The media and elections


A news consumer is someone who looks at, listens to or finds out about the news.

For example, by reading newspapers, listening to podcasts, looking at news websites or watching news updates on television.

All of you are news consumers because you are taking part in Topical Talk Festival!

2024 is a big year for elections – so it’ll be a big year for news consumers too.

It might be difficult to escape news about votes, candidates and policies.

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  • I personally think that the media is a very good tool for elections. For people to be able to make the right decisions about their country, they need to know what is going on in their country. One of the features of democracy is free press which means there is freedom of media. People actually need to be informed about the actions of political parties and candidates so that they will be able to ascertain the right person for the job.
    People will most likely see more of news about the different candidates running for the election. It may be news about their policies or manifestoes or maybe even things about them that no one knew.
    The media will actually help the people participate in the elections more actively as well as help them make decisions. I support it completely.

    1. Intelligent orchard what if you were to be on the situation of not having access to the internet for example you are living in the village and you don’t have a phone or a laptop and the is no internet to access the website that you will use in reading the news and internet what will you do.

      1. Hi passionate_reindeer;
        I don't fully support you. Because, news is not only available through the internet but also from various newspapers. Moreover, when there was no internet, everyone used to provide information by reading news papers and hearing people's word of mouth. So I think that information can be provided without using internet. What are your thoughts on this?
        Did you get your question answered? Hope you understand my point.

        1. Hi storytelling _ grab
          I agree because it must not be available on the internet as you said the news can also be gotten by reading the newspaper. The newspaper is not the only way of accessing the news we have different ways

        2. Yes of course, I solidly agree with you storytelling crab because government knew that there are places where there is no internet so that is reason why they made newspapers, journals and magazines available and affordable so that people can buy and easily assess the news. Also. Watching television or listening to radio news such as the NTA news is also a good way of getting information without the internet so everything does not depend on the internet.

        3. Hi storytelling_crab
          I solidly agree with you because yes without internet we can still hear the news from different forms like radio, even newspapers. Like those who live in the village without internet how will they go on internet when they don’t have phone or laptop, but they can use their radio to listen to what is happening in the world and also newspaper. Mostly old parents that are not more interested in going on internet, will stay in their various home and read newspapers bought from their children, and they will read and understand what is happening in the world or country at large. I also think that information can be provided without using internet.

          1. I agree with you bright_philosophy to an extent that information can also be provided without the use of Internet but did you ever think of underdeveloped countries which still have rural areas where some people don't even have an idea about education, so how will they know what is going on in the world without being literate?

        4. You are right about the various sources of news in rural areas, storytelling_crab but how legit and reliable are these news sources?
          With the internet you have a plethora of news sources you can choose from, you can filter the fake or biased out and focus on the legitimate news sources, however with radio or newspaper, you only read what you see and hear, there is no means to search for alternatives except for looking for another radio station, TV Chanel, or newspaper, and even those can be biased as it’s definitely not the consumers funding them but the government and other political parties who might only have their interests at heart.
          Even with words of mouth the story can easily be changed or over-exaggerated.
          In conclusion, information has been transferred since the dawn of time however, the internet is the best form of news consumption.

        5. I agree because, people can still access news without having to be using a laptop, phone or any mobile device. Some people have stopped the act of reading newspapers or listening to information being distributed to people by a public talker, rather some people nowadays use their devices and go online to get their news, but they will still need newspapers, because if they find themselves in situations like he/she not having any device or internet access, the person can easily grab their newspaper or go out to listen to public radio's being played (which talks about news), incase he/she has the interest of knowing what has been most talked about lately.
          THANK YOU!

      2. I agree with you passionate_reinder because if you are living in the village without a phone, laptop or internet, you will be oblivious on what is happening in the city or if there is an election going on you will not know about it . you will only get a second hand information based on hear say about up coming development and will not have any idea on how the whole thing happened, and whether or not the election was free and fair.

        1. HI
          I agree with you triumphant_world because you made a good point. yes you are right living in a village without a phone, laptop or internet is not a good thing because you be oblivious on what is happenning in the city and even if election is going on the villagers will not know and the villagers will not get the oppurtunity to in an election and this is so bad.

        2. I agree with your perceptive independence because the media is the best form of network that you can use to get news. But you can also access the news through newspapers. But just imagine you do not have any form of technological device or there aren't any other form of news. The place you are is strongly isolated you would not be able to access the new.

