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I believe that immigration is beneficial. Immigration to a certain country is an efficient way... Is immigration beneficial? 14/3/24
I believe that the world treats women unfairly and not as equal as men. I believe that men see... How does the world treat women 14/3/24
I agree with this. On the news I've constantly seen women get mistreated constantly since women... Stereotypes 13/3/24
I agree, women should never be paid less because of their gender but on how good their abilities... Gender inequality: have your say! 13/3/24
I agree that brands shouldn't have all the access to the face of the brand but the rules should... The “face” of a business 24/2/24
I agree because, I also believe that the gender pay gap is unfair and surprising. I believe... Gender inequality: have your say! 23/2/24
The information that surprises me mostly is the pay average that men make compared to how much a... Gender inequality: have your say! 22/2/24
I agree with your comment because with the stereotypes of women in media are considered, “not as... Do you feel represented? 22/2/24
The woman from the news I would like to celebrate is, Oprah Winfrey. She is a influential black... Competition #5 winners 22/2/24
I believe that people immigrating into countries would be a better benefit towards society. They... What are the benefits of immigration? 14/2/24
I believe that the business should be withdrawn from the country based on what the country did... Countries behaving badly 14/2/24
Only good news should be shown on the news about climate change. I believe this because when I... Too much negative news? 06/2/24
I believe that the number of politically engaged students in my country is increasing. I believe... Are young people politically engaged? 06/2/24
People aren't changing their behavior to protect the planet. This may be because they aren't... Why don’t people change? 06/2/24
I believe people should be shown only good news about climate change because it can give people... Too much negative news? 03/2/24
I agree, because age limits should be based on the maturity of the country/state that may... Age restrictions 03/2/24
The age limit for voting should still stay 18+. I believe this because each person has different... Age restrictions 02/2/24
Option C : “If a prisoner is able to escape then they deserve to be free.” I disagree with this... What if prisons aren’t working? 01/2/24
This was useful because it shows us what we need to work on/improve for our future experiences... Tell us what you think! 01/2/24