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This short quiz is a good chance to recap what you learnt in class if you did the equality and nepotism lesson. Don’t worry if you didn’t – you can also use this quiz as an opportunity to learn.

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  • 7 was my score and whilst it is nice that some kids are born with more oppotunities, I worry about the fairness of it all because if the child that's given the opportunity is bad at it/dosen't want to do it, how fair is someone being forced to do it by their parents

  • I scored 7 and i am happy to know the meaning of nepotism and that some people try their best to see that nepotism end or reduces by helping the less privileged ones through making job opportunities.

  • So, there is detailed information about nepotism in the workplace about showing favouritism to friends & relatives. If we pay attention to its causes, nepotism can lower employee morale, and the company could be at risk of legal action and risk of family feuds.

    Therefore, it’s imperative to deal with it by developing an active anti-nepotism policy, creating transparent hiring and promotional culture, conducting manager training, and generating a senior management or human resources team for hiring and promotion in your organization. Implement these strategies to generate an employee-friendly, productive, and engaging workplace.

    1. I agree with you, as making impactful changes to prevent nepotism helps us support the battle against corruption, and helps us promote equality within our society, for all, not favoring others with higher socioeconomic classes.

    2. I totally agree with you about how imperative it is to make or create policies that will help counteract nepotism and make effective changes that will help neutralize nepotism and bring about a better society where everyone has equal and fair opportunities to share their talents.
      Nepotism is one core feature or characteristic of corruption so when we are able to curb it, it will promote justice, equality and equity among every social and economic class in the society and thereby not reducing anyone's self esteem and reducing cases of distrust, resentment and enmity within the working sector and also not favoring others will enable them to work for themselves and build for themselves their reputation for themselves and their achievements won without the aid of others or any external factor and so the thing that I want people to realize is that we think that nepotism is giving help to our relatives and we think that we are supporting them but when we stop being nepotic and giving aid in excess it will help them more in the future as leaving them to build themselves and their reputation as they will be satisfied with themselves as they know they achieved what they did with litte or no help.

  • I scored 8.but I learnt so much about nepotism and it was very helpful and educating I learnt a lot about nepotism.

  • my score was 8 i can't wait for this discussion to grow for me to know more and should it be acceptable, is nepotism fair
    THANKS i would love to see your comments and replies

  • I scored an 8, and I learnt that nepotism is the special and unfair treatment towards family and friends. nepotism is a bad thing that causes bias and has great effect on the society. the monarchy is an example of nepotism, when a king inherits the throne and can rule a country when they are not even qualified. Nepotism is a reason the people are mostly now against monarchy because it causes discrimination when the people are treated differently from the royals. It is best to be practice equality so people will not be sad

  • I scored 16. I learned that nepotism is unfair and prevents many hardworking graduates from working. And I learned that jobs and high salaries are only for the children of celebrities and the rich, while the rest of the people have nothing, and this is unfair. And I learned that this situation (nepotism) must be put to an end, and I also learned that children have no responsibility for nepotism, as they are just young children born into famous families. Finally, i hope that nepotism would end and every successful graduate would get a job opportunity so that our society would become beautiful and filled with love and friendship.

  • I got 8 and I am very happy because without this test I would not have known a lot of information that amazed me and generated from this information creativity in thought and from this information that nepotism exists in the Bollywood film industry. This question is required and a lot of wonderful information

  • I’ve scored a 10 I’ve learnt that nepotism is when somebody with power shows special treatment to a family member or a friend. Also, a nepo-baby is a child that his parents have power, and they use that power help their child become successful and famous. And the New York Magazine were the first people to post about nepotism. So, I would like for people to treat friends and family the same way. Everyone should be given an opportunity to participate in any job opening and the best person should be employed irrespective of their status.

  • I scored six but I learned a lot that I will use to help my country

  • I earned a seven on the quiz.

    Reviewing what I learned from this lesson, I became informed on:

    What exactly nepotism is, it being a form of corruption and favoritism by giving a person related or who you are friends with a position within them going through the proper channels and funnels to prove their worth.

    What a nepo-baby is, being a child of someone of prominence and significant standing in an industry.

    And to conclude, I also learned of the famous quote by Anthony Hopkins, which essentially shows her dislike of the concept of nepotism.

