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I found the word information and this is related to the news because the news contains and talks... #18 Search and say! 21/1/22
If I get one million dollars, equivalent to 3 million shekels, I will build a project in which... #17 Hey big spender! 17/1/22
Announcing a state of emergency around the world due to the Corona virus (Omicron)٠ #15 Headline of 2021 15/12/21
It is important for me to talk about the news because news is an important thing in our lives,... #13 You and the news 29/11/21
I think picture B is the best for representing the news because just as stone and cement are... #10 Pick a picture 08/11/21
The news T:The Temperature rises in the summer٠ H:Happy summer times in our... #8 The News 27/10/21
I listened to Al Göre the founder and chairman of The Climate Reality Project .The most... #7 Share the expertise 19/10/21
My dream job is environmental engineer ,this job would be good for the environment because the... #6 Dream jobs 14/10/21
My idea is about “eliminating the phenomenon of beggary by opening opportunities for them to... #5 Innovation for your nation! 04/10/21
In my point of view, I think courage is the most important characteristic 《because 》when the... #4 Because... 01/10/21
Achievements and hard work It may affect yourhealt and you may lose it,Give your body some rest... #3 Caption this 23/9/21