Nepo-babies in the news


Nepo-baby = short for nepotism baby. The child of a famous or successful person who becomes famous or successful themselves, as a result of support from their parents.

Look at the following examples of nepo-babies in the news.

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  • Hi, how can being a baby give someone an unfair advantage ?
    If you really work hard you can achieve something but feel like a failure after seeing someone younger than you achieve so much that you probably did in your whole life and they have everything you want money, success, respect and power they live in your dream house they drive your dream car they cooperate with brands that .
    You can't even hold them inside your whole monthly at first it was all about admiring them and considering them as an inspiration and motivating by seeing them since they are motivating the method is so good you start working harder so you can be like them in one day but after a while you start to realize that the results are not
    They appear there may be some small results but when compared to them there is nothing like their success.
    You start to compare your achievements with theirs, you see the big difference between you and them, you will start to feel injustice or jealousy, or you will start to feel like a failure or that you are something different in life.
    I see the solution under the pressure of society is to continue to be successful and we have to know what we should do in our lives even if we are very young we have to know what to do in order to communicate with him and the plan of action is accurate and all these things but it is completely normal not to know what to do Under the circumstances, each of us has moments in his life that feels lost.
    We have to be successful. Let's start from here. What is success? How do we define success?
    What is the meaning of being successful in most cases?
    My point of view is that success is that you achieve your goals, not by being like them or with a lot of money and appearances.
    You have to be convinced of what you have achieved and what you have.

    1. Being a nepo-baby can give a lot of unfair disadvantages, like getting into schools and colleges easier, being able to get jobs like acting easier, and being able to get jobs at business your parents own or have some control over. The thing we need to do is not blame nepo-babies for this because they did not choose for their life to be like this, they just were born like this, and as such, should not be blamed for being born.

      1. What could colleges do to stop this? For example, could they do blind applications where no names are on applications?

        1. Hi, In my country to give job opportunities to everyone and ensure that their right is not lost.
          Colleges make students when taking exams without writing the student's name with the seat number to avoid nepotism and cheating.
          This happens in employment tests and secondary exams.
          And There is a penalty for nepotism.

        2. Yes, blind applications would work to stop this problem. If the recruiters cannot see, hear, or know any identifying traits of the person that is applying to their college, they will not be able to know if that person is famous or a normal person, which means everyone would have to be treated fairly because they could not identify the famous and non-famous people to favour the famous people.

        3. Hello! Great question.

          To stop nepotism, colleges could indeed consider using blind applications where names and other identifying information are removed. This means that admissions officers would only see the qualifications and achievements of applicants, rather than their names or other personal information. This could help ensure that all applicants are evaluated solely based on their merits, without any biases or preferences.

          For example, imagine that you and your friend both apply to the same college. Your friend's parent works there, so they have an inside connection. However, if the college used blind applications, neither you nor your friend's name would be visible to the admissions officer. They would only see your grades, test scores, extracurricular activities, and other qualifications. This would give you both an equal chance of getting accepted based on your own merits.
          using blind applications could be one way for colleges to reduce the impact of nepotism and promote fairness in the admissions process.

      2. I disagree with you because even though I do not blame nepo-babies for the privileges and wealth they are having in life. They can ask their parents to not use their fame or money to help them to get jobs or have positions in their company, moreover, they can also ask their parents to stop giving them money, because they want to hustle and make their own money. Therefore, no-babies have a choice to choose how to live their lives with money, or not.

  • These are my ideas about how might being a nepo- baby give someone an unfair advantage
    Nepotism can give individuals an unfair advantage over others who might be more qualified for the position or role .it can lead to unfair treatment ,bias in decision making
    exclusionary practices and resentment. In some cases ,nepotism can be beneficial if the person being hired has the necessary skills and qualifications, However in some cases, nepotism creates an unfair work place where qualified individuals are passed over promotions or job simply because they don't have the right connections

  • Hello!
    Well, this is a very interesting topic that I think has being affecting the lives of many people, well here is my opinion on this topic.
    According to Google nepotism is "the practice among those with power or influence of favouring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs". With this in mind I feel this is unfair reason being that those with power and influence give their parents and family jobs they do not deserve.
    I do not support this because rather than choosing qualified, skilled or trained workers who are better for the job they rather choose to give their relatives and friends who are either less qualified or even underqualified and this has many challenges and problems and is a plague in my country today.
    In my country today there are many cases of nepotism and According to a survey from 2019, about half of the applicants who secured a position in the Nigerian public sector used nepotism, bribery, or both. Some 20 percent of male respondents and 24 percent of female respondents declared to have paid a bribe for their position in the public sector. In addition, around 16 percent of both male and female respondents, respectively, secured their job as public officials with the help of friends or relatives. Withall this in mind Is nepotism a good thing [I mean it is good for the friends and family of the person in power] or is it a bad thing as if, the people in power choose their relatives who may be less qualified for the job it could lead to low quality of work? So, what then are the solutions to nepotism if it is a bad thing?

  • The term “nepo-baby” disparagingly implies that their success is due to their familial advantage, not real talent. In response, some so-called “nepos” acknowledge that they indeed had a leg up in their entry, but they also direct our attention to the not visible hard work and talent that helped lead to their success. .For example a situation when a child of a famous person is actually doing their best but for the fact that they are children of such famous individuals, they are being called nepo-babies which may be seen as offensive towards /to them.
    But on the positive side, nepotism can create a sense of loyalty and trust within an organization due to the fact that the organisations knows the type of family they are facing/dealing with.

  • No people don't have to make it clear that they are nepo babies I personally I wouldn't because when you make it clear to the world that you are a nephew baby you will suffer a lot of problems for example you will be abused on social media for reasons like posting your career progress on the internet because even if it is from your hard work nobody will believe you because they will all think that that's all your parents doing. And the other thing is that you will never get to experience a normal life a life that doesn't include everything that you do being judged because you may get tired of the public eye and then you decide to start a fresh life but it will fail because the press will not leave you alone and also the people who are not your biggest fans will hate you and make you feel not welcome.

    1. I disagree because I believe everyone can live a normal life whether a nepo baby or not, it just depends on your mindset and what you believe in, if you believe that it is not out of hard work that you climbed the ladder of success then fine but if you believe it is I see no reason why you should not live a normal life

  • Being a 'nepo-baby' means that the person is born into a family of affluence, popularity and power in the society and most at times they like to use their family's name or status to grant them positions, roles and employment mainly because their relatives are in top positions in the organization and because of that they get an unfair advantage over those who do not have any connection to the family but are even more competent and capable to handle the position than them but in the name of 'loving support' they give an obvious edge for their relatives to get things while those who worked hard to get to that position are disappointed because they do not have any connection in the business or enterprise and that is not fair to them because they have worked hard to get all their qualifications and accolades whereas some people who did not work for anything will now be chosen over them even though they have the necessary qualifications and have experience in that area of expertise they were meant to be judged and employed based on their capabilities and expertise and skills and not on whether or their family is influential or if they come from a wealthy background or if they have any connection to people of high ranks in society or anywhere.
    For nepo-babies I do not think they should let their peers or colleagues know that they are nepo- babies because even if they worked hard to get where they are right now people will always say that their family played most of the part in getting them where are and the things is that people will be likely to take advantage of that person because of their status and they won't be appreciated or acknowledged for any thing they do because their fellow workers will always think that they did it with the help of their families and actually one does not need to care what ever they say because as long as they know within their selves that they worked hard for whatever they achieved they do not need to convince or provide proof to the masses that they got where they are without external help and for those who actually used their relatives' status to get where they are right now they likely won't make any achievements in their workplace because already they got to that position on an unfair advantage to others.
    For the last question I don't actually think they have any responsibility or nepotism cause they did not choose which family to be born into rather they just happened to wind up there and it is their own decision or discretion to choose whether or not they will use nepotism to achieve success in life or not.

  • Being a nepo-baby might give someone an unfair advantage because they are able to use their parents' names to lead to good opportunities. When nepo-babies parents become famous in their life this fame can be in their children's lives too. When nepo-babies children grow old enough to do things on their own there is an advantage because they have resources presented to them by their parents. Although some careers they choose are not the same as their parents, their parents still can have influence because of their fame. Also, if their career does not do good they still have their parents to lean on for support. Of course you do not have to be a nepo-baby to get support from your parents, but famous or successful parents have more influence in which their children are able to try new things. This is a disadvantage to people who do not have famous parents and have to make their way on their own. People who do not have famous parents have to put hard work into a career like acting and have no one to get them connections to people or supply them with money.

