AI: and the future of war

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  • I agree because safety is the First priority in any war, losses are the disadvantages of war (one of the biggest), So thats why i agree with you, AI's going for war would be better than humans going for war, why i say so is because:

    - They are more trained than us, so this will be a big advantage to us.
    - This will result too no losses.

    Thank you for posting this wonderful standpoint. ✌🏻

    1. Hello!I agree to your opinion creative_personality,but the AI would only have the strategies programmed and the AI can only use those strategies and cant make their own because us humans in war can make a new strategy to be able to successfully complete their mission while an AI can use the same old strategy which can be predicted very easily so even though if we loose people they will still be able to have better strategy and also they will be remembered.

      Thank you for reading my opinion!

    2. Sure, safety must come first; without it, nothing can be done. However, people go to war to defend their rights, their land, and the younger generation; as a result, warriors risk their lives to defend others, and after a battle ends in bloodshed, the victor gains the upper hand immediately and is able to expand their territory.

      1. I agree because safety is the number one priority. If there was no safety all of is would be injured or sick, making it hard for us to have even reached this day. So it's better to allow AI to do the work.

      2. I agree because... One of the main reason of inventing AI technologies and machines in wars is for safety.
        I could remember the story I read about during the Biafra war when most of the Igbo tribes where slaughtered and also the story of Russia and Ukraine war where many risk their lives in other to secure their property but AI today has made it possible for we humans to fight in war without our presence or without no one been killed through the inventions of many robotic drones, fighters jets and so on.
        AI can fight battles more than humans because it is very fast and efficient and it is also accurate in the sense that it doesn't attack a b particular place without instructions.
        In conclusion, I believe that AI will be more better in war because it secure life and also minimise loss of lives.
        I could remember the story that lead to the invention of drone where humans tries to monitor their enemies and they where killed but with drone, no life is lost.

    3. Hello there! I agree with creative_personality. I think that it would be better that AI go to battle instead than humans. Safety is the first thing and then anything else, and I think also it'll give us the opportunity to be safe. It'll reduce looses in weapona and deaths.
      Thank you and good bye!

    4. Yes, @creative personality AI can change a lot in warfare it can reduce the casualties of human lives lost and diplomatic conflict there will not be any member of the family who would have died because of a war and no one will be worried when a war should begin , but the problem is that we do not know what AI will do after most days of fighting wars we have no idea if it will turn its aggression and hatred towards humans and decide to eliminate them instead maybe to satisfy their bloodlust.

    5. Hi there creative_personality! I respectfully agree with you because I also think that the priority of any war is to keep everyone safe, both civilians and fellow soldiers. And in addition to what you have said if AI's going to war, it would be better than humans because:
      1- AI bots do not feel any pain. Since AI bots do not feel pain if any bullet hits them, they would not feel any pain and continue to fight and carry out their missions.
      2- AI bots have fully automated gadgets- With automated technology, we can make smarter and safer decisions in combat with little to no mistakes. Drones and AI are utilized to identify and communicate risks or threats that may occur. They can more accurately determine objects in the distance, providing an advantage in preparing for an attack.
      3- AI bots have sensors more advanced than humans- Since AI bots have more advanced sensors than humans, they can be able to calculate the speed of a bullet or a bomb faster than a human and can dodge it faster and remain safe.

      THANK YOU!!!

  • Hello! I believe that it would be great for AI to go to war rather than humans. I agree with creative_personality. Safety is one of the most important things in life. AI would be able to handle more in war and our humans would be able to continue to live their lives and not suffer loss from war. Death is a major outcome from war and now that there is a way to limit and/or stop it, I believe that humans should take advantage of this resource.

    1. Interesting thoughts, amazing_river. What do you think war between AIs looks like? What is the battlefield?

      1. Hi Jason! I believe that war between AI's still would be and look very brutal, but I think that there would be less loss and deaths for families if Ai's fought instead. I also think that AI fighting would look like a whole lot of countries putting a lot of money into these AI's just for them to be destroyed. I would say that the "battlefield" is where the fight is going on. If we use AI to fight however, on the battlefield after the fight there would most likely be a lot to clean up because of these robots getting terminated. Thanks for reading!

