is Eco-anxiety.
    Personally, I think it is really important for young people to learn about this topic in the news because climate change is a really big issue towards humans and it takes a long time to find ways to save the Earth. Some people might not bother doing anything about it mainly because they have not experienced it so they would not think it is time to take action. Young people have to know that tackling climate change takes a long time as people (most of the time) gives up quite easily. Climate change is also causing Eco-axiety (a mental health problem) which can sometimes lead to psychological disorders. Although a lot of people are working on tackling climate change, it is not enough as a lot of us are still polluting carbon dioxide everyday(2.3pounds of carbon dioxide a day on average).

  • Hello,
    I think that Eco-anxiety can be most important for young people. I was able to learn new things from all the topics of the topical talk festival. Almost every topic seemed important to me. In my opinion every topic can be important for future generation including youth. But Eco-anxiety seems a bit more important to me. Our planet is getting endangered day by day. The global warming of the earth is constantly increasing. People have forgotten that they have importance in protecting the earth's environment. Especially younger people. Youngsters today are addicted to the internet and don't even take a look at the nature around them. In this case, through Eco-anxiety, many young people of the world, including me, have come to know about their responsibility and importance in protecting the earth. By this, in the future, we may be able to take necessary steps to protect the environment and reduce global warming. By doing this, I can play my role in preventing climate change. Basically, for all these reasons, I give Eco-anxiety the most importance. I hope that I have been able to make my opinion clear to everyone.

  • Ok.. lets talk about AI which helped and still helping many people around the world, helping teachers teach their students, students study their lessons, authors writing their novels.
    What is artificial intelligence?
    It's a group of machines, tools, equipments which helps many people in different jobs doing their tasks in an easier way, and for me, I totally believe it must become a very crucial thing in the future, and why would we go so far, it is already essential for some people now who are depend on it as a source of surves to get money much easier.

  • I think all children should learn about women in media and people getting judged because they don't know yet what's happening and what is coming towards them. If they are a boy or a girl is still coming towards them, most people say it doesn't really matter and it might give them more stress, but I think we should teach them about it, because of how it works in life, it can be complicated in life, but children will need to learn about what going to happen towards them and how they're going to get a fence, like how the woman in the media to us that they was getting harassed and judged by how they are getting harassed.but they don't care the people who say it they're shameless and foolish about what they have said, because they are basically same body, but different gender so please don't judge

  • Good Morning/Afternoon, I think it is really that elections are crucial for the young kids to learn because, as by voting either a state of power that is part of the Republic of the US is not just ordinary but at least something that is very important to the US. I state that, voting is crucial for the young kids to be learning this because, as from young adults (18 year old people) vote for either a person to be in a state of a level that everybody is not at, elections are crucial to all countries. Voting takes a person to have a chance to have power at some level, that is not high unless like the president's rank, but in a certain level of the state that the person is voted for. Elections for people, are for people to either represent a city, state, or federal state (presidents represent the federal state, which is all the cities, and states). Elections are hard to take because of the rarity that it is to be a member of a state. Young Kids should learn that elections are crucial because, as in wars, your president who is the commander of the country's military protects you from harm. The president loves you, and that this is because of who you voted for. If by no one were to be elected in elections, harm can be used against the country greatly (by what I say to you, damage that was caused can be extremely efficient in property damages, and other stuff). That is why we have elections, side effects will happen without elections, such as maybe war, terrorism attacks, breaches (those types of extreme abuse that are affected on people quickly), and other stuff. Without a leader, a state member, or either a person in power, our country can be lost, and never even be remembered throughout history. Which is why we have elections even for today, the present, and that through history, that we hope our country will be remembered and protect us from harm. Either way if by our leader is not here, a state member, or anything, there will be efficiency in harm, abuse, no laws, assault, riots, even maybe wars or terrorism attacks on the citizens without the leader. So this is why elections are crucial for young kids, adults, and other people to know why elections are so crucial to learning. This is also why, we should be aware that we need a leader. Thank you for reading this, I hope I get at least one star from doing this in effort.

  • Based on the options, I think that business and politics are important for kids to learn for these many reasons.
    A reason for this is that it can lead you in the future. If you want a different job(s), business can help you. This unlocks many different jobs for you.You also need to know about politics. My gifted teacher taught me," If you don't vote, in the law, that is pure laziness" and politics involve voting, the government, and etc.. When you grow older, you have to vote, and stuff like this is important.

  • I think it is important for young people to learn about the topic of AI in the news because they will know how advanced technology has gotten today and can keep track of the new tech. Additionally, young people need to know about the topic of AI as they need to learn about it more as it is getting increasingly more common in the world among us. They also need to know really how advanced technology is and as we all know technology has gone too far after all. Also, they need to know skills with tech for the future as is could be helpful for them in the future , just imagine that almost everything is run by AI. Many things will be more advanced with tech like self driving or flying cars, floating houses, no physical work and robots almost everywhere. But if young people like us don't learn about AI today, it could be very puzzling and tricky in the future to work out how that works and how you turn on that on so on. So this is why young people should learn about tech today so the future isn't too hard for them and is simple.