    1. Personally, I agree in a way as it might give an unfair advantage as there name is out there and people will know you. Also, I think that they can take their children into work and get them into their business or their work area. For example, Wayne Rooney (ex Manchester United football player) let his son go straight into the Manchester United academy whereas others would have to work for a long time to get to that point in their career.

      On the other hand, he has still had to work for it and so has his dad. Also, he has had to keep at academy level and keep at the standards of the other players.

  • How might being a nepo-baby give someone an unfair advantage?

    Nepotism can give a person an unfair advantage in different ways. Being a nepo-baby ensures access to resources, networks, and opportunities that would have been hard to secure without the family connection. Nepo-babies can benefit from a family support. They can also rely on the experience and connections of their relatives to develop their careers.

    In my opinon a nepo-baby can have better opportunities that would be inaccessible to the general public.

    Post 2: How might being a nepo-baby give someone an unfair disadvantage?

    To be a nepo-baby can create unrealistic expectations that they may need to live up to in their profession because of the family connections. This means that the nepo-baby is expected to perform excellently in their field, irrespective of their actual competence.

    Another disadvantage of being a nepo-baby is the creation of a negative perception by those who did not benefit from nepotism. Nepotism fosters a sense of resentment among other employees who may perceive the nepo-baby as the recipient of undue favoritism.

    Should people have to make it clear if they are a nepo-baby? Would you?

    When we discussed this question some students said that it is not ethical to keep a secret from others about the privilege that one enjoys. Therefore, they suggest that people should disclose their nepotistic connections as soon as possible to avoid compromising their credibility.

    some individuals believe that disclosing their nepotistic relationship can prevent others from treating them fairly in their professional endeavors. They suggest that revealing their family affiliations can undermine the trust that is expected in professional settings and may negatively affect their careers.

    Do nepo-babies have any responsibility for nepotism? If yes, what?

    Nepo-babies have a responsibility to acknowledge and address the privilege that they enjoy as a result of their family connections. They have to be mindful that the opportunities that they receive may not be available to others, who have the same qualifications, if not more. It is important for nepo-babies to understand that they has the potential to create an unfair professional field.

    Moreover, nepo-babies have a part to play in ensuring that they help dismantle the practice of nepotism, which can prevent individuals from reaching their full potential. They can create networks with others who are not related to them and show their competence and leadership skills. In doing so, they can inspire other young professionals to create new relationships and opportunities without having to rely on parental connections.

    Post 5: Why is nepotism so prevalent in some cultures and industries?

    Nepotism is prevalent in some cultures and industries because of the value placed on family and community. In some cultures, familial connections are seen as essential to maintaining specific cultural norms, traditions, and roles. As a result, family connections are given priority over merit and competence in employment and professional advancement.

    In some industries, for instance, the creative arts and entertainment, it is common to witness a higher prevalence of nepotism than other industries. This is because of the need for "star power," which is believed to be more easily found within a family unit. However, in some cases, having a familial connection to a successful individual can often be misinterpreted as talent and creativity and lead to uninformed entitlement and privilege.

    Overall, nepotism is a societal practice that hinders the less-connected individuals' advancement and limits the potential of the workforce. It is essential to recognize and address nepotism's impact to create a level playing field that rewards merit over social connections.

  • Nepo-babies have an unfair disadvantage because the parents of Nepo-babies are usually famous and if they decide to follow the line of work of their parents, the expectations of he or she is high. An example is the son of the Argentinian footballer Lionel Messi, Thiago Messi. He is expected to surpass his father and that could mean having to win over 7 ballon D ors, winning over 2 UEFA champions league titles and over 1 world cup. This is unfair because the son of Lionel Messi is under a lot more pressure than the son or daughter of a less prominent footballer and it would be easier for the child of the less prominent player to reach the expectations of others.

    1. Am I right that you're saying that there is a lot of pressure on children who have successful parents and this can be a disadvantage sometimes. This is a very interesting point. What do other Topical Talkers think?

      1. I really like your question Tiff and my reply to it is that every person have their own pressure to handle and the children of famous people have their own way of being pressured either they could be pressured by their parents to become more successful than them or by their fans and the general public this is because the expectations of the children of famous people are kept really high that sometimes they could achieve this expectation but if they fail they will undergo lot of stress that they spoiled the entire name of the family and people might start trolling them and compare them with the achievements of their parents and also the pressurizing begins from their schooling and continues throughout their life sometimes they may even lack good friendship as others will start thinking them as different and unique.

      2. Yes, there may be a lot of pressure on the children of celebrities, and this may lead to people bullying them, or to the child losing his self-confidence, and it may also lead to the child hating his parents’ field and refusing to enter it. This is the least psychological harm that can happen to a child.

      3. Yes because they are expected to meet the achievement of their parents hence people are quick to judge them by a higher standard. Presently Brooklyn Beckham has been facing criticism for his recipes in the culinary industry simply because he is judged on his father's standards, and I think that is very unfair.

      4. And I believe, like you, that their parents be successful while they are failures, and that they enter the job while they are failures

  • While we read about nepo-babies, we are aware that in spite of the certain privileges they enjoy not many are successful. At the end of the day, the work is what that speaks!
    However, imagine what is the work of Khloé, Kourtney, and Kim Kardashian...!!! Are these not a classic example of Nepo-babies? They get the best connections, networks and business partnership. While it cannot be avoided, it is also important that equality should play a good role.
    Due to this, many talented people, do not get the right role and break! Thus, this becomes a topic for debate and discussion. While the legacy of family business cannot be questioned, the industries where opportunities for others should also be available, when it gets snatched away because of nepotism, is definitely not a right sign.
    In our country, a just born baby gets the National media's attention, because it's born to a celebrity star family! How is that right! Does it mean, that all other kids are from primitive age?
    Using their privilege, many try to expand their work, but why can't they use this privilege and provide opportunities for many fresh talents?
    In some cases, the nepo-kids are also under tremendous pressure to perform because they have to retain their privilege! Otherwise, the kind of negative feedback that they attract is horrible!
    Its better they accept the privilege and be honest about it. And try to give a good work and sustain their position! rather than basking in the glory!

    1. You bring up an important point about the Kardashian family and their rise to fame, which is often cited as an example of nepotism. It is true that they have leveraged their family connections, network, and media attention to build successful careers and business ventures.

      The Kardashian family's journey highlights both the potential advantages and challenges faced by nepo-babies. While their privileged background and connections undoubtedly played a role in their initial opportunities, they have also worked hard to establish their brand, expand their work, and sustain their position in the industry.

      However, it is essential to acknowledge that not all nepo-babies are able to achieve the same level of success, and many talented individuals without similar privileges may struggle to find opportunities. This is where the debate about nepotism arises, as it raises concerns about fairness and the exclusion of deserving talents who do not have the same access or connections.

      While it is true that some nepo-kids may face immense pressure to perform and live up to their family's legacy, it is also crucial for them to recognize their privilege and use it responsibly. Providing opportunities for fresh talents and promoting inclusivity within their respective industries can contribute to a more diverse and vibrant creative landscape.

      Honesty and transparency about their advantages can foster a healthier dialogue around the topic of nepotism. By using their platforms to amplify underrepresented voices, supporting emerging talents, and actively participating in initiatives that promote equal opportunities, nepo-babies can help address the imbalance and contribute positively to their industries.

      Ultimately, a combination of individual responsibility, industry-wide efforts, and a cultural shift towards recognizing and celebrating merit can contribute to a more equitable and inclusive environment where talent and hard work are valued above familial connections.

    2. You bring up valid points regarding the Kardashian family as an example of nepo-babies and the privileges they enjoy. It is true that individuals like Khloé, Kourtney, and Kim Kardashian have leveraged their family connections, networks, and media attention to build successful careers and business ventures.

      The debate surrounding nepotism arises from the concern that such privileges can limit opportunities for talented individuals who do not have the same access or connections. It raises questions about equality, fairness, and the ability for fresh talents to enter certain industries.

      While it is true that nepo-babies often have the advantage of established networks and partnerships, it is important for them to recognize and acknowledge their privilege. Using their platform and influence to provide opportunities for talented individuals who may not have the same advantages can help address the imbalances created by nepotism.

      Moreover, it is crucial for nepo-babies to strive for excellence in their work, ensuring that they are not solely relying on their privilege but also delivering high-quality performances or products. This can help sustain their position and credibility, rather than solely relying on their family name or connections.

      Ultimately, it is a complex issue with no easy solution. However, promoting transparency, inclusivity, and equal opportunities within industries can help create a more level playing field where talent and hard work are valued above familial connections.

