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It is important for young people to learn about the news because young people are the ones that... STEP TWO: get ready for the competition 25/3/24
I agree with the poll because If crime is prevented, there will be no need to protect the... Prevent or protect? Poll results! 21/3/24
I agree because the ideas of famous people were first rejected before they became famous. An... The future of AI: poll results! 21/3/24
This is what I expected because the celebrity is being paid to represent the brand. If the... The face of a brand: poll results! 18/3/24
The results of the poll are what I expected. I agree with the results because if someone is... Performance-enhancing drugs: poll results! 18/3/24
I say no, I do not want to be the leader of my country. I say this because being the leader of a... Your country in your hands! 12/3/24
Thank you for your contribution. Your opinion has impacted and changed by opinion but I do not... Who has the power? 07/3/24
I believe that the media has the most power in a democracy. The media is the main source of... Who has the power? 05/3/24
I beleive that the media is good for elections. I say this becasue the informs people about what... The media and elections 05/3/24
I disagree with option D because if scientists are making new discoveries with enhancement... What do you think about the Enhanced Games? 01/3/24
I agree with C because if people keep doping, they might get hurt. If the people are hurt, there... What do you think about the Enhanced Games? 01/3/24
It is important to hear other people's opinions even if you disagree with them because when you... Why so divisive? 13/2/24
If i could meet Daniel, I would ask him his goal(s) and reason(s) for studying this topic. What... Daniel Hulme 07/2/24
The question being asked is quite complicated. There are many unknown factors that play a... Countries behaving badly 06/2/24
I believe that the brand should only have some control over what the celebrity should do and... The “face” of a business 05/2/24
In pursuit of fostering a more balanced and inclusive dialogue, incorporating regional... Balanced discussions on the Hub 02/2/24
I very much appreciate your comment splendid_fish. These surveys will help each and everyone of... Tell us what you think! 30/1/24
I agree because with youths from all over the world sharing ideas, we will have an extensive... Balanced discussions on the Hub 30/1/24