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I completely agree with you. The treatment of Meghan Markle by the royal family was unacceptable... Expert challenge: royalty 12/5/23
First: It is good that the day off given to the whole of the British Kingdom be used to express... Not for everyone? 12/5/23
Hello! It's great to hear that you have been exploring AI and art. While AI is capable of... Thinking questions 11/5/23
Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) in various... Thinking questions 11/5/23
I earned 8 .. but I'm learned alot of information Hmm, I'll try to keep it simple! Equality... Test your knowledge 11/5/23
It's very important topic and they are so important questions ,So If AI can clone people's... Photos and voices 10/5/23
The royal family is a group of people who are very important in the country. They have a special... Reflect on the lesson! 09/5/23
In recent news different stories about royalty have emerged including discussions about the... Reflect on the lesson! 09/5/23
If access to necessary hardware, software, and internet connectivity is limited, large numbers... Digital Divide: Could it slow down the enforcement of the Metaverse? 09/5/23
I don't think it will be a really safe environment! Maybe it can, but not in a very good... The metaverse: marvellous or madness? 20/4/23
Climate change is a global issue that requires action at all levels, from individuals... Climate change in your country 20/4/23
Frankly, we did not take this in class, and no one told us about these things, but I will talk... Lessons learned! 20/4/23
one problem with vr is that it uses only two of our senses,so people don’t want to use it for a... Suggest a discussion! 17/4/23
I really get excited when I know how Metaverse will make us connect with other people and how we... The metaverse: marvellous or madness? 17/4/23
we may reject all of this now , but i’m more concerned about the generation after us . if... Report back 14/4/23
Yes, we absolutely require a Metaverse, and I will undoubtedly use it in the near future. But... Suggest a discussion! 13/4/23
meta is the internet it’s the future of like the internet now reason why facebook changed to... Suggest a discussion! 13/4/23
Metaverse is a Virtual Reality. When you enter the Metaverse, you're in for a wild ride! It... Report back 12/4/23
We have learned that Stopping pollution and carbon dioxide emission is an excellent solution... Classroom spy... 11/4/23