  • It is important that young people learn about the enhanced games because, when the people do not learn about the enhanced games it is the best way to learn. When the people do not learn about the enhanced games, they will learn that it is not good to take drugs because it can seriously affect an person’s body because of lack of physical strength so their body can not handle the amount of the drugs that they take.
    If young people actually learn about these things, it will be very helpful to everyone.

  • if young people dont learn about eco anxiety they wont be able to help and by the time they do know about it it will be too late for anyone to help. i believe that we should teach each child about our world because it is a human right to know what is happening outside our country and we all deserve to be able to help.

    1. I disagree because...
      You aren't even talking about the disadvantages of Eco-anxiety and how it affects young people. According to google some of the disadvantages of Eco-anxiety are they can cause a sensation of suffocation or even depression this is because children and teens do not have the mental capacity to handle anxiety and depression that come from the negative happenings in the news. Eco-anxiety has both good and bad effects, my point is that there should be age appropriation for certain news or information. that being said i think that it is not advisable to expose some certain things to young people, time and chance will happen to all.

  • I believe that it's really important for kids to know about reasons and the justice system from the news. When people break the rules and do bad things, they might end up in prison. It's like I want for us to learn from their mistakes and do not do the same bad stuff. If we do, we could get in trouble too, and nobody wants that!

    If we do not pay attention to what is happening, we might not realize how serious it is until it's too late. But if we watch and listen, we can understand what not to brew and make better choices. That way, we can have a happy and safe life without getting into trouble.


  • think it's important for young people to learn about the topic of eco anxiety in the news because when young people get to know about the topic, it can make them create a project on it and to know which approach to use to solve the issue. Young people have a fresh brain so they will have a good understanding and good views on how to stop them. They might also make industries specialy for stopping climate change.

  • I think the enhanced games aren’t fair because there are athletes who have trained their whole lives to be an athlete and then theres people just taking drugs to accomplish all the things they have trained for with no trouble or training.I understand taking drugs when allowed in the competitions,but they are breaking records non drugged people have made and i don’t think that’s fair.

  • I think it's important for young people to learn about the topic of (Enhanced games) because young children have to learn the rules and regulation of Olympic-games and the outcome of taking drugs before embarking 0n any sporting activities'. Also children have to know the laws guiding the games. For my last opinion i think children should know the history of Olympic-games and the causes of Enhanced-drugs in Games, and know about the people behind the whole idea of enhanced drugs.

  • I think it's important for young people to learn about the topic of enhanced drugs in the news. It is important for young people to learn about enhanced drugs because these drugs are harmful to humans, it damages the systems and can have long term effects on us. When young people know about the dangers, they will avoid using it in the future and even teach others who are yet to know about it thereby discouraging the use of it.
    If young people are not taught about them, in the future they might tend to use and even abuse it, which will give serious problem in the future and have health issues. So it is advisable that young people should know about enhanced drugs so they don't make a big mistake in their future lives as late Dr. Myles Munroe said "When the purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable". It is true that if young people don't know the purpose and effects of the enhanced drugs they will either overuse it or underuse so it is important that both aspects of abuse underuse and overuse is related and taught to young people as both have side effects.
    Thank you!

  • I think that in elections that if we can do the elections online especially in some places where there is war that it will help reduce risks and then the AI should be the one to calculate and bring or announce the result ; this will help stop rigging elections .

  • I think it's important for young people to learn about the topic of the enhanced games in the news because there are lots of health issues we might have to combat with a continued usage of such drugs for example life expectancy might be affected so for athletes out there, so they will need to understand why they are not supposed to use enhanced drugs and most importantly how such drugs should be used if need be. So what are enhanced games? Simply put, enhanced games are when drugs are used by athletes so that they jump higher and run faster, perform better etc. So when drugs are not properly tested by the appropriate bodies, I believe you can imagine the harm that these drugs can do to our bodies that is why I say young people should learn about this and the effects so that they can make right judgements. I had a great time learning about the enhanced games did you?

  • I think young people can learn about enhanced games so the will learn about the dangers of using enhanced drugs
    because it is unfair on the part of other players so the game will go well and equal and transparent judgement for all players especially in the OLYMPIC _GAMES. just imagine that you are participating in a sporting activity that involves other players who are taking things to boost their performance and you are not even taking anything it yet they emerge the winners. it is actually going to affect your feelings.
    The use of these drugs also have hazardous effects of people which might cause sickness and even lead to death. So most participants should be discouraged from the use of enhanced drugs.
    THANK YOU!!!