    3. Hey respectful_mood,
      I completely agree that the work is what speaks at the end of the day, regardless of one's background. However, I do believe that the Kardashians are a classic example of nepo-babies who have used their family connections and privileges to their advantage. It's important to acknowledge that not everyone has the same access and opportunities, which can lead to a lack of diversity and inclusivity in certain industries.

      I believe that it's important for those with privilege to use it responsibly and provide opportunities for fresh talents. While it's understandable that nepo-kids may face pressure to perform and maintain their family's legacy, it's important for them to recognize their privilege and work towards promoting equality and inclusivity.

      As for the media's attention on celebrity star families and their newborns, I agree that it's not right and can contribute to the perpetuation of a privileged class. It's crucial to recognize and celebrate the achievements of individuals based on merit and hard work, rather than solely on their family background.

      Overall, I think that it's important for those with privilege to be honest about it and use it to create positive change and provide opportunities for others, rather than just basking in the glory of their family connections.

  • Nepo babies can have a serious unfair disadvantage whether or not they choose a career part like their parents. If they follow different careers parts, they suffer from public expectations and Internet trolls that give them a feeling of shame, failure, and lack of self-esteem in thinking they disappointed their parents. Nepo babies with prominent fathers like Christiana Ronaldo Junior if not properly monitored may suffer teen trauma because of high expectations to step into the shoes of their father, which is an unfair advantage.

    1. I agree with what you're saying because while these kids do have advantages in their life, they will always be treated negatively if they decide to do things like create a business because people will be mad they can just get bailed out if their business does not succeed. The thing is, if their business succeeds, they will get hate for that too because people are going to assume it was their famous parents that got the business to be successful. We need to not blame the children of nepotism because they did not ask to be born with famous parents, they just were, and they should not be put down for being lucky with who they got as parents.

  • My realistic story talks about Fatima, ten years old. She is the daughter of the Arabic language teacher, Mrs. Suhair. Fatima suffered from a motor disability as a result of a traffic accident when she was a two-year-old girl. Now she is moving in a wheelchair, and she needs someone to help her move around and walk.... Fatima joined In the same school that her mother works in to receive her education, Mrs. Suhair did not hesitate for a moment to provide assistance to her daughter, but she was helpful when necessary, helping only when she ran into a problem. Mrs. Suhair's role was not exaggerated. Fatima started her academic career somewhat difficult. Thanks to the teacher, mother and friends, they all helped her overcome this disability. She did not feel that she was different from them or lacked in anything.?. Everyone gave her opportunities to discover her talents. Indeed, Fatima is talented in writing poetry and reciting, and the school staff supported her, and Fatima brought out her talent with confidence. Her inability or paralysis prevents her from living a decent life and a sense of equality... Fatima's mediator has spread, so everyone is eager to listen and see Fatima and her expressive recitation.. Now Fatima, with the support of everyone without exaggeration, participates in forums supported by her school.. And tomorrow Fatima will be a writer and writer And the Palestinian refugee poet, she was able to break the barrier of disability and the restrictions of disability without mediation or favoritism from her mother or sympathy from others. Everyone helped her to stand up for her mistakes and treat them and strengthen the positive aspects in her..Let us be hand in hand without favoritism or discrimination

  • Being a nepo-baby can give someone an unfair advantage if they are friends . For example in school the person can ask the nepo-baby if he can convince his teachers to give him a higher grade in their exams in exchange for an autograph from his parents or an exclusive invitation to their next event and it won’t be fair to others that studied hard.
    Being a nepo-baby can give someone an unfair disadvantage because if the nepo-baby doesn’t like the person they can make rumors about the person and if he try’s to tell the truth no one will like him and he will be all alone or the nepo-baby can even frame him of something he didn’t do and try to get him expelled.
    No people shouldn’t have to make it clear if they’re nepo-baby because people will think they are bragging so they will not like that person and no I will not make it clear that I’m a nepo-baby so that people will think I am bragging and they won’t be my friend.
    Yes nepo-babies have responsibility for nepotism #@ a because they allow their parents to do the nepotism and they can choose to reject the offer and choose to work elsewhere

  • I will choose to answer question number 3. Now, I believe that if a nepo-baby is cared about from an early age and given all the facilities to create a great personality that is skilled and qualified enough to occupy a particular position, so no need to tell people about the fact that his father/mother preferred him/her to someone else and this is as long as this nepo-baby is holding the position aptly and as required. Over and above, nothing is more important than the quality of the work being done or presented for the firm. On the other hand, this saves time and effort which is to put the right person in the right place even if she/he was the daughter or son of the founder or head of the institution. However, it would be so unfair to put someone who is not qualified enough, not competent, and knows nothing about work to be incumbent in a company or hold a position he doesn't deserve just for the sake of his parents because this will affect the reputation of the company in addition to its work quality. Also, this might make problems between the chairman of work and his employees because it would be obvious that he prefers to give privileges to his/her son or daughter, and here injustice begins and here also there will be no need to tell people that he/she is a nepo-baby because people will already notice that.

  • Should people have to make it clear if they are a nepo-baby . Yes, they have to . They should justify how they had the job . If they have the good qualifications so they deserve it but if not so principals should be punished. Really if I was nepo-baby I would tell the people the reasons I got the job.

  • The term “nepo-baby” disparagingly implies that their success is due to their familial advantage, not real talent. In response, some so-called “nepos” acknowledge that they indeed had a leg up in their entry, but they also direct our attention to the not visible hard work and talent that helped lead to their success.
    I think that nepo babies should make it clear that they are nepos so that they others won't be intimidated by their "success" because some things they achieve may seem impossible for others to do because they were helped. I feel nepo babies should admit that they are nepos in order for employers not to get disappointed when they see something contrary to the reason why the got to the position that they are in.

  • A nepotism-baby can give someone an unfair advantage due to the fact the nepotism destroys organizational leadership. When I mean a nepotism-baby destroys organizational leadership, I mean that the corrosive act of nepotism often places the wrong people in leadership or subject-matter-expert positions. Poor leadership can hurt your company's reputation, lead to destructive decision-making, and spark turnover contagion. When an individual in power favors his or her relative, friends or associates that person might end up disobeying and breaking the law and giving the person an unfair advantage over others who may probably have a better knowledge and understanding of the position or job opportunity. I don't think an individual should even have the courage or guts to be able to make it known in the public that he/she is a nepotism-baby, This is because their parents may have gone against the law to put them in that position and they may bring about hatred by the public causing those who applied for the job opportunity to be sad and to feel cheated. The fact that they did not even attain that position by themselves should be enough to hinder them from exposing themselves out in the public and in some countries, individuals that partake in such are punished severely.
    In my own view and opinion, I don't think nepotism babies should have any responsibility for nepotism. In anywhere you find yourself in this life, I believe that you must be able to achieve and complete your goals with success and in a good way. A nepotism-baby should be able to attain his/her position in life in a good way knowing fully well that he/she has made it and done very well, and also be able to defend his/herself anywhere.

  • 1.From my point of aspect, being a "Nepo-Baby" or a person who has gained significant advantages in life due to their family connections can provide several unfair advantages. Some of them are:

    Access to influential networks: Being born into a powerful or wealthy family often means that a person has access to influential networks that can help them in their personal and professional endeavors. Such connections can provide access to job opportunities, business deals, and other resources that are not available to others.

    Access to financial resources: Nepo-babies often have access to significant financial resources, which can provide them with a head start in life. They can use their family's wealth to fund their education, start a business, or invest in other opportunities that can lead to further success.

    Preference in hiring and promotions: Nepo-babies may receive preference in hiring and promotions because of their family connections. Employers may assume that they have inherited certain skills or traits from their family members that make them more qualified for certain positions, even if this is not necessarily true.

    Social status and reputation: Being born into a prominent family can provide a person with a certain social status and reputation that can be difficult for others to achieve. This can lead to doors being opened for them and opportunities being presented to them that may not be available to others.

    Nepo-baby can be provided with significant unfair advantages that can make it easier for a person to achieve success in life. However, it's important to recognize that these advantages are not necessarily a reflection of a person's true abilities or potential, and that many others who do not have such connections also have a great deal to offer. But this kind of act is found among human relationships which are a natural part of human life.

    2. Nepotism can have significant negative consequences for individuals, organizations, and society as a whole, and it is generally seen as an unfair and unethical practice. Disadvantages would be

    Unrealistic expectations: Nepo-babies may face unrealistic expectations from their family and society, which can put a lot of pressure on them to succeed. This can lead to high levels of stress and anxiety, which can negatively impact their mental and physical health.

    Lack of independence: Nepo-babies may struggle to establish their own identities and pursue their own interests because they are often expected to follow in their family's footsteps. This can lead to a lack of autonomy and independence, which can be detrimental to personal growth and development.