        1. Your perspective on AI warfare is quite intriguing. If AI were to engage in warfare, how do you think the rules of engagement would differ from human-led conflicts?

          1. Hello Divya,
            I think that if robots engage in warfare, many places and people would be destroyed. Reason because, when humans are trained to become soldiers, they are taught not to shoot or fire carelessly and aimlessly. They are taught to have self control in the battlefield and to only kill when necessary. But robots do not have a glimpse of combat training and there is a very large possibility that they might lose control and end the lives of many people including their own comrades.

            So if you ask me, I think that the use of weapons like guns, knives, canons and nuclear bombs can alresdy cause enough damage to people and I think it is better to live it that way.
            THANK YOU !!!

      2. War between AI would most likely be virtual, in the form of hacking, and DOXXing, and other things like installing viruses in crucial technology on the other country's side. Or, if we decide to use AI to just take our place in war, the battlefield would be a normal one, but instead of having bloodshed, only circuits are torn.

      3. Hi Jason,
        Now I know I'm not the original commenter, but I believe I have a decent idea of what a war between AI soldiers would look like.

        First, these soldiers would probably have better camouflage than human soldiers, because instead of wearing clothes, these robots could just have a design printed onto them, or even better a transparent frame to even better blend in with the environment.

        Weapons probably would be conventional. AI soldiers working together should be able to more effectively coordinate an attack on the enemy because they do not have to use walkie-talkies or shout across the battlefield. Instead, they would probably speak to each other through some form of airwave communication, similar to how we text, but they AI would use binary.

        This is just my perception of a war with artificial intelligence, thanks for reading.

      4. I think that though AI battling doesn't really seem like it will affect humans that much it could actually affect us. Using AI in a war can come in different forms such as cyber attacks. The challenge here is that though most human lives will be preserved, their mode of living will be distorted. With the use of AI, some countries could attack other countries by cutting the power supply, collapsing the economy market and even causing floods and fires by using technologies that can cause water levels to rise or emit combustible gases into the air. Though others say that the use of AI will preserve human life, i believe that the introduction of AI can also but the human life at an even higher risk. AI is very efficient in everything that it does and this includes carrying out cyber attacks on other countries. If it is done very well then the results could be very catastrophic.

      5. Hi Jason!
        I think the war between AIs looks rough. To elaborate further, Firstly, though, cyberspace does not exist in physical reality. An example to demonstrate how advances in technology , noticed by the authors in 2011 as a blur between the physical and the virtual, are creating a more and more accurate representation of real life within cyberspace. The only way to absolutely prevent this, which brings up the debate of national security and total awareness and control by the government, would be to close down and destroy all aspects of the infrastructure of cyberspace. The likelihood of this is slim.
        With the update of AI systems and a more efficiently distributed network, cyber attack can be more powerful and harmful. In an article published in the BBC, it mentions that there are approximately 30 big-scale critical infrastructure data centers been targeted and 49% of the successful attacks against these data centers used at least one form of AI. To minimize the problems caused by data centers in AI warfare, it has been suggested by many people that separating and more efficient ways of storing our data which would require AI to access a secured letter on the internet instead of very of a centralized data center. Rescind, AI warfare is a constantly evolving research area. With the development of new data center technology and increasing capacity and speed of the internet, there is no limit to the potential progress in AI warfare. Petite and targeted AI warfare technology research should be praised, and increasing public awareness of the potential fatal results that AI warfare might bring could contribute to minimizing the potential future threat.

        1. What are some examples of how advances in technology are blurring the lines between physical reality and cyberspace?

          1. Hi Divya,
            There are some examples, such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies, that allow users to add digital content to the real world or dive into virtual environments completely. It mixes reality and virtual worlds, giving you cool experiences where you can't tell what's real and what's not. Also, 3D printers enable the creation of physical objects based on digital designs. This blurs the distinction between digital designs and real things because you can turn digital designs into actual objects super easily.

      6. I think AI's will use autonomous weapons systems on physical battlefields. These could include drones, robots, and other machines equipped with AI capabilities for combat. The use of such weapons can give them the upper hand.