  • I scored 10 on the quiz. The idea of nepotism and nepo babies is quite fascinating to me because apart from the entertainment industry, it has done a lot of damage in other spheres of life where merit is sacrificed on the altar of favouritism.
    Nepotism indeed exists in every industry but that does not mean people can not succeed out of their parents. So while criticizing those who got to the top of the ladder through the unfair advantage of their famous parents, we must equally respect those who through hard work have earned their spot in the spotlight. There are

  • Hello!
    This was as always, a very interesting and I learnt a lot such as Will Smith's son and daughter dropped their father surname so they could create a name for themselves without attributing it to the popularity of their father. I also learnt the word nepotism comes from an Italian word 'nepotismo' which means nephew and was done saw because in OLD ITALY people who had power and authority tended to bring put their nephews in power as such leading to the Italian word for nephew becoming an English word called nepotism which means unfair treatment giving to family and friends.

  • I score 10 on the quiz. The World is gradually being run by a nepotistic cabal, the entertainment industry is where it is very visible. The Haves keep empowering the Haves while Have-nots have no one to give any help despite the abundance of talents they have thereby throwing away equity.
    People should be treated equally, and there should be a level playing ground for everyone to exhibit what they are capable of.
    However, some people have succeeded in the industry not because of their famous parents but because of their determination, and kudos and respect must be given to them.

  • Wow, I got 8.
    There was information in the test that i learnt and to be honest that I'm really happy to scored 8
    Also Nepotism should stop we can't live with it and who cant stop it "the rules" it comes to my mind that rules can solve this problem but at the same no
    Because the famouse people they can pay money if they go to prison
    I see it's difficult to get rid of the NEPOTISM. However, we can start solve it from famous people who start make it .

    1. What do you think famous people could do to help stop nepotism?

      1. Favoritism is a painful reality, and it is the most common type of corruption in the administrative and social milieu. It is considered a crime punishable by law because it involves an assault on the rights of others and an assault on the foundations of justice, equality and equal opportunities. What is forbidden is permissible and what is prohibited is permissible, and human relations become governed by interest and control. Therefore, the problem of this type or form of corruption must be undermined and combated،Celebrities can refuse this treatment and encourage their relative who chose him to work by constantly raising awareness of the disadvantages of the reprehensible relationship and educating citizens that regulations and instructions are capable of ending their interests with ease, and setting systems that exclude the existence of nepotism in society, and it is also possible to develop the culture of society with its danger and governments must hold accountable or prosecute everyone who has it A party to this crime and not to be complacent about it, and to intensify the punishment of the bribe-taker, because everyone has the right to take what he deserves, because I see that there is injustice and a difference between a diligent and always tired person to get a job, while hiring people who have nothing to do with work because of kinship and connection, as this is considered a violation of the law and a violation of rights Human.

      2. In my opinion, they should not take their children with them to work so that they do not take all the attraction and attention and treat them as wow children of famous people. This is where nepotism begins.

        And they must put their children in a suitable place befitting their talents, not on the condition that it be in the same work as theirs

        For example, the son of a famous person likes academic professions, not professional ones. He does not want to become like his parents, or perhaps we should not determine the future of the child since his birth. He is the one who determines

        This, in my opinion, should be done by celebrities

      3. I think they can do a lot of ways to fight nepotism, such as paying a fine, exposing them to legal accountability, not accepting nepotism, not accompanying them, and other methods, and I hope that they will be applied to celebrities and others, because they destroy more than one child and talent

  • I got 6 points, this does not mean that I have failed, but it gave me an incentive and motivation to score other goals, but whoever does not fail does not learn and does not succeed, and whoever does not make mistakes does not reach

  • Is it possible to put an end to nepotism? I don't think so, but famous people can help to reduce its occurrence in society by creating a level playing field and giving less privileged people a 30-50% chance. Being associated with a famous person isn't necessarily a bad thing, but we all face challenges in life, even if they differ. People you know always pave the way for you in life, but this creates inequality in the system because children of the less privileged may never receive what is due them.

  • I got a score of 9 me personally I think that babies should be born with some benefits but not a lot of benefits because then that is nepotism.

  • My score was a 9 and I'm glad to know that there are mixed ideas on nepotism. Some people still use it as an advantage but there are mixed opinions about the topic. For example some of the celebrities children do not like using their parents for fame and others still use their parents fame to get into movies and get jobs.