    Negative perceptions: Nepos-babies may be viewed negatively by others who assume that they have not earned their success and are only where they are because of their family connections. This can lead to a lack of respect and credibility, which can make it more difficult for them to establish themselves in their careers and personal lives.

    Lack of motivation: Nepos-babies may lack motivation to succeed because they have not had to overcome significant obstacles or work hard to achieve their goals. This can lead to a lack of drive and ambition, which can limit their potential for success.

    It's important to recognize that success is not solely determined by family connections, and that everyone should be given the opportunity to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals based on their own merits and hard work.

    3.Arguments in favor of making it clear if someone is a nepo-baby:

    Transparency: If someone is a nepo-baby and they don't disclose it, others may assume that they achieved their success on their own merits. This lack of transparency can lead to misunderstandings and mistrust, particularly in situations where nepotism is not acceptable (e.g., in some workplaces or academic institutions).

    Equity: If nepo-babies receive preferential treatment in certain contexts (e.g., in hiring or admissions processes), it may be unfair to those who don't have the same connections. By disclosing their nepotistic advantage, nepo-babies may help level the playing field and ensure that others have a fair shot.

    Arguments against making it clear if someone is a nepo-baby:

    Privacy: Disclosing one's family connections can be a personal matter, and some individuals may not feel comfortable sharing this information. Additionally, in some cases, disclosing one's nepotistic advantage could put their family members at risk of being targeted by critics or competitors.

    Meritocracy: In some cases, it may not matter if someone is a nepo-baby, particularly if they have demonstrated that they have the skills and qualifications to succeed in a given field. By focusing on nepotism, we may overlook the value of individual merit and achievements.

    4.This question was a good one. Yes, nepo-babies have a responsibility to avoid perpetuating nepotism and to use their privilege and influence to promote fairness, diversity, and equity. Nepotism, or the practice of favoring relatives or friends in professional or social settings, can undermine meritocracy and limit opportunities for others who do not have such connections.

    Nepo-babies can take several steps to prevent or mitigate the effects of nepotism, including:

    Refusing special treatment: Nepo-babies can choose to refuse special treatment or privileges that may be afforded to them due to their family connections. They can choose to work hard and earn their success based on their own merits, rather than relying on their family connections.

    Promoting diversity and inclusion: Nepo-babies can use their influence and privilege to promote diversity and inclusion in various contexts, such as in the workplace or in their personal lives. They can advocate for fair and equal treatment of all individuals, regardless of their family connections.

    Mentoring and supporting others: Nepo-babies can use their position of privilege to mentor and support others who may not have such advantages. They can help to create opportunities for others to succeed and to promote a more level playing field.

    Acknowledging and addressing nepotism: Nepo-babies can acknowledge the existence of nepotism and work to address it in various contexts. They can encourage others to recognize the negative effects of nepotism and to promote a culture of fairness and equality.

    Nepo-babies have a responsibility to use their privilege and influence in a positive way and to help prevent the perpetuation of nepotism. They can choose to be role models for others and to promote a more level playing field for all individuals, regardless of their family connections. Some people may use this as a great advantage, but some may not.
    Another thing is, Nepotism can have a significant impact on society by limiting opportunities and perpetuating inequality. When individuals are hired or given opportunities based on their family or personal connections rather than their qualifications or abilities, it can result in a less merit-based system that benefits a privileged few at the expense of the broader society.

    1. I agree with you that Nepo babies have an unfair advantage because their parents are famous and wealthy, giving them an unfair advantage over other people. Nepo babies don't have to struggle in life to become famous; everything in life seems to have been handed to them on a silver platter, so to speak; they don't have to work hard in most cases to achieve great things, but this is not the case for children whose parents are not famous and wealthy. There have been Nepo babies who have come forward to acknowledge the unfair advantage they have had over others, such as Jamie Lee Curtis, who admitted to winning a role in the film Halloween over another actress because she is the daughter of Tony Curtis and Jenet Leigh. They know deep down that they do not deserve the privileges they have received, but I hope that in time they will use the opportunities they have received to truly further great causes in life.

  • Nepo Baby. The term stands for a person who has benefited from nepotism; in other words, those who have "made it" in their career from their parents' fame.
    Some people have achieved success in their chosen profession, owing to family connections. Their privilege comes from either one or both parents who are famous names. This is how the children get an advantage over others in a profession and are referred to as nepotism babies, or nepo baby.
    The term “nepo baby” disparagingly implies that their success is due to their familial advantage, not real talent. In response, some so-called “nepos” acknowledge that they indeed had a leg up in their entry, but they also direct our attention to the not visible hard work and talent that helped lead to their success.
    No people shouldn't make it clear that they are Nepo babies.
    In all truth and honesty and because of the country I happen to find myself in I guess I would actually make it clear that I am a Nepo baby if I find myself in that position.
    And I don,t think they have any responsibilities for nepotism, because all they have to do is enjoy their fame.

  • Nepotism is a form of favoritism among family members.
    Nepo- babies is not a good thing because it has to do with showing favor to people who are not qualified because the are related to a famous person sometimes the person is does know how to go about the job and these affects the outcome of the job.

  • I believe whether or not someone chooses to disclose them as a nepotism baby is their personal choice and decision. They have the right to decide what to be revealed. Some people choose to be open and some don't want to, they may try to keep it as a private information. Because some might think that being open can prevent them from being accused of nepotism and wanted to be transparent. But some might think that if they disclose this information, people might accuse and judge them about their abilities and qualifications. Everyone has the right to privacy and to make their own decision about how to represent them to the outside world. A business owner who is thinking about hiring a family member might decide to make their relationship clear to other employees to be open and honest about the potential for bias or favoritism. By being transparent, they can demonstrate that the hiring decision is based on qualifications and suitability for the job rather than personal connections, and they can avoid any appearance of nepotism.An applicant for a job at a company where their parent is a high-ranking executive may choose not to disclose their family connection in order to avoid any perception of unfair advantage or nepotism.

    And I think both are fine from my point of view as it depends on the circumstances of the individual.

  • Nepo - babies have huge advantages. They bring with them huge amounts of corruption and crime. For example, if a nepo - baby is running out of films over time, they may seek their parent's help to bribe the producers or directors in the film industry or directly execute the director or the producer who rejected them. The nepo - babies have the knowledge of the industry they enter through the knowledge from their family or parents. The parents of nepo - babies might have control of their personal information which normal civilians have the right to know through bribery of the press. If their children have any enemies or competitors in the field, they might even bribe or convince the producers to reject their enemies in the industry or degrade the image of their competitors through the press. But if nepo - babies try to do something beneficial for society, they face intense criticism and are sometimes surrounded by news reporters and the press for crimes that weren't committed by them. Famous People should make it clear if they are a nepo - baby to avoid criticism of any means on themselves. Nepo - babies are responsible for nepotism because nepotism fails to generate fresh, young talent, possibly corruption, unethical advantages of position and many more disadvantages.

  • Being a nepo-baby might give someone an unfair advantage because without having to work for their position, or work as hard, can skew how they view themselves and others. Because of their privileges because of their birth alone, they might begin thinking of themselves as being better than others. This could develop into narcissism or just general cruelty to others.

  • I think one should make it clear that they are a nepo-baby. Something like that is extremely important to a person of significance like an employer, because if you're an nepo-baby who gained their position from not hard work and effort, but from the position of someone like a relative or friend, you should go through more hurdles to prove your weight. Additionally, admitting that you're a nepo-baby helps people assess you better.

  • 1.How might being a nepo-baby give someone an unfair advantage?- I think that Nepo-babies life begins with the public projecting and setting the career and life of that nepo-baby at high level .If we want to become famous we need to struggle a lot and overcome the aldready famous persons in that field but an neppo- baby can easily come up in the journey of life without struggling much using the names of their parents directly or indirectly .This is because of the illusion of the public that they will also come up in their life like their parents following the same carrier representing them in the future .People might start considering them as the next form of their parents this is an unfair advantage that Nepo-babies have which an ordinary person doesn't have.
    2.How might being a nepo-baby give someone an unfair disadvantage?- Everything in this world as its disadvantages the same applies for the nepo-babies it is the own wish of every person to choose their own career and life but in the case of an Nepo- baby this might even be tough for them because even an ordinary parent expects their children to be more successful than they are they will do their best to take them to higher level likewise even a famous parent will have the same thought so the Nepo-babies will have to work hard not just for them but also for their families Prestige in few times even the royals are having an chance to give up their Royal status and live a normal life away from the flashes but Nepo-babies have to work hard they will be followed by the world .If they are successful the world will start saying that they became successful with the help of their parents if they are not successful they will start saying that they do not understand their privilege of their family.