    2. I agree because people going to war can cause problems to the society like:
      Loss of lives
      Destruction of cities and environment
      Human suffering
      If AI are going to war, it will be better because if they are destroyed, the population of a country will not be affected but a loss of technology will occur because the robots will be destroyed but it will be better than loosing lives.

      1. I'm not sure about this because although people aren't on the battle field, it doesn't mean that their lives won't be effected. AI could be destroying buildings during wars. Like when human soldiers are fighting, we can also see that innocent civilians could be unfortunately be injured or even lose their lives. Additionally, destroying robots doesn't mean much to countries because they can just produce more. The country that lost might not be satisfied with the result and the war will just go on and on as long as they can't get what they want to achieve.

    3. Goodday Everyone,
      I completely agree with you that using AI in wars will be better because there will be no loss of life. With that also a country or nation that employs the use of AI in wars will have advantage over the enemies country because the Ai powered robots may think faster and also the robots have been proven to be stonger.

      Thank You.

      1. I agree with you jazzed_tamarillo because if a country uses AI in order to defend its territorial boarders or even fight wars, it will definitely have edge an over its enemies that still uses the old tech to fight wars. AI robot could be programmed to go on critical missions that the human ordinarily see as a rocket science.

      2. Yes, I agree with you. Using AI for war is okay because as you have said no loss of lives. Also, people may think that the AI robots would mess things up as it does not know what to do but actually it does because it is what the human beings have put in them that is what they would bring out. The skills the AI would use for fighting ,it would already be implemented in them and I believe it would be a good work.

    4. wouldn’t this cause a disruption in the history of any country? It’d be such a loud change in the historic timeline of one, and for the longest period of time it would be the most discussed and could cause a rage. However if this remains, wouldn’t AI take over? If we let robots go to wars, they might as well cook and clean (which is indeed happening), then we’d completely lose the feel of a warm home. It isn’t only about winning the war, and i do think its quite hard for generated machines with similar abilities to go against eachother.

    5. Hello amazing_river. your right that AI can be the ones to fight wars for us as humans because we get wounded or badly injured during war and sometimes we die in the process of fighting. But I feel using AI to fight, people's lives can be safe but buying the robots cost a lot but it would not be up to the cost of on human life even it would be helpful. Robots can be very useful during war to save humans lives.

    6. I agree with amazing_river because i think soldiers should not go to war if there is AI. The solider can now stay back and protect the people in the country, or community. But using AI as solider is going to cost a fortune and
      the government, or President may not be able to afford it.

    7. That is a great point I don't think its safe for AI to have the ability to hurt each other and be able to bare arms. AI is getting very intelligent and you may say that it could be stopped by a restriction but it could also be smart enough eventually to break it and grow smarter because AI is a human with no emotion but just have all sources and information in the world.

  • I agree with your point pioneering_impression. Indeed AI can do so many amazing things. Using AI in terms of war and for medical research and treatment is a very perfect idea. we can also have an AI bot that can be used in place of humans during wars it will go a long way and it will help in protecting the lives of our military men. Though making the AI bot can be a bit expensive but it will help in protecting the lives of our soldiers.

    1. I agree because... If we send humans for battle they might get severely injured and might lose their lives. But if we send AI bot it can think of different ways to attack the opposing country and also protect the people in the country without them getting injured. The AI bot can help fight wars in a peaceful way without endangering the citizens.

    2. I agree with you because AI can do many wonderful things. Using AI in terms of war... it can serve as medical and treatment facilities. It can also serve as transport and message machines. AI bots can also help in protecting humans. Also we should not over do it so that humans do not get lazy.
      It will also be too expensive for the government.(Since they might be buying a lot).

  • I agree with you pioneering_impression because AI can help us in several fields including wars by reducing the rate of people getting injured. Also AI can help us during wars by being undercover and infiltrating the enemy's bases since can be made to look like and one or anything helping getting Intel on what the opposing side plans are l, this can give a country an advantage since they now what their enemy's plans are they can make counter measures against those plans to win the war.