  • Hello topical talkers,
    I think it's important for young people to learn about the topic "The Enhanced Games "in the news because the young people will need to know about Enhanced Drugs so that in the future when they are participating in a competition they would not take drugs to win the games, Also if people take to0 much of the drugs to be faster than the other players . While you are going to be racing you might just fall down and you will not even win the race at the end of the day and you would not even get the prize at the end of the day
    Also if a lot of it the might even die of drug abuse.
    Thank you very much

  • I believe that the most important topic that was discussed during the festival was elections. I feel this way because most participants in the Topical Talk Hub are going to be eligible to vote in only a few years, so informing the upcoming voter base about elections is very important. If the upcoming voters do not know anything about elections or past elections they may not make great choices for their country and cause political issues due to being uninformed.

  • We can not deny that AI has a lot of advantages and helps us in a lot of different stuff as AI has made it easier to learn, communicate, and so on. But that doesn't mean that AI has no disadvantages.
    Everybody thinks that AI is the future of work,which is right, but do you really think that would be good for us.
    Humans would have fewer opportunities for choosing their own jobs as we would be limited with specific jobs related to AI.

  • Young individuals must grasp the significance of business and politics discussed in the news. Why? Because political decisions shape the future of every country, and business activities have a significant impact on the economy. Moreover, with the power of social media and protests, young people can make a difference today. So, it's essential to stay informed and take action for a better tomorrow.

  • more diverse women in the media is the thing we should aspire to achieve in this day and age, we have seen men of all races, body types with varying personalities, but whens the last time you've seen a chubby female main character, who isn't just a diversity stunt and actually has some personality, if i asked the same question but asked for a male chubby character you'd be able to name way more examples i mean even thor was chubby at one point, 1 character has more body diversity then almost every female actress in cinema! my biggest problem with this topic is how the appeal of a male character isn't as important as the appeal of a female character, personality, story and likability always come first for male characters but as soon as they need a female one the order is changed to looks, likability, story and then personality, if they even have one.

  • i believe it is incredibly important for society to learn about things like immigration, and how important it is to know both positives and negatives of immigration and the push and pull factors. for example, in geography, we learnt about the mexico border, and why people immigrate from mexico to the U.S. there are many reasons that mexicans move from mexico to the u.s illegaly such as: 1) better money 2) better education 3)better life 4) the american dream 6) better healthcare. obviously, things such as these are detrimental to whether people can live properly. mexico is an MIC and parts are extremely low income, so they would do anything if it meant paying for themeselves and their family, and possibly getting a VISA for them and their family in the future so they can be brought up in a place that is much safer and has outstanding educational resources. also, it is important to learn why people believe immigration is wrong, especially illegal. again, talking about the U.S mexico situation it is important to hear about american citizens opinions. many on the line of these mexican borders struggle to fathom how badly these people have struggled, but also have a right to not want others in their country. here is reasons why they do not want immigration in their country: 1) taking jobs 2)its just genuinley illegal 3) may bring crime 4) may bring disease 5) taxes being used on immigrants (transportation and money for legals and illegals). both sides of the argument should both be known in society, so children of the future can find what they believe in and understand that the people with little to nothing, or lots and lots of bags from different countries are not weird, or bad, but they are trying to find a new home, better than the one before. many are seeking saftey from wars, or situations where bread is non-existent to their stomachs and their families. food like ours is not available everywhere, and may not even be available to some people across the world that are currently reading this, and if you dont have acsess to things like that, i am very sorry and wish that one day you can. sometimes illegal immigration is the only solution for some people and their situations, and i feel sorry that it has came to that, where they have to commit a crime. i am terribly sorry for those who have died in their travels to a new place they wish could be home. this is why awareness in schools globally should be talked about and that it is a topic that many people lack knowledge of. it is crucial, fundemental and necessary to society that we are very educated on this.

  • I believe its very important for young people to learn about the topic of prisons and justice systems in the news. As young people grow older and become adults, it is very important for them to be educated about the real topic of prisons, so they know the reality of what will happen if they commit crimes.

    For example, it is proven that educating people about justice systems, highly and clearly reduces crime rates. This fact highlights the necessity of educating young people on this real life issue while they are still young. When a young person is more educated on a certain subject; which is justice systems in this case, will affect their ability to experience different things better and be more understanding towards this serious topic and its aftermath.

    As our generation is the future for crime and justice systems, it is important that we learn from the very start, as if we don't, the future won't be able to change and become more diverse. Finally, the world won't always be the same, so as it is now we need to understand it before it changes even more.

  • I think it is important for young people to learn about the topic of elections as they will have a part in it one day and the way we live depends on elections and who we elect. When people turn 18, they should be educated on elections and how they work as we depend on them; voting is very important as when we vote we play apart in our country, doing our duties as a citizen. I'm in 6th grade and elections and voting is a very interesting topic that me and my classmates love to debate about.

  • I think it's important for young people to learn about the topic of AI because now that world is becoming more advanced and is expanding at a rapid rate, AI and technology is also becoming more advanced and very may well be a major thing for careers, education and general life in the future. This also means that young people may become more dependent on these advancing technologies which will not be ideal as it'll lead to AI being smarter than humans and if AI becomes smarter than humans it will lead to damaged growth of the brain in young people. This is why it is important for young people to learn about the topic of AI as they need to be educated about the risks of AI.

