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Interesting question tiff. I believe this is more reason to allow immigrants in. In the case... What are the benefits of immigration? 12/2/24
To begin with. In oder to balance supporting refugees and my country population desires if i... Fair or unfair? 12/2/24
Interesting suggestions Ollie. It is really disheartening that after much energy, resources and... Fair or unfair? 12/2/24
I totally agree with you ingenious truth. Instead if completely wothdrawi Countries behaving badly 10/2/24
Greetings. I understand that country A actions was aggressive and totally selfish. Selfish in... Countries behaving badly 10/2/24
Greetings First of all, a business requesting a celebrity to be the face of their brand would... The “face” of a business 09/2/24
Interesting question Sarah @the economics. I believe buying petrol for a local community is ... How could businesses make positive change? 09/2/24
I completely agree with you, unparalleled_raisinEveryone bears responsibility for the state of... Climate change and inequality 08/2/24
Absolutely, powerful_huckleberry. I couldn't agree more. Taking responsibility for stopping... Climate change and inequality 08/2/24
Interesting insight Sarah @economics. I believe a local business donating petrol depends on the... How could businesses make positive change? 08/2/24
Greetings! The topic I would like us topical talkers to discuss is. We will ever feel safe and... Suggest a discussion 04/2/24
To begin with, In nigerian, every December to early January we have this seasonal change... Responsible citizens 04/2/24
Outstanding Opinion,fantastic flight Yes sonetimes we may need to reconsider some societal... What if prisons aren’t working? 03/2/24
I disagree with option C First of all. Accidents are not planned,they are unforseen... AI accident: who is responsible? 02/2/24
Greetings! I would like to suggest a discussion that has recently got me wondering, The... Suggest a discussion 02/2/24
Wonderful insight, Spirited concept. Yes, Tradition is an aspect of culture,it is a believe... Are young people politically engaged? 02/2/24
Intelligent opinion, James, mathematician KPMG I believe being a vegetarian is a personal... Animal rights 01/2/24
Rightly said spirited concept. Youths are not politically engaged because they are not given... Are young people politically engaged? 01/2/24
I scored 8 out of 15 One question that particular caught my interest was What is prison meant... Show what you know 01/2/24
Thank you cultured flower for your intelligent opinion. Yes, people should priotize Animals as... Animal rights 31/1/24