AI can not outdo the human teacher

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  • Hello, I think AI shouldn’t be involved in too many jobs because people are losing their jobs because of AI, people don’t have jobs that means people don’t make money doing their jobs so they get not money which means they can’t pay rent for their houses .

  • Hi everyone ,
    First, human intelligence is superior to artificial intelligence because artificial intelligence is created by human intelligence. Secondly, artificial intelligence cannot access the thoughts and feelings that a human being is aware of. Humans are able to learn from one experience, but artificial intelligence must go through the experience several times until it learns.

    1. I also agree with you that human intelligence is more superior than AI because humans actually are the ones that created AI. A human teacher could understand the students better than AI ever cold which means better education for children and higher great to. A teacher has emotional intuition that can really understand when a child is confused or does not understand what is happening in class why AI cannot. However at the same time the child can use AI to assist in learning. So to me, both AI and teachers working together can bring out the best in the teaching and learning experience

  • Ai in education may also involve a form of bias and this may even traumatize the students of different races or religions same could be applied to childcare.

    1. Interesting point. Can you expand on this?

  • I agree, AI can't do what human teaching does. As a student, I feel teaching is a very significant job and as mentioned by you, compassion and kindness for the children is required. Secondly, children or students need some humanly advice or suggestions from teachers, some advices can be given by AI, but not all. If teachers really wish for the best of the students and they want to convey best advices and suggestions, they would understand the requirements of the students, and then analyze what is best for them, which AI can't every time do. Lastly, students need appreciation for good things and advices for something they shouldn't do.

    1. You are right. In my opinion, artificial intelligence is more addicted than old way of teaching because it always helps the students and never fails to satisfy our thirst of knowledge whereas our teachers usually ignore irrelevant questions to keep us on the track. In this way artificial intelligence may lead us to the roads where we will be confused where to go. So you are absolutely right that we need teachers and mentors to guide us to the right path.

    2. I agree because I love my teacher and if there was an AI teaching me it wouldn't understand any personal or emotional questions. If my teacher were to short circut what would the class do?It is just not as sustainable as a human.

  • Hello everybody !
    I'm sympathetic _clarinet.
    I strongly agree with you because artificial intelligence can make many mistakes. First, artificial intelligence does not feel what humans feel because if you are tired, the teacher appreciates that and does not pressure you, but artificial intelligence will not feel what you feel, and if you are sick, I think, it will not relieve you of schoolwork, and I also think that you cannot talk to Robot or you tell it your feelings because in all cases it feels what you feel because it is just a machine that is why I prefer teachers than robots

  • Dear involved_wolverine,
    in what context do you believe that AI is harmful to students, more precisely their emotional development? I actually have to disagree, when saying that AI is dangerous, because it does not teach our generation emotions. I think that we don’t learn emotional intelligence from the internet, but rather from social interactions with our peers. On one hand AI can be considered as a burden to our enlightenment and development of our writing skills for example, if we let it do our homework. On the other hand I believe it is crucial to mention, that AI can research information in only seconds and spare us humans an enormous amount of time, trying to find the right sources and reading through each and everyone of those. AI has numerous positive aspects, that enrich our lives ( for example in the medical sector, as it can analyze and act more accurately) and will so in the future as far as I think. Still, as you said, it can be a danger, to which I would like to add, yes but only if abused by the wrong people, for the wrong reasons. We need to be careful and spread awareness on the implications of AI and keep a close eye on the situation, so we can control it and not let it get out of hand.

    1. Your opinion is that we don’t learn emotional intelligence from the internet, but rather from social interactions with our peers. When we are addicted to the excessive use of AI, how can we find time to interact with our peers? Now-a-days most of the students don't like to play or interact with peers rather they feel it comfortable to hold their gadgets and spend time on internet. I personally don't like much interaction with peers. I think our elders have to draw a clear line between the use of AI and having fun and play with our peers so that we can learn how to keep balance between both of them.

  • I think AI can teach us better than human teachers but still we need teachers to encourage and appreciate us. We are human beings not robots who don't have any need of emotional support. So the combination of both teachers and AI is the best way to upgrade our educational system.