    1. I agree because... AI have been designed in a way that they can assist man in several fields. For example exploring the deepest part of the ocean, secure in terms of fire outbreak, and most importantly replacement of humans in the war field, isn't that amazing?, of course it is, because it will reduce the rate of mortality.
      Many people not only soldiers get severely injured and most at times loose their lives in war front, therefore leaving their wife's widows or husband's widower's or there children an orphan.
      In a situation where AI bot is fighting instead of humans, it is going to reduce the weight at which humans are deing, even though it is not only war that that's leads to death, but due to war, many lives are been terminated prematurely, why I believe that AI bots will reduce the rate in which humans die during war is because AI has been designed in a way that even bullet can't penetrate there body sometimes even bomb.
      Even though making an AI bot that will replace humans during war will be very expensive, but it will definitely help in protecting the citizens life's and also the lives of our soldiers at large.
      THANK YOU.......

  • I agree with you because, in many countries many soldiers are badly injured but if AI is able to do soldiers work it would be good for both the country and the soldiers. But as you said if the AI is not properly checked hackers can hack it and make it do bad things
    Good job on the standpoint!

  • Hello,
    I totally agree with your idea and believe that safety is the first priority in any kind of field especially war. The future of war will likely be influenced significantly by advances of AI. AI can enhance military capabilities by improving speed, precision, efficiency in various tasks. However, there are ethical dilemmas surrounding the use of AI in warfare such as potential for loss of human control, accountability and the risk of unintended consequences. So, regulations and international agreement will be crucial to ensure the responsible development and deployment of the AI in the context of war.
    Thank you!

  • Hi topical talkers I believe that AI can help with war and do a better job rather than human beings, like prompting the soldiers when there is an emergency.
    AI devices can help with war by doing these things:

    1) Decision Support Systems:
    AI can assist human decision-makers by providing insights, predictions, and recommendations.

    2) Civilian Harm Mitigation:
    AI can contribute to minimizing harm to civilians during armed conflicts.

    3) Predicting Conflicts and Humanitarian Disasters

    4) Autonomous Weapons and Ethical Concerns:
    While AI can enhance decision-making, fully autonomous weapons.

  • Wars that are happening all over the world today can be defined as wars of power..who has more power,military forces,powerful weapons will surely win the war but on the other hand if we start using AI technology and ai robots for fighting wars then wars can be defined as mind wars..whoever has more technology resources,skillful people then they will win the war..and I will choose mind wars over power wars as the motive of the wars is most of the times politics,agreements and others in this since ancient times we humans have opt to to choose wars having violance and harm to human lives but as everything around us is changing so why not to change our way to choose winner or who is superior to save millions of innocent lives..!!

    1. Your perspective on shifting from traditional power-based wars to what you term "mind wars" is quite compelling. In what ways could the shift to "mind wars" potentially save innocent lives?

  • In my opinionNew capabilities could even emerge and replace humans in future military operations, including for crafting strategic direction and national-level strategies. As one expert argues, AI has already demonstrated the potential “to engage in complex analyses and strategizing comparable to that required to wage war.” so ai will be perfect for the war in the future and it will maintain human safety

  • I agree with you because an AI can make countries win wars easily and this will also help artificial intelligence to be known,used and studied more.AI can help us in wars because the can heal when injured,this will save money in buying a big bunch of medication to use every time.

  • I am totally agree with you. I like the point where you said that keeping the soilders safe is number one goal because if they are safe then country is safe. Nowdays, AI are helping in the war. We can know what they are planning by the help of the AI because in a minute AI can find the oppoent team biodata like if someone has hack your account by the help of the AI you can know the hacker and punish them. In my view AI is the most powerful wepon in war it can save the life and take life so we shouldn't misuse it . In war with the AI they can win easily .
    Overall I like to say in war AI can use for new machine invention for soldiers safety and many more thing it can make you lose everything or win everything ao we all have to use it properly.

  • I am agree with you in safety first because if soldiers will not be safe then it make the team lose. It is perfectly ok to make AI war instead of human because it can save population decrease.
    I think in war AI can used to make new machine,make medical support to the team and many more work and also use of AI make the war easier than humans.

  • I agree that AI is very much superior to humans in terms of war this is because of its ability to make quick and speedy decisions with precision, without the limitations of fatigue like humans. This could improve the safety of human soldiers by reducing the dangers associated with human failures and impactful limitations in tensed combat situations. Some AI systems can process large volumes of data to predict and respond to potential threats more efficiently, at the same time minimizing casualties and irreplicable damage on the war ground, so therefore focusing on the safety of both military staff and civilians.

