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I got 12 out of 12 and have learnt that businesses have a lot of influence on people so... The business and politics quiz 11/2/24
I agree because... When a celebrity becomes the public face of a brand, it raises interesting... The “face” of a business 05/2/24
I disagree because I think the brand should have some control over the celebrity, but not 0%.... The “face” of a business 05/2/24
I think it would be beneficial if all the countries in the world agreed on the same age limits... Age restrictions 31/1/24
I would train in to aid me in my activities, both school based and work based then with the... AI companion 31/1/24
In my opinion, the most prioritized item on the list should be "secure". Nobody should be able... What’s the purpose of prisons? 31/1/24
I totally get where you are coming from. I know that you feel like prevention will not go a long... Prevention or protection? 31/1/24
Do you really think there should be an age restriction to learning about the news of our own... Age restrictions 30/1/24
I am choosing yes, but yet at same time, no. This is due to the fact that, since it's concerning... Freedom v safety? 29/1/24
I disagree because... I'm not saying we should literally forget about the negative aspects of... Finding a balance 29/1/24
I understand your point intelligent orchard and I do agree with you. I also encourage the use of... Will schools exist in future? 28/1/24
That's a good point if you ask me. AI won't do a good job in teaching as a teacher would do. It... People v robots 28/1/24
I agree due to the fact that AI really helps in most aspects and even to be called an aid to... An interview with Raman Rai 28/1/24
I agree with your point fantastic song due to the fact that where I come from, that is, my... Suggest a discussion 28/1/24
I appreciate your perspective as a gregarious bee, but I have to ask you, do you ever question... Suggest a discussion 26/1/24
Hello chatty fact. I really agree with what you have stated but at the same time, I'd like to... Classroom spy! 26/1/24
Firstly, lets truly start with its definition, Eco-anxiety is a challenging emotional response... Joycelyn Longdon on different experiences 26/1/24
As committed_writer said, pollution is a major cause of climate change. And fracking in rural... Too much negative news? 25/1/24
Hello helpful personality. Nice point you really have here though. I strongly support your... An interview with Raman Rai 25/1/24
So, with what I have read from your comment, chatty fact, I understand what you're trying to say... People v robots 24/1/24