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Artificial intelligence in art is absolutely amazing. I didn't like this idea at first because of the fear for the future of the artists, but the paintings made by artificial intelligence are very cool... I don't deny the merit of the artists, because each of them has advantages.... From this festival, I learned the pros and cons of artificial intelligence in art, and my participation in this festival made me eager to try many things, including (drawing on artificial intelligence) ... Also, in our school, some students are taught about artificial intelligence with a computer teacher. I was not interested in the beginning because I don't know what it is exactly, but with this festival I learned more .... And here I am from tomorrow I will discuss this topic in my class and explain to them its advantages, disadvantages, positives and awesomeness so that everyone can try it ... From now on I will not hear about an exciting topic And I'm leaving but I'll look for it and find out what it is. Culture is the most important thing to me.. If I get a chance to teach someone about it, I will learn, or if I get a chance to experience it, I will undoubtedly try it...

This festival is amazing, it taught us a lot that we didn't know...Thank you to everyone who helped make this festival possible

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  • In fact, I previously talked about the reality of artists with artificial intelligence, and I talked about it from the positive and negative sides, but if we look at art from the other side, which is medical art, we have already learned in class with my classmates and my teacher. In the technology subject about x-rays, heart operations, and surgery, and how technology facilitated surgeries, and in the science subject, we talked about the central nervous system and some of the diseases that occur because of it. I decided to link Between technology, artificial intelligence, and nerve diseases, I was wondering how nerve damage could be restored and repaired using computers and artificial intelligence, through x-rays that would transmit the rays Electromagnetism and lasers and seeing how the process is done by devices. As a student, I love scientific research and I think this process is complex, but I aspire to be a pioneer in artificial intelligence research and I wanted to share how Considering not only about art in drawing, but also in medicine. From my point of view, knowing the basic topics is more important because the direction of the world's view of the medical field and the exploitation of artificial intelligence will be the most important thing. And with the emergence of epidemics and the fear of their emergence, I tended to exploit artificial intelligence in medicine, from my point of view

  • Yes, artificial intelligence is an amazing art, but everyone was in a state of fear for their work. Yes, artificial intelligence is a beautiful art for some people, and in these festivals, especially this one, all countries and nations are interested in that. I used to say that it is not important in our lives, but with these festivals I saw many benefits.

    1. I agree because... Yes, people were worried about their work, but art is indescribable. It may teach us a lot. After this festival, I think I was distinguished because I learned a lot because artificial intelligence is defined as the intelligence shown by smart machines and programs. The life of artists is a beautiful life because I am now happy and I want Many people talk about this festival because it may teach them a lot of information. Artificial intelligence has positives and behavior, and they must be adhered to very much, because sometimes it may affect the life of an individual.

  • Your opinion is great....
    You said that you did not like this idea for fear of losing artists. I think you changed your appearance dramatically, especially when I read a comment of yours saying that the relationship between them is (integration)....
    I think that the relationship between them now is like this.... What do you think in a few years!!? Art scholars said that artificial intelligence will fully control art, covering the work of human artists. What do you think about this question and what is your response please .... Thank you

    1. Thank you for your feedback! I can provide some insights on the topic you mentioned.

      The relationship between artificial intelligence and art is a complex and evolving one. While AI has made significant advancements in generating art and assisting artists in their creative process, there is still a strong value in the uniqueness and human touch that human artists bring to their work.

      It's true that AI algorithms can generate impressive art pieces, imitating different artistic styles or creating new ones. However, the idea that AI will fully control art and completely replace human artists is a topic of debate and speculation. While AI can replicate certain aspects of artistic creation, it may struggle to capture the depth of human emotions, personal experiences, and the creative intuition that artists bring to their work.

      Art is not solely about the final product; it is also about the journey, the process, and the human expression behind it. Many artists see their art as a form of personal expression, a means of communicating their unique perspectives, and a reflection of their cultural and historical context. These aspects are deeply rooted in the human experience, which may be difficult for AI to fully comprehend and replicate.

      That being said, AI can still play a valuable role in the art world. It can be a powerful tool for artists to explore new ideas, experiment with different techniques, and enhance their creative process. The integration of AI and human artists can lead to exciting collaborations and new artistic possibilities.

      In conclusion, while AI's influence on art is growing, the complete control and replacement of human artists by artificial intelligence is a speculative and uncertain future. The relationship between AI and art will likely continue to evolve, with both AI and human artists contributing their unique strengths to the artistic landscape.