  • I think that its important for young people to learn about AI (artificial intelligence) because in my opinion AI is the future ,I will give you an example for AI learning such as learning about mobile phone and how to enhance it and how to use it properly. Another example of learning AI is like learning about robots we can’t lie that AI robots are the future, at all what I want to say is the young people have to learn about the future

  • Hi topical talkers,
    I would be talking on women in media,
    Women are the greatest banner of our time , in the days of the old women were discriminated and seen as a weaker vessel to their opposite sex. Women are the mothers of all nations who care for their families, prepare the kids for school. With their creativity, children hand over their assignments for guides to their mothers.

    Women in media are not taken seriously unlike the men in media. The number of women in media is fewer than that of males in media because they think women should be at home doing domestic chores, going to farms and the rest .in some homes husband's do not allow their wives to work but rather wants them to be house wives.

  • Okay
    I would love to talk about women in media,
    In the past women were neglected and seen as a playing stick to men. In the days of the old women did not have the privilege of going to school, rather their education was believed to have ended in the kitchen. The African mentality of the parents of the females was that they would still get married after sending them to school.
    Even when the world was developing women were still discriminated, they are only allowed to do the domestic chores, take care of the kids and the family. Women were really affected, the only thing their husband could do was to eat, drink and loss their mind ti the extent of beating up their wives.
    During the olden the days in my continent Africa,when the giving birth of twins was a taboo women would give birth and sometimes they are twins they would end up having their children thrown into the evil Forest . All these ended when a Scottish missionary by name Mary slessor came into Nigeria and dwelled in Calabar (cross River) the first capital of Nigeria, Mary slessor abolished and stopped the killing of twins in Africa.
    Women lacked education and that was why some of them were sexually harassed because they weren't exposed to sex education, but women are the leading rods now.

  • I think it's important for young people to learn about the topic of elections in the news because understanding the electoral process is crucial for young people, as it equips them with the knowledge they need to actively participate in their democracy. It's an essential part of a functioning democratic country. Yet, a lot of young people are unaware of how the elections in their own country work, and it leads to the youth—the future politicians, civil servants, social leaders, the future of the nation —not having the knowledge to run the country. Educating the youth about elections can also emphasize the importance of diversity and representation in politics. It can inspire young people from various backgrounds to aspire to political roles, contributing to a more inclusive and representative governance structure that truly reflects the makeup of a nation. This is why I believe the youth should learn about elections.

  • I think is important for young people to learn about the topic of Prisons and justice system in the news because I am if the don't how people have comitted crimies to go to gail. and iI think in order for you not to go to gail you need to know what iis right and wrong , good and bad.

    1. Do you think children should learn about this in school or should it be the parent's job to teach children what is right and wrong?

  • I think it is important for young people to learn about the topic AI because this could really enhance the knowledge of learners. It would create a much more broad and easier way for easy access of information. It would assist them with personal learning and they can also be creative by exploring different features AI comes with they can get into content creation and it is not short term and provides 24/7 assistance to the learner.

  • Hi there! I'm miraculous_expnlation, and I'll tell you my opinion on AI. I agree that the AI technology is important because it enables human capibalities - understanding, reasoning, planning, communication, general analytical tasks, and perception, and It helps us in our lives in many things, like it helps us in our house chores, helping students study their lessons and make reserchs. I recommend you to explore the new possibilities enabled by AI, from voice control and intelligent agents to autonomous vehicles and automated diagnosis.
    Thank you and goodbye!!

  • One of the many topics I have learnt about is The Enhanced Games. I think kids should learn more about this since when they are older, they could try to make a change to using drugs and help prevent this from happening. It could also make them more aware of the aftereffects on using drugs so that they will not participate in any of these types of sports. If kids get taught about the enhanced games, they’ll want to take care of their physical health and convince others to not get included in it too. Children should always have an early start to any topic making them know more than others who aren't bothered to learn about these types of drawbacks.

  • In my opinion AI is useful in some fields like: (it helps you communicate with your friends or family, also learning online which is somehow better than the traditional learning,...etc). But as everything in the world needs limits also technological developments needs to be limited with some specific limits. Like those cities that depend on technology in mostly everything have to be under the supervision of human beings, because AI can cause huge problems if it wasn't constantly monitored.

  • Hi
    In my opinion I think it's important for young people to learn about the topic of enhanced games in the news because. It's dangerous to take drugs that are bad for you, the side effects are very bad. Some people overdose it and if it's overdosed it can probably lead to serious health problems.Which can lead to Burning/itchy skin, agitation or psychosis, convulsions, high blood pressure, muscle and bone weakness, nausea or vomiting,
    extremely sleepiness, and worsening health conditions.And it also makes you on top,your highest self like your on top of your best self. Doesn't that sound weird or unhuman or both ? People try to sneak it in the Olympics, that's why people who are in the Olympics have to get a drug test. It's gotten so bad that people have used hair growth supplements to hide the enhancement drug. But there are other types of them like the one that helps you heal faster from an injury. And wouldn't you young people want to learn that?I know I would,just to keep myself safe and aware. So that's why young people should learn about the enhancement games news topic.

