How does the world treat women

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'HOW HAVE WOMEN BEEN TREATED' This should be a question we should be asking ourselves every day. For the past centuries women have been treated without respect and women have been seen as 'less important' and as people who are meant to only do domestic chores. Women have been seen as people who are made to serve men. For the past centuries, women have not been given the level of respect they deserve instead they are critisised for any little mistake they make. Women around the world are not given the privilege to speak out because some members of the society feel that women are only made for domestic purposes, so they have no right to object to what the society has told them to do. Women have been undermined because, people believe they are the weaker gender but I personally believe that this is not true because there have been great women even as rulers example of women that remembered even upto date is:

Queen Amina of Zaria: She was a warior and a ruler of Zaria, a Hausa city-state in what is now Northern Nigeria. She was born in 1533. She was born as a member of a royal family. Her grandfather was King Sarkin of Nohir, and her grandmother's name was Marka. She is someone that cannot be forgotten by the whole of west Africa because of the impact she has made. She expanded her territories to Nupe, Kano, and Katsina. She had control of trading routes around the Saharan Region which attracted wealth to her kingdom. She is a women who knew her purpose and tried her best to make sure no one limited her.

I feel this woman should be an inspiration to all women all around the world because she achieved what so many kings did not achieve. I am using this woman as an inspiration because this is basically telling us that women have the power to do what they put their mind to do. Women have been treated badly, before late 1800s and early 1900s when women decided to work towards getting the right to vote and they also worked for economic and political equality and for social reforms, which led to women having rights.

HOW WOMEN SHOULD BE TREATED: Women should be treated with respect and honour and they should not be discriminated because they play a pivotal role in the society.

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  • They don't treat them as they should be because men are getting more money than women and if they are doing the same job and they are not getting the same money.For example in tennis they are not doing the same rounds/sets and people think that women will not know how to be an engineer or an electrician so it isn't fair for the women.

    1. Yes I absolutely agree with you. Women's are treated badly in the world. However nowadays womens are getting similar jobs as of men's but they are given less salary of that same job of men's and in some cases we can see that women's are been restricted from their own right. In some cases women's are been prohibited from getting proper education so that they don't how to be pilot, how to be engineer, how to be journalist, etc. and in same other side men's are getting all these things and they are getting chance to all of that pilot, engineer, journalist, etc.

    2. I agree because people do not actually seem to understand that women too have a creative ability and can also make an impact in our society, permit me to take the example stated here by glad_outcome on Ada Lovelace, wasn't she the world's first computer programmer, it is from the works she has made in programming that AI has been able to come to where it is and where it will be in the nearest future. But she is undermined and we all see Charles Babbage as the father of the computer, but she actually played a key role alongside him to make computers, this is very sad because women's works also need global recognition, this is why I am in total support of the international women's day to be used as a day to show men the impact that women have made and can make in the society, this is why I think that women are not treated equally.
      THANK YOU.

    3. I agree, the women in the community doesn't get as much representation, wealth, or even spotlight but when it comes to men they get more representation than the women in the media which adds onto your valid points.When the women in the media get some sort of representation it's usually little to none also adding onto some of your points on how men get the more spotlight than us women in the media which isn't fair to the women community especially since they're a big part of the community so not giving them the respect, honor, and validation they need isn't fair because of how much they do for many parts of the community. In summary I strongly agree with your points on how women in the media don't get treated as equally as the men in our community.

    4. I agree with you modest ibex. Men are more recognized than women, because men terms to have more money than female. Talking about fields of studies you hardly get to find female who are in the engineering field.
      Women were treated badly especially in the days of the old, but I think it is getting better because my sister is studying engineering.

  • I think the way people treat woman’s are like men think woman ate not fit for sport and fit for cooking,cleaning,working,babysitting and many more and we woman should all be treated fairly as woman and as men

    1. Can you tell me why you think men have these beliefs?

      1. Hey Eva, I feel like not all men say this,These are just stereotypes and not all men share these views, it is important to remember not to generalize this. And they are often as a result of societal norms, cultural influences. It important to address these stereotypes and promote equality.

