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I totally disagree with option C that says If a prisoner is able to escape then they deserve to... What if prisons aren’t working? 04/2/24
In my opinion, I strongly believe that they should be a balance between both the percentage... Prevention or protection? 04/2/24
I agree because... agree because your courage is quite commendable to speak out, I'd also like... An interview with Caroline Hickman 29/1/24
Other creative ways are through drama. People often learn more by watching plays because some... An interview with Caroline Hickman 29/1/24
I agree because I was also shocked on the large percentage of youths worried for our climate... Show what you know 29/1/24
I know for a fact that the future holds much more than just AI so why should we restrict... Will schools exist in future? 27/1/24
But if you have a rethink, back then despite not having the option of using AI to solve their... Will schools exist in future? 27/1/24
I'm going with option c which says "School is about things that machines can't help... Will schools exist in future? 27/1/24
Exactly, I believe there should be a balance of both good news and bad news so people can see... Too much negative news? 26/1/24
I scored 15 out of 16 on my first attempt andvi must confess that it's quite positive and... Test your knowledge 25/1/24
Bold points made here, indeed it is commendable that is why I totally agree with you. I'd also... Jobs of the future 24/1/24
I got 8 out of ten on my first attempt and I must admit that I learnt a lot. Firstly, Who would... Show what you know 24/1/24
Firstly, Climate change refers to long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns. Such... Climate change: regular reminders 23/1/24
I choose number one . Firstly, it is quite personal to me especially viewing the rapid growth... What's your reaction? 23/1/24
Absolutely not, what is the use of going to school only to be taught be an AI teacher then we... Jobs of the future 22/1/24
This sits well with me because it is very important that we know our beginning and our end on... Tell us what you think! 22/1/24
I respectfully disagree with your conclusion because , the jobs that AI has created requires... Jobs of the future 22/1/24
Firstly, I feel like there will be availability of new jobs why? This is because AI Artificial... Jobs of the future 22/1/24