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I think it's a good thing that artificial intelligence can make arts works, because it can... Thinking questions 01/5/23
I think the best way to resolve a disagreement is by asking other whose idea is better than... Expert challenge: Earth Day 01/5/23
In the metaverse, I say that I'm going to start a school where people can learn more about both... Expert challenge: The metaverse 30/4/23
To have all countries participate in the conversation and have a balanced discussion since each... Balanced discussions on the Hub 28/4/23
I chose Sam, in my country we do not have emergency services except the fire service but no... Pick ONE person 28/4/23
We did not celebrate earth day in our school because we are on holiday. I would love to have an... Is one day enough? 28/4/23
I totally disagree with opinion A because the royals deserve privacy and the media is always... Royal responses 27/4/23
The government doesn't share power with the traditional rulers. The traditional rulers work... The role of royals 27/4/23
Did you know that being a monarch was such a dangerous job in the past. Including Scottish... Suggest a discussion! 25/4/23
Movies and fairy tales have made being a prince and princess popular like Cinderella, Sleeping... Are royals relevant? 25/4/23
There is a link between the topic earth day and the topic strike. The link is that when people... Competition #3 Making connections 24/4/23
No I don't think there is a role for royalty in the modern world because our system is better we... Are royals relevant? 24/4/23
I believe that the royals shouldn't have all the power to do whatever they want. We will be... The role of royals 24/4/23
As you said fast fashion might be cheap but since they get worn out easily you keep on buying... Test your knowledge! 24/4/23
In Nigeria we already have a shortage of doctors. Most of doctors have left the country for the... Working conditions 24/4/23
It will be a real problem when different important workers go on strike. People have the right... Strikes poll results! 23/4/23
I disagree because... People to leave the trees to grow if we cut down the trees to get paper we... Earth Day poll results! 23/4/23
Yes, this is true but I still believe climate change rules are necessary. In terms of the cost,... Earth Day poll results! 23/4/23
It is true they need a legitimate support from the government and the government needs to set up... Working conditions 21/4/23
Hello Rachel, What advice do you have for people looking after chronically ill patients? Ask Dr Rachel Clarke! 21/4/23