  • I feel that women are not treated equally since there is still some manliness I'm a Hispanic girl who visits my ethnicity country man all always expressing themselves about who got the best body around women and that they just ba properties of them when they are in a relationship and this seems very normal around people while if a women goes and tell everyone that men are their property people would see that person as a woman that has a big ego. Also if we are talking about how jobs treat women then we can say that men always get paid more than women and that always men seem as more professional at work because they are man and more smart than a women what I mean by this is that if there is a project around work and a women wants to do it but they already made a choice of picking a male then there will be competition to prove who is better. Also this adds that women don't get the same opportunities as a man does.

  • I absolutely agree with you grounded_seal because women don't get as many rights as men. People think that women are fragile and delicate. But no, women are more powerful than you think. They just didn't have the opportunities to show everyone how they are as fierce and educated as man. Woman are used to be obedient to men. Women should not stay at home, cleaning the floor and cooking dinner. They should be outside, in the world. They should be as free as a bird, not a bird, who is trapped in a cage. Women have been acquired no respect and honour, whereas men have been giving speeches and importing meetings. To clear that up, men have a life! Women, should have the privilege to be aloud to vote, whether they are disagreeing with someone. For centuries, women have been suffering a harrowing, horrendous and hideous life. They've been silent by men. Just because men are more braver and stronger, than women, which isn't true, it doesn't mean that women have to drown with sadness. Men have drained women's confidence in everything. Especially, women's future jobs and careers.

    In the early 1900s, that is when women started to gain a little bit of approbation and admiration. But think, before the 1900s, all those years where women have been quiet and have just been watching the men getting praises and rewards. I mean, how do they feel? Grounded_seal, I also, love how you told everyone about, who inspired you and should inspire many women. Queen Amina of Zaria, is such a powerful women! When you watch sports, such as football matches, and you look at the referee, they are always men. There are never any women leaders in sports. Some women love sports. So why shouldn't they participate and play in the games?

    Women, ought to have respect! If a women, want to vote and share her opinion about something, than she should! Who agrees with me?

    1. Hello fabulous duck

      I am marveled with what you have said which I am in accordance to what ever you have said because women have contributed a lot of things in the world today women have invented a lot of things which are: Circular saw by Tabitha Babbitt, Computer algorithm by Ada Lovelace, Dishwasher by Josephine Cochran, Fire escape by Anna Connelly etc.
      There are many women who have done a lot of good things for the world. An example is every person who has done great things was conceived by a woman. Another example is Bertha Benz who encouraged her husband Carl Benz in not giving up on trying to make an automobile. She is someone who can also be an inspiration to women meaning even if you as a women does not have a major role in curbing problems, know that women can encourage and serve as emotional support to their children an husbands. Because of these women should be respected and held with great influence because there is a saying that says What a man can do a woman can also do even better.
      Thank you!!!

  • Women are being treated with way less respect than males because women are what many say, Maids for males. As a male myself i completely disagree with this because many Females have achieved and worked there way to be were there are just to slightly more respected. Many people like Kamala Harris had dreamed of becoming Vice-president but because she was a girl everyone doubted her and tried to get her to give up but she never did, Instead she used that as a motivation to prove them wrong and sure enough, she is now the vice president of U.S.A.I would also like to add on that even though they reached there dreams they might not get paid nearly as much as a man would be payed. An example of this is in the NBA(National Basketball Association) the highest paid player "Stephen curry" gets paid $131 millions dollars a season, while in Wnba (Women's National Basketball Association) "Jackie Young" who is the highest paid gets paid only $252,450 which is not even 10% of a Mans salary.