  • It's really important for young people to learn about A.I because The world is now using artificial intelligence very much, and it is considered in every need, especially young people, they need something more than adults. We need it in universities, schools, and work. All people must learn how to use artificial intelligence, because if the world does not know how to deal with artificial intelligence, it will be very difficult for them to communicate with the world. Yes, because in everything and in every place we use artificial intelligence and Artificial Intelligence is a major driver of growth and innovation in various industries, and the education sector is no exception. Although artificial intelligence solutions entered educational technologies some time ago, their growth was very slow, and remained the same until the global pandemic appeared in late 2019 and radically changed the education landscape, making technology an essential part of the educational process. eLearning Industry studies indicate that the enabling of AI-based learning management tools will increase by more than 47% in the next three years. So I think that all people should learn how to use A.I

  • I think it is very important for young people to learn about eco anxiety. As most of us know, the world is far from being perfect and with the world is spiraling deeper into environmental instability- which is pulling us down with it too-action must not be taken be leaders or adults but the entire world, which includes young people. Aside from trying to maintain the well-being of our planet, young people will begin to build up resilience towards climate change because, the initial feeling of despair and concern can be channeled into the fight for environmental stability at a bid to protect the natural world and preserve i for future generations.

    This just goes on to show how the knowledge acquired from eco-anxiety can save our planet, us, and many more generations to come. Proving to us once again that the biggest steps are truly taken by the smallest people.

  • I think that young people should learn about the elections because they're are the future of every country if they don't know how to vote there are consequence
    and the country will fall behind. first I'm going to say what the elections are then I'm going to talk about why should people vote.

    The elections are a formal group decision-making process by which a population chooses an individual or multiple individuals to hold public office. Elections have been the usual mechanism by which modern representative democracy has operaed since the 17th century.
    Now let's talk about why should people vote.

    1. Elections have consequences. Every vote matters.
    You have the power to make key decisions on the quality of life you want for yourself, your family, and your community. Voting is your chance to stand up for the issues you care about like affordable housing, economic justice, environmental protection, and quality education.

    2. It's your money.
    One way or the other, every person in our community pays taxes – both citizens and non-citizens. And yet, most people don’t know how that money is being used. Voting is your chance to choose how your tax dollars are spent, such as additional funding for health care and social services. This happens both through your vote on specific propositions and ballot measures, as well as those we elect to leadership positions that commit to supporting key social services in our communities.

    3.The community depends on you!
    Our communities are made up of family, friends, loved ones, neighbors, and children. Some may not know how important voting is, while others cannot vote. Make the decision to vote to be a voice for yourself and those around you.
    Make sure your voice is heard – your vote is your health.

  • I believe it is important for youth to educate themselves about eco-anxiety. As the world is changing, so is the environment. As a human race we have destroyed our planet and that raises concern in young people. I think that youth should know about these topics so they will be empowered to help. I think everyone should learn and spread some encouragement to people who are experiencing anxiety and to everyone else. By promoting, educating ,sharing positive news and advancement to climate change we can help anyone with eco-anxiety to be encouraged to find solutions instead of sitting around worrying. In my opinion by promoting encouraging news we can help people who are struggling to find the light. It stems from learning about the eco-anxiety and spreading the word about it and shows improvements that are constantly be made to help our planet get better.

  • I think it's important for young people to learn about the topic of eco anxiety in the news because it will promote the awareness of climate change ,so we can prepare for the future. It is important to learn about climate change because. It endangers animals, humans, the ecosystem and future generations
    It also affect us in many such as:
    1. Hotter temperatures
    2. Severe storms
    3. Increased droughts
    Climate change also endangers animals, humans and the ecosystem .
    But still there ways to stop climate change by
    1 Spreading awareness
    2 Recycling
    3 Reusing
    4 Afforestation
    These are some of the ways to eliminate climate change. In conclusion we all need to learn about climate change.

  • I think it is important for young people to learn about the topic of “The enhanced games” in the news because it is unfair in a sense that it is cheating. Furthermore, some people could have worked a lifetime but some people work two years , do drugs and they are both at the same level. This is because of a drug or maybe even some drugs. That is wrong and harmful (it is saying that it can damage your lungs and really ruin your life if you take too many). Harmful is another word to describe this huge mess as you could take five drugs every time you go training , then you train twice a week which means you have ten drugs a week. Adding on , you will have had too many drugs which means you could cut half your life off by using some drug. This may also affect your mental and physical health. In another point of view, drugs are expensive so only rich countries will be able to enter. So in my opinion we should teach younger people about “The enhanced games”.

