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One of the Topical Talk experts on eco-anxiety, Caroline Hickman, has set you a challenge. Watch her video and then respond in the comments.

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  • I have always been in to reading articles and newspapers alot and recently I read one of the greatest news regarding climate change. I read in one of the articles of CNN that ozone layer is slowly healing! The news of rapid spread of EVs and solar panels and the recent decline in Amazon rainforest deforestation gave we humans a hope! And in India, there is an article which says that the Indian government has implemented several policy measures to encourage renewable energy, including capacity targets, improvements to administrative processes and incentives for the domestic production of solar technologies has actually helped us to feel good in regards of Climate change!
    All these news has helped us to realize that -"Being alone we might not be able to do alot;but together we can do so much",as the world is now slowly healing because of the efforts of many scientists and individuals!
    But while reading articles I had even read some devastating news regarding Climate change such as the increase of temperature in Canada, the melting of glaciers in Antarctica which left me in concern for Climate change! Because if these activities will continue like this then in few years our mother Earth will be totally ruined! And we human beings will not be having a planet B for our survival, isn't this concerning? And it is rightly said by Mahatma Gandhi, "The Earth provides to satisfy our needs; not to satisfy our greeds"really, how true this is!...
    Thank you!

    1. The fact that the ozone layer is healing just makes me feel so happy and glad because... in my class we just recently discussed about ozone layer depletion just for me to hear it is healing this is such great news because a blunder which is caused by human beings has finally been recognized and the measures put in place have finally been obeyed. @ victorious engine thank you for this good news because I personally thought that nothing could be done and that the damage was permanent but after hearing this it has given me an urge to educate those who don't know much about the ozone layer.

      Thank you.

      1. Wow glad outcome! That was a great move. But you confused me when you said that the ozone layers healing makes you feel happy and glad. But my question is what do you mean by the ozone layers healing? Those that means that the ozone layer can be able to heal the sick. Please throw more light on that.

        1. Well, what I have to say is that the ozone layer is no longer depleting but rather recovering from the damage caused by greenhouse gases. Ozone layer has been steadily improving since the wake of the 1989 Montreal protocol which is an international agreement that has helped eliminate 99% of ozone-depleting chemicals, such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) that were used as solvents and refrigerants. I'm glad you commented back and I'm happy to see that humans have come together to enact a law that will improve the overall well being of ourselves. I hope that this has made you feel good and balanced.

          Thank you.

      2. I agree because... The ozone layer is like Earth's very own superhero cape, protecting us from the sun's harmful rays. Without it, we'd be in big trouble - temperatures could skyrocket, and our planet could dry up fastre than a puddle on a hot day.

        Some smart scientists think that the ozone layer might be better, wich is awsome nws. But not everyone is totally convinced yet. And here's the thing: the earth isn't cooling down. In a fact, its getting hotter because of something called global warming.


    2. The fact that the ozone layer is healing is amazing news, as the ozone layer serves as a shield from the sun's radiation and other very harmful sun emissions, and according to experts it is healing at a pace that would fully mend the whole over Antarctica in about 45 years, though it's not fast, it's better than nothing, because when I first heard that the ozone layer is depleting I thought we'd have to watch it being destroyed, thankfully that's not the case and with our help maybe we can speed up it's healing.

    3. The bad news about climate change spreads like wildfire and the natural humans are prone to negative news. I live in Nigeria and lately, I read about the rising sea levels threatening southern cities such as Lagos (Nigeria) and coastal areas, increasing vulnerability to flooding and waterborne disease. Drought and reduced rainfall, combined with rising air temperatures, inhibit the country’s hydropower systems and hinder agricultural production and fishing, reducing food security and negatively impacting health and nutrition. The energy sector, deforestation, and land-use change are the greatest contributors to Nigeria’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This news could have had a more devastating effect on me if I had not also read about the positive work of USAID (from their website) in collaboration with some Nigerian Agencies and Ministries.
      USAID is currently working with these bodies, especially in the following areas:
      1. Renewable Energy: The agency has injected about $2.3 billion to generate about 2,420 megawatts (MW) increase in the grid evacuation capacity of the Nigerian transmission system. This was achieved in collaboration with the Nigerian Ministry of Power, the Nigerian Energy Regulatory Commission and other public and private sector partners.
      2. Adaption: They have equipped farmers with improved seeds and technology.
      3. Natural Climate Solution: They have helped by promoting local laws to protect some areas such as f tropical rainforest and savanna woodland.
      In the long run, for balance, it is proper for people especially to be fed with balanced information to avoid the increase in eco-anxiety which is gradually becoming prevalent.