  • I strongly agree with your statement that artificial intelligence in art is truly amazing. While there may have been initial concerns about the future of artists, the paintings created by artificial intelligence are undeniably impressive. It's important to note that the use of artificial intelligence does not diminish the talent and skill of traditional artists, as each approach has its unique advantages and strengths.

    Through our participation in the festival, I believe we were all able to learn about both the pros and cons of using artificial intelligence in art, and I feel it has inspired us to explore this technology further. It's great to hear that you are eager to share your newfound knowledge with others and promote a better understanding of this exciting field and I'm grateful for that but just as you mentioned, culture is incredibly important, and it's essential to continue learning and sharing knowledge to promote growth and understanding. I am glad to hear that this festival has been a valuable learning experience, and I join you in thanking everyone who made it possible. The fusion of art and technology is an exciting frontier, and I look forward to seeing where it leads in the future.

  • AI is a really great way to improve art because it allows people with little or no knowledge about art to create their own and it enhances the beauty and quality of peoples art works. This is very beneficial. AI could also introduce artists to one another so that they can share ideas, inspiration and new art styles. Though artists may take AI to be a foe, like all other technology, it could be utilized to actually help them, they just have to use it well. Some artists have their workshops located in rural areas. I have come across a lot of art studios that have amazing art works but people in that area do not appreciate art and so they have no customers. AI could easily change that. They could take pictures of their artwork and post it online. This could easily get them customers from around the world.

    1. I completely agree with this student's comment. AI has the potential to revolutionize the world of art in numerous ways. As the student mentioned, one of the biggest benefits of AI is that it can provide a platform for artists to showcase their work to a wider audience. With the help of AI, artists can share their artwork online and connect with people from all over the world, including potential buyers and art enthusiasts.Through AI, artists can expand their creative horizons by exploring different color palettes, compositions, and forms that may not have been previously considered.This allows artists to break free from traditional artistic constraints and push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of art. But I know some people see AI generated art as a disadvantage, like it is important to acknowledge that there are also potential downsides to the use of AI in art. For example some might think that AI generated art can lack depth and emotions and others might think in a way like it can reduce job opportunities for art related professionals. But, while there are certainly pros and cons to the use of AI in art, I believe that the benefits far outweigh the risks. And also I believe if utilized intelligently, AI has the potential to broaden the reach of artists and take the art world to new levels of excellence. And ofc as mentioned by humorous_ personality AI technology can help bridge the gap between artists and potential buyers who may be located in remote areas or who may not have access to traditional art galleries.

  • This festival have made me seen that
    AI are truly beneficial and reliable to us in so many ways, there is no one who can say that ai is not needed because we all us ai for things like E-Payments,self-driving cars,smart assistants,healthcare management,
    automated financial investing,
    virtual travel booking agent,
    social media monitoring,marketing chatbots
    Thanks everyone

  • I agree because... it was in this festivals i knew about the metaverse, and knowing about the metaverse made me feel eager to try the VR and it also thought me that the AI can also be used In art but still this made me more worried about the climate crisis still it shows and teaches me what we can do to save the planet and that the metaverse is not just for having fun but also useful for education and shopping and exploring.
    I admire how you got interested about the AI.
    But still this got me thinking can the metaverse be used in art just like how the AI is used in art by artist.

  • I absolutely agree with you polite_dinosaur you have mentioned that your opinion got changed through this topical talk hub discussion even I experienced the same throughout the discussion my opinions changed in between the festival many times and even they got strengthened by other topical Talkers and my perspectives got widened during this festival and I like the way you have said that you will teach about your culture and tradition to other other people and you have said that you will share your topical talk experience with your other classmates even I am having an idea of sharing it when I go to my school after my vacation and also you have said that you are eager to try out paintings using artificial intelligence it is really great.

    1. I agree to this, if not for this discussion brought up by topical talk has really been of help to us,not only did it create Awareness on Ai ,but it did create awareness on so many topics,that has been of help.

      I would say Ai has it own benefits, like the e-payment ,car driving,it can also be beneficial to student,and even help artist work more unique.

      The fear of most artist Lossing their job has made alot of them scared, because with the use of Ai artist can't express that feeling they are passing through with the artwork. So in my own perspective,I think Ai should focus on generating ways to solve other problems,and live the artist to keep with their work.