      3. I'm not sure about this passionate reindeer because the media is the fastest form of network and a good tool for elections. it has its negatives, for example, if you are in an isolated place without access to technology. The media is like a news platform that informs you about politics and more. In conclusion the media has its ups and downs.

    2. I totally agree with you intelligent_orchard.
      The media plays a crucial role in keeping people informed about the actions of political parties and candidates during elections. It helps us make informed decisions and actively participate in the democratic process. It's great that you support the media's role in elections!

      1. Hi
        I agree with you caring_spring. Because you're right, the media plays a crucial role in keeping people informed about the actions of the political parties and candidates during elections. Which can keep people updated on the person that is leading with votes. And keeping the citizens updated can make them know more about the candidate.

    3. Yes, I definitely agree with you. The media is a really good source of information. It would help others in the country who might not have an idea on what is going on in the country or help people who also want to know more about a country.

      1. Hi
        I agree with you eloquent_pie. Yes you are right the media is a good source of information because it can help in many ways for example the media can help the citizens in telling them the biography of a leader before choosing him.
        Thanks everyone.

      2. I agree with eloquent_pie before now, i was told by my teacher that the media serve as a watch dog to the society and the give more knowledge about who you want to vote for and will even make you know about how he or she will take care of your country and how he or she will help poor people in the country and how he or she will be fair to the country.

        1. Hi
          I agree with you hopeful_brain. The media serve as a watch to the society and they give the citizens more information about the candidates the citizens want to vote for. So, they will be updated on who is leading in the votes and who has won. If the citizens don't agree on how the person who won they can protests against it.

      3. I agree with you that people can get more information about their country from the media. But the media might try to influence people to vote for a particular candidate.For example an influencer might try to get other people to for a candidate of their choice.And when this is done, people wouldn't be able to choose a candidate of they want to be elected.
        THANK YOU.

      4. I agree with you eloquent pie. Media is the work of finding out information about past and current affairs of countries and is a strong job of ideas for others

      5. I agree because people that don't know anything about the country or the person going into power can get relevant information on persons through the media and some other can get good information on who to vote for if the person is a good leader or not.

      6. Definitely, The media is a very good source of passing information. I say so because as far i have heard in other countries where they don't have phones, Internet, light and television will not be able to know what is going on or be able to communicate with one another to know what issues are going on. The media can also help people who want to know more about a country and know who to vote for. For example, if a bad person comes to people and start to tell them that they should vote for a paticular candidate and that candidate is a bad person we, might end up voting for the person . So that is why I said that the media is a really good source of information so we will know who to vote for.
        Thank you!!!

    4. I agree with you and I think that if there are no medias, a lot of people would not know about most of the things happening in their country especially those who are at the inner part of the country with no tools or access to the internet. I also feel advertisements or broadcasting will be a really good tool because in a case like this, when people in the inner part do not have access to the internet, they can get awareness about the things that are happening and be part of it from the people advertising.

      1. I agree with you because... If there was no media, many people will not be alert of many things happening in their country. Those who don't have access to the internet will not be able able the to know what is happening but those who see the media on tv show will know what is happening that could be beneficial to the citizens. I say so because if there is no internet today people will not know what is happening, only those who see the media will know what has been happening. media can also help in good voting decisions.

        1. I'm not sure about this because in some cases the media is good it can influence people negatively or positively it can affect the way people think or act even their behavior, I do agree with you knowing what happens within your surrounding or outside your surrounding is very important people without access to local news are greatly affected because they are not prepared for any type of danger or threat.
          i do not think the media is that important from m research the constant addiction or reliance for constant information can cause social isolation and reduced real life interactions spending more time on the internet can cause individuals to withdraw from the real world instead more concentrated on a virtual world.
          in conclusion i do not support the use of the media during elections.

          1. That got me thinking, knowledgeable_message. How would you inform people about elections and other local news if you don't think the media or the internet should be used?

            1. I think that people would be able to make do without the internet, before the net people got news and information so i think people can still resort to going back to the usage of news papers, magazines, radios and the television rather than using the internet i do not think the media should be used because on the media there are so many wrong and highly exaggerated news and false information so if people have access to such devices and are given false information then how dose the media contribute to help share messages in conclusion i think the media should not be used because in my opinion it negatively impacts the news.