      1. Which of these actions might have the biggest impact, openhearted_music?

        1. While all the factors are important, I think Adaptation will have the biggest impact. This is so because Nigeria is a third-world country and food is one important thing. Thus improved seeds and agro-based technology support can easily overcome climate changes will make the biggest impact.

  • The current piece of news related to climate which makes me feel good is related to the solar energy because currently in 2023 World's largest solar farm completed in China, powering 20 million homes with clean energy! This news makes me feel good because it shows the power of renewable energy and the potential for large-scale implementation. It gives me hope that we can shift away from fossil fuels and towards a more sustainable future.

    Fossil fuel emissions hit record high in 2023. This means we're putting more heat-trapping gas into the air than ever before. It's like adding more blankets to a campfire; things are only going to get hotter, with more extreme weather, melting ice caps, and rising sea levels. It's scary because it affects everything from where we live to how we grow food. We need to switch to cleaner energy sources fast, before things get even worse. This news about the climate makes me feel concerned.

    1. I strongly agree with you because in my country, the trash pickers do not come to pick the trash but they still collect huge sums of money. It leaves people no choice but to burn their trash. This action can cause climate change. When I just see this, I sometimes begin to cry. Our atmosphere just gets more insecure. On top of that, there are sand winners at my residence and they just pollute the air and it can even cause me to have chest issues most a time. So I feel that, as you said, it is just scary.

      1. I strongly agree because as a fellow Ghanaian I witness this a lot where my neighbor have to burn their rubbish because the garbage collector don’t come around and even sometimes because they don’t have enough money to be worrying about thronging trash away so they decide to burn it because it it’s a simple solution to them. As I observe this I realize that they don’t realize that they are polluting the air and causing climate change.
        Thank you bustling cliff for commenting this.

  • When I think about what the International Energy Agency's Electricity Market Report said about 90% of new electricity demand being covered by clean energy sources like wind and solar (along with nuclear energy ) really excites me because if it does happen, it'll make renewables the world's largest electricity source come 2025. An action like this will reduce global warming, improve public health and it is reliable and sustainable because there is no limit to the amount of wind, solar or water.
    Another thing that helps me not to feel too emotional is the delightful news of the ozone layer on track to recover within decades according to the UN with 197 countries that pledged to phase out ozone depleting chemicals, including the United States and the ban on the production of some single-use plastics in England isn't something we talk about everyday.
    But then again, it saddens me to know that there is a loss of species as climate change poses risks to the survival of species on land and in the ocean. According to UN, the world is losing species at a rate 1,000 times greater than any other time recorded in human history . Birds like the Ivory-billed woodpecker and Maui Akepa have already gone extinct and the second largest animal in Indonesia (after the Asian elephant), the Javan Rhino is about to be extinct despite the fact that they are known to live 30-40 years.
    The changes in the climate not only imposes risks to animals but it is also affecting the public health of humans through air pollution, diseases, extreme weather events and even pressure on man's mental health leading to acculturation stress. It's upsetting to know that extreme weather events increases the death rate and makes it extremely difficult for health care systems to keep up.
    I believe that the world must come together to confront climate change. There is little scientific dispute if we do nothing. Like Ronald Reagan {former US president}said, "Preservation of our environment is not a liberal or conservative challenge, , It's common sense."

    1. These are really interesting points, original_robin. I like what you said about renewable energy and improvements in the ozone layer. And I agree that loss of species is very sad. What do you mean when you say the world must come together to confront climate change? What do you think some next steps could be?

      1. The truth is that if the world doesn't come together to tackle the problem of climate change then the efforts of those trying will be rendered useless, because it isn't only those people trying to help confront this problem that caused the problem in the first place, it is the whole world that is contributing to climate change so the whole world should also work together toward solving the problem. Some of the steps that can help in reducing climate change can also be advantageous to us , like for example:
        Driving less , walking more and cycling more. This can help us in exercising and reducing the use of fossil fuels while driving.
        Eating vegetables can also be of good help, you will be eating healthy while helping the ecosystem, this is to those that do not like eating their vegetables
        And then finally another good point is recycling, everywhere you go try your best to recycle and not waste it isn't that hard at all.
        There are many other ways that we can still help ,like me, I have decided to reduce the way I use perfumes and rather focus more on my personal hygiene because smelling good is all about being clean and not the perfume we spray no matter how strong it is.
        Thank you !