    1. Hey there supportive wildcat,
      You have made a really valid point and I couldn't agree with you more. A lot of women worldwide are discriminated and looked down upon just because of their gender and this is really unfair because women deserve just as much respect as men do. A lot of women have chosen not to dare to dream just because the society has looked down on them and made them feel inferior, a lot of women's dreams have been shattered because they were never given the chance to fulfill their dreams all because of their gender. This is preposterous and biased, everyone deserves to be treated equally whether male or female and I feel gender should not be a barrier to fulfilling your dreams. Women have just as much rights as men do and it is completely unfair that men are treated with more respect just because the society has stereotyped them to be the ''Superior Gender''.

  • I agree to you grounded seal, women are meant to be treated with respect and pride and they are supposed to be give more value than they currently have.
    Queen Amina of Zaria was a prominent leader and one of the best in the whole of Africa despite the fact that she was a woman. She serves as an example that if women push more for their rights, they can achieve it.
    I don't quite support the fact that they should do it alone. I feel that men who have realized the true value of women can help them to push for their rights even further, they can convince ignorant men, lead protests and boycotts and speak out since they have a lower chance of being discriminated.
    Women are an important part in the society and the society cannot be complete without them. Denying women of their true potential is currently causing backwardness in the world, as most of the best things were invented by them, see Ada Lovelace as key study, she had a good childhood but that never stopped her from making a name for women globally and she eventually invented something that all the peoples in the world are using.
    I think that women should be given their due respect and that a lot can be done by the world to help them acoomplish equality.


  • Actually people treat women different than men because normally we watch football and people talk about the boys one more than the girls also less people attend girls football than girls.
    Also we need to treat women fairly or that will be children's future ahead of them.

  • From inmemorial times, women has been treated as an object, as machines to bring life to world, and as a dependent person who needs a men by her side because they can not do anything on their own.
    Nowadays, luckily in most of the countries women are more respected that in the past, eventhough they still not being as respected as men. I think that women should be treated the same as men as I do not know why men is more respected that women why is not in the other way

  • I say that society doesn't treat women equally at all. Everyone is entitled to human rights. But across the globe many women and girls still face discrimination because of their gender. Society is very sexist when it comes to women. Also, we need women in our life. People have to come from women, so we shouldn't treat them horribly just because.

  • I am of the view that women are subjected to more unfavorable treatment than men. This is due to the fact that men receive more recognition for tasks that could be equally accomplished by both genders. Additionally, there is a widespread belief that women hold lower levels of power and influence in contrast to men. This leads to the perception that women should be treated inadequately in comparison to men.

  • Women should be treated with respect and honour. They should not be discriminated against because they play an important role in society. There are a lot of unfair things that happen to women especially. Most of the time it's men. Men have always been known to be superior from women, hence the paycheck difference when it comes to both genders. It can also create stereotypes and sexist comments. "Women should do this, men should do that". There is no rule to say what a women can and can not do. Either they do "too much", or "too little". Women are considered to never be up to the standards. They are considered weak and should not be doing jobs that are for "men". Its how it was when it was back in the day where women should be housewives, while men do physical work/labor. Women get disrespected because they get prohibited from doing something they want to do because "it is not meant for them". Women had to fight for their rights, is that not insane? Everyone should have rights regardless of their gender. Women do not deserve to be under-looked and should be seen just as great as other people.

  • I would agree that women have always had significantly less rights then men and although we live in the 21st century ,the situation is still the same.If a men and a women compete for the same job it is more likely thet the job will be given to men because they are more considered to be "more capable".Although the amount of scientists and successful womens today shows that they are to one who runs the world!

  • Hello,

    I felt that in some places, women enjoy equal rights and opportunity. While in the other side, they face discrimination, unequal pay, limited access to education and healthcare and are the suspect of violence.

    I am really happy to hear that progress has made in many religions to promote gender equality but there is still some work to be done to ensure that women are treated fairly and have the same opportunity as men in all aspects of life.

    Thank you!

