Immigration, should it happen?

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Immigration should it happen or should it not?

From my perspective, I think immigration is good as it will lead to a diverse and a non predjuced country which would lead to a decline in discrimation . To illustrate this point,

745,000 people immigrated to the UK in 2022 . This means that it would be near impossibe to stop all of them and instead we should try and make space and embrace them . Ways that the UK are making it safer to immigrate is by implying rules such as letting immigrants enter the UK without a visa for upto 6 months which is really helpful condersiding it takes 6 to 10 months to get a visa .

Conversly people might say that there should harder rules as countries such as the UK simply does not have enough space to accomodate all the immigrants . To show this point, 67 million people currently live in the UK and according to The House Of Commons Libary 4% of the UK(approximatly 1 million people ) are already overcrowded and with 745,00 people immigranting to the UK this would cause a problem . Other people might say aswell that countries should enforce more rules to due illegal immigration which is where people enter a country without a visa and this could be very dangerous . 52,000 people illegally entered the UK last year and they mostly do this by travelling on small dangerous boat which have been shown to cause accidents that lead to injuries or death .

However , I think this is wrong and could be solved by removing old houses and making room for bigger and newer houses which could fit bigger families if necessary . Also, it could be benefical for the UK as if more people are working and paying takes it cause increase the economy and that would be helpful as the UK is currently in a recession. And ways we could help illegall immigration is making borders and border patrol safer and making it a lot harder to cross channels.

Overall I think immigration is good because it will create a more diverse countries which would lead to less stereo-typing and discrimination

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  • I agree with you on most of your points. Immigration is good as it'll create more diversity in spaces and can help with the working class but we cannot assume discrimination would be depleted immediately. In fact, it may just lead to more discrimination and prejudice from certain people but hopefully it will show people a change of mind. Another point I do not agree with you on though is in the second to last paragraph. All countries house old, historical buildings that are very important to people as it may be an important part of their family culture. Besides that, your points are really well done!

    1. Hello engaging_emotion ,
      When I said about removing old buildings I did not mean building with historical history . I meant building which are heavily destroyed so it would simply cost less to remove it and build houses .
      Thank you for comment,
      Good day .

      1. Hello! Thank you for clearing up the misconception and you are definitely right on that then. Destroyed buildings serve mainly no purpose and it would be helpful with the immigration if the buildings were removed.

    2. I completely agree with you because immigration has both advantages and disadvantages. Some of the advantages are that there would be an improvement in that countries work force and there would be diversity but there are still

  • Immigration should happen I believe as people need to move to other countries for different purposes and they should be free to do it.
    For instance if they want to study in a university or find better work opportunities why we should stop them?
    Our world tends to follow a more globalization

    1. I agree with you because there might be problems in their home country and immigrating to a safer place would be the best choice with many other reasons immigrating to the UK. Immigrating to the UK can lead to higher job opportunities as it may also lead to a higher job production with a high demand.

    2. I agree with you educated_thought, this is because everyone should have an opportunity to find a better circumstance for them to be under. So I agree with your comment educated_thought.
      Thank you.

  • I think that immigration should happen, I think this because
    Number 1. It gives a lot of people different opportunities that they may not have had before.

    1. I'm not sure about this because whilst the point you have raised is valid , in my opinion i do not believe that you have fairly evaluated all pros and cons of immigration. I would actually in total probably agree with your point that overall immigration is a net positive thing to happen, however you haven't added any structure to your argument and you haven't shown that you appreciate the negative impact immigration can have on our society. For example crime rates can go up and also there will be less jobs available and ultimately, prices will further rise. Please add more detail so we can have a more in depth discussion.
      Thank uou,

      1. Thank you for your response to my argument. I believe that immigration with give people more opportunities than they would have had before because immigration and the need for jobs can actual help to create more jobs. You have said that there will be less jobs available this is not necessarily true and needs to be supported with statistics or evidence to support it. Although it may seem that because there are more people who need jobs there will be less jobs available, at the same time, immigration can also make a bigger the demand for workers and this can create new jobs. For example, people who migrant will buy goods and services which means there is more demand. With more demand, employers will need to employ more people to help meet the demand. This means that there are not less jobs. As the job market is always changing it is not good enough to say migration will mean less jobs, as it can also mean more jobs too.
        Please explain why prices will rise if there are less jobs available? Especially if, as I explained above, more jobs can be the result of immigration in the long run.

      2. I disagree with you analytical_cookie because we do not know the cause of their immigration or why they migrated to another country.
        Immigration can also fill in the remaining jobs which can cause economical prosperity. Through this,it can make the country rich and have better working conditions. Like the above example that you gave... if crime rates increases, the country will still have more police forces which will greatly increase armed forces and reduce the rate of crimes. In my opinion cost of things will reduce since the immigrants filled out the ranks of the workers they need and it brought economical prosperity.
        What I'm trying to say is that we should look at the good side of what immigrants will bring and the good things that the Country will benefit.

