Benefits of Immigrants to a Country

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I used to believe that accepting asylum seekers into a country would have a negative impact on that country . However, after reading and listening to other students perspectives on immigration, i have changed my mind and chose to write about the benefits of accepting immigrants to a country.

Asylum Seekers are people who leave their home counntry to find safety in another country because they are afraid of being harmed in their country. They seek protection in countries willing to take them in. People seek asylum due to various reasons including their race, religion, political beliefs or other factors which put them at risk of harm or death in their home country.

To be granted asylum, one must first arrive in the country they wish to stay in. Then, they have to go through a process where they share their story and provide evidence to prove that they are in danger in their home country. If the country verifys their story, they can stay but if not, they may be sent back to their homes.

Howerver, some people fear that asylum seekers may negatively impact the economy or bring bad habits to their country. But do you know that accepting asylum seekers also has benefit ? For instance many of these individuals possess skills that can contribute to the development of the country they wish to stay. They can use their expertise to improve the economy and increase the workforce. Some of them are highly trained professionals in various fields like science, research, and invention which can positively impact the host country.

I believe that accepting asylum seekers is a positive thing as the benefits outweigh the negative effects. It is a humanitarian service that benefits both the asylum seeker and the host country.

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  • I agree with you that asylum seekers can bring benefits to our country especially in a country that needs skilled workers and has an aging population . If the asylum seekers are skilled and trained, they can contribute to the community in areas where there is a need for specialized skills. This can help in developing the country in a positive way.

    1. I agree because... Yes, they can bring lots of new things from their old country to their new countries which can help their new country progress vast period. So allowing asylum seekers to get refuge in a new country can bring lots of benefits. Thank you ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. Can you give examples to support your point, hopeful_passionfruit?

        1. Hi Katie.๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿป
          Helping people from other countries find a safe place to live can be fun and educational. You can make new friends, learn new games, and become a better person. By helping others, you're making a difference in their lives and learning about different cultures and people.

        2. Hello Katie@Topical talk
          I think I have a second thought on this
          When people come from other places to live in a new country, they bring lots of cool stuff with them. Like, some might know how to fix really important things, like when someone gets sick or when machines break. Others might have super cool ideas to make new things or start their own businesses.
          And do you know what?Having different people from different places makes everything more fun! We get to learn about new foods, games, and celebrations. It's like having a big party with lots of friends from all over the world!"

      2. Hello hopeful passion fruit

        I agree with the point that you have stated because immigration has brought or introduced new ways of making survival easier in the following ways;

        1. It promotes innovation
        2. It provides new ways of learning
        3. It helps an economy grow and develop
        4. It introduces new skills in the society

        We must not forget that even as they are positive effects of immigration, they are also negative effects of it. they include the following;

        1. Unemployment may rise as they may be unrestricted numbers of incomers in a country.
        2. A country may become overcrowded.
        3. resources may not be enough as the country may become overcrowded.
        4. One may be discriminated trying to adapt into a new environment.

    2. I agree with you because asylum seekers can actually bring in new skills in a country especially in countries that are not skilled and need people who are skilled. We all know asylum seekers are talented and amazing, so I think that asylum seekers can bring in new things to a country that need skills. Asylum seekers can develop a country.
      Thank You !!!

      1. Yes, I agree with you. These people can also help in bringing in new and fresh ideas to help countries that are not well developed to better places. They can also help to fill in spaces in countries that do not really have skilled people to develop countries because as they come in , they are being fixed in places to bring out all their initiatives for the development of the country.

    3. Yes it's true if a country has immigrants that will make a great impact on the society,they should be accepted if they want the society to grow and develop. Some immigrants may bring technology to a country so the country will reward them by allowing them to stay in the country. Immigrants can also be accepted when they want to learn how to work from the country and develop their previous country on a condition that they will not harm the country.

    4. I agree because... asylum seekers in any country brings new skill and talents. If that country will train asylum seeker on that skill in whch they are interested and coinfidence. Those asylum seekers can contribute to the country and helps for the develpment of the country.