    5. I agree that media is good because it informs good because it informs voters, promotes clarity, and facilitates public opinions and view but sometime media during elections is bad also .Bad because it sometimes exaggerate the news, spread misinformation and influence can also alter the information.

      1. Personally I disagree with the fact of what you are saying surrounding the positives of media during elections. Even though it informs voters, it also manipulates the opinions of the readers as seen in the past. This was seen in the election scandal in 2016 surrounding Trump becoming president. The users of Facebook were proven to have "influenced choices at the ballot box" and because of this he ended up as president.
        This shows that the media can negatively affect the results of an election and change the view of people using the social media platform.

        Source :
        - The Guardian

        1. I strongly agree with you accurate_outcome. I believe that the media can be manipulated by powers that be. there by telling the people things that they want them to hear. There was an election year in my country where a particular media house was shut down by the leading party because they were saying things different from what they wanted. Let us not forget that he who pays the piper dictates the tune.

        2. I disagree with you accurate outcome, because the media is good for getting good information i do agree that it has its downsides like its negative impacts on readers. The media is a fast form of network which wires different news from all over the globe which is passed down faster than news reporters even if the facebook has been proven to influence people in different ways some negative some positive all in all it is a good way to get information, it is much faster form of information.

          1. I agree with you perceptive_independence, this is because the media is good at getting information around but is not the best way to get correct information around. For instance someone under the name of a leader could make a post online and it may confuse some people because the name may lead to false information.

      2. I agree with you chatty_nature because when people have a particular view of a candidate it might change due to the false information spread. In Nigeria a lot of people spread fake news using the platform of social media . When such news is spread a lot of people might change their mind on they want to vote for.

    6. I totally agree with your point about media being a very useful tool for the elections , but on the other hand it can be used to trick people into thinking a candidate is friendly and helpful and in real life he could be an completely different person. This can cause a massive problem to the citizens opinion about a candidate and ofcourse to the candidate. For this reason I personally think the candidate should do things in public and not in social media , this will avoid escalating problems about the elections.👍

      1. I disagree because...I feel like even if the candidates do things in public, they can still pretend thereby, doing things that they will not ordinarily do just to get sympathy votes from the people.Take for instance in my country:during the election year, we see politicians going round doing things that they don't normally do like cleaning the dirty environment, buying and eating foods from street vendors e.t.c immediately after the election, you don't get to see this things.This means they have publicly deceived the people.

    7. I strongly agree with you intelligent orchard. I think the media contributes to various uses of our daily lives and help us to complete different tasks we are given. I also think the media assists in elections as well as it does towards distributing news. The media helps in elections by helping the candidates spread the news and also helps voters vote their choice with out any struggles.

      1. I partially agree with funny twilight and intelligent orchard because the media sometimes have disadvantages.
        They may projects one party of candidates in a good light regardless whether they are good or not. on the other hand I agree with them because media gives us information about the latest news about our country, also they contribute a lot in creating awareness to the people so that they know more about the candidates and parties before they decide on who to vote for.
        THANK YOU

    8. I'm not sure about this intelligent_orchard. Elections held on media is a good idea but if all elections are held on media, that means that those who don't have access to media can't vote. Voting is supposed to be available in a way that everyone can have access to vote for example those living in rural areas can't vote because they don't have access to media. Voting is a right for those qualified to vote, no one should be denied of this rights It isn't right. People should have access vote any where they can access.

    9. HELLO intelligent orchard,
      I agree with you because media is the key to elect the right person for the job and the best way to know who would do it best is to look and make research about the candidates. i feel the media is the place to go if one wants to know who to vote for. some media channels however will endorse a candidate no matter the background of the candidate perhaps because the outlet is owned by or was paid by a particular candidate. This becomes a problem when a media outlet supports the wrong person and the person wins. That country will most likely fil because they have the wrong leader.
      THANK YOU!!!

    10. Dear Intelligent_planet, I’m in agreement with your comment because we can’t know the true and good leader to vote for without meeting him or her through social media if we aren’t physically close to him or her or rather in another place altogether.
      We can also support a candidate in an election through the help of social media or media as a whole by making videos or flyers about them in social media, and social media has the greatest percentage of influence on people and with that, The media will actually help the people participate in the elections more actively as well as help them make decisions.

    11. I agree with you intelligent orchard. The media is a very classically platform where different ideas of individuals are shared, now relating them to elections , media helps people to make right decisions on who to rule them. Social medias like Facebook, messenger, Instagram and twitter are very essential for voting during elections.