  • Hello,
    In my opinion I think that it is better for AI to go into war than humans.I say this because life is the most important thing no one wants to lose their life over a dispute with countries.I understand that some people love their country so much that they would lose their lives for it but to be honest they know deep down inside that they don't want to die and leave their family. But with AI they don't have emotions or family so if they were to be sent into war it would not be hurting anyone if they died or got shot in the motherboard.

  • AI is expected to have a significant impact on the future of war. It can enhance military capabilities, improve decision-making, and even automate certain tasks. However, it also raises ethical concerns and the need for responsible use.

  • I'm not sure about this because... the effects of AI in wars depends on the programmers. How? Some people are selfish and heartless; they program AI to completely wipe out their opponents which are programmed as 'threats' in the AI's system, therefore making them act without mercy. With this kind of mentality, AI is a disadvantage in wars and wars can never be resolved this way. There should be restriction to application of AI in wars and how they are programmed. AI shouldn't be allowed to kill humans because unlike AI, humans have a fundamental right to life stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which is to be recognized in the national constitution. Violations against such rights carry heavy penalties such as life imprisonment or capital punishment. If AI is used to kill, I think the use of AI in wars should be suspended, either in that country or worldwide or completely banned.
    Otherwise, when we have respectful people in the society who puts the rights and interests of others before theirs, AI will effectively, carefully and wisely be used in wars. They can only injure humans, not brutally though, to reduce their effect or impact in the war while working towards ending it. AI can be used as police to maintain a curfew and arrest suspects of thugs or people negatively contributing to the war. This way, wars are resolved more easily and peacefully, and AI is more effective.
    Thank you.

  • I say Wars are the causes of Death, as many soldiers die in war. Many Generals of the Army find the possible ways to prevent the loss of lives. Safety is the priority required in any works. A.I would be perfect soldier and commander in any battle field. Loss of Humans could be minimized due to A.I in battle field. A.I could be handled safely without any harm to the soldiers. It could perfectly handle the situation as well as it could follow the commander's orders properly. It has better performance in weapon handling as well as hand-to-hand combat than humans. At last, I would say A.I on war would be better safety for soldiers but it has better performance in wars than Humans. A.I would be the best weapon in wars to gain victory.

  • I agree !
    I think that AI should help enhance the quality of this job since some countries are not provided with high quality battling equipment or emergency services and devices. Some countries are not sophisticated and dedicated enough to handle wars and battles which in my opinion is a complete tragedy. A lot of countries are not equipped with tools and resources like other countries in the battlefield industry making them lose their own rights in this situation. AI could help a lot with replacing a percentage of soldiers and provide the needed equipment for emerging countries in this situation and provide equal rights in this field

  • Hi there!
    AI is more effective than humans in war and can be used to defeat opponents and save 90% of soldiers.and employing AI in combat may have drawbacks, such as destroying the countryside.

  • i think that in nowadays condition, we should do wars with AI instead. Because at the end of the day they wont have a family that is waiting for them or they dont feel pain. Also, i think they can make better decisions in war conditions rather than humans too. When we have this type of technology i think we should focus on making AI about the war reasons and reduce war to zero too.

  • I agree because AI do not care for someones life and how they die just to fight or gain information they could also create new forms of caging and imprisoning which could invent 100s of 1000s to be kept in inhumane conditions.

    On the other hand there would be a lot less bloodshed and killing of humans specifically which may sound selfish but it would make wars almost safe other than the fact of having to evacuate towns and cities for robot combat

  • Hello people of topical talks,today i am going to talk about the UK's new Laser Defense system this is for The UK's battle ships Fighter jets ECT. the uk has invested over 1 billion pounds into the laser system.The lasers are controled by the AI and with the AI we can make Hopefuly roblots for war but i aggree and dissagre i belive the contry that declares war or attacks for no reason shall use humans but thr contry getting attacked and allies should get robots.

    Thank you for listning to my view.

