AI Cars Cruising into the Future

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  • Well said polite_King. I am excited to see a future where there is AI cars because I believe the AI cars would assist us in a positive way. It is going to reduce the use of fossil fuels which always increase climate change and affects the planet. By doing so it is like having less carbon footprint in the environment and promoting climate change. Secondly I also think it is something marvelous because the AI would really help imp preventing accidents because it is calculated and smart.

    1. I also agree with you that AI cars will reduce the emission of carbon footprint because the automobiles we have now use petrol and burning them produced the carbon footprint which pollutes the environment and causes climate change. Wait the evolution of AI cars this problems can be solved because AI cars are electronic and they don't need petrol to run themselves at the same time it will have to prevent pollution which is a great step in protecting climate change.

    2. Hello ambitious_panther;
      In my opinion I think your comment is not entirely rational. Al can bring a big change in our life in the future. Al will make our work much easier. Maybe Al will drive in the future. This may not cause air pollution. But, if Al makes a mistake in some way, there is a possibility of a vehicle accident. It can take the life of an innocent person for no reason. If this matter is limited only to the car then this major accident will not happen. But, if Al is driving a large vehicle like a plane or a train and some kind of accident happens then many lives will be lost. What is your opinion about it? Hope you understand my point. Tell me if you agree with me or not.

      1. Hey there, storytelling_crab.
        I would like to respectfully disagree with you because the developers of these vehicles run field tests and lots of other checks just to make sure they are very safe. Plus, AI systems can collect vast amounts of data and react much faster than humans, potentially reducing the overall number of accidents compared to human-driven vehicles. AI systems can continuously learn and improve through feedback mechanisms. As they encounter and learn from mistakes, they can become increasingly reliable and safe over time.

      2. Hello storytelling crab!

        I totally accord to what you are saying because AI will save a lot even in the aspect of transportation. AI in transportation industry will help in reducing the car accidents caused by negligence and carelessness. Self-driven cars can help in reducing the rate of people getting lost when they find themselves in a new environment.

        For everything that has an advantage also has a disadvantage which a major disadvantage of self-driven cars is that they can be hacked, and they can malfunction causing lots of damage to the owner. Self-driven cars are the future of the transport sector. There are some newly made self-driven which include:
        1.) Tesla Model S
        2.) Volvo XC60
        3.) BMW 5 Series
        4.) Mercedes Benz E Class
        5.) Cadillac CT6
        6.) Mercedes Benz S Class Electric
        All the manufacturers of these cars had foresight and had the idea to change the world by reducing carbon IV oxide. These new electric and self-driven cars reduce the emission of carbon IV oxide

    3. I agree and also I disagree with you because of the part you said that fuel cars cause climate change done not forget that making AI cars needs a lot of chemicals to make a battery of a car will require chemicals and it uses battery which means it can get heated and the smoke it releases are dangerous and can also cause climate change. In countries today, for example Nigeria the use fuel and the causet of fuel is very high I will suggest the use AI cars in countries like Nigeria the only disadvantage is that if it spoil it will be hard to find were you can repair it also cast it will be very expensive for people to buy but I still think your comment is a good comment. THANK YOU.....

    4. I agree with you. AI cars already exist today! From Teslas to different models from different brands, these cars have saved so many lives. This includes the future generation, as it will reduce how much fossil fuels are used and can help stop climate change. This also includes the motion sensors that these cars have, which can save lives by preventing accidents from happening.

  • I agree and disagree because it is cutting down fossil fuels and pollution but I disagree because you ai could crash and slow down which could cause accidents

  • I agree that AI will will be perfect as cars because they will reduce wastage of money that means because AI cars should be made of strong metals it will make that car to last an enormous amount of time.AI cars will also be able to do multi-task activities which will reduce the stress put on the drivers,but my only problem right now is that what if the cars malfunction and start to work on their own and may cause the person inside to die we should consider this suggestion.

  • You are right polite_king. AI cars are going to be very useful. It is true that they can go to different places very fast and they reduce the use of fuel because they might use solar panels which are powered by the sun and if they use the sun as source of power, it can reduce Eco anxiety. Traffic hold ups won't be much and humans can save time and also preserve the energy the use to drive.
    Therefore I think that Ai cars are going to be very useful now and even in the future to come.

  • Well, A.I powered cars would be really useful and wonderful to humans. A.I powered cars uses the navigating devices perfectly as well as there will be less possibilities of having accident, though sometimes due to malfunctioning, accident might occur. Moreover, renewable resources shall be more possibly utilized while re-fueling the cars.

  • In today's society, I believe AI cars would be very beneficial for most people. Some of the few reasons for that is one, disabled people could be able to comfortably go to places without needing so much assistance. Another reason is that cars would produce less chemicals and fuel that go into the air and harm the environment. These cars could also help create a safer environment for driving. If we were to have AI cars, they would most likely be able to drive themselves. This could help with speed control and the spacing between cars potentially reducing car accidents.

  • Well done polite_king.
    I am very elated about this topic and I think it is a good ideal for AI cars to be used because I one the main advantages of AI cars is its ability to multitask and I believe that it it built in a way that it obeys all precaution of traffics and it also keep to the rules of the tracks (roads). AI cars will help to reach the destinations of people who don’t know how to drive, or old ones who no longer have the strength and it saves time.
    AI cars will minimize and also put to an accident event on the road to an end in the sense that many people drives roughy or recklessly because of anger or drinks why many drives recklessly because of time but AI cars doesn’t express anger or it doesn’t get drunk rather, it drives exactly the way the traffic rules has been mentioned to accidents and keep the passengers save.
    Secondly, the used of AI machine will also minimize the depletion of the ozone layers as it doesn’t release carbon monoxide into the atmosphere it rather, it has an electric battery circuit of which the car is been charged to function.
    AI cars will also save our money as many company or people keep on buying and purchasing gasolines and petrols for them to drive their cars.
    In conclusion, AI cars still remains the best as it detects when an accident is about to occur or not and it is also another way to learn how to drives both manually and automatically.
    What I also have to say is that Ali cars still remains the best way of transportation.
    Thanks you very much!!!

  • Hello,there.
    Your comment is awesome and logical. AI cars are a kind of self-driving cars, which can drive without the help of humans and handle all tasks. Such self-driving cars are amazing and wonderful inventions of AI. Like every thing, AI cars have advantages and disadvantages. Currently 94% of car accidents are due to man-made causes. AI cars can reduce accidents in the future. It understands the road environment, conditions and takes decisions accordingly. As a result, it is possible to reduce the mistakes that people can make while driving. But if there is any technical error in AI cars, there can be major accidents, so care should be taken that there are no technical errors in AI cars. AI cars can be used to optimize fuel efficiency and reduce emissions, which can help combat climate change. AI cars can be helpful for disabled, elderly people. People who cannot drive due to physical disabilities can easily move from place to place using these AI cars. Also, AI cars can instantly collect data to comply with traffic safety and parking easily. Also, the equipment required to build and develop AI cars is very expensive. As a result, people at all levels of society will not be able to buy AI cars. As these cars are technology dependent, these cars are prone to hacking or cyber attacks. This can lead to major accidents. If AI cars are adopted more, millions of people who work in the transport industry will lose their jobs. Above all, AI cars need to be fixed and used. Thanks.