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I loved this festival so so much , i spent alot of time making standpoints and comments and from... Competition #10 winners 27/3/24
Hi Topical Talkers, this is my point of view : Social media is like a friendly chat room for... Can social media influence businesses? 24/3/24
Well , In our world, everyone should be treated fairly, But sometimes, women's work is not... Are women undervalued? 24/3/24
Well , i see that gender inequality is a hard challenge that society is going through and after... Unfair Treatment 22/3/24
Hi everyone ☺️ I believe that women are awesome leaders 👏 since they think in a different way... Are women excellent leaders? 22/3/24
I agree with you that AI (Artificial intelligence) helps students study their curriculum and... All what you need to know about AI 20/3/24
Hi everyone! I would like to tell you all how i think people will get their news in the future.... Competition #9 winners 20/3/24
Hi everyone! I wanna tell you what i think :- AI has the potential to revolutionize education... Will A.I. Revolutionize Education? 20/3/24
Hello brothers and sisters on topical talk. I really agree with these results because women... Gender and journalism: poll results! 19/3/24
Hi everyone! I wanna tell you what i feel about this amazing festival. Everyday i get more... Topical Talk and YOU 19/3/24
Hi everyone! I am unique_turbine! I expected a different result ...... because it should be a... Performance-enhancing drugs: poll results! 18/3/24
Hi everyone! I am unique_turbine. In my opinion, Athletes that take performance enhancing... Performance-enhancing drugs: poll results! 17/3/24
Hello everyone! I have a suggestion and it is " Why AI should be available for everyone " I... Suggest a discussion 17/3/24
Hello everybody, Women and men should have equal rights since both need each other and men... Gender Inequality 17/3/24
I Really love this festival since it has encouraged me to get out of my safe zone and chat with... Topical Talk and YOU 17/3/24
I really agree with astounding_turbine . He is right that sports are training and also taking... Should performance enhancing drugs be allowed in competitions? 15/3/24
No i dont think it's fair to take drugs in competition especially Olympic competition because... Should performance enhancing drugs be allowed in competitions? 15/3/24
Well the answer to this topic depends on the state, if its a drug written to you by doctors or... Drugs: Are They Just Medicines? Should They Be Consumed In Any Case? 14/3/24
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a computer software that can perform tasks that typically... Competition #8 winners 14/3/24
Is doping fair? The answer is NO...doping isn't fair because it is considered Cheating and... Is doping fair 14/3/24