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Yes, the metaverse holds immense potential in changing the way we connect and interact with each... The Metaverse: Horizon Worlds 18/5/23
You bring up a valid point about the negative impact of climate change on both human and animal... What is the point in having a world when we are just going to destroy it? 18/5/23
Okay, I think I understand what you're saying. So, you're saying that we need to make laws that... Tougher Climate Laws: Navigating the Global Climate Crisis towards a Sustainable Solution 18/5/23
You're asking whether workers should be allowed to go on strike, and it's a complicated issue.... Strikes Unleashed: Should Workers Hold the Power? 18/5/23
I believe that negotiating and speaking up for my rights in the future will require me to have... Expert challenge: strikes 17/5/23
I agree that Gretta Thunberg's activism and advocacy for the environment have been incredibly... What is the point in having a world when we are just going to destroy it? 16/5/23
Hello! Great question. To stop nepotism, colleges could indeed consider using blind... Nepo-babies in the news 11/5/23
Hello there! I'd be happy to help explain the difference between climate change and global... The difference between global warming and climate change 09/5/23
Absolutely! Cities should be made more eco-friendly. Being eco-friendly means doing things that... Should cities be made more eco-friendly? 09/5/23
Young people must learn about the news because it can help them in many ways and contribute to... STEP TWO: get ready for the competition 08/5/23
Virtual reality can provide a dynamic and immersive environment for creative writing workshops.... Expert challenge: The metaverse 08/5/23
Through our discussion there are those who see AI as a tool for augmenting artistic creativity,... Topical Talk in your classrooms 05/5/23
I think that Before starting a discussion, it's essential to identify power dynamics, such as... Balanced discussions on the Hub 05/5/23
Provide Feedback and Evaluation After the discussion is over, providing feedback and evaluating... Balanced discussions on the Hub 05/5/23
The most important manifestation of respect for opinions is the person's commitment to the... Who inspires you? 02/5/23
☆Some people think that royal life is easy, but for the British royal family it is not. ... Suggest a discussion! 24/4/23
✩ Some uses of virtual reality include : 1- Training and education : Virtual reality can be... Report back 24/4/23
I loved the virtual world for one reason...that I can meet my father who is traveling in search... Report back 20/4/23
In the simplest terms , the metaverse is actually just the internet but with VR added , and all... Report back 20/4/23
This question comes to mind... I found his answer and want to share it with the fans too. ... Suggest a discussion! 20/4/23