Can social media influence businesses?

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  • Hello Topical Talkers

    I would like to say that businesses can be influenced by social media in the sense that any business can either be patronized or be dishonored by the social media. I personally feel a social media is a plat form that gives people the opportunity for them to relate, share information and get into conversation so a person on social media can dislike your business maybe due to wrong or inappropriate service so that individual can then decide to dishonor and speak bad about a business causing people to stop patronizing a business causing them to loose a lot of costomers and patronizers leading to loss in the business.
    With this example of mine, this is just trying to show that the social media can influence a business yeild and profit social media can also influence a businesses desisions in the sense that if they see that for them to be able to make themselves worthy to gain peoples trust I feel they will make desitions that will benefit the people on social media. this is another way social media can influence a business.

    Thank yoy!!!

    1. I agree because social media is a big and important channel of information, this is the current order of the day because technology is involved in everyday life. Today, people prefer to use the media instead of written methods like newspapers and oral methods like the news read but use the social media as it is quicker, and they think is more reliable.
      Social media can affect businesses as it is a big channel of information, now with social media, the reputation of a business can grow or be destroyed, this is because people trust what they see on social media. If bad news is spread on social media, their reputation can be spoilt because with the rapid usage of social media, everyone will get this information and believe it, but if commendable news is spread about a business, the reputation of that business will grow just as that same way it's reputation can be spoilt. This displays that social media is very important in growing a business.
      THANK YOU.

    2. Hello!
      I agree, however I also believe business can be made from social media because social media gives you popularity and a fanbase which can provide you with money to then make a business of whatever you want.

  • Social Media can effect business. It does every day with ads, reviews, comments, opinions, deals, online ordering, and more. Such as Burger Kings new ad they co sign with Stranger Things a popular show in the USA. People will eat their more because they want to try it because they like the show. Then, influencers buy it and rate it if it gets a good review more people will try. If it gets a bad review more people will review. Then later on BK will add deals for this and they will probably do this as a seasonal thing to make people anxious to get it and get them more sales.

  • Yes it can because you can promote this video of an ad and people would buy it. Also on social media, if you have become popular or famous on social media, you`ll start to make money from it by the payouts.

  • Hi Topical Talkers, this is my point of view :

    Social media is like a friendly chat room for businesses. It's where they can show off their cool stuff, talk with customers, and get the word out about what they're up to. It's all about making connections and keeping the conversation going. Plus, it's a great place to learn from others and stay in the loop with the latest trends. In short, social media can really help businesses shine in the online world. 😊

  • I believe that social media can influence businesses in many different ways. To start off, social media can be used in many different ways to socialize, to promote businesses, to create things, to play games, and many other things. Not only can you use social media for that but we also got things like ads, videos, business promotions, collabs, and opinion reviews which can bring more attention to the business being promoted.And also many people use the media in their day to day life so if the business is recognize on social media people will bring more attention to it. Lastly, influencers can post the business and bring more attention to it, and over time the more the business is promoted on social media the more profit the business makes.

  • What affects people born after 2000 the most?- social media! For me it is shocking to see how much a business depends on it`s reputation on social media.

    On one hand, social media can be the key to grab everyone`s attention and convince them in seconds why your product is the best. That`s exactly why and how many influencers run their businesses. Many, especially young people, trust everything they get from the Internet because these influencers have a big reach and many people follow the intention of majority. Also I have the feeling that due to the fact that everything on social media has only meaning and purpose for a second before disappering in the dephts of the Internet, people don't ask questions or ask the meaning of something. So many people buy things that they don't actually need.

    On the other hand, social media always exposes you to the risk of a shitstorm. News spreads around the world in seconds and as quickly as your business grew, it can also fall.

    All in all,I would say that social media influences business strongly and therefore should be seperated.