  • Women should be treated with the utmost respect, equality, and dignity. Their voices, choices, and rights deserve to be valued and upheld in every aspect of life. We must foster an environment of empowerment, support, and inclusivity to ensure that women can thrive and contribute fully to society.

  • In my own perspective i think that women are being treated badly than men I say this because in most cases, like job opportunities
    women are not known for being in an office ,also when it comes to equal right in the house responsibilities the rights are not being shared equally , the women take more responsibility than the men, I say this because in modern day when someone sees a man making dinner for his family, is either they think that he doesn't have a wife or his wife is too busy to attend to house responsibility , they have this fixed mentality that women should be in the kitchen doing the chores while men should be in the office making money for the family ,woman are not known for making business decisions . so I think there should be a balance where the responsibilities are being shared equally.

  • Through the years women have been stereotyped to be the weaker sex and the femme fatal, from the very beginning women's potential has been undermined and underrated because the society has misjudged them and considered them to be weak and the inferior gender. In the ancient times the society stereotyped the role of women to be taking care of her family and children and performing household chores.

    Nowadays women are often discriminated, looked down upon because they are considered as the weaker sex, but women deserve to be treated with honor and respect but most importantly, they also deserve to be treated equally because they are more than capable of doing more than just household chores. Women have just as much rights as men do. They deserve a say in society and their voices deserve to be heard because they're also human and they also have rights, treating women unfairly is also infringing on their rights and it is illegal.

  • i think women and men are not treated equally since for example in sports men football is one of the most popular sports are in word whiles women football is not really popular and if a man is lifting like 200g people wouldn't be spoke about but is a women did it would be spoke about so there are ups and downs in both genders

  • I would say that women should be treated equally like men because it is wrong to judge a person by their gender and because in some more men populated countries women are enslaved by them.

  • the world doesn't treat woman fairly as sometimes men over shine women,steal their work or discoveries like what happened with Lise Meitner when she "discovered how to split atoms alongside her lab partner Otto Hahn. However, Meitner was Jewish by birth. So when the Nazis rose to power in the 1930s, she was forced to flee the country and Hahn took all the credit for her work." and sometimes woman have to be more careful when they are exploring places around the world and the country doesn't believe in woman rights they have to be careful as the people in that country might be violent to her.

    So in my opinion the world sometimes treats women like nothing because of their beliefs or how they were raised.

  • Both men and women aren't treated equally and they are supposed to be treated equally

  • I think that the world treats women so badly even though we are literally the same as men like i dont get how we get paid less and we don't get praised and how the world thinks that women should be at home it is so not fair and i also think that women are restricted and they should have rights to do more things and i hate the places that are "reserved for men" like you shouldn't just wait for men to show up if you'd let women in that spot then you would have double the sales and women do the same jobs as men and get paid less and get less praise just because of our gender? that doesn't seem right because we put as much or not more effort than men and all our works gets thrown away because we're woman and it's completely not fair I really love platforms like this if all us women stand together we can find away to gain our rights to get better pay we're all in this together and we can find a way to stop sexisim.

  • I personally believe that the world does not treat women the way they should be treated. Men treat women terribly and stereotypes say so, all we think about women is the kitchen, cleaning, cooking but never sporty, smart, can do 'men' jobs. I think that women need to have the same respect and rights as men get. The same goes with men, all women think that men are sporty, strong, weight-lifters and never cooking, nurses, etc.
    All men and women are equal.

    1. Yes I agree, women have always been"designated" to some type of job. This should change and all women should be respected because they should not be treated like this.

  • I believe that society does not respect women

    1. Can you explain this point further?

  • Gender equality is often downplayed and is seen as something of the past rather than a constantly ocurring societal issue. It can shock one to understand that even in the modern day, in high income, developed countries such as England, the gender pay gap is still stubbornly prominent. Often women are seen as less human, commonly due to the stereotypes that 'women can't do as well as men'. Unfortunately, this is implemented at early stages in primary and secondary school where boys and girls are limited to the sports that they can play. Hopefully, in the future this can be prevented. However, we should all be grateful of the managment in place to help educate people on this topic.