    1. I agree totally with you, and I have good example for that in our arab world.
      There is a Birds of Paradise channel on TV. It was created by the director of the channel, Khaled Miqdad, in January 2008, and his family, which consisted of two boys and a girl, in addition to his wife, participated in the channel’s programs, singing and presenting. The family cooperated to make this work success, which started from zero, and then the channel became famous. It was distinguished for its success because it promotes positive values ​​for children through beautiful and expressive songs for children. The family and its children became famous, and then the director of the channel had three other children who were involved in the channel’s programs, acting and singing. People may consider them a nepo baby, and it is often said that they were born with a golden spoon in their mouth. Here unfair advantages emerge and criticism abounds. The work was developed and many relatives were employed. Their first children, a boy and a girl, grew up. They learned a lot in this field, and some of them specialized in film industry, photography and production.They opened their own channels on YouTube, in addition to participating in the original channel. Here, an unfair disadvantage appears, as the world began to say that they succeeded with the help of their parents, and because they are famous from childhood, opportunities always come to them, but people do not know how much effort they exerted to reach this success and how their fame began from zero and they climbed the ladder step by step .. I think that the right thing to do is not to care about people's negative criticism and opinions .behind every successful person someone who tries to destroy him.

      1. Is nepotism OK if the person who has an advantage always works hard?

        1. In my opinion, there is exeptions in which nepotism can be ok.
          If the person always works hard, he can reach fame and stardom by the sweat of his brow, but there is no problem with the presence of nepotism if it is from the parents by providing the appropriate opportunity in their own work for their children to soar to the world of stardom.
          They only facilitated for them the first step on the path to success. But nepotism without effort, passion and talent from this person who enjoys this advantage will not be the reason for his success and his access to fame, as he lacks the basics of success. Favoritism from parents to help their children in their own company is just a step on the path to success, and the rest of the steps depend on this person, his effort and talent.

  • How might being a nepo-baby give someone an unfair advantage?

    Being a nepo-baby can potentially provide individuals with certain advantages that others may not have access to. Here are a few ways in which being a nepo-baby can give someone an unfair advantage:

    Access to Opportunities: Nepo-babies often have greater access to opportunities within their parent's industry or network. They might receive preferential treatment, such as getting internships, job offers, or projects that others may have to work harder to attain.

    Resources and Support: Nepo-babies may have access to financial resources, mentorship, guidance, and connections from their influential parents. These advantages can help them navigate their chosen field more easily and open doors that might be closed to others.

    Recognition and Visibility: The association with a famous or successful parent can provide instant recognition and attention. Media and the public may show interest in their endeavors simply because of their familial connections, giving them a head start in building their personal brand or career.

    Credibility and Trust: Nepo-babies might be seen as more credible or trustworthy based on their family name or reputation. This can give them an advantage in securing deals, partnerships, or endorsements without having to prove themselves solely on their own merits.

    It's important to note that not all nepo-babies utilize these advantages, and some may work hard to establish their own identity and merit. However, these inherent advantages can create an uneven playing field, limiting opportunities for others who lack similar privileges.

    (Feel free to reply to this comment with your thoughts or additional points.)

  • With regard to the first question, the children of celebrities or, for example, the upper classes of society, their children can be subjected to bullying or to put them in the problems of their parents that they have any relationship with, and this thing, in my view, is unfair Because it can affect them or bring them up with a bad childhood, as they are the children of famous people and the past of their parents affects them. This also applies to the answer to the second question in terms of harm. Regarding the third question, most celebrities when they give birth Children take many pictures on their pages on social media, and from here the negative comments and bullying begin, from my point of view Celebrities should keep the privacy of these children so that it does not affect their future. As for the fourth question, yes, newborn children bear responsibility for nepotism.From my point of view, let's talk about racism in appearance, which is the dominant feature in the world of celebrities. For example, if one of these newborn children of celebrities is more beautiful as a bully, then he is subject to nepotism. Given that he is ugly in the eyes of bullies, it affects his psyche in the future, for example, in the teenage years or even most of their life periods. What is your opinion

  • Being a nepo-baby or someone who is born into a family with wealth and connections, can give both advantages and disadvantages. they may have access to opportunities such as education or job positions that others do not. They may also have established social networks that can help them succeed.

    being a nepo-baby can also create pressure to live up to family expectations and can create resentment from those who feel that the nepo-baby did not earn their success through hard work and merit. whether being a nepo-baby provides an unfair advantage or disadvantage depends on how individuals use their resources and opportunities.

  • nepo-baby refers to someone who is born into a family with power, wealth or fame. While there can be some advantages such as access to opportunities and connections, there are also potential drawbacks.

    Pros might include having resources at their disposal, receiving preferential treatment, and being able to network with influential people. However cons may include the pressure to live up to family expectations not being taken seriously or respected for their own achievements and facing public scrutiny for any mistakes or missteps.

    being a "nepo-baby" does not necessarily guarantee success or happiness and individuals should strive to forge their own paths and define success on their own terms.

  • Being a Nepo or having family members in a position of power or influence can give someone an unfair advantage in several areas of life. Nepotism is rife in many industries and often involves employers giving preference to their relatives over more qualified candidates when looking for a job. It can also result in promotions and promotions not legitimately earned but conferred through family connections. Likewise, these connections can provide easier access to networking opportunities,
    deals, and even financing that would otherwise be difficult to come by. While being related to successful people isn't inherently bad, the problem arises when meritocracy is tossed out the window in favor of advancement based on family ties rather than individual talents and abilities.Ultimately, nepotism hampers diversity in organizations, limits the chances of success for those without connections, and inhibits growth from outside perspectives that could provide important insights.

  • In short, the problem is in the presence of the infant, not in the infant itself, that is, it is not his fault with those around him, but he is an innocent child who came out to this world, so how can you accuse him of what he did not contaminate his small hands with. We can say that the problem is in the presence of this infant, not in him, and it is not right to accuse a child who is still young, even we are not correct to accuse his father because their child is still young and has not yet entered this field. How is this called nepotism?!!

  • Favoritism is a dangerous thing that harms society and results in great corruption, but a newborn child has no fault in nepotism, rather it is the fault of the parents. Parents have a great influence on their children, because he is a distinguished child because he is the son of a celebrity or the son of a president or the son of a manager. Justice is the key to progress. Life, and the harm from favoritism is the exclusion of qualified people and allowing the incompetent to take the star and get rich while they do not work hard.

  • How might being a nepo-baby give someone an unfair advantage?
    Nepo baby implies that a person is not as gifted as others, but is granted success by their family instead. Sometimes it is used describe the child of a celebrity, regardless of their success or talents.
    Regularly, when people discuss nepo babies, it comes from envy or discontent with the upper-class and specific industries. For instance, some are bothered to find out that their favorite actor or musician is a nepo baby because it might mean that, although talented, they may have had an unfair advantage over other people. It can also entail that the person isn’t talented at all — they were just born into the perfect family.

  • The Questions from nepo babies in the topic moved me. Everyone aims at success. Who wouldn't want to see his or her offspring doing great or better than him or her? It is expected that any parent who is successful will help his or her child succeed, With alms, funds, necessary training and even exposure. This gives children of celebrities and successful people an advantage over normal people though it is their choice to take it well or misuse it. So in reference to the first question,
    Firstly, Yes Nepo babies also have choices and can choose to either use or misuse the advantages they have. Most times I tend to see this as, encouragement rather than nepotism most successful individuals raise their children to be the best delivering good results and make ways for them to be the best they can also while achieving their goals, with their resources. like any normal parent would, It will only be unfair when someone not fit for a task/ job is selected because he/she is the son of "influencers" , over someone who is highly talented this is when it becomes an unfair advantage.
    Secondly, Yes there are also disadvantages people may make false claims about you stating that you are not self made even if everything you own was out of your effort just because you are an offspring of someone "influential"
    Thirdly, I won't make it clear to people if I was a nepo baby, The effort my parents put into my success will be acknowledged but not then taking all the credit I also put my consent and determination they laid the foundation and I took it. So I feel I should be honored like any other person.

    lastly, I feel the should not take any responsibility for nepotism it is not their fault for how the society see them as "someone who is born of wealthy parents and whom society sees as having an advantage in life".🙂

  • Nepo-babies don't have any responsibility for nepotism, but in the future they have the potential to. They didn't make the choice to be born into a place where they could easily rise up the ranks because a family member is in a position of power. However, they may grow up thinking that nepotism is fair, and may participate in it in the future. Because they were raised into nepotism, they may perpetuate the cycle of nepotism in the future, thus becoming responsible in the future. This is how many ideologies and beliefs persist throughout time. Ancestors may pass on their beliefs to the descendants which causes them to pass them on to their children. This creates a cycle that is going to be hard to break, especially if it benefits the person who participates in it.

