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There is no simple or single answer to who will take responsibility for stopping climate change.... Earth Day: Why We Need Stronger Climate Legislation Now 26/5/23
I agree that strikes are a way for workers to demand better conditions. Strikes can affect the... IS STRIKING THE ONLY WAY? 24/5/23
I think AI should not be able to copy other artists' styles. I say this because doing this takes... Inspiration... or stealing? 03/5/23
At the end of this quiz, I scored a 7. I learnt so much including the fact that the world's... Test your knowledge 01/5/23
I would like to focus on Nev. Emergency services are critical for everyone, both healthy and... Pick ONE person 28/4/23
First and foremost, a strike is the union's collective refusal to continue work because of hard... Can everyone strike? 27/4/23
Although striking is not good because it can result in death in some cases, such as health... Strikes poll results! 27/4/23
After my initial attempt, I received a 9, and after fixing my mistake, I received a 10. I learnt... Test your knowledge 27/4/23
I think everyone should be allowed to strike. Strikes can help workers project their thoughts... Strikes poll results! 25/4/23
Although I haven't treated this topic in school, I got an 8. I learnt about the damage that... Test your knowledge 25/4/23
I scored an 8. I came to understand that virtual reality is simply a digital replica of the real... Test your knowledge 24/4/23
Young people can become more involved in the fight to limit climate change by educating others... Climate change in your country 17/4/23
Climate change makes me wonder what will become of the Earth and how we will live, and it makes... Climate change in your country 17/4/23
I chose "not enough climate laws" because I feel that if there are not enough climate laws,... Earth Day poll results! 14/4/23
I believe that Laws 1 and 2 are illogical. This is why: Law 1 cannot be adopted by everyone... The law in your hands? 13/4/23
Flooding: I think the government should install additional rain gutters so that rainwater does... Climate change in your country 13/4/23
We have two seasons in my country: dry and wet. Because the area is mostly dry and warm, the... Climate change in your country 13/4/23
I got a 9. I am happy with my score and have learnt about how dangerous climate change can be,... Test your knowledge! 13/4/23