  • Women have historically frequently experienced institutionalised discrimination, limited opportunity, and rights violations. Women have been subjugated in many civilizations due to practices like patriarchy, laws that discriminate against them, and social standards. Though women's rights and status have increased throughout time, historical injustices have had a long-lasting effect on gender relations.Gender equality has advanced in the modern world, where women's rights and opportunities are now more widely acknowledged. Still, there are issues including gender-based violence, uneven pay, and low representation in some fields. Around the world, initiatives are being made to solve these problems and advance the treatment of women in a more inclusive and equal manner. Discrimination against women exists globally, including denied access to education, limited political representation, and increased health risks. Despite these challenges, women are crucial to families, community development, and leadership roles, providing love, support, and care.

  • Hi topical talkers!!
    In my opinion I think the world treats women badly due to some examples like:

    1. Education
    2. Pay Gap
    3. Media Stereotypes
    4. Economic Disparities
    5. Lack of Expert Representation
    6. Harassment and Disrespect

    These are some examples that tells us about how women are treated unfairly.
    Thank you!!

  • Women have always been treated unfairly, especially by men and sometimes women too. It is ridiculous to think about but misogyne has always been around and seems to only be getting worse. Pink tax is one of these ways women are treated unfairly as it is a misogynistic view that women will be buying things in pink (a "feminine color") and is therefore charged extra. Not only that but men have had better working chances than women and in the media, women are often criticized for their looks or how they live their life while men are not as critiqued. I also believe women should be treated more equally and hope that misogyny will end soon.

  • I think the way that women are treated is better than it was in the past. But still in some parts of the word, women are still suffering from being abused and serving a man because that is the only way they can survive. The way to chage that is to make women more independente which will give tham ability to chose. That will intiate the change of sociaty behavior to treat women with more respect and honor.

  • Women are partially treated fairly in our midst presently.Perhaps discrimination had reduced it rate,but we woman are not fairly enough,and demands for fairness In all aspects of society impact.We are discriminated greatly in politics,partakeingin politics today in our present world today.women.In my opinion allowing women in all aspect in society should be of great value to women. Thanks

  • Hi everyone
    I think women should be treated equally as men do, get equal respect, opportunities, and more. Society should get rid of male privilege when it comes to employing people for a particular job. This not only gives women a chance to put their skills to efficient use but also to get employed in high-paying jobs. It is also common for women to be denied chances in education. In my country, Ghana, and in my community, there are societies in which men believe that they should be educated while women are only meant for marriage and the upbringing of the family. This is a belief that has put women behind in terms of development, and thus the society should seek to give women an equal chance to education as men. In fact, research has shown that women tend to be more focused and hardworking as compared to men given the same level of education and job. Women in the third world countries, especially those in Africa and the Middle East, have continued to face cultural and political oppression, which has found its way into the development field. There are some non-governmental organizations which have been formed so as to champion for the rights of women and to help them come up. For example, Real Voices, Women for Women, and the Independent Women's Forum have worked hand in hand to come up with different programs that seek to help women across the world. Thank you very much.

  • I think it is unfair for people to treat woman like that I have heard story's about this like how woman could not drive and are paid more and I think that is ok because if a man is working he will get more than the woman and I think that is should not be happening also woman used to not be able to drive but be were driving and Queen Elizabeth thought that was not OK and because of her woman can drive

  • Women have always been heavily undermined, today maybe less than 50 or more years ago, but inequality is still present. The traditional gender roles are well set in society's mentality and because of that some people still believe that women’s role is to cook, to clean, and to take care of children and household. Throughout history, women have been denied so many basic rights, like the right to vote or to work. Even if they would work, they were looked down on. There are also many cases where men have stolen the credit for the works of women. Even though society took a step forward, a step closer to equality, in a lot of cases women are still considered unworthy and incapable of doing their jobs. I believe that we all need to work on this problem and that it is high time for society to start treating women equally.