    1. How could this cycle be broken, cultured_television?

    2. I disagree because a child might be born into nepotism but can make the choice not to use his or her parent's fame to become influential. An example is Kiefer Sunderland. he is the son of both Donald Sunderland and Shirley Douglas but he built his carer was built by him and he has surpassed his parents who were both actors.

  • Hello everybody here are the pros and cons of being a "nepo_baby".

    1. Being related to someone famous or influential can give you access to resources, and opportunities that others might not have. For example, you might get an internship at a prestigious company because your family member knows someone there.

    2. You may have financial security: If your family is wealthy or successful, you may not have to worry as much about money or basic needs.

    3. You may have a supportive network: Your family members may support your goals and dreams and help you achieve them.

    1. Some people might assume that you got where you are because of your family connections, rather than your own talents or hard work.

    2. If your family members are successful or famous you might feel pressure to achieve the same level of success. This can be stressful and lead to feelings of inadequacy.

    3. If your family is too involved in your life and decisions, you might not have as much freedom or independence as you would like.

    Thank you 😊

  • Nepotism babies are everywhere in entertainment these days. A nepotism baby is the child of wealthy, well-connected parents who are famous or highly successful in the entertainment industry, and the nepotism baby experiences an expeditious ascent to fame, wealth, and success and this shows lack of meritocracy.
    I don't think nepotism babies should make it clear that they are nepo babies because, it only creates more room for insults and hate comments that can make the celebrities feel bad but one thing that people don't know is that is not always their fault that they are nepo babies and no if I were a nepo baby I wouldn't let anyone know.
    No they do not because, not all nepo babies wanted to be nepo babies they must have being forced to continue in the foot steps of their parents which makes it seem like some of them are talentless because they have no passion for the families career making things difficult for them.

    1. I agree because no one chooses where they are born but we are forced to deal with the advantages or disadvantages we are given at birth. So no nepo-baby deserves to be ridiculed because they come from famous parents and decide to go on to have a career in the same industries as their parents. I also agree they do not deserve to be called talentless because of the nepotism tied to their careers.

  • Being a nepo-baby is an unfair advantage. Instead of working hard and earning their own money they depend on their parent's money, lying around and letting their parent's wealth do all the work which is wrong. This is one of the reasons nepo-babies are mostly lazy, because everything is already set out for them, sometimes even before their birth. The success of nepo-babies are due to their familial advantage not real talent. As the child of someone popular, you get access other people don’t have,.
    However, I really do feel that once you're in a position you unfairly got in, then you almost have to work twice as hard and be twice as good. Because people are ready to pull you down and say you don’t belong there or you’re only there because of your dad or your mom or whatever the case may be.
    I don't think people should tell everyone that they are a nepo-baby. They should keep a low profile for their safety and for the purpose of humility. Some nepo babies genuinely try to carve their own path, and step out of the shadow of their parents.
    I don't believe nepo-babies have any responsibility for nepotism. It isn't their fault they were born into a rich home and they shouldn't be blamed for it. If I were born into a home of rich and popular home I can be considered as a nepo-baby which isn't my fault. So they shouldn't be blamed for nepotism.

  • Aside from being out of touch and admittedly easy to poke fun at, nepo babies are also reminders of the world's unfair advantages. They have not only money and connections, but they grow up immersed in exclusive spaces, with proximity to iconic role models and a roadmap to success.
    In most cases, it can be seen as a way of oppression to individuals who were not really given such opportunities as some nepo-babies have. Some people have achieved success in their chosen profession, owing to family connections. Their privilege comes from either one or both parents who are famous names. This is how the children get an advantage over others in a profession and are referred to as nepotism babies, or nepo baby.
    "I do not support this because rather than choosing qualified, skilled or trained workers who are better for the job they rather choose to give their relatives and friends who are either less qualified or even underqualified and this has many challenges and problems and is a plague in my country today.". What this simply means in my opinion is that nepotism can actually be seen to be an actual problem in a country due to the fact that individuals that are meant to be in a certain position are neglected and replaced with nepo-babies who might not be as determined as those individuals would have been.

  • Nepo-babies they always boast about their ' famous' parents s those without famous parents don't dare to boast

  • Nepo-babies have an unfair advantage because they can use the money from famous family members to finance their careers and use their fame to become influential and open more job opportunities for themselves. It is easier for the child of an influential personality to become popular rather than the child of a 'nobody' who has to make his or herself famous with the mere encouragement from family members. For example, the child of Will Smith, Jaden Smith can easily obtain roles or auditions from either his father or his father's friends. This instance is unfair because the person given the role might not have the quality of someone else but because his or her parents are influential so they could 'pull a few strings' and get their child the role.

  • I believe that the fact that an infant child has become famous as a result of his parents’ fame and their practice of favoritism in the interest of their son, this is unfair and illegal, because this family can inherit this phenomenon to its children when they grow up, so they get used to it without realizing its danger (i.e. what falls under the name of blind imitation of parents), just as We have seen in the story of Emma before, and therefore this holds the person responsible for his bad actions when he grows up, and therefore it would be to give the person an unfair advantage over others, because it would be to take a position unjustly, i.e. without his competence, and to oppress the rest of the qualified people in obtaining that position.
    And if I were in their place, I would refuse to do that when I grow up, because I would feel remorse for taking a position without a face, without my competence, and therefore I would retire from my position and give it to the one who came after me in that, and I will work and strive to get a right position without remorse.

  • Nepo-babies have an unfair disadvantage because a celebrity son/daughters can be famous because his/her parents are famous. Brooklyn Beckham is the child of a famous footballer, David Beckham. He has had unfair criticism as a chef because of too much expectation from the public. The expect him to an instant because of the notoriety of his famous parents. The popularity of his parents have become an unfair disadvantage because it is not giving him to grow through the rank and caught his teeth in the industry.
    Napo babies can also face unfair disadvantage in some cases where some people may simply not like your face out of envy thereby making life completely difficult for them just to prove they are not as good as their as their famous dad or mum. Sometimes it is as bad as not even having a private life because of paparazzi who will want follow them around which can be traumatic.

  • Well, being a Nepo-baby gives one an unfair advantage over others,
    Reason is that once a parent has a child and the person is already at the peak of his or her wealth, the parent will never want to see the child suffer for any reason, they would like to start taking part in nepotism instead of giving people positions in their company, they will continue to give positions to their children who may not even be qualified for such positions.

    Should people have to make it clear if they are a nepo-baby? Would you?
    No people should not make it clear because that wealth in which they are enjoying is not theirs and also because they will make other people who might have missed their job opportunities feel less of themselves, which in some cases lead to suicide because of Nepotism, so I do not understand why someone who is not qualified should be given an advantage over someone who is.
    I learnt a very important lesson from my dad who always used to tell me that the money which he has made is not mine so if I want to be successful, I should not wait for inheritance or anything like that, the only key to success if hard work. Which I believe is key.

    Speaking about the Nepo-babies having a role to play in the nepotism, well yes, they do because they know that what their parents are doing is wrong, but they still do that because they want to be like their parents without working hard to earn the fame, they want shut other hard working peoples opportunities of earning a living, while they lazy around waiting for their parents to use nepotism to make the way for them.

    Well in some cases people train their children to be like them and earn qualifications, in that case will classify it as Nepotism?

  • 1 When this person is famous and works in a high position, and he does not deserve that, but because his parents are famous and have a high status in society

    2 When I take a title or position and I cannot take responsibility for it at the expense of my father
    3 They must not accept work that they do not deserve and get tired for work
    4 Yes He should bear half the responsibility because he was supposed to resist this nepotism, not like the Kapoor family who went too far in nepotism.

  • Being a nepo-baby might give someone an unfair advantage because they would not have to work very hard for their status or wealth. All of their wealth and success is due to their parents, and this shows true nepotism. This gives other people an unfair disadvantage because they are less likely to get certain jobs or gain popularity by working hard. Also, the nepo-baby may suffer from lack of privacy or hate from others.

  • People should not have to make it clear if they are a nepo-baby. This is because announcing that you are a nepo-baby can cause many things. It could cause a person to never have any privacy. It could also cause a person to feel hate for their status from other people. I would not make it clear if I was a nepo-baby. I do not believe that nepo-babies have any responsibility for nepotism. Nepotism is only present if their parents decide to show favoritism or bias.

  • I dont think that that nepotism in children is fair because they can be their own person without having to stand in their parent's footsteps. I can link this to Harry and Megan in the lesson about King Charles' coronation because they are neo-babies in the news.