  • The Election system would be the most important because even though we learn about it in school almost everyday and hear news about it, that doesn't guarantee that we do it right in the future, so if young people have the knowledge of how to properly go through an election, choose their leader and enable their country even if they are uneducated they would open a new world of opportunities for themselves through the electorates and would prevent the hardships that come with a bad government.

  • I think that its important for young people to learn about the topic prisons and justice systems in the news because if they know about it they would know why these certain laws are put in place and the consequences for foliating them and if they know the consequences they would be conscious of what they do because many of them will be afraid of going to prison. and it would help countries to regulate the crime rate in the country and it would make the country peaceful.

  • I think it's important for young people to learn about the topic of " Enhanced Games" in the news because this enhanced drug can be deadly because of the effect of prolonged usage and addiction. I am of the opinion that even if these drugs are needed, then the scientist should work on the strength and make it more healthy for use. it should consist more of fruit based nutrients so that the long term effect of they usage will not be disastrous .They(scientist)are suppose to test it on animals to make sure that it will not have any harm to the athletes, there is a saying that goes, 'it better safe than sorry'. it is even better if they don't win but at least they tried their best and there are also fun sports that are not solely about winning but also for entertainment.
    THANK YOU!!!

  • Good Day Everyone,
    I choose the topic AI as I believe that it is imperative to make advancements in this field. I personally love space exploration and research in other such scientific topics, and I feel, that with better technology and smart robotics, we will be able to learn a lot about our own Universe.
    It is rightly said that we know more about planets in our Solar System than about our own sea. I believe that with more and better Artificial Intelligence, we will be able to discover things about our own planet with precision and accuracy.
    With this topic, we (Topical Talkers) have thought and learnt of AI like never before, as it made us raise questions in our minds and want to answer them by online and offline research.
    Thank You!!!

  • Fear of environmental destruction.!
    The direct victims of the painful climate change events suffer from it. There are people whose livelihoods is threatened by climate change.
    There are extreme climate phenomena that represent a crisis that is too much. Sometimes extreme anxiety about the climate and the environment turns into a psychological disorder. There are symptoms of environmental anxiety that are treated by psychiatrists, such as: frustration, helplessness, feeling exhausted and hopeless. You can turn this anxiety into action. Environmental anxiety can be an opportunity. To take strong measures for the climate, you can switch to a renewable source of energy, for example, to preserve the environment from pollution.

  • Hello everyone,
    In these days AI is very common in our life ,And most people don’t know what it can really do ,And I am going to facilitate the usage of it .
    AI saves all people’s knowledge and all the information available and gives this information to whom who wants it .
    AI have some advantages and disadvantages, from its advantages it facilitates getting the informations so it won’t be hard as before , and from its disadvantages some people use it in the wrong way, Some people use it to do the homework of themselves by Al
    In my opinion AI is very useful and we are going to use it a lot in the future but we need to use it in the right way

    Women add a new perspective to issues of today, like any diversity, its great to have both men and women look into an issue.In media women were first. From the very start, from the time we were colonised under british rule, women worked in media.Now media can be both entertainment and news. The media are potentially powerful channels of information in a society. The messages they transmit can change or reinforce social mores and behaviours, and mobilize citizens to take progressive actions. While, ideally, the media should strive for accuracy and impartiality, in reality there are often imbalances in coverage, including in terms of women and their perspectives. Women politicians, for example, may be under-represented in news before and after elections. There can be a strong preoccupation with women as mainly victims or celebrities.
    Women have their presence in both and are doing pretty well.You can give some examples, like it was Sucheta Dalal who exposed Harshad Mehta's scam, she was a business journalist trained as a lawyer. She exposed a huge scam in India in 1992.Many women journalists who focus on ground work and real time reporting are seen as fearless and bold. Inspiring so many people to pursue ethical journalism. Also the, Me too movement was encouraged by so many women reports are supported by male reporters. Its the work we do together that takes us one step towards justice and freedom for all.

  • I think it's important for young people to learn about the topic of immigration in the news because nowadays it is the young people that are migrating abroad. Looking for a better life and do not want to help in the country's growth. I will ask someone that is about to migrate questions like 1.How will you survive abroad?
    2. what will you do when you get there?
    Also must of the countries people are migrating to (United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada and Japan.) Are part of the world affairs so the might be facing challenges might be trying to make their work easier.

  • I think it's important for young people to learn about the topic of "women in media" and "eco-anxiety" in the news.

    As the society thinks that women should only be involved in household things like washing clothes, making food, washing utensils, etc. Women's think that people will judge them, so they can't even do the things that they like or want to do. Maybe nowadays, it is changing day by day and everyone is realizing the contribution that women's have given to their society and starting to respect them. The thing is that even though women's are involving themselves in jobs, they are getting the same payment as men that the men's that are doing the same job which isn't fair. As we all know that the young people are the future of the country. So, If the young people learn about this topic called "women in media", of course in the future, they can end all the discrimination between women and men which will lead to a better future of all the living beings.