  • Hello everyone,
    AI can be good at many things, and one of them is teaching.
    AI can have lots of information and knowledge, and that could help humans. As much as AI can perform a wide range of tasks it can’t replace teachers (humans). We need a person like a teacher who can help us if we get into trouble or if we need support. Teachers have souls and feelings that AI doesn’t have.

  • I think AI can not outdo the human teacher.
    AI was built and developing by human. Human created AI. At first human has to give the data to AI. Then, AI can do it. If a teacher won’t teach us about AI. How can we develope it?
    Even we have to keep in mind that AI memory depends on what humans put into them. AI can't help us if we ask any question that is not given to their data. But teachers can tell us. Teachers help us to know the unknown, see the unseen. If we ask them any critical question they can at least try to solve it where AI can't help us if it’s not in their memory.
    Also, teachers not only teach us academic things but also co-curricular activities. Teachers help us to learn moral behaviour. They also teach us punctuality, humanity, honesty etc. As AI doesn’t have feelings or emotion, they can't help us in learning moral behaviour.

  • AI may involve a form of bias, and this may affect badly to the students that. Since as AI it is just a machine that say or do specific things according to specific orders that given to it so it will not accept different opinions in the same thing but this thing does not applied to the humans conversation since God gives us a brain that we thing with and we know when we should accept and when we refuse something and also we know how to talk to different people with different minds from different ages and cultures so I strongly agreed with this statement

  • Can you imagine a world without teacher and classroom?
    Teacher not only teaches us academic education but also teach us moral values and ethics which an AI can never teach you. AI is a machine, so it doesn't have any feelings. How can a feelingless person teach you about moral values and ethics? Without moral values and ethics, we cannot be a good human being. The way teacher teaches us with care and affection, AI will never be able to teach you. Ai will only give you a certain amount of knowledge which was input by the operator, while teacher can provide you knowledge and information beyond the syllabus.
    Teacher played an important role in shaping the character of a child. How can we give this important role to the AI at which the future of the country will be affected? AI won't be able to infuse all sorts of morality and ethics in a student which ultimately result that we won't get a good citizen. We shouldn't give AI the important role by which the future of the country will affected as today's kids are the future leaders of the country. For this reason, I believe that AI won't be able to replace teacher as teaching is a very hard and important job. But there is no deny to the fact that AI will widely be used in educations but cannot replace the teacher.

  • Absolutely, AI has its limitations. While it can process and analyze data at incredible speeds, it lacks the personal touch and emotional connection that human teachers provide. AI can be a valuable tool, but it cannot replicate the profound impact of a dedicated teacher’s guidance and support.

  • In the future I think that having a robot/ai teacher will not be good because you probably won't get the human interaction and that won't be great because you won't get a nice human talk often.

  • AI has made significant strides in various fields, including education, but it still faces challenges in outperforming human teachers in several aspects. One key reason is the complexity of human interaction and empathy, which are crucial for effective teaching and learning. Human teachers can understand and adapt to the unique needs and emotions of individual students in ways that AI currently cannot replicate. Additionally, the development of critical thinking, creativity, and social skills often relies on nuanced human interactions that AI struggles to emulate. While AI can assist and enhance teaching practices, the holistic nature of education requires the human touch for optimal outcomes.

  • Hi everyone,
    in my opinion, artificial intelligence (Al) started in 1950-1956 and it was made by humans so humans are more intelligent than AI but I see that it has some advantages such as it can teach in new ways they can use videos, games, and puzzle to make learning fun. They can work all day without getting tired. They can help students to learn more. They can also give instant feedback. This helps students know where they are going wrong and fix their mistakes quickly.

  • Hi everyone,
    In my opinion, robot teachers are not as helpful as human teachers although there are 3.4 million robots in the world. But human teachers are still the best. They can understand feelings or emotions but robots can't, They can give us comfort, care and guidance that a robot teacher can't.
    Robots are helpful in teaching But they can't replace human teachers completely. They lack the human touch that is very important in
    teaching. so, while robots can assist human teachers are still needed.