  • I believe that being a nepo-baby give some unfair advantages. Those advantages can make you look like a special person while some other people look at themselves as failures just because they aren't born in rich or famous families. Some of those advantages include:
    1. They always get special treatment. For example, if a nepo-baby was to enter a high class bakery the workers there could ignore every other person there and attend to them first, even if there was a long queue the workers could tell everyone to move out of the way just because a nepo-baby visited. That would be a sign of nepotism and favoritism.

  • Nepo-babies this is one of the factor affecting the world today it has to do with a parent giving their children a job in their job. It is hard to resist giving your child a child in your occupational field. We should learn to follow the right process all the time even though it is hard it pays.

  • Being a nepo-baby might give someone an unfair advantage because they are able to use their parents' names to lead to good opportunities. When nepo-babies parents become famous in their life this fame can be in their children's lives too. Nepo-babies have an unfair disadvantage because the parents of Nepo-babies are usually famous and if they decide to follow the line of work of their parents, the expectations of he or she is high. An example is the son of the Argentinian footballer Lionel Messi, Thiago Messi. I don't think nepo-babies should make it clear of who they are because it can cause a mass amount of destruction. Honestly speaking if i were a nepo-baby i wouldn't make it so obvious. But the question i am trying to rap my self around is " Wont I get tempted to reveal that I am a nepo-baby?.Nepo-babies have a responsibility to acknowledge and address the privilege that they enjoy as a result of their family connections. They have to be mindful that the opportunities that they receive may not be available to others, who have the same qualifications, if not more.

    1. Do you think nepo-babies will always exist? And if so, should they declare the help they have had?

      1. Of course, nepo babies will always be around, and nepotism is an issue that reaches far beyond the entertainment industry; it just seems more prolific in Hollywood, as we watch the children of celebrities kickstart their careers. I do think they should declare the help they have but wont do it because they are living a life of luxury and comfort unlike other countries the country i live in namely Ghana is dealing with a huge case of nepotism because it has been claimed that our president is the father of nepotism. According to my research some nepo babies aren't even qualified to work but because their parents are in the business industry and have a lot of links to get them to the top. whiles others really learn and are very much deserving of the job an example of nepotism in business is acting because as i said in my comment some nepo babies are not qualified but still get the job because of their parents position whiles others are very much inspired and are not pushed up because of their parents but because of their talent. I actually learnt in class with my Global perspective teacher she gave an example of what nepotism is she said " a qualified nurse may have four years of qualification but because of the lack of jobs in this country she has to sell on the streets to provide for her family whiles others are undeserving and don't even have to lift a muscle but are automatically boosted to higher places in parliament not because they are qualified but because of nepotism"

  • 1.Being a Nepo-baby can have an unfair advantage by the following ways:
    Access to Resources: Nepo-babies often have access to a network of resources, such as financial support, business connections, and social connections. This can give them an advantage in various areas, including education, career, and entrepreneurship.

    Insider Information: Nepo-babies often have access to insider information, such as industry secrets, upcoming job openings, or changes in policies or regulations. This information can give them an unfair advantage over others who don't have access to this information.
    Limited Opportunities for Growth: Nepo-babies may face limited opportunities for growth and development if they are constantly compared to their family members or if their potential is overlooked due to their family connections. This can be frustrating and demotivating, leading to a lack of ambition or fulfillment.
    Perceived Lack of Merit: Nepo-babies may be perceived as lacking merit or deserving their position solely because of their family connections. This can lead to resentment from colleagues or peers who feel that they are more qualified or deserving of the same opportunities.

    2. Being a Nepo-baby can have an unfair disadvantage by the following ways:
    Unrealistic Expectations: Nepo-babies may face unrealistic expectations due to their family connections. For instance, they may be expected to perform better than others or live up to their family's reputation. This pressure can lead to stress and anxiety, affecting their overall performance and well-being.
    Limited Opportunities for Growth: Nepo-babies may face limited opportunities for growth and development if they are constantly compared to their family members or if their potential is overlooked due to their family connections. This can be frustrating and demotivating, leading to a lack of ambition or fulfillment.Prejudice and Stereotyping: Nepo-babies may be stereotyped as entitled, privileged, and undeserving of their achievements. This can lead to prejudice and negative treatment, which can be demotivating and affect their self-esteem.

    Perceived Lack of Merit: Nepo-babies may be perceived as lacking merit or deserving their position solely because of their family connections. This can lead to resentment from colleagues or peers who feel that they are more qualified or deserving of the same opportunities.

    3.Whether or not someone should disclose that they are a "nepo-baby" depends on the situation and context. In some cases, such as in the workplace or in academic settings, it may be important for individuals to disclose any potential conflicts of interest or family connections that could be perceived as giving them an unfair advantage.
    However, I do recognize the importance of acknowledging privilege and advantages and the need to work towards creating a more level playing field for everyone. It's important for individuals to be transparent and honest about their background and use their privilege to help uplift and support those who may not have had the same opportunities.

    4.Yes, nepo-babies have a responsibility to prevent nepotism and its negative effects. As individuals who have received advantages due to their family connections, they have a unique opportunity to use their privilege to promote fairness, equality, and meritocracy.
    Acknowledge Privilege: Nepo-babies should acknowledge and recognize the advantages or privileges they may have received due to their family connections. This can help prevent others from assuming that their success is solely due to their merit or abilities.
    Avoid Nepotism: Nepo-babies should actively avoid nepotism and favoritism. They should strive to make hiring decisions, awarding of opportunities, and promotions based on merit, qualifications, and experience rather than personal connections.
    Promote Diversity and Inclusion: Nepo-babies should promote diversity and inclusion in their workplace or industry. They should advocate for equal opportunities and work towards creating a level playing field for everyone.
    Mentor and Support Others: Nepo-babies should use their privilege to mentor and support others who may not have had the same opportunities. They can provide guidance, resources, and connections to help uplift and support those who may be underrepresented or disadvantaged.

  • People should not make it clear if they are a nepo-baby. Nepo babies deserve the same treatment as regular babies. People do not get to choose to be a nepo-baby. It is rare to be one. Nepo baby, is a term referring to the children of celebrities who have succeeded in careers, usually the same, or adjacent, career to their celebrity parents. The implication is that these children are only successful because they have inside access because of their parents due to nepotism. Nepo babies usually get different treatment, but this has to change.

  • Being a nepo-baby is an unfair advantage over others and people should specify whether or not they themselves are one. Nepotism is a form of corruption, and corruption is a practice that is not acceptable within our society and is shunned and shamed. But people acknowledge genuine work and skill. If you inform people that you are a nepo-baby, initially they might think negatively of you, but if you are truly skilled at what you do, then they will eventually see beyond your family situation.

  • Being a nepo-baby can give someone an unfair advantage because you can cheat your way through life by using your parents wealth and how well they are known. For example they can apply for schools easier, make friends with people easier, and when they are older they can get jobs and interviews easier. These actions are not fair to all the other people that have been trying to do the same thing because they have earned what they did at a slow pace but a nepo-babies have not.

  • Being a nepo baby might give someone an unfair advantage because it would be easy for them to become famous because their parents are famous. They could also take a job from someone that could use it. It would also give someone an disadvantage because all eyes would be on them, and maybe they don't want eyes on them all the time for the world to see what they are going to do next. I don't think people should make it clear if they are a nepo-baby. I personally not let people know because then people might ask me over and over on who is my parent and Then eyes would be on me and my parents. I don't think nepo-babies have any responsibility for nepotism because it could be the parents that control what they nepo-baby does and they might choose what they do.

  • How does being a baby give someone an unfair advantage?
    Absolutely yes, this infant can enroll in schools and universities for free... only because his family is well-known. Perhaps also when he grows up, he finds a job without searching for it... and also without having a right to it and other people have a greater right... but Unfortunately, they get..And through their family, and this is something that the law must work to combat.... and prevent these forms of corruption and injustice.....

  • Do nepo-babies have any responsibility for nepotism? If yes, what?

    Some nepo-babies do not have any responsibility for nepotism because they cannot control who their parents are. Like a dice, the probability of someone becoming a nepo-babies is totally randomized but considering how many famous people there are it is likely someone can become a nepo-baby. But there are some people like Jaden Smith (American Actor) and Willow Smith (American Singer) , who are the children of Will Smith (American Actor) and Jada Smith (American Actress)who have taken some of the nepotism under control and remove their 'famous title' from their parents. But they are still and forever will be considered a Nepo Baby but they decided to try and become famous on their own.