    2. I agree with you , I say this because in my country generally a lot of people travel out of the country in Nigeria it is called JAPA, this means going away from your initial country to another in order for them to be able to be paid well and for their personal intrest , a lot of people from my country travel outside the country and become successful so that is what gingers other youths to travel out and make their own money and success . I heard that in the western world they pay workers per hour and here we pay monthly or daily that is another reason why our people are traveling outside Nigeria . They get more job opportunities than they were supposed to have in their initial country .

    3. I agree with you that immigration should happen, but I don't agree with the point you have made. This is because to have the chance to have different opportunities you don't have to move to a different country to do so. There are many other reasons that someone might decide to immigrate such as safety or more job opportunities. These are some of the main reasons people and families decide to immigrate rather than just the different opportunities available.

      1. I agree with your point as you have pointed out other reasons why people might chose to move to a different country and I think this can be part of the problem. People who move to live in other countries might have a new job, so they are coming to the UK with money and a job, which means they are able to support themselves. I think that people often confuse immigrants with illegal immigrants so always assume that they will need money and housing but many will move to the UK with money to support themselves. Therefore, I agree with your point about why people and families might decide to immigrate.

  • I agree with this people immigrant for career enchantment,for education purposes, overpopulation, poverty, better health care and war . Why should people stereotype and look down on immigrants they are people just like any other person. Immigrants can make significant economic contributions to their countries and communities of origin through numerous channels.

  • After thinking about it, I came to the conclusion that accepting immigrants into your country has both advantages and disadvantages. The positive thing is that it is kind because those people are running away from trouble and are trying to find a better life. Helping those in need is important, and it makes our communities stronger. Also, accepting people from other cultures brings change and different perspectives into our society and enriches it. The negative side would be the lack of resources and services. Sometimes a country cannot provide for everyone, which creates a problem for both immigrants and native people.

  • I think we should limit the people who come into the country. If people want to immigrate to a country, then they should do a background check. What if the person has a history of crime and has been in jail in the US? If they get in the country, they could cause trouble.

    1. I agree however there could also be people who have been in prison but has changed and needs a new home and not giving it to them feels like a violation of human rights, also alot of people might not get accepted just because of their race

  • I think immigration should happen as it can contribute to many advantages if it is handled properly.
    First of all it can increase diversity and turn society into a more cultural accepted community.
    People will have to accept people from different backgrounds and understand them. In that way open mindedness will be a characteristic that can help the world in general to understand how people totally different from us are also equal

  • I think, immigration should happen. This is because no one actually owns the world and no one should. People should have freedom to explore and learn about different places and their culture. The only reason which may change my decision a bit, is that some criminals can escape from their own country and go into another with different details.
    However, I feel immigration is necessary for any economy because it also creates tourism. And, I agree with many of your points.

  • I certainly agree with you because, first off, having more people from different places coming into a country can make it super diverse, which is good. More diversity means less prejudice and discrimination, which is definitely something we all want. But I get it; some people worry about things like not having enough space or resources for everyone. If there are already a lot of people in a country, adding even more might seem overwhelming. And there's also the whole issue of illegal immigration, which can be pretty risky and dangerous.

  • Hello everybody !
    I'm sympathetic_ clarinet.
    There are many types of migrations. Immigration is divided into two types: first, legal or legal immigration
    It is the movement of a person from his usual place of residence to a new place of residence, in line with the laws and regulations governing the exit from the country of origin, travel, transit and entry to the destination or host country.
    Secondly, illegal immigration or illegal immigration: It is carried out from behind the state, or in more correct terms, escaping from the country of origin to another country in an illegal way. This immigration is forbidden and no one succeeds in it. This means that if you cross the borders of your country safely, you can stick to the borders of the country you are going to. Because you do not have any paper to prove that you are traveling legally , and it is very difficult for anyone to live with whoever they will encounter while traveling, because in short, they are not traveling by boat, and this boat will leave you before the borderVery much because the boat is already leaving illegally, and the person who is traveling illegally keeps swimming until he reaches the border, and in fact, he may drown. People travel illegally because, for example, they are in a poor country or a developing country and do not have money to pay for travel, so they seek refuge. For the illegal way

  • Immigration as you mention can promote diversity and less stereotyping issues.
    But the case is whether immigration happens because you want to find a better job, study or because you are forced to leave your country . If you want to increase your potentials on finding a better job then this could make the host country more open minded towards people from different backgrounds.
    But when the host country does not have the choice but just to welcome refugees from war environment countries then it is the duty of the governments to keep a balance between these two different cultures.
    Immigrants should not feel safe but wellcome to continue their life as simple as possible.

  • Personally, I think the pros of immigration outweigh the cons.