  • I think that using the AI for war is the most suitable option because with the AI, people will not have to suffer pain and consequences of losing their family members or relations but instead they will be able to create the AI and help give it the coding and abilities to take part in the war to save their country.
    Another reason for this is that the AI will have no problem if they are to fight the war for a long or short period of time because the AI is emotionless. This will be very helpful because if humans go, their family members will want then back as soon as they can sending them letters or text messages to make them come back really quick. With this, their mind will not be at rest and this might affect them because some would not even be able to fight anymore.
    So, the AI will be the best and most suitable option on fighting the war in my opinion.

  • So yes AI going to war for us may sound like a good idea at first but we have to think a the outcomes afterward. Technology firstly would need to be way more advanced because we have the risk of them breaking easily from guns of enemy's. Also in the rules of war humanity is a rule and... well robots are not human; if the enemy's were fellow humans we could have the risk of the AI's being violent is not under a control system. There is also the risk of enemy learning on how to easily take out the AI's like there control systems and such. So, I think sending AI to war could be good but also not all that great.

  • Hii i think that AI would be better to go to war rather than humans because imagine one of our family members go to war and they are lost it would impact us because we love and care about our family. Also i think that AI would save our world more throughout new technology ect.

    I hope that you agree with me

  • Hi
    AI can be used to fight in war because it can the the soldiers that the child will feel that he doesn't have anyone to provide for the family. AI can stop killing of soldiers,it can not even cause destruction of equipment to survive by the can even stop trespassing of criminal into the country in the border,if AI can protect the country,no more killing and war.for example if a soldiers was killed the citizens of the will feel there ha have no Faith into country and the family. Now AI can stop war against countries without killing anyone.
    Thank you for listening to me😀

  • This is a very crucial topic, AI in warfare could be very useful as t decreases the loss of lives, but we should not also forget that AI may be dangerous as they do not have emotions, this could lead to war crimes and can be very bad for the country with the AI, but then again AI can lead to more accurate defense against enemies and can reduce the loss of lives of soldiers, the world of AI is very complex as it has its ups and downs.
    AI can also be used in wars to spy, drones like the "MQ-25 GHOST BAT" can be sent to the enemy's base and can spy on them collecting and transmitting useful information. AI can also be used for speed, accuracy and perseverance, the dog like robot "BIG DOG" will be very useful in searching perimeters, taking down enemies and going long distances, or the "RIPSAW M5" which is a very heavy machine that is not controlled by man, AI can also be used to treat and assist soldiers incase if anything happens to them like the "ACTUATED AND SENSORY PROSTHETHES" which are meant to replace limbs but can now allow users to feel and touch, and for soldiers with therapeutic issues, special robots can help them calm down and rehabilitate them.
    Again, AI can be used to inform soldiers of an enemy's location making it easier for them to find them.
    Thank you for reading.

  • I'm not sure about this because, yes AI can go to war for us but as the saying goes "nobody is perfect", so in case the developer makes a mistake, and that process, the AI robot can start glitching or make it go against us. So that can be very risky, but even though is better for the AI's to go to the war because its better to make mistake than to lose lives.
    Hope you understand👏🏻.

  • AI is more effective than humans. Making vehicels autonomus and powered by AI means that using nuclear weapons could be so much more dangerous. These exist already in weapon systems like the CIWS(close in weapons system), radar gueided missile and IR (infared) missiles. Automous drone strikes can cause catastrofic damage to veicals like tanks. An example of drone strikes being effective is the fact that it costs less to lanch a drone strike than defend it in the russo ukraine war. Many countrys are developing AI controled vehicals to use in war.

  • It's sad how people always tend to use technology to destroy the lives of other people, they've had missile drones, AR(Augmented Reality) combat headwear, and now AI. The concept of AI going into battle seems confusing as that war would eventually lead to bloodshed regardless of how many bots are used the capture of hostages and POWs are also part of war and to me using AI to settle disputes seems alot like a game specifically shooters so I feel the concept of using something meant to aid humanity to destroy the property, lives and families of other people is horrible.

  • I agree with your beliefs on AI safety when being used for war. But, naturally, I have my own concerns and wonders. For one, how do you think AI would affect the outcome of a war? And do you think AI will become a necessary tool in wartime, how so?