      1. I disagree because AI brings more negatives than positives. We can already drive and pay, why do we need AI for that? We can already make art and make songs, it original too, why do we need AI for it ?

      2. I'm not too sure about this because you mentioned that AI can 'help artists work more unique', but then later on in your comment, you talk about how AI doesn't express feeling like artists' work do. Could you explain your thoughts further? You seem to be disagreeing with your own comment.

        More on the topic, I believe that AI is overused, as everything listed can be done simply without AI. People rely more on AI the more advanced it gets, and eventually, it could begin to run most things. I sort of understand where you're coming from, but could you go into further depth? Thank you.

  • I also changed my point of view on this subject. I used to think that it was boring, but in this matter I knew that it is very beautiful, and I talked before about the reality of artists with artificial intelligence and I talked about the negatives and positives, but if we look at art from the other side, it is a medical art, so technology was invented for x-rays and dangerous surgeries and how to facilitate them for the patient and the doctor, it is Very amazing art. While there may be initial fears about the future for artists and that they could be negative for them, artificial intelligence's paintings are very beautiful and impressive, but I don't think they are more impressive than human art. Of course, this is very negative for artists and their future. It reduces hands. Working people are artists, which leads to poverty and is a great way to improve the art

  • It's great to hear that you had such a positive experience at the festival and that it opened your eyes to the potential of artificial intelligence in art. Artificial intelligence has indeed made significant advancements in various creative fields, including visual arts, music, and literature. It can generate unique and innovative artworks, providing new perspectives and pushing the boundaries of creativity.

    While some may initially have concerns about the impact of AI on traditional art and artists, it's important to recognize that AI is a tool that can be utilized by artists rather than a replacement for human creativity. Artists can leverage AI to explore new techniques, generate ideas, and even collaborate with the technology to create fascinating pieces.

    By discussing the advantages, disadvantages, and the positive aspects of artificial intelligence in your class, you can help your classmates understand and appreciate the possibilities it offers. It's important to emphasize that AI can be a valuable tool for artists and encourage them to experiment and explore its potential in their own creative pursuits.

    Remember, the role of technology in art is not to replace artists but to enhance and augment their abilities. The fusion of human creativity and artificial intelligence can lead to exciting and unexpected outcomes. By fostering an open-minded approach and embracing new technologies, we can continue to push the boundaries of artistic expression.

    Lastly, it's wonderful that you have developed a curiosity and eagerness to learn more about artificial intelligence and its applications. Exploring different subjects and embracing new experiences is an excellent way to broaden your horizons and expand your understanding of the world. Keep seeking knowledge and nurturing your passion for culture—it will undoubtedly enrich your life and enable you to share your learnings with others.

    I'm glad to hear that the festival was a positive and educational experience for you. Thanking everyone involved in organizing such events is a great gesture of appreciation for their efforts in promoting knowledge and understanding.

  • Dear polite_dinosaur, I like your opinion. I'm happy that this amazing festival changed your point of view about AI. I like the point that you will try to discover the new topics even yoh thought at the begenning that you don't like it.. It's nice to know more and more about new things. And this festival gave us the chance for that by discusion and comments from topical talkers all over the world.. It's nice to learn the pros and cons of artificial intelligence in art as you said.
    Thanks for every one shared in this festival.

  • What you said about the importance of artificial intelligence is nice, but your use of the word culture is inappropriate. Culture is the customs and traditions of our ancestors. Artists from ancient times love drawing. Artificial intelligence may reduce their existence and make them turn to other professions. Thus, we say that their culture has been erased and a new culture created by artificial intelligence has replaced it.

  • I liked the way you described the Metavirus. Metavirus is a wonderful global platform. I think if we draw on it and not underestimate it, we can achieve tremendous success and development that the whole world will witness in the present and the future in terms of education. Here I am learning to develop my skills via the Internet in general, in terms of treatment, in terms of work, and in terms of industry and production. For myself, I did not know the Metavirus very well. I only knew it superficially. I will direct my message to people who say that it will destroy the world. I tell you that it is not he who will destroy or develop the world, but rather you humans by using it positively..... We must strive and strive to spread Awareness among people to use Metaverse well.... because we don't enter into a world where we don't know its way out.... but I'm afraid of only one thing, except that the Metaverse can control our daily and practical lives, and can it control our minds?