  • I scored a 10 and learned how nepotism impacts many industries especially the film industry. This lesson taught me when children of famous parents start to gain careers they may follow their parents footsteps or do their own thing. When nepo-babies go on to follow their parents footsteps they have more connections and use their parents name as a way become famous and be able to skip the struggling that comes with starting a career. When the children of famous parents choose a different path from their parents they still are able to lean on their parents for support in multiple endeavors they pursue. Although nepo-babies are just gaining a career they do not have to go through the same hard work as someone who does not have famous parents. This is why some people resent nepo-babies because they feel they do not have to work the same as everyone else even if nepo-babies do not use their parents connections.

  • I scored 7 points in the quis, i am so proud to have this grade and proud to have new knowledge about nepotism , and now i know that nepotism is a bad way to help our friends and our family.

  • I got a 7. Nepotism, in my opinion, is a very bad way of treating others, and it has a significant impact on society and the nation as a whole because it can affect any nation's economy. Most people understate the power of nepotism; it causes bias in decision making processes, it can demoralize and demotivate people, and it can also stifle competition and innovation in any industry or organization.

  • I received an 8, and I believe that nepotism is a bad thing because it can lower people's hopes and make them feel insignificant. Nobody should ever feel that way; we should all strive to make people feel special, and they are because it is something that everyone should remember. They say "One man's meat is another man's poison," but I also believe nepotism has advantages because it produces more committed family members, which increases family commitment to business and, in most cases, lower turnover when family members are hired. We can always count on the loyalty of family members.

  • The score I received on the quiz was 9. I believe that nepotism is truly unfair for those who are working harder than others, but we need to think that this can also be harmful to the nepo-baby. Since they are related to someone famous or well known, the people have eyes on them at all times which can ruin their sense of security. Which is why, I believe celebrities should shelter their children from the peering eyes of cameras and paparazzi.

  • I earned 8 .. but I'm learned alot of information Hmm, I'll try to keep it simple!

    Equality means treating everyone fairly and giving them the same opportunities to succeed. This is important because it helps us create a fair and just society.

    Nepotism is when someone gives special treatment or opportunities to their family members or friends, even if they don't deserve it. This is not fair because it means that other people who may be more qualified or capable are not given the chance to succeed.

    So, in short, equality is good because it's fair for everyone, while nepotism is bad because it's not fair for everyone.

  • I received a 7, and I believe nepotism is an unfair act of giving jobs or certain favours to family members or friends even if they do not deserve it, which is not right. Everyone is supposed to have a chance, but we all know that nepotism is the enemy of equity in any workplace, and it is definitely not a friend of the organization, society, or nation. It is like a seed planted among weeds and tares in the land of discrimination, impartiality and fair play. Such a seed may never see the light of day, and even if it does, the plant's growth will be stunted, and it will be plagued by social ills. Nepotism establishes barriers to employment and advancement in favour of those who may never reach the career heights bestowed upon them.

  • I got a 6. When I learned about nepotism, I wondered if it really has any advantages. I feel there are advantages to nepotism since who you know matters. A personal referral is valuable because it gives management a unique insight into the candidate's ability, strengths, and weaknesses. Hiring people you know has huge benefits like higher morale, more commitment and ownership, and lower recruitment costs.

  • I got a 6. Nepotism, in my opinion, is the unfair exercise of power over others. Nepotism can result in job losses, particularly when the business owner favours a single individual. It is common knowledge that nepotism creates a fine line between the wealthy and the poor, making it difficult for the wealthy to interact with the underprivileged in most instances.

  • I scored a 9 out of 10, and I had learned that nepo-babies are kids who has benefited from nepotism.

  • 9 was my score, it is great that celebrities children get a chance to have a great career, but it is also unfair on people who have worked hard, payed for expensive education to get as far as these celebrities children who don't need to do anything because they are already born into the industry and have a better privilege as their parents are already famous for e.g Brooklyn Beckham the son of Victoria and David Beckham has thrived in life because of his parents being celebrities. He is rich, a model, has a photography book and owns a Japanese drink brand, ordinary people would dream to get this far in life but they can't because nepo-babies have an advantage. Do you think this fair for others who dream to get far but cannot?