      1. Interesting comments, how do you think the media steers ' right' decisions?

      2. I agree because people that don't know any thing about the leaders can get some other information on what their intentions are on that country and what the are willing to do to make the country to develop in a good way, and people need be informed and aware on who to vote. the media can change the minds of people. the media can also expose any immoral or corrupt acts of candidates which could help people to decide who to vote.

    12. yes you are right indeed,the media is very important tool to make one have a confirm information about election going on around us, in addition to the importance to what you have mentioned, the media has also accurately helped in the improvement of the election, when the election is a success, then they would be a great leader, and lastly I would like to ask you a question, is the media capable of being manipulated or changed, and in a situation whereby the media is manipulated would there be still a successful election.

      1. Although it might be beneficial in some circumstances, I don't think it's a good idea to influence news related to elections because they are delicate issues that involve state affairs and shouldn't be done so in an unethical manner.

        1. Thank you lovely planet for answering to my query, you mentioned that it might not be beneficial due to delicate issues that involve states affairs, in response to what you have mentioned, can you please elaborate more on this issues that the state can face, telling me the examples of this delicate issues, expressing your emotions on how to decrease or stop the issue of manipulating the news and explaining what you mean by being beneficial in some circumstances.

    13. I agree with you because, I think the media is good for the election because, the media is the fastest way that people get influenced. Most people also get their news from a trusted source in the media. This can help the people especially youths on who to vote for and who to stand for in the election. social media in particular has become a great source of news and mobilization medium. it spreads news like wild fire and its level of influence is on another level. Therefore, the media is one of the greatest platform that can influence news about elections.


    14. I'm not sure about this because without meeting them and knowing what they can do might cause you making the wrong choice in election.
      Seeing him on social media may just be lies fabricated to vote for him and this will cause regret after election .

    15. Hello intelligent_orchard I agree with your standpoint that media is good for elections, but not fully. Starting with the pros of media it could help people make their decision and make it more known that the leaders are good or bad. Though an example of a con could be false advertising with media leading to conflicts and arguments.

    16. I completely concur with your extremely valid and well illustrated view. The media is an international manner of getting informed, becoming aware of critical situations and most pivotally making decisions about who is appropriate to be voted in elections. People can generate their opinion and preference about a candidate by watching the action of the so called political parties and therefore be able to be objective. Thus, the media is as you aforementioned the main way you can participate more compliantly and actively in the elective procedure.

    17. I agree with you that the media is a really good tool for elections . The media can enlighten people on their country and the things that are going on. It could also tell them about the political parties , give information about the candidate and also his achievement. As a matter of fact, the media is said to be the fourth tiers of government because of the role they play in the dissemination of relevant information to the public.

    18. Although the media may be a good tool for elections, there are also plenty of downsides to using the media for elections. You can't believe everything you see in the media. There are so many examples of people spreading lies and rumors about certain politicians when the majority of the time it's not true. I also think that there are many other types of ways to spread news, not just through the media.

      1. Interesting comments, courteous_honeyberry. What other ways of speading the news would you suggest?

    19. I strongly agree with you intelligent_orchard...the media serves as a mass communication center. It gives the people freedom to communicate and share their opinions, ideas and constructive criticisms. For Instance, the Social media has played major role in publicizing the manifestoes of candidates and also given opportunity to citizens to ask questions on what candidates intends to do if given the chance. In essence, the Media is the voice of the people.

    20. Suggest a voter lives in an isolated area with little to no access to the internet and news. How would they find the information you shared?

  • Hello,
    The advice I would actually give to us news consumers is that we should be prepared for any kind of news because... different things happen during this period, people should look for both good and bad as it helps in getting the full story of the events that are currently happening, they should not avoid any piece of information only if necessary so that they can piece together the pieces of information they find on the news, I feel like people will see more of the negative aspect as light will be shown on these articles of news so that people can make decisive actions against them. A rather beneficial way to navigate is by following particular bloggers or news casters on websites, especially those that record according to preferences of fans. If people see fake news before, they vote they can change their minds, I feel like this is also classified as deceitful manifestoes as bloggers also lie to win the votes of the people and this could be detrimental as the impact could as well be much.
    I think that the media is exceptional for election as it brings out different perspectives or views on the candidates which come out to be voted for. In the media we can track them down to even their alma matter and find the characteristics they possess.