  • If you are born a nepo baby you have many unfair advantages but also disadvantages . As soon as you are born, you are already a star. Meaning you would have opportunities and access to things that people could only dream of. Things like having lunch with Tom Cruise or going to exclusive premiers and showings of the show business. You would be able to learn from the best of the best. But, being a nepo baby has its downsides. Everyone would have their eyes on you meaning you would have no privacy. Also you could be treated unfairly by getting unnecessary hatred and antagonism. People should not have to make it clear they are nepo babies. This is because it could spark many debates about how they are treated differently based on their name and family. They have responsibilities for nepotism that include things such as knowing when to drawn the line but to stay true to others and themselves.

  • I believe that maybe it is not the fault of the nepo-baby. Sometimes they might want to get a role or a job based on their own abilities and competence, but people choose to give them the job because of their parents influence and popularity. Sometimes nepo-babies just want to get their job the right way but because of their parents, people just give them the jobs without even considering whether or not they are fit for it. For example if a lion cub wants to play with a herd of zebras, they will all run away not because the cub hurt them in any way but because of the reputation of its kind. Sometimes, some nepo-babies do not like all the unfair treatment they get. That is why sometimes they might choose to venture into something that their parents influence will not affect.

  • Hello!
    I feel that I would not want to be a beneficiary or nepotism or be a nepo-baby reason being that I feel everyone should make a name for themselves and not amass their wealth and influence under the shadow of the success of their parents in their various chosen careers. I feel everyone should be able to make a name for themselves and not use the success of their parents to acquire their success.
    In my opinion I feel that nepotism works hand in hand with corruption case in point my country Nigeria. According to a survey from 2019, about half of the applicants who secured a position in the Nigerian public sector used nepotism, bribery, or both. Some 20 percent of male respondents and 24 percent of female respondents declared to have paid a bribe for their position in the public sector. In addition, around 16 percent of both male and female respondents, respectively, secured their job as public officials with the help of friends or relatives. This has affected our economic sector in many ways as since 2015 when our incumbent president came, he brought with him his associate and put them in high ranks which has led to the decline of our currency and economy.
    I personally feel nepotism should not be accepted based on the reasons I mentioned above.

  • How might being a nepo-baby give someone an unfair disadvantage?

    I think that they can't get jobs fairly and everyone gives them negative attention [because they are so famous.] . Also people will think of there parents, not the nepo-baby.

  • Because of their family's connections, certain nepo-babies may have access to opportunities that are not open to others, giving them an unfair advantage. They could also enjoy undeserved success as a result of their affluent upbringing and family. They may experience success that isn't always the result of their labor. Nepotism often provides an unfair advantage in success and opportunities.

  • They should all be treated the same famous or not children are children you do not need to treat them differently their parents might be rich and famous but they are too young to make that choice yes their parents can but don't put to much attention on them they are still young

    When they go to school they could be treated differently by the teachers by the students so in my opinion don't put too much

  • Hello,
    Regarding the Brooklyn Beckham news story, I think a lot of non-famous people, often also experiment with what career they would like to pursue; it is unfair to mock him for trying so many, when numerous people do they same thing, and it is so common.
    I understand that the reason he is able to try so many careers, is because of his parents' fame and wealth, which gives him an advantage in being able to acquire the jobs, however this should be the reason he is getting 'hate' and not because he wants to experiment and decide what job he would like.

    1. Do you think that his 'advantage' is the reason behind his criticism as opposed to the career trialling?

  • I think being born under a famous name gives the child an unfair advantage. People would do anything to get on the good side of a famous person, and they'd give them special treatment and aut0matically give them a job even if there not good, they still want them on the job. It'd give the company more popularity and give them more connections.
    Nepo-babys get unfair advantages all throughout life just because of their parents. Like many people have said in the comments, maybe applying for a job or college should be anonymous so the employers won't know who they are and wont do anything unfairly. Some people use their parents fame to their advantage and use it for whenever they want something. Someone may not get the job they've been working hard for for years but someone could take it so quickly just because of their parents. There should be more ways for people to be equal.

  • Should people have to make it clear if they are a nepo-baby? Would you?

    Yes you should make it clear because, if they don't the playing field will be unfair to other actors that want a role in tv show or in a movie and then they would go out of business . Yes I would tell the public if I had a nepo-baby then it would make the playing field fair.

  • I think that it gives an unfair advantage to people that have tried really hard to get somewhere, but can't get where they want because of nepo-babies. Even though is is not equal, nobody chooses to be born and people's frustration about it should not be taken out on the children and family members of these people.
    The nepo-babies should take more responsibility and not use their power to take advantage to get what they want. Also, movies, TV Shows, companies and schools should make sure they are not allowing people to get in just because of who they are related to. Places like universities could do blind applications where the name and background is not shown.
    If you have a famous parents that is an actor (for example), the child may feel pressure to be like their parents and follow in their footsteps. They are more likely to be cast because people know of their parent, so it is not fair that people are getting hate over who their family is and the fact they feel they need to be like them. Being a nepo-baby can also be damaging if you are one because you will probably always be associated with your parents or any other family member, so it is harder to make a separate name for yourself.

  • Nepotism: a topic that can be controversial and full of different viewpoints. In my opinion, in some cases it can be fair, however in others it is a blatant privilege. Undeniably, it strongly affects many people around the world, and because of that I will be discussing the unfairness and fairness of the situation.
    First of all, the situation may be deemed as fair in some cases since the 'nepo-baby' did work hard for it. For example, if your parents were famous actors and you got a role in one of their movies- for all the world knows, you could have received training by your parents and it could be a hobby of yours. That sounds fair, doesn't it? If it is your passion and you have worked hard for it, you may have been chosen because of your parents or you got it fair and square. It's the effort that the person put in that counts.
    Despite that, there are situations that are simply not fair. This is when your parents have given you an extreme step up in life- you receive extreme privilege, money and benefit that strongly from them that you get given opportunities that you never would have gotten otherwise. An opportunity that millions of people deserved more. An opportunity that they didn't need.
    In my own experiences, I seldom realize when someone is a 'nepo-baby', in fact; it doesn't impact my life in any way! However, people may be more impacted than me, like those who wanted that role or that job.

  • Aloha,
    This topic on nepo-babies is quite intriguing and I'm seeing a lot of different opinions but in my opinion getting support from your famous parents to help you pursue your future career isn't wrong because whether a parent is famous or not, he or she would love to support their child in their careers and since they have the opportunity to do so they helped to support their children.
    Lets forget that some current celebrities had the chance to be supported by their famous parents, they must have been exceptional and quite talented to have made it to the limelight, and besides you have to to be quite exceptional in your career to be able to get awards like The Grammy's or The Emmy's. So would you say nepo-babies who were opportuned to get some of these awards only got them because of their influential parents?
    A good example is Mariska Hargitay. She is the daughter of bodybuilder and actor Mickey Hargitay and actress Jayne Mansfield. Mariska choose to be an actress and I've watched a number of TV shows that Mariska acted and I can say she has really excelled in her career and is a really good actress. She has also gotten a good number of awards. Although she was supported by her parents she proved to the world that she was really talented. So my point is although nepo-babies were supported by a famous parent or relative they must have been really talented to make it to the spotlight.

  • Sometimes being a nepo-baby can give someone an unfair advantage over others, because they are chosen for positions based on their parent's success, not their qualifications.
    But being a nepo-baby can have some unfair disadvantages too. For one, it's not fair on a child when you help them do everything, even succeed in life, because there comes a time when you will not be there to help the child, who didn't develop independent skills because of you help, and then the child will have some problems in life that could have been avoided.
    I wouldn't make it clear if I was one, especially if I know that I actually have the skills and qualifications to occupy the position. I'd just leave the public to think what they want to. They shouldn't make it clear unless they know that they're being given an unfair advantage.
    I feel that they don't exactly have a responsibility for nepotism, because if you come from a famous family, you can't escape the spotlight. And when people like you, you can become famous too. For example, the Kardashians. Kim and Kanye's daughter, North, is now famous too. And Stormi Webster too. She is famous not only because of her parents, but also because people like her cute smiles and media presence. It all lies in whether one has the right qualifications or not.

  • I think the term nepotism is confusing and accurate. Many people attack the children of famous people and describe them as deceitful without checking and looking. Are they really talented and deserving of that or not? This is also unfair to them.
    It may be that the children of famous and presidents do not really deserve it, but I think it is a matter of justice and equality for the government to set rules and laws that are transparent and fair.
    In my country there is a large number of nepotism, whether intentionally or unintentionally? This nepotism led to the emigration of many people who felt frustrated to other countries. I hope that nepotism will be stopped in my country?

    1. Do you think nepotism is OK if someone has the talent?