  • I stopped at a sentence I read in your comment, namely
    (I wasn't interested at first because I don't know exactly)
    I stood there because I experienced this feeling the most. Many of us have tried it
    We hear about something new, but we don't care much about it, but when we delve into this thing and understand its details, meanings, negatives and positives, it becomes the basis of our day and we care about and love it. As much as we weren't interested in it at first.
    What do you think if artificial intelligence itself is what we didn't care about at first means that we will love it a lot when we know what artificial intelligence is and how to use it and how to develop our intelligence because of it and develop our skills it will become something more beautifulAnd there are some people who challenge artificial intelligence and this is very beautifulArtificial intelligence is now a very wonderful and imaginative thing, and art is an even more wonderful thing, so if the two come together, we will have world-class artwork and graphics, and this is a very beautiful thing.
    Also, this does not cause anger on the part of the artists, on the contrary, this is for their benefit. Also, they can complete their artistic career on artificial intelligence, and this is a beautiful and unique thing now. If the artist continued his life in painting as usual, and like other artists, it would become boring.
    Artificial intelligence is a wonderful and amazing thing

  • I agree with you
    But I want to add something that Ai isn't good in art only but also in many fields
    For example, it can be used to make our homes smarter and more energy-efficient, to create tools that help doctors diagnose and treat illnesses, and to make transportation safer and more efficient.

    AI can also help us solve big problems like climate change and pollution by finding new ways to create sustainable energy and reduce waste.

    However it's important to remember that AI is a tool not a magic solution. We still need humans to guide and use it responsibly to ensure that it benefits everyone and doesn't cause harm.

    AI has the potential to do a lot of good for our lives but we need to use it wisely and with care.

  • Dear readers,

    As someone who is passionate about both technology and the arts, I would like to express my personal opinion on the topic of artificial intelligence and its impact on the creative industry.

    On one hand, the integration of AI in art can bring about several benefits. For instance, it can provide artists with new tools for creative expression, such as generative art, and allow them to explore new mediums and techniques. Additionally, AI can help create more personalized experiences for audiences and allow for more efficient production and distribution of art.

    However, there are also potential downsides to the use of AI in the arts. One major concern is that it may lead to the dehumanization of the creative process, taking away from the unique perspective and emotional depth that human artists can bring. Additionally, the use of AI in art may contribute to job displacement in the creative industry, potentially leading to economic and social implications.

    Nevertheless, I believe that the integration of AI in art represents an exciting frontier for human technical development. By harnessing the power of AI, we can potentially create more immersive and interactive experiences that can benefit not just the arts, but also industries such as education and healthcare.

    In conclusion, while there are certainly pros and cons to the integration of AI in art, I believe that with thoughtful consideration and collaboration between technology and the arts, we can unlock its full potential and create a future where creativity is enhanced, rather than replaced, by AI.

  • Artificial intelligence is not good for the arts. Some may say that Artificial intelligence is helping the arts and that's its useful. On the other hand people are also saying that Artificial Intelligence is ruining the arts and that its pointless to have. Artificial Intelligence is taking over is not good for the arts at all. Artificial Intelligence takes away the authenticity of the arts. If AI was used in every form of the arts then the uniqueness of the pieces wouldn't be in it. The arts would lose their individualism of the arts. The meaning of the arts would be pointless without the work and background of the human that usually makes them .

  • In fact, AI is not nearly safe as you can get scammed for money,for example someone copied your voice exactly and called a parent,carer, a friend or your sibling they can loose a lot of money from a random stranger and this means a waste of money that you worked for, lose of food,water and the daily essentials.This is risking your life and it has changed the world in a bad way.

  • I believe that, AI is bad as somebody could hacked them and steal somebody's voice and face. The person/AI could steal money from the person they are trying to steal anything. They could steal money, your house or anything else they may want to steal. AI could change the world, and in a bad way. The people that made AI could be going for bad, or good. AI has changed the world by making some people greedy for money and greedy for stealing things, its made the world a more dangerous. Have a great day! Please read this!

  • There are people who want artificial intelligence to fail because of their fear for artists and their work, but its information should be spread on artificial intelligence, and some people say that it is good, and I am the first of them, because it may benefit society and in the lives of people, and some kings know that artificial intelligence is also a technology that simulates human intelligence to perform tasks and can. Frequently improving itself based on the information it gathers