AI- The Advantages and Disadvantages

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Hi Everyone, I am committed_planet and today I am going to discuss about AI with you.

AI is one of the most helpful things in the world. Look around you and you will see AI, robots, computers, and devices everywhere. It can be used for driving, manufacturing and in some places, it can actually operate homes by switching off the lights or turning on the air conditioner. You must have at least given one thought before in your life that- In the future all the places like shops, airports or restaurants would be entirely operated by Robots or AI. But have you even thought what disadvantages and advantages could AI bring in the world?

First of all, the thing I would like to say is that AI has greatly influenced the world, in all things. But this has impacted our living pattern. In the earlier days, AI was not there, and people were hard working. Now, we don’t have to do a thing like for example- Someone asks the voice assistant to switch on the TV and it automatically switches on. Earlier we had to do all these things ourselves but now by using AI we are getting lazier.

Secondly, AI has a really big influence on education. Its only a matter of some time before the world is filled with AI and kids are educated at homes, in front of computers, or at school with AI robots. AI robots lack creativity, and it is a different, but good experience to learn from a teacher than an AI robot. Also, the experience of learning with AI robots can make students less creative.

Thirdly, the more robots are there in the world there are less vacancies in jobs. As AI is learning to do many things and doing many jobs the employment rate is getting lesser and lesser day by day.

If you program AI to do a job, it will only do that. It will not have any new ideas or improvements. They cannot think like humans, let alone behave like humans. But they actually do those jobs faster and with more precision than we do.

AI can be also used to help people around the world like AI healthcare robots can do surgery better than human surgeons do. AI is good companion and help to us in the field of healthcare.

Thank You

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  • hi!
    AI has advantages like
    -reducing human error
    AI can increase accuracy and precision by using algorithms and information gathered previously.
    -Faster decision-making
    AI can help organizations and humans make decisions faster if they have the right data.
    and the disadvantages are
    -Job loss
    AI can automate tasks and replace jobs, which can lead to unemployment.
    AI's data-hungry nature can infringe on individuals' privacy rights.

  • AI advantages are :
    Correcting mistakes.
    Never wrong.
    AI disadvantages are:
    Not listening.

  • In my opinion AI can also have advantage and disadvantage let me say something about AI first Artificial Intelligence is one of the emerging technologies which tries to simulate human reasoning in AI systems and also this is one of the biggest advantages of Artificial intelligence. We can overcome many risky limitations of humans by developing an AI Robot which in turn can do the risky things for us.

  • I think the thought of AI taking our jobs is a bad idea, first of all AI would probably be more expensive then hiring and paying a human. Secondly an AI has to be programmed, and when programmed they don't that thing and only that. It's most likely inconvinient to reprogram them, but there are good effects to the idea. For example there will never be a late employee again or a employee will never be sick, but they can shut down.

  • AI has its ups and at the same time it has its downs AI can prove to be extremely useful or can prove to be very destructive for humanity, like we can already see Elon musk's progress on the self-driving car yes it will be a very special addition to humanity as it will reduce the risk of accident in society but will it actually be worth it forgetting a valuable skill we once had and letting some AI do all the work for us AI is a good upgrade to humanity but the thing is that we shouldn't let it get the better of us, advancement and innovation in the way we perform different activities these days but we shouldn't be lazy and forget all that we already know.

  • AI devices has its up and downs which are:

    Advantages of AI:

    1.Streamlining and Efficiency:

    2.Risk Reduction and Consistency:

    3.Data Analysis and Insights:

    4.Always Available

    Disadvantages of AI:

    1.Costly Implementation:

    2.Job Displacement:

    3.Lack of Emotion and Creativity:

    4.Ethical Concerns and Bias:

  • Hello everyone!
    I'm sympathetic _clarinet, and I going to discuss with you about AI.
    AI have many advantages and disadvantages.
    Firstly the Advantages of AI :
    AI helps us in our daily life, we use AI in many things in our day if we want to search about any thing like cooking or to search about the meaning of a word or about presentation it helps us in our daily life. And we use AI in our daily life like in cooking we use microwaves, cookers and so on.
    Also many places use AI like the smart shopping malls nowadays the cashiers replaced by robots.
    Finally the disadvantages of the AI :
    We said that many places replaced people with robots this mean that people will not work.
    And also many people's uses AI in bad things for example hacking mobiles, Stealing Banks and so on

  • Hi there! First of all, I agree that AI has pros and cons. It has pros, like it reduces human error, it automates repetition, it provides assistance, it helps us in many chores like cleaning our houses, and it makes the work of students, workers, and teachers easier. Finally, Artificial intelligence is a blessing to us that we should not rely entirely on it but using it wisely...

    1. It is a blessing but we should not underestimate it as it can be harmful for us

      1. Can you explain how it could be harmful?

        1. Sure, AI can be harmful in many ways-
          Sometimes when AI is misused it can cause accidents like if a car fitted with AI is moving and some problem happens with the AI, it could lead to an accident.
          Hackers could use AI to get through online security or online banks. They could also see our private information. So the cyber police should always see that any further development of AI in cracking codes or passwords could be harmful for us. They should keep that kind of technology safe under lock and key.
          As AI is growing, it is occupying more and more jobs and the rate of employment is decreasing.This could lead to poverty.
          If in the future AI would be used for teaching in schools, you will find out that the students are not so creative than now because AI robots have a lack of creativity or emotions. This could affect the students in their studies.
          There is a possible chance that now day AI will grow so much that it will not listen to humans.
          Thank You