  • Definitely, it is extremely important to treat women with respect and acknowledge their valuable contributions to society. This is not just the correct thing to do, but it is also crucial for the advancement and overall welfare of any community. Women have a wide range of significant roles in different areas of society, such as the economy, education, healthcare, politics, and family life. When women face discrimination, it not only affects them individually but also obstructs the progress of society by limiting opportunities and suppressing their potential. It is absolutely necessary to promote equality, empower women, and establish an environment where they can flourish and make meaningful contributions to society without encountering any form of discrimination or bias.
    Thank you, for your idea, grounded_seal.

  • Women over time have been criticized for everything they do and they do not receive the respect they deserve. A woman can start something great and a man gets the credit for it which is unfair. Women have to work twice as hard to get almost the same spotlight as men.

    1. Can you give an example where a woman has started something and a man got the credit?

      1. Hello everybody !
        I am sympathetic _clarinet .
        There are many examples throughout history where women's contributions have not been recognized. Here are two of them:
        At work: Heidi Lamarr was a Hollywood actress and also an inventor. She participated in the development of broadband communications, which is the basis of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology, but her male colleagues received that recognition.
        Another proverb in science: Rosalind Franklin was a major researcher in discovering the structure of DNA, but her male colleagues Watson and Crick got most of the credit.
        Thanks for reading.

  • Women get treated badly because they get stereotyped. People expect women to be and act a certain way. They are seen as week and less worthy. They should be treated with respect because they are capable of anything and should be appreciated. We need more representation and not let people bring us down.

  • I fundamentally agree with you. Women must be treated and paid the same. Nobody gets to choose if they are a girl or boy. As for men they are paid a lot more than women. I think that national women's day is helpful because it makes women feel more confident and loved. It makes the world know how amazing women are. They should be treated with respect. I know that this is unfair.
    thank you

  • In sports, women are being treated badly because of their gender and race. This is very bad because most times if the EQ of the women is not strong, they can easily lose their courage and determination in what they are doing.
    For example, in Africa the AFCON just to place a while ago and everybody was buzzing to hear the latest news about the various matches that took place there. The AFCON ended and everybody was eager to hear about the winners.
    I later discovered that there was also something with the name WAFCON in the world of football. I just asked myself and others, how will the women feel about people not interested and will this end some of the careers for good?
    I look forward to people's reply to these questions.

  • I believe that the world treats women unfairly and not as equal as men. I believe that men see women as less than which brings in the idea towards the world that they are weak or undeserving of certain tasks or abilities. Women also get less money because of these stereotypes as well.

  • they are not treated rightly and they are getting paid less money than men do and men are posting mean comments on social media . for example if a lovely women posted a picture on instergram then a mean man would send a mean message to that lady

  • Hello! :)
    I certainly, absolutely agree with you grounded_seal. Woman should be treated with respect and kindness. Just because woman do not have the same gender to men, doesn’t mean men should be treated differently to women. When I become older I would like to find out more about gender inequality and learn how to put a stop to it. I cannot tolerate sexism in this world and it is unbelievable that this is still going on in most countries.
    In addition, I will work hard to become the prime minister of the UK so that I can prove to all the men that women are hard-working wise people who refuse to tolerate inequality. I will keep fighting until the end and stand up for equal rights no matter how many challenges I have to face. As long as the world is a happier and safer place, that’s all that matters to me I’m just glad I saved the world.
    Thank you.

  • I agree with you, grounded seal. Women should be treated with respect because women and men are capable of doing the same thing a man can do. One thing people do not understand is that men cannot live with women, and women cannot live with men. There are some skills that a woman can do that a man cannot, and there are some things a man can do but a woman cannot. One example is the loving care of a mother and the firm and steady leadership of a father. In all, women and men are tied 1-1, as they both can do the same task. So let us stop all the hate of genders, and come together as one.