City Parks: Nature's Places In Busy Cities

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  • City parks are the best option for adding an environmentally friendly touch in busy cities.
    I think all governments should have them as a priority as it also brings children close to nature and teaches them how necessary are in our lives.
    City parks can be a wonderful break from our routine. We can go there to walk, cycle, and breathe clear air.

  • I agree. People need somewhere where they can relax and connect with nature, and a city park offers them exactly what they are seeking. Connecting with nature in a calm place will always help people to focus on the good things that nature still has to offer and make them to calm down.
    Anxiety is caused on a personal scale, and city parks help people to relax with it. Seeing the wonders that nature still has will help you to balance all the negative reports you have heard of nature.


  • They should add more trees to cities. Cities are lacking air, they have been getting air pollution. Another solution is not driving cars but bikes. THANKS!

  • Hi everyone,
    I also believe that having nature in busy cities is a great idea. Nature parks can serve as homes for native plants and different animal species that do not thrive well in various weather conditions. Nature parks also serve as natural air filters that will absorb pollutants such as fumes from cars and factories and release oxygen. Just being able or having the access to sit under a shady tree really impacts one's mental health greatly by reducing stress from a day's work. In Ghana, there are no nature parks , so children and adults get burn marks from the sun, When they are unable to stand they find the nearest water bodies to cool themselves down, but due to the sun, the water boils up, causing some children to be cooked and drown from it. Some survive and come back to tell their stories on the news, and they have pleaded with the government for just a shack with just a fan and torch for light. Some of the friends share their lost friends' memories and share their dreams about going to school. . About 30% of homeless children were reported dead from the same incident from January to February this year, and our government hasn't done anything about it. The saying that the clearest way to the universe is through green space is indeed right.

  • As far as I am concerned, I believe it's fabulous to build city parks especially in cities where there are a lot of buildings and people.
    This way people can enjoy nature, even thought they live in a busy city where there are no trees.
    As a result, people, health will improve for sure, and they will have the opportunity to breathe fresh air.
    What better than a place where families can go, children play there or even exercise yourself in nature in order to keep fit ?

  • Yes, i believe that city parks are a very good way of maximizing the presence of nature even in a highly urbanized area. They serve as a sanctuary for trees and also for humans. In mu country Nigeria, there is a place called the Yankari National park. It is a place where animals as well as vegetation is conserved so that indigenes and tourists alike can enjoy nature and a little serenity. It helps us appreciate what we have as well as promote awareness on why nature and wildlife conservation is important to us all.

  • Nature's place in cities is a great way of promoting an environmentally friendly lifestyle and give the next generation a chance fir a better world.
    This would be a nice idea because people will simultaneously enjoy their life with all the technological gadgets and developed machines and but they will also have an option to go for a walk in the clean air with the tress and plants surrounding them.
    They will do something off the beaten track and they will connect more to store having the opportunity to relax and feel the quietness and peace.

  • I do believe that cities need parks. Not only to make the place look better but also to give a place to people to calm down and enjoy the nature.
    For example the Central Park in New York. When you get there it’s almost like you are not in the city but lost in nature.
    You can see lots of people hanging around, walking, jogging do you can take even your bike there or just sit down and enjoy the greenery.

  • I think city parks are great because they give busy cities a place to allow green spaces to grow. They add a hefty piece of greenery to big,busy cities.

  • I think city parks should be located in every city of every single place, whether small or big. Whether place is not important or not that busy.It should at least have one city park or garden. it is just the small step to change the situation of environment today, because if we create changes today it will be implemented after years. As we all know when the law is passed by the government, it does not take at the same moment , actually when after some years when people complain about the same thing, then the law is amended. In the same way when we give something and take out time for the environment the results will be not occur at the same place , again after sometime awareness will be created and at that time people will again feel the need to do something for the environment, and then only change will come .
    So I think building the city Park is very important and at least we should do everything we can for the environment , and this is the smallest step, which the government should always take . Greenery will be anchorage and children’s will also visit and enjoy the beauty of nature, whether it is created artificially or naturally. But they will also feel from the beginning only that , when they will grow up they should also do something like this.
    It is important to teach the new generation because the old generation did the work by doing nothing for the environment so by teaching the children they will be aware and from the birth. Only they will get to know that why environment is very important for us and what will happen if we damage it daily.
    So this small step can lead to big changes, so we should not think that our step is small or big. We should just think that what results it will give us in the end.

  • In todays world we rarely get time for ourselves and nature due thousands of reasons like career pressure,family,income stress and more this has made us enclosed inside the four walls of our we only find our happiness in money or luxurious lifestyle but this is not the true happiness..nature is a place where we can actually find true happiness and feel kind and blessed not only this but nature provides us with our needs and gives us time to lice our life away from this hustle bustle and hectic world today city parks importance is on peak in such parks we can improve our physical fitness,mental situation,stress etc ..hence for me nature is an abode of peace because in this world where we do not get time - a valuable resource from money,we can get it free from nature!!