    Pros of Immigration
    Immigrants help the economy by taking unoccupied jobs (therefore lowering the unemployment rate) and paying taxes. They also support new and small businesses. They may even start their own business, since, according to research, immigrants are 80% more likely to start a business than people born in the U.S. They also diversify societies with diverse cultures, which encourages others to be open-minded.

    Cons of immigration
    Some argue that the cons outweigh the pros. And I understand there are some problems that come with immigration. Public services and law enforcement would have to work more or hire more people due to increased populations. And if police work longer hours or the government hires more people, citizens will have to pay for that with their tax money. Also, illegal immigration has the risks of of higher crime rates and legal immigrants might think it's unfair.

    Why the pros outweigh the cons
    Now that we have looked at both sides of the argument, I think that the economic and cultural contributions outweigh the problems. About how law enforcement will have to work longer hours, studies show immigrants are less likely to engage in criminal activities than U.S.-born citizens. Responding to concerns with policies regarding immigration can minimize the strain on public services and the new laws can help with illegal immigration issues.

    So, in a nutshell, the pros of immigration are:
    economic growth
    cultural diversity
    lower crime rates.
    And to handle the cons, by implementing sound policies, we can ensure that the positives of immigration outweigh the negatives, fostering a welcoming and inclusive society.
    What do you think?

  • Thank you for sharing your perspective on immigration. It's insightful how you highlight the benefits of diversity and suggest practical solutions to address concerns about accommodation and illegal immigration. Embracing diversity indeed enriches societies and can lead to reduced discrimination. Your thoughts on improving infrastructure and border security are thought-provoking and could contribute to more constructive discussions on this complex issue.

  • Hello, in my opinion I believe immigration has positives and negatives as immigrants can help with labour and helping increase diversity in a country but negatives are the fact that more houses are needing to be built and houses are having to be built in the countryside and this means that animals are losing their habitats and Britain may become a concrete jungle.

  • I agree with you're argument, but if we want the country to be safe the Government will definitely have to spend a lot of money for building new flats and houses for the immigrants. Especially if they have to be for free and have to be in good conditions for the immigrants. Discrimination on the other hand won't reduce immediately. This is because even now there is discrimination. It will take a long time for the people to calm down but it could possibly have a huge impact on their mental health. When they are coming from another country they may already be suffering mentally and physically. So that's why if we want the immigrants to come we also need discrimination and other factors that affect their mental health to end.

  • I agree with this but I should also add to this as more immigrants may contribute to the growth in industries and the economy but it can also involve the UK into issues around the world and the UK can use the power they have to help atrocities around the world. Thank You!!

  • I agree with your explanation, I believe immigration is beneficial because it promotes diversity and creates a more inclusive society, ultimately reducing discrimination. It gives people from other places to learn new things about a different society. Though may get discriminated because they aren’t originally from the area, it gives people a change a heart over time.

  • I personally am pro-immigration. I am this because...
    1. Immigration fuels the economy. When immigrants enter the labour force they increase the productive capacity of the economy and raise GDP. Their incomes rise, but so do those of natives.
    2. Immigration fills up some of the many jobs that many local people wouldn't want to do
    3. Increases in cultural diversity
    4. Finally government tax revenues increase

  • I am against immigration. This is because...
    1. Lowers the wages of native-born workers
    2. Migrants may be exploited
    3. Congestion
    4. More demand for public services
    5. Issues communicating due to language barriers.
    6. Issues securing accommodation or housing on arrival

  • Immigration has the potential to fill job vacancies, leading to economic growth. This can result in a wealthier nation with improved working conditions. For instance, if crime rates rise, more police forces can be hired, strengthening security and lowering crime rates. I believe that with immigrants joining the workforce, costs may decrease, ultimately boosting economic prosperity. It's important to focus on the positive impact immigrants can have and the benefits they can bring to the country.

  • I am of the opinion that immigration can actually provide people with more opportunities than they would have had otherwise. The argument that there will be fewer jobs available due to immigration needs to be backed up with concrete statistics or evidence. While it may appear that an increase in job seekers will lead to a decrease in available jobs, immigration can also boost the demand for workers, ultimately creating new job opportunities. For instance, migrants contribute to the economy by purchasing goods and services, thereby increasing demand. In response to this heightened demand, employers may need to hire more workers to keep up, resulting in the creation of new jobs. Therefore, it is not accurate to simply claim that immigration will lead to fewer jobs, as it can also lead to an increase in job opportunities.

  • I don't think that immigration should happen. I think this because...
    1. Mass immigration lowered the wages of native-born workers, especially those with low skills who compete directly with the new entrants. It benefited native-born workers who do not compete with the foreign arrivals in the labor force.
    2. Exposure to traumatic stress and mental health.
    3. Stresses after resettlement.
    4. Norms in country of origin and acculturation to local customs.