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from my point of view, Exploring the realms of AI innovation and eco-anxiety intertwines... Competition #3 winners 05/2/24
In adapting to a world with AI, teachers may require training in AI basics, integration into the... AI and the future of education 05/2/24
The question of whether it is right to restrict people's freedom for the sake of safety is... Freedom v safety? 05/2/24
In the debate about the purposes of prisons, different priorities emerge: Secure: Many see... What’s the purpose of prisons? 05/2/24
People's insufficient response to climate change is attributed to factors like the lack of... Why don’t people change? 03/2/24
"Listen to this amazing idea - what if we took those troublesome plastic bags and transformed... How to make a change 03/2/24
In Egypt, a remarkable initiative called "Green Hands" has been making waves. This... How to make a change 03/2/24
Easygoing_Cockatoo, your idea about discussing young people and politics is fantastic! 🌟 In... Are young people politically engaged? 03/2/24
Enigmatic_Leopard, this is a thought-provoking discussion! Stephen Fry's stance on animal furs... Animal rights 03/2/24
Without a doubt, Bold Artist, your perspective on achieving "zero waste" is spot on! It is a... Suggest a discussion 03/2/24
Respectfully, while I appreciate the notion of delineating hub discussion posts tailored to... Suggest a discussion 02/2/24
Let's ignite a thought-provoking dialogue about the future of AI by delving into the concept of... Suggest a discussion 01/2/24
These environmental endeavors in India are indeed captivating. The 'Plastic Roads' initiative,... How to make a change 01/2/24
According to a recent comment by inspiring_anteater at Choithram School, it is crucial to... Competition #2 winners 01/2/24
"Gree­n Arm" is an exciting project in Egypt. It turns city spaces, like­ rooftops, into green... How to make a change 31/1/24
The AI robot is envisioned as a versatile personal assistant, employing advanced machine... AI companion 31/1/24
The proposed solution involves implanting chloroplasts into fungi to enhance their... How to make a change 31/1/24
Sure thing! So, diving into more details on why I'm leaning towards Option A: Product... AI accident: who is responsible? 30/1/24
In Egypt, "EcoBrick Nile" is a fresh, smart idea. This project turns plastic trash into... How to make a change 30/1/24
Let's push for swapping re­gular plastics with bioplastics across different sectors like­... Suggest a discussion 30/1/24