    1. I completely agree that the media and news in particular is very essential to any election. An election is a system of deciding a leader that is essential to the entire purpose of democracy. Elections have been a revolutionary way of deciding a leader as it is fair and innovative. 2024 is indeed a big year for elections with at least 15 countries in every continent is holding an election. The media is inevitable part of elections worldwide. I feel that all news whether good or bad should be heard as it could affect the outcome of the election
      Some news can expose the truth about a candidate and this could greatly harm the outcome of the election. And some news can improve the chances of a candidate to win. Some may think that some news channels are being partial yet most of the time it is about who pays for endorsement first..

    2. Hello glad_outcome
      I agree with your position which in summary seek for balance in the way we consume news.
      During the season of elections, all kinds of news fly around all in the bit to win election. Huge sums of money are paid to mainline mass media and social media to put out content whether good or bad. To some media outfit, it's a business season and they must cash out on it thereby throwing ethics away. The media can make or mar the destiny of a nation by their content. This goes to say the power of the media in giving people world view.
      My advise to media practitioners is not to trade profit for principles.

  • I think that the media is both good and bad for elections, in the sense that it has both its advantages and disadvantages.
    The media is a wonderful way to spread news, and so it is essential in mobilizing the people to vote, educating them on their political rights, keeping them updated on election figures and so much more.
    The major downside of the media, for me, however, is the spread of fake news. If people see fake news before they vote, it could wrongly influence their decisions. For example, if negative fake news is spread about a good party that could actually create change for the better in the country, it might cause the people to vote for another, maybe worse party or leader. Even if positive false news is spread about a bad party or leader. It could mobilize the people to vote for that party, with disastrous consequences.
    Despite the disadvantages, I still feel that the media is an important agent of passing information when it comes to elections. The only issue is that people are really influenced by what they hear. If it is fake, it could cause them to make bad decisions that they may come to regret.

    1. What measures can be taken to reduce the amount of false information that is spread during election time?

      1. Hello, Olivia!
        Here are some measures that will curb the spread of fake news during election time;
        Firstly, as individuals, we can check out the source of our information on elections to make sure it is credible. We can also check more than one source for a particular piece of news. Relying on one source for news can sometimes give us the point of view of those presenting the news, not our own. We should always do our research before drawing conclusions about a situation.
        In addition, I feel that there should be a main news source that people can rely on that will not distort the truth. I do not, however, feel that it should be owned and run by the government. Some governments are credible and trustworthy, but some governments can use the opportunity to twist the news to favour them, especially if that government is constituted of members of a party that is contesting for elections again. It should be an independent organization established by journalists and news reporters with the primary aim of providing quality, truthful information to the public.
        I also think that people should not jump to conclusions after hearing something. Sometimes, they are just misinformed and end up spreading news that they misinterpreted. We should always be sure of what we're saying before we say it.
        False information is unacceptable at any time, but especially during a crucial period for a state like election time. A lot of attention should be paid to it, to avoid breakdown of law and order, chaos and confusion in a country.

      2. 1.Proactive Information Dissemination:
        Education of voters provide clear and accurate information about how to vote, including details on registration, polling locations, and voting methods. This helps combat false information related to voting procedures.
        2.Reporting and Monitoring:
        Reporting mechanisms help establish clear channels for reporting disinformation. Encourage citizens to report false information they encounter online or offline. Prompt action can be taken to address misleading content.
        3.Transparency and Accountability:
        Data Preservation When false information is identified, take it down promptly. However, preserve the data for analysis and transparency. This ensures accountability and allows for investigations if needed.
        4.Targeted Corrective Measures:
        Audience-Specific corrections can Identify individuals or groups affected by disinformation and provide targeted corrective information. Tailor messages to address specific false claims.

      3. I think when the government makes sure that every news spread on the web is true, there will be less false information on the media.In my opinion when the government restricts false information on the media there will be a rapid reduction of false information and there will be less misunderstanding on the media about elections and any other discussion.

  • Media plays a significant yet invisible role in our decision changing and making , people may say that the guns and drones are the most powerful weapons I certainly disagree to this point in my opinion media holds the power to build an empire and also to wreck it , gather condolences or angry mob , give someone the fame and defame someone . Amidst this it greatly influences the viewer's thoughts on the events especially like voting . It shapes our thoughts about viewing the person it might unleash the foul play of a candidate or raise support for the other one . This helps in the elections campaigns sharing the information of the candidates and their manifestoes. It is really a helpful tool in democracy and I support it .