  • I disagree because if AI's go for war, professional hacker can hack into that machine and make it do things it's not supposed to do. So making robots go for war can be a disadvantages, but it's kind of better than loosing people.

  • I'm not sure about this because making AIs go to war will be very risky and might cause what you were trying to prevent (getting losses), maybe the AI can have a malfunction making it go wild, and this can cause very serious problems. So the thing about this is not very good.
    Hope you understand 😕.

  • I personally think AI should never have the opportunity to fight in a war. Yes, it can be hard to see your loved ones die in war, but I don't think AI is the solution. When a war is happening, countries will have to spend thousands, or even millions of dollars on new and advanced technology in order to send enough robots out to fight. However, most of those robots are gonna end up getting destroyed, so overall, it's really just a waste of money.

    People may say that AI have many advantages as they can do many things that us humans cannot do, but I disagree. AI would not be where it's at without us. In order for AI to actually work correctly, someone has to program it and equip different things on the bot.

  • I agree with you that AI can be applied in war situations as you cited examples in Russia and Ukraine. Lately, I read AI bots are being used in the conflict between Hamas and Israel. One standpoint also opined that the use of AI can minimize human casualties in wars which I also agree with but it simply means that only the country with the means can afford it.
    You also noted that apart from wars, AI can also find expression in other industries which I also agree with. AI is now been used in the entertainment industry. It is used in writing and editing scripts, character creation, predicting the series in movies etc. AI is here to help human better their lives.

  • There is an old saying that says, 'War. War Never Changes.' The destructive capability of mankind has never taken a backseat. We as humans have always raged wars for various reasons. Whether these reasons are cultural, economical, or even religious differences, it may also be out of spite or greed, for that is the thing that mankind does best: it annihilates and destroys, and with nuclear weapons at our fingertips, we could easily destroy the world. When you factor AI into the mix of modern warfare, then things get...interesting, to say the least. This, AI, now completely changes the spectrum in which we wage war. It will be like the very first atomic bombs, Little Boy and Fat Man, except on an industrial scale. Regulations will have to be put in place, new laws and rules added to the Geneva Convention, NATO will have to undermine BRICS in the Cold War of AI development. This raises the question, "How in God's name do you control AI?" Well, that isn't possible. No matter what conventions you put in place, people will jailbreak it. What then is stopping terrorists from wreaking havoc across the land? Will our modern understanding of warfare cease to exist? Will we simply submit to the power of AI? Will we replace soldiers with robots? Will AI change the future of war? Well, only time can tell. But in all of this, one thing stayed the same: that one thing is that War. War Never Changes. War will never change, but the instruments used to wage it will. AI is merely a pawn in war's game for destruction; we just haven't witnessed it...yet.

  • Hi pioneering_impression
    I totally agree with you. AI is like having a secret agent on our side, but even better because it can be anywhere and look like anything. It's like having a super stealthy buddy who can go gather information without anyone suspecting a thing. Plus, if it helps keep people safer in wars, that's a big win. Knowing what the other side is up to is like having a secret code in a video game—you can plan your moves better and maybe even outsmart them. So yeah, I'm with you on that!

  • I agree its a good idea for AI to go for war in stead of humans in order to reduce the death rate in the country because safety is the important thing in this life, AI could handle war than the humans because different kinds of ammunition could be coded into the AI robots, And the humans would not suffer but live their lives the way they wanted it.

  • Hi everyone.
    In the future, artificial intelligence will have a very important role in wars. It can be used to program factories to make weapons and armor. It may be used on the battlefield. It may reveal enemy hiding places and it may reveal weak locations in the enemy’s army. It is my opinion that artificial intelligence was not invented for war, but rather for peace and peaceful inventions, but It may be used in war situations and may lead to disasters.

  • I solely agree with you pioneering_impression because AI-powered drones, unmanned ground vehicles, and unmanned aerial vehicles can go to battle without risking the lives of many people. AI can also be like a firewall to protect military networks, ensuring that they cannot be tracked or hacked. AI can assist in the planning process to help make tactical plans or strategies. Lastly, the AI can detect armed devices or explosives that come in using sensors called receptor-free nanosensors.

  • I agree to disagree because we would be saving loads of lives but everyone would waste lots of money and we would have to be very smart to programme the AI.