    2. I totally agree to your points. Climate change poses a treat to both land and water bodies and must definitely be tackled with. The world coming together is a "must to do thing" to reduce climate change. If the world comes together to become one and reach a census on cutting down things that increase climate change and focusing on things that improve the climate it will cause a great change. Climate change cannot be stopped in one day neither can it be stopped by on person. If the world comes together the rate at which climate change would reduce would be very high. The world can come together through regular reminders of the benefits of a health environment and the consequences of climate change. As it is said "two minds are better than", when the world comes together, mind rub against minds and new innovative ideas that could efficiently curb climate change would be brought up. More people would agree to reduce their use of plastic, plant more trees and do more eco friendly things. I feel like this is the best way to curb climate change due to the saying, "united we stand, divided we fall".

  • Honestly, an information I heard a long time ago that made me concerned and sad was that we are the ones that is responsible for the damage of our earth by emission of carbon footprints I wasn’t aware this small things that we do , has a bad impact on our earth, not until when there was a discussion about it on this hub . But seeing that there are discussions like this and news about it made me happy and reassured that the earth can actually heal because now the awareness is there, so we can take responsibility and ensure a safer environment for ourselves and the future ahead .

    1. Yes, we can all see that the awareness has been created. I mean almost everyone keeps pointing out both hidden and open details and facts about our devastating climatic conditions and I'm really impressed but we should not stop at that. Enough problems have been spotted out, I think we should reduce the effort on pointing out problems and channel that same energy at providing solutions because the problems won't solve themselves. After that, then comes the BIG QUESTION "Who is willing to take the first step to advocate change? " Are you willing to take the bull by its horns and push for change? As for my school mates and I we have made that decision, how about you?

    2. Yes, I agree with you. It is a shocking and frightening fact that the little things we do that seem unimportant affect the earth the most.
      For example, even as simple as driving car is harmful to our earth because some release smoke, or the fuel used for driving is derived from the ground and if we check we find out that the land and areas that are used are destroyed due to mining.
      Another example is using plastics that cannot be recycled because these items take a long time decompose and it can harm the earth or pollute the seas.
      There are so much more like leaving electronics plugged in or even wasting food.
      But right now, people are making efforts like building solar cars, planting trees, eating less meat, recycling.
      So, I feel we should inform more people about how to take care of our environment because our earth is very fragile.
      Thank you.

    3. I solidly supportes you phenomenal technology because I myself never knew that for every moment that we cut down the trees that we are actually harming ourselves and the nature. Just like the poem Binsy poplars, Gerald Hopkins was very sad when he found out that the poplars has been felled and that was why he wrote about the nature.

    4. To be honest, we all are aware of this issue arent we? Though we all are aware many are ignoring this issue. Awarenees only will not heal anything unless we take the necessary steps. We can try taking a small step toward this issue and inspire other people too. Awareness and inspiring others might lead to better results and safer environment.

  • Personally I think that autumn is the best climate. Because, nowadays summer is way too hot and winter is way too cold. Autumn is the best one right in the middle. It's not too cold like winter nor too hot like the summer. Also, we also gain an hour of sleep in Autumn when the clocks go back. This does wonders for our health. The extra hour enables our bodies to rest more and recharge both physically and mentally. During the autumn season many people go outside and they get time to connect with nature. They also get to spend time with their loved one. This is also the time for harvesting. Therefore it is also a win for farmers at the end of the day!

    That's all from my side.
    Thank you!

  • Recently, the information about expanded investments in renewable strength tasks globally has made me feel good. Governments and companies are spotting the significance of transitioning to smooth power sources, that's a high quality step closer to a greater sustainable destiny. This dedication no longer only addresses climate alternate however also promotes task creation in the renewable power quarter.

    On the flip aspect, the continuing reviews of deforestation in vital rainforest regions are deeply concerning. The loss of biodiversity and the impact on indigenous groups highlight the urgent need for stronger conservation efforts and sustainable land-use practices. Deforestation exacerbates climate trade and poses severe consequences for our planet's health.

  • Hey, one piece of news that has been making me feel concerned is the increasing rate of deforestation in the Amazon rainforest. It's really alarming because the Amazon rainforest is often referred to as the "lungs of the Earth." This is because it plays a crucial role in regulating the Earth's climate. The Amazon rainforest is not only home to countless species of plants and animals, but it also acts as a massive carbon sink. It absorbs a significant amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere and releases oxygen through the process of photosynthesis. This helps to balance the levels of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere and mitigate the effects of climate change.
    However, the rapid deforestation happening in the Amazon threatens this delicate balance. Trees are being cleared at an alarming rate for various reasons, such as agriculture, logging, and infrastructure development. This leads to the release of massive amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere, contributing to the greenhouse effect and exacerbating climate change. The consequences of deforestation in the Amazon are not limited to climate change alone. The loss of such a vital ecosystem also has severe impacts on biodiversity. The rainforest is home to countless species, many of which are found nowhere else on Earth. When their habitats are destroyed, these species face the risk of extinction, which disrupts the delicate balance of our planet's ecosystems. Moreover, the Amazon rainforest plays a crucial role in maintaining regional and global weather patterns. Its dense vegetation releases moisture into the atmosphere through a process called evapotranspiration, which contributes to the formation of clouds and rainfall. Deforestation disrupts this process, leading to changes in rainfall patterns not only in the Amazon region but also in other parts of the world that rely on the rainforest's influence.