  • I personally think in my own opinion that the media is good for elections. The media's which includes the facebook, the instagram, the twitter, the tiktok , the vemo and the rest of them might sometimes come up with fake news about a particular electoral body may be because they do not like him or her, but nevertheless the media is actually very good.
    Citizens of a country needs to be aware of what is going on in his or her country, through the media all things can happen amicably. When one isn't a fan of watching or listening to broadcast news he or she can make up using the media.sometimesame when people share their opinion about a particular contestant all others might deep think about that person wether he or she would rule them well. In the Democratic sector individuals has the right to vote for any contestant of their choice provided he or she is comfortable with the chosen one.

    1. Although I agree with many of the things you said, there are some potential risks for using the media. Not everything you see on the internet is true, especially during elections. Many rumors are spread throughout the media. An example could be that, currently, on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Tv, etc, I am already seeing ads about Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Not everything I've seen spread about these two candidates is true either. This doesn't just apply to elections, but anything in general.

    2. Very good points, polite_pomegranate. Citizens do need to be informed about what's going on in their country, but what problems can it cause if they see lies and fake news online or in the media before they vote?

      1. Okay,
        When citizens see fake news online before the day of election, I think that they would be discouraged to vote again due to the fear that would be gripped .
        Every human being would always want the best for him or her self, some people would not want to vote for that particular contestants whom they had something bad about and these would cause scarcity of votes during the election.
        Another problem that we might face is lack of trust for social medias, individuals wouldn't love to visit social medias because they think that all is fake and they wouldn't want to even believe the truth again.

  • Everyone knows that the social media is global and any news which is posted must be belied by people all over the world and it could affect the election because of the news people may have seen on the social media it might be a negative information about a particular contestant, and because the voters has seen the news on social media it would change the person's mind against that particular contestant and the voters might end up voting for someone who would not manage their country in the right way.
    Because most voters act according to what the viewed on social media, and there are other ways of getting fake news and that is rumors. What people carry around vocally telling their friends and family bad about a person who is contesting for power. People should try and avoid believing in fake news and rumors.

    1. Hey enigmatic_singer! I agree with your thoughts about how social media can be a great disadvantage. I just wanted to emphasize many ways we can avoid fake news. You can do this by checking the credibility of the source. If it has .gov or .edu, then it would be safe and reliable. Another way you can avoid fake news is by using AI to check and see if the information is true. Believe it or not, artificial intelligence can actually verify legit information.

  • Hi everyone 👋
    I believe that the media is good for elections, because the media can make the citizens aware for the election. Which can make them vote for the right leaders. And because voting for a good leader can make a country progress more.

    1. I partially agree with you that choosing a good leader can make a country great and the media might help to give voters more information on who they want to vote for. But I think the media could also show false information about a candidate, leading the people to vote for the wrong candidate. When this happens and the candidate gets elected, this will take the country backwards. therefore I think that the media can also spread false news.

    2. I agree because, the media is what makes people aware of what is going on in different places, so if there is an election going on, I think the media should be present to capture everything that was happening in the organized event. Media can also help people to know what some leaders have done for the country, in order of them to become a president, this will help them know which person will be a better president for their country, since they were the ones who voted, also they are the citizens of that country.

  • In my opinion news can help election because the people will now the person their voting for. The Media always focus to get new news about election results in Nigeria we declared our new president and informed them about who won and the scores.
    Thank you.

  • In my own opinion i strongly believe that the media will play a vital role in terms of election, this is because as we wall know that some people are addicted to a particular channel of a TV or radio or even news paper.
    As a citizen of a particular country who are entitled to know what is going on in your country, and in terms of election,it is true this media that the people will get to know what the candidates has for them like their manifestoes and also the media can also educate the citizens on the achievement that the candidates has made probably when they contested for councilors or chiarman of the local government some years back, this is because the people it is important for the people to know the aim of the candidates that they are to vote for so they will not regret their actions after the election .
    finally, many people trust one particular media or the other, so when this media reminds them them of the importance of voting in an election and also provides them with some of the things that they should know about the candidates definetly they will be triggered to participate, so i strongly support the media completely.