  • I think immigration is a positive and negative thing. 1 (why it is positive): Immigration is positive because it helps people who are struggling in their own country due to wars, segregation, high criminal percentages etc. If the citizens feel so unsafe to the point of needing to move I believe that immigration is a good thing. It helps protect innocent people and save children. 2 (negation effects): Immigration is negative because of overpopulation. This is a bad thing because it causes cities to have low job opportunities due to most positions being filled. Also, with the population growing so does the pollution.

    1. I also think having immigrants in a country has both negative and positive effects because if some immigrants come with a negative attitude, they can influence the people of the country to start behaving like them or harm the people.
      But on the positive side, the immigrants can benefit the country with their skills and professionalism. Some of them are trained doctors and engineers while others are strong business owners. Having them in a country can boost the countries economy

  • Their are benefits and disadvantages to allowing Asylum seekers into a country but I think that the benefits outweighs the disadvantages.
    Some benefits are:
    1. They bring new skill.
    2. They bring new culture.
    3. They may promote innovation.
    4. Increase of revenues.
    There are more benefits to receiving Asylum seekers . But not everyone thinks that. some people think they will bring some sort of chaos or crimes to the country .Still the benefits outweighs the disadvantages. Some negative
    In conclusion immigration has much more benefits to it and we can make some laws and policies that can handle those negative effects that may come with it.

  • Indeed immigrants can be beneficial to a country. Many unskilled migrants help as labour in economy along with skilled labour which helps in development of science and technology.
    Take for example many jewish-german intellectuals migrated from Germany during WW2. Albert Einstein, Max Born etc were greatest physicists of their time who shifted to America and England respectively. Developmental psychologist Erik Erikson along with the infamous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud etc were all immigrants who contributed not only to the country but to the world.

  • Personally, I think that many immigrants are well-educated, and they have good experience so, they will be able to benefit the host country. Also, they contribute to economic growth. One the other hand they can increase pressure on public services. Overpopulation could increase rent amounts.

  • I completely agree with you, but I think when discussing a topic like this simply talking about positives and negatives won't help fully grasp the situation; we need to think about the short term and long term consequences for both the asylum seeker and the country.
    In the short term asylum seekers will benefit by being given somewhere to stay that is safe and has available jobs. However the country may suffer in the short term as they have to fund the asylum seeker staying there and helping them settle in.
    On the other hand in the long term countries will benefit because they will gain new skills that can be used to help their economy. The asylum seekers will also benefit because they have been given the opportunity to make a new life for themselves.

  • I definitely agree with you! I think that letting immigrants into a country is important for the development and growth of the country. By doing this, the immigrants will be able to express their unique talents and abilities. Immigrants are also able to do jobs that the country is short on.

  • I feel that Immigrants can bring in new ideas that might not have been thought of or maybe have better way of doing thing.
    Everyone has a different point of view and who knows maybe they can have the best point of view in that particular area. I am not saying that the other people of that country do not have good opinions. No I am saying that they actually have great opinions but they just did not consider every perspective of their idea and the immigrant just made the idea better.

  • I honestly think asylum seekers can give benefits to our country. For example, asylum seekers could open a new business. It also introduces more workers, because they will need to work to make it in the country they move to.

  • It's true that the immigrants can be a benefit for the host country. Let's take the example of Bangladesh. Now a days a new trend is going on in Bangladesh that all the educated and talented people want to leave the country and want to stay in their dream country which is obviously bad for our country as we lose some genius and talented people. But those people after going to different countries contributed immense in the development of that country. As a result, the country gets a lot of benefits after giving shelter to those genius people. Generally, the educated people got the access to migrate in another country after fulfilling all criteria given by the host country. So, it is indeed a benefit for the country if they can take skilled people through migrations. Also, they can take steps to trained those immigrants and make them skilled which will also help them to advance their economy. Through immigrations the host country got the most powerful resources that is human resource. If the host country can utilize the human manpower properly then it will be definitely a milestone for the host country. So, for the utmost benefit, the host country needs to be careful while giving entry to the immigrants and also need to take steps to make them skilled.