    1. I totally agree with you. These days, trees are dying not only in the Amazon rainforest but everywhere. Trees are really important to animals and even to us as humans. People just destroy them without thinking. Cutting down of trees also cause flooding and erosion. Without the roots of trees to absorb water and stabilize the soil, even the smallest storm will cause flooding, erosion and landslides. Trees also work nonstop to filter harmful gases like ammonia, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and carbon dioxide. Without trees these harmful gases will be excess in the soil and air. Can you imagine living in a world without clean air or living in a world with excess harmful substances? I can, and the truth is humans will not survive. We are basically killing ourselves.
      If we think really deep about it, without trees, the land will heat up and dry out resulting in many wildfires. The wildfires will fill the sky with a deep black powdery substance produced by the burning of trees. This black powdery substance is called soot. Soot will block out the Sun, causing failed harvests for several years and leading to worldwide famine. So, I am also concerned about trees.

  • One piece of news about the climate that makes me feel good is the increasing global awareness and commitment to renewable energy sources. Many countries are making significant strides in adopting clean and sustainable energy alternatives, such as solar and wind power. Governments, businesses, and individuals are recognizing the importance of reducing reliance on fossil fuels to combat climate change. This shift towards renewable energy gives me hope that we are collectively taking steps to mitigate environmental impact and build a more sustainable future.

    On the other hand, a piece of news that concerns me is the continued rise in global temperatures and the associated impacts on ecosystems. Reports of extreme weather events, melting ice caps, and disruptions in biodiversity highlight the urgency of addressing climate change. The pace at which these changes are occurring is alarming, underscoring the need for more aggressive and coordinated efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to the inevitable consequences of a warming planet. It's a stark reminder that the window for effective action is narrowing, and the consequences of inaction could be severe for the planet and future generations.

  • The piece of good news that makes me feel happy is that people are now helping out to reduce the negative effect of climate change. For example Mr beast is a popular YouTuber who made a website where if you donate a dollar, it will be equal to removing tons of garbage to remove from the sea. He generated $250,000 which shows people are starting to take part in protecting the environment.
    The piece of bad news that makes me feel concerned is the rise in temperature and sea levels. It news shows that by the year 2050, of the sea level is still rising, most of the Costal regions or countries would be underwater. This makes me more concerned because my country is a coastal region

  • What genuinely excite me about the climate change news is the increasing efforts people are making to address it. This progress brings me happiness especially considering that before the climate change awareness initiating other arctic animals faced challenges with limited hunting and living species. Now there is a positive shift and they are habitats are gradually improving

    1. Although it is said that impacts of human-caused climate change will be unavoidable, something within me still strongly believes that there can be a change. Yes, there has been progress on climate although it's seen to be nearly not enough. And that aside, I was brought up in a way that encourages positivity and a positive mindset. So, I believe that IN EVERY BAD THERE'S ALWAYS A LITTLE GOOD . It's always there, somewhere. Climate change many also have some advantages which individuals refuse to see or even notice in most cases. For example, the flip side of increased mortality from heat waves may be decreased mortality from cold waves.
      Also, in the aspect of farming, studies show that, up to a certain point, crops and other plants grow better in the presence of higher carbon dioxide levels and seem to be more drought-tolerant.
      Thank You.

      1. I appreciate your optimistic perspective rhetorical_goat, but I respectfully disagree. Climate change has significant drawbacks, and it's essential to acknowledge the challenges we are facing.

        It's true that progress has been made, but the current efforts may not be sufficient. Despite encouragement to maintain a positive mindset, it is crucial to recognize the adverse impacts of climate change, which individuals often overlook. While it's tempting to find silver linings, we must consider the broader consequences.

        Contrary to the notion that climate change may have advantages, the reality is quite grim. Increased mortality from heatwaves is a serious concern, and attempting to balance it with decreased mortality from cold waves does not outweigh the overall negative impact on public health. Moreover, relying on the potential benefits in agriculture, such as enhanced crop growth under higher carbon dioxide levels, ignores the disruptive impact of climate change on weather patterns, leading to increased unpredictability and risks for farmers.