    1. I vehemently agree with you educated harmonica. The media is an important platform for getting news . The media has help so many citizens in making decisions and will always help. The media can not just start faking news because it has no gain, before news are posted in the media it would been assatained before being posted. When you talked some years how electing for councilors and local government chairman it got my mind back to the old voting system, there media has really improved them through their shared ideals and that's a very nice one.
      The media is a very confidential page were we share ideas and feelings relating them to elections, it helps is to know the individuals contesting and their objectives. We can also red their manifestos on the media, these would actually help us to make a right choice on who to elect as a president or governor and vise versa.
      The political parties as a system of government whereby people with the same political ideology come together to choose an eligible leader who can rule them perfectly well can also be part of the medias to drop fees backs on any step there take.

  • As a passionate news person, mostly during the election periods, I am very much enthusiastic and would advise people to approach news consumption with a different mindset, rather than if its good or bad. Well staying informed is very important, it's essential to sight and know the possible influence of partial reporting or misinformation on voter's decisions during elections. Being sensitive to news sources and fact-monitoring information can help reduce the effects of fake news on the people. A study that I read by Pew Research Center, said about 68% of Americans get their news from social media(Instagram, Twitter/X), this tells us the need for cautious use of news in the technological age where misinformation can spread rampantly. Another advice which could help is, paying close attention to different opinions and exploring trustworthy and reputable sources, which can provide a more well informed and understandable environment for the people. Lastly, the media may play as a key factor in notifying voters, its effects on elections can be both good and bad, depending on your mindset and the accuracy and impartiality of the news.

    1. Thank you trustworthy music. I fully agree we should be midfull of the sources and channels on which a particular news story is being broadcasted. Do you have any practical advice for young people whose main media consumption is through social networks? Should they favour mainstream media's websites or even paper newspapers?

  • I actually think that media is a very important when it's election period , because the people majorly know what is going on with the use of media, for projecting the latest news updates and vote scores in different voting centers...
    We can also watch live videos of different voting centers to know if there's any rigging in any center and to trace stolen ballot boxes, etc.
    What do you think, fellow topical talkers?

  • In my opinion the news does effect voters because when you see issues addressed in the news you immediately think about all the impacts from it and due to this voters choose someone who could help this problem. It could be very beneficial for many as we see improvements in that area when elections finish however, they may be very negative for the country in many other areas that are hidden by voters desperation to prevent one issue they read or watched which could negatively impact others. I think during the time of voting people should have a more broad look at the issues they are presented with and make sure to choose someone who can fix most of the problems and has the least negative traits possible to help the country improve economically and help those who vote to get a better quality of life therefore increasing their life expectancy.

  • I think that people should focus on;
    1. Focus on news that affects your voting decision.
    2. Watch out for fake news and verify information.
    3. Get diverse perspectives from different sources.
    4. Be aware of bias and think critically.
    Surely, media can be good and bad for elections. Stay informed and responsible!

  • I think a news story that might affect how people vote is when they talk about the affects of people and hat they are doing in are society.In are society we have violence and bullying and pollution.Seein things like this can make you scared and not want to do anything.It could also make you want to be a outcast.That why we should slow down on the negativity in the world and focus on the impacts.

  • Media is a frightening tool especially when its in the hands of journalist. Social media is a weapon that never takes in the human life they're dealing with. If you were a journalist would you stop on your news report about a government article because you'd be praying into their personal life. Because of media it is easier for Fake rumors to get out of and if there's a chance of them being your prime minister, how many people wouldn't read about them. Social media can help people proply vote but it can also be a serpent spreading poison across the globe. Media has always been a double sided sword and will always be one.

  • During election periods, it's super important for people who read the news to be careful about how they take in information so they can make smart choices. One piece of advice I would give to people about how to consume news around the time of an election is to critically evaluate the news stories they encounter. Not all news sources are reliable or unbiased, so it's important to verify information from multiple sources before forming opinions or making voting decisions. Regarding whether the media is good or bad for elections, the media plays a vital role in informing the public about candidates, policies, and election processes, which is essential for a functioning democracy. I think the media is both good and bad because it serves as a platform for information about election candidates, their policies, and important issues. This allows voters to make informed decisions based on their understanding of the options available. However, the media can use biassed news stories to attract viewers or promote certain agendas. This can lead to voters making the wrong decisions.

  • I would like to share my idea in the challenge.
    I think that governments should incorporate with technology or social media part, however, in a different, yet regular way of collaboration! where justice is the main goal in this way of voting so that everyone could have their say HONESTLY.