    It is really important to learn about eco-anxiety for young people because as all humans are responsible for what's happening in this world right now.

    I know that young people can't do huge things to reduce climate change but they can encourage their friends, family, teachers, and other people to recycle waste materials, plant more trees and contribute or do something about climate change. They can share information about eco-anxiety and climate change through many social media platforms. This little help can maybe trun into a biggest help for eco-anxiety in the future.

  • I believe that it's important for young people to know about elections, which are in the news. This is because voting in elections is one of the steps in exercising your human rights and becoming an adult. As you grow up, you will need to elect a leader who will rule your country and not just choose any leader but one who will push your country in a new and better direction.
    THANK YOU!!!

  • i think it is pretty important to learn about AI as it is very smart and knows so much so if you were to ask it any question it will be able to answer it. AI isnt even at the smartest it is in fact people say AI is the still barely advanced so imagine how AI could be in 50 years. humans will benefit so much from it as it can help people do there jobs obviosly it wont be able to take a job like a construction worker as an AI cant build things.

  • I think it is important for young people to learn about eco anxiety. The reason why it's important is because young people are what our world revolves around today. The general population is most dominated by young people, and because they are so young, they are the best suited to make a change in the world. This includes climate change, and global warming which eventually benefits our earth. Most of the time when young people see a problem growing up, they try to fix it when they get older. This said problem is climate change which is eco anxiety.

  • i pick AI because of the fat that in the next 50 years to 100 most of the jobs will be based on coding and if we the yo young ones refuse to engage in this activities it might affect our generations to come.

  • I think it's important for young people like me to learn about the topic eco-anxiety in the news because when we as young people know the reason that others are worried about the climate situation, we will have pity on them, and we will try our best to stop the climate issue. So, when we watch the news, we will notice some ways that we can stop the climate change.
    Some ways that we can stop the climate issues are:
    1) We should reduce our carbon footprints.
    2) We should practice afforestation instead of deforestation.
    3) We should always keep our environment hygienic all the time.
    4) We should always take good care of the ozone Layer no matter the circumstance.
    These are all reasons on why I think that it is good for young people like us to hear news on eco-anxiety. It's so that we would be able to help young people like us that need it and to stop their daily trauma.

  • I think that it is important for young people to learn about the topic of Prisons Emergency in Ecuador in the news because it helps us to know and teach those that need to know about the various things that we can do to be responsible citizens and not to bring shame to our relations by becoming prisoners.
    So, if we want to be responsibly reliable, we can be respectful, obedient and diligent to the government and to the citizens.
    Generally, I think that the news is good for young people so that we can help shape a great tomorrow.

  • I think it is important for young people to learn about prisons under justice system in the news. This is because most of us grow up thinking that anyone who goes to prison is a criminal and that they will always be criminals. However, we don't realize that sometimes people are wrongly accused and need to serve their time in prison while others on their own rehabilitation and training to become better citizens when they are released. It is important for us to learn about prisons and justice system so that we can have an open mind about prisoners, relate fairly with them and not be afraid of them. We can also go for humanitarian visits to learn more about what is happening in prison so that When prisoners are released we can accept them better.
    I also believe that learning about prisons and the justice system will allow us to have a better understanding of ex prisoners when we grow up. The more we know about their struggles the more we can find solutions to their issues and together we can make the world a better place

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a computer software that can perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. These tasks include things like learning, reasoning, problem-solving. These AI learn from data, which involves training artificial networks on large datasets. AI has applications in various industries, including healthcare, finance, transportation, and entertainment, and it continues to advance rapidly, driving innovations and completely changing the future of technology. Thats Artificial intelligence Also known as (AI).

  • Greetings,
    We all know that it is the modern age. The human kind has developed a lot. Humans have invented a lot of things. I think that the most useful thing human kind has made is AI. I personally believe that young people need to really know about AI and its use. We all can see that the world is becoming more advanced and is creating a lot of technology. As the world is evolving, the importance and use of AI is getting wider and wider. AI is being applied in every sector like agriculture healthcare, education etc. We can easily predict that most of the things in today's world that are done by human will be replaced by ai.AI is already replacing a lot of jobs and will be replacing in the future as well. So it is clear that even for daily living or income, ai is crucial and vital. Young people need to learn about ai in a small age so that they can adapt in this modern age. Only the thought of thinking how much advanced and developed the future world would seem is crazy and amusing. If young people will learn about Ai at a young age, it will enable them to contribute to the country. Today, we are so dependent on AI that it is so stressful and hard to do so simple things. If people don't know about ai and its usage in the future it will be really hard for them to even create a living.
    Thank you

  • I believe that it is very important for young people to learn about Women in the media as it's nearly everyday that women are seen as stereotypes and dramatic . If a woman was upset about her career , lots of people would tell her to get married as that is seen as the "expectations" for a woman. If she was already married , her family may tell her to have kids as it's seen as a "blessing" and it's what the " female body was made for" . Famous women often have had assumptions made at them for already having a partner , if they don't have a partner they are told to find one as it would "look good for them" .Not only are woman seen as objects , but if date more than one person they seen as " slut " . However , If a man dates more than one woman ,it's brushed off as " boys being boys" .

