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I believe that it is right to restrict people's freedom to keep them and others safe because if... Freedom v safety? 08/2/24
Why should there be inequality between men and women, or boys and girls. We all have rights, and... Suggest a discussion 06/2/24
Hi! In our economics class, we learnt that human's wants are insatiable. So, it is normal to... Too old, too young, not enough, too much 06/2/24
I think that Robots will be more productive with jobs than Humans. Humans are prone to make more... People v robots 06/2/24
The age limit of countries should differ because values differ. In societies today people are... Age restrictions 03/2/24
The priority of prisons is to ensure that the prisoners are well enlightened about the rules and... What’s the purpose of prisons? 03/2/24
I support option C because a school is not just a place where people learn but its also a place... Will schools exist in future? 01/2/24
Personally, I feel like the company that developed AI is responsible because before getting into... AI accident: who is responsible? 01/2/24
One point of prisons is reformation. This is to successfully shape criminals in a perfect way... What if prisons aren’t working? 31/1/24
Yes, it can be acceptable to restrict people's freedom in certain circumstances if it is... Freedom v safety? 31/1/24
There are a number of purposes of prisons. They include security, comfort, punishments,... Show what you know 30/1/24
In my opinion, the top priority of prison officers should be ensuring the safety of individuals... What’s the purpose of prisons? 29/1/24
The government should take a bigger percentage of their money to the protection of people from... Prevention or protection? 29/1/24
Hey, I scored 9/10 Experts have started using the words "crisis" and "emergency" to describe... Show what you know 29/1/24
Firstly, I believe AI can enhance the learning experience by providing personalized learning. ... AI and the future of education 28/1/24
While it is true that machines have revolutionized many aspects of our lives, including... Will schools exist in future? 28/1/24
Hello, In the context of eco-anxiety, the news should strive to provide a balanced... Joycelyn Longdon on different experiences 28/1/24
During the lesson, I experienced a change in my perspective regarding how to cope with... Report back 28/1/24
I got /10 . From the quiz, I learned that experts have been using words like "crisis" and... Show what you know 24/1/24
The "advent" of AI, as you put it, would not make humans lazy. Human beings are always looking... AI and the future of education 24/1/24