    Governments could launch their own applications where every candidate could be modified in their own specific section in the online application. There could be a pass code given to all citizens associated in this application so that they can vote for whatever section or candidate they desire. There could be several democratic polls or votes hosted every once a while to collect all citizens opinions and choices.

    Before ending this comment I would like to say that personally while writing this comment, it really reminded me of the system that this competition is working with as every member of this competition gets to express their own point of view, quite like the democratic-filled features this competition is providing us with, so that was even more thrilling for me to write this comment after realizing that.

  • I think the media is an excellent place for elections to be promoted. Unlike other resources, the media is a very diverse platform where people can express their way of viewing things and can share controversial ideas without a problem. The media can expose a person to the different viewpoints of certain topics, like running candidates. Through this, a person can learn multiple things about others and can decide whether or not they are worth their vote. Also, it helps introduce the political subject to younger people or people who aren't aware as much. The media would be able to increase the amount of people interacting with political news and with their environment. The media serves as an advertisement for upcoming elections as well as other events in a local community.

  • The media is one of the most helpful and useful tools in elections. For people to know who they will vote for or choose for their country, they need to know what is going on. People also have to know or be informed how the candidates act or what they will do to choose the right one. People may see good things or bad opinions about the candidate that they will choose. The media is a wonderful way to help people participate in elections. I support the media.

    1. What other tools are used in elections, how do these work together (or against) the media?

      1. Hi, Emma, Lawyer @ Clifford Chance
        When other tools such as protests or alternative candidates are ineffective, and a candidate can resolve the problem, people may criticize or praise that candidate in the media. Technology is another tool that is used against the media by creating fake videos with AI to manipulate people's perception and influence their voting decisions. These are tools that people can use to work together with the media, or against the media.
        Thank you for replying!

  • I beleive that the media is good for elections. I say this becasue the informs people about what is going on. Without the media, the entire nation will have a lack of knowledge on everything that is going on. Some effects of this are less people voting, helps citizens achieve their own interests and make decisions that conform with their attitudes and preferences, promotes support for democratic values and , facilitates trust in the political system. Some may argue that the media might provide false or biased information. Though this may happen, there will still be a portion of the media that provides correct information. No information will lead to minisqure or no voting in the nation. I believe that even if some of the information provided is false, it is still better than not knowing anything.

  • I think that the media is good for elections because with this people from other countries can advice the country's citizens on the person that they should think that they should vote for. For example, in my country Nigeria, during the elections that took place in February 2023, actors from Marvel movies came and did a video on the candidate that they think should be President even though they were not physically voting.
    Sometimes there are negative sides to this, and that will be that people that are advising from other countries sometimes do not the exact situation that the country is facing, but instead, they get most of there information from news around them. If they advice the citizens on who to vote for, since they are influencers most times, the country's citizens might listen to their advice and sometimes this is bad because what if they are wrong and make the country worse because of the wrong advice that they gave to the citizens.
    In conclusion, I just say that using social media for elections is good but it also has positive and negative sides to it which I just listed above

  • Everything has its advantages and disadvantages but the importance of the media overshadows its disadvantages. The media to serve as the intermediate between the government and the public. It is to keep the public updated on the government's actions and inform the government on the people's public opinion.
    Yet, fake news is the major disadvantage of the media. Fake news affects both the public and the government because it paints the government bad in front of the public and makes the public act based on false foundations. Some journalists make or publish fake or incomplete information for money or fame. Therefore the media should be a group of transparent people who would say the truth no matter what.
    The media is good for elections because they can cooperate with the police and investigate on the transparency and fairness rate of the elections. It can show the fault in our election system and the media can be used as a platform for people to suggest their solutions. The media should also investigate on the moral, social, mental and political backgrounds of the contesting candidates.
    Thank you.

  • In this case the things that can affect how people vote, in some cases might have had a bad experience on how they visited the candidate.

  • Hello,
    The media plays an important role in elections. In my opinion, I think it is a double-edged sword. When the candidates’ programs are presented honestly and impartially and leave the choice of the most appropriate to the voter, it has a positive impact.
    But when it presents a certain idea and directs voters to a specific person and works to mislead voters, it has a negative impact.
    Therefore, we must have a high degree of awareness in order to choose the best.

  • Personaly i think the media can make people mind change as there are lots of people who go out their way and try to find out more and more information about the the two opponents then cause trouble and even maybe start a civil war.