    At jobs , women are undervalued and are looked at weirdly , as if they are " useless" . If a woman is on her period and is forced to go to work , she must simply get on with it as if it were a normal day . Unfortunately , Period cramps hurt just as bad as heart attacks . Just imagine having to go to work where you are under-appreciated and having to deal with pain that hurts just as bad as heart attacks .

    Women need more support and need to stop being seen as " toys" or " dramatic" .

  • I think it is important for young people to learn about the topic of Eco-anxiety because climate change is destroying our nature, climate, environment and future human and animal existence.
    Climate change is one the more challenging and one of the biggest problemsthe younger generations are facing today. Climate change is causing a problem that we might never be able to recover from. Due to the increasing temperature of the climate, ice caps are melting that increases the water levels which in turn increases the risk of floods that could occur today.
    Also, with the melting ice caps an increased amount of cold water is being introduced to our oceans.This new stream of cold water current causes major issues for our marine environment. It reduces the temperature of our oceans making the marine environment struggle to adapt to the sudden change of temperature. The fish and other sea creatures that live there find it hard to adapt to the sudden drop in temperature which in turn could kill them if they can't adapt. If this major issue continues many species that we find in our oceans today could become extinct in the near future.
    The young people today must know about eco-anxiety as many of today's young people are not aware of climate change and their activities that could destroy the balance of the ecosystem. If the youth of today are not aware of a major worldwide problem like climate change all life including their own will be in sever danger. Many members of the younger generations can find innovative and creative answers to problems that the best scientists might not have even thought of. They will play a very important role in combating climate change.
    There are many things young people can do to help combat climate change like planting more trees, decreasing day-to-day energy usage, increasing the usage of renewable energy, reducing the use of single use plastic and reducing their carbon footprint.

  • I think it's important for young people to learn about the topic of Business and Politics in the news because businesses play a vital role in our life, they have more to them than just selling a product, they influence the choices of consumers, the environment, politics and culture. Learning about business and politics makes the youth more aware about their surroundings helping them develop their intellect, make sustainable choices and provides them with multiple perspectives. Businesses teach resilience and perseverance, there are many startups that failed in their initial years but are now extremely successful, an example being the infamous KFC. Learning about businesses reminds us about their huge impact on the environment and makes us choose brands that promote cruelty free and eco-friendly products like Patagonia. Learning about politics helps youth choose the better leaders for themselves in future and also teaches them how to be the better leader. Budding business ideas foster creativity and innovation in us. For example, I am always amazed by the creative marketing strategies of Zomato, an Indian food delivery brand. Many case studies of different businesses inculcate critical thinking in teenagers and entrepreneurial skills. Therefore, it is crucial to have knowledge about Business and Politics.

  • In my opinion it is very important for young people to learn about women and not only young people everyone should learn about women that how women have to face discrimination and how they are always been underated by the society . For making our nation a better place women should be educated as women's are more compassionate towards other needs and their opinions are strong even they have beeter understanding of social structure. Women's are backbone of the family but are not recognised .She provides care, support and nurturing to their families and make sure that her both children girl and boy are treated equally and she also makes a better future path for them . She follows all her duties and responsibilities of being a daughter , wife and mother with full passion . Womens even try to achieve something for her family and her community but she still not allowed as people believe women's place is at kitchen only. These stereotypes are responsible for inequality among men and women and if a women works in a kitchen by forcing of her family her household work is not recognised as real work and is de-valued by the society and sometimes women have to carry double burden they have to manage the household work and her office work to . But, we as young generation can help women's to improve their situation and support them in this fight of claiming women's right by breaking up the streotypes of the people and as a result we all will be able to make this world a better place.

  • Hello everyone
    I think it's important for young people to learn about the topic of Eco-anxiety in the news because it directly impacts our future and the future is in the hands of the young generation. If young people don't learn about eco-anxiety, they may not understand the urgency of addressing issues like climate change. This could lead to them not taking the necessary actions which could have serious consequences for our planet and future generations. Also they must be aware about Eco-anxiety will most affect them. The present generations may pass smoothly but the these consequences increases and endangers the future which means the youngsters need to be prepared as they are the ones who if don't take actions are going to face the consequences.

    A study published in the journal Nature Climate Change found that climate change is significantly affecting mental health, including increasing rates of depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among young people. This shows that if necessary action is not taken it could affect our overall well-being. So its crucial for youngsters to learn about these things because they are the future of the planet.

    Learning about eco-anxiety can also help young people develop strategies for dealing with environmental challenges. By understanding the causes and effects of eco-anxiety, they can become more active in this field and work to save our planet.

    Overall, learning about eco-anxiety is important for young people because it empowers them to take action, protect our planet, and create a more sustainable future for us and even themselves.
    Thank You.