        In conclusion, while maintaining a positive mindset is commendable, it is imperative to address the significant and widespread disadvantages associated with climate change.

        Thank You!

        1. I disagree because... I'm not saying we should literally forget about the negative aspects of climate change and bear its consequences all in the name of having an optimistic mindset. What I'm saying is that it still have some few advantages which could be helpful although there's still need for us to a way of solving the issue.
          But yet, ask yourself, if eco-anxiety affects a high percentage of individuals, who then will be able to bring up or summon enough courage to find solution to such problem.
          But yet again, were not completely being ignorant in climate change; but yet, having a positive and calm mindset while relentlessly trying hard to come up with a way out or resolution to its effect.
          Thank You

  • When I think about the wildlife; how the climate change is affecting the animals. The animal habitat are becoming less comfortable, sometimes even inhospitable. Animals are affected by increase in pollution that affect the food they eat and the habitat they live in. Some animals have to alter their breeding and feeding pattern in order to survive the impact of climate change.
    Climate change has produced a number of threat to wildlife throughout parks. Rising temperature lower many species survival rate due to changes that leads to less food,less successful reproduction and interfering for native wildlife. For instance even the domestic cats and dogs are affected by the climate change, according to scientist, they say for instance; certain breeds of dogs are susceptible to heart stroke while heat related disease are leading cause of deaths in military working dogs.
    However, some animals can easily adapt or even cope with changes in climate.

  • I personally have seen one piece of news that has made me both happy and worried at the same time. I have watched a lot of activists protest, start movements or fundraisers and hold seminars to inform people about what is really happening around us. This gives me hope that people still care and are trying to make a change anyhow they can. They tell us that the earth is our home and we need to protect it, they encourage us. This makes me feel happy and hopeful. But on the other hand, sometimes these protests and movements can stir up some anxiety. You see, as these protests go on, people have too be told all the scary and negative effects of climate change. They have the right to be informed and most of the time the information isn't that positive. That is what actually leads to the protests in the first place, people trying to make a change by telling everyone what is wrong. Negative news will make people worry, it makes me worry. But the bottom line is not to scare anyone, it is to inform everyone.

  • Eco-anxiety, climate doom, environmental existential dread ,I see these terms used a lot - and often feel them ourselves.
    While there's a lot to be worried about when it comes to the climate and nature crises, we must not lose hope - because hopelessness breeds apathy.
    The media has an important role to play in combatting climate doom. I'm not trying to downplay or greenwash the situation. But it's also our job to show that there is hope.
    In 2023, I kept track of all the positive environmental news throughout the year. I racked up over 200 stories of eco-innovation, green breakthroughs and climate wins - more than double the number in 2022 and a sure sign of momentum.
    In 2024, I'm confident the good news will keep on coming, as renewable power soars, vulnerable ecosystems gain rights, and climate protocols start to pay dividends.

    1. Can you give some examples of the types for eco-innovation that you saw?

      1. Thank you for replying and to answer your question of some the ecological innovations are that of Richard Hardiman idea to come up with the idea for a water-cleaning robot after seeing two men struggle to catch rubbish from their boat in his home city of Cape Town, South Africa.
        Inspired by a whale shark’s wide mouth – which scoops up whatever is in front of it – his company Ran Marine created the Waste Shark.
        he also commented that “I liken it to a Roomba for water. It’s an autonomous machine that scoops up pollution out of water on the surface level,” says Richard.

        Solar panels could be installed in the spaces between railway tracks in world first
        Solar panels are being rolled out “like carpet” on railway tracks in Switzerland.

        the Swiss started-up Sun-Ways is installing panels near Buttes train station in the west of the country in May, pending sign-off from the Federal Office of Transport.

        As the climate crisis demands that we speed up Europe’s energy transition, developers have been seeing new potential in unusual surfaces.

        Roadsides, reservoirs and farms are all finding space for solar systems. And Germany’s Deutsche Bahn is also experimenting with adding solar cells to railway sleepers.

        also York Minster, Pompeii, the Vatican: How heritage sites are discreetly making solar power
        Solar panels will soon be fitted on the roof of York Minster in northern England.

        Faced with rising bills and climate concerns, the historic cathedral is turning to renewable energy – and following in the footsteps of other historic sites across Europe including the Vatican and Pompeii.

        The 199 photovoltaic (PV) tiles, recently approved by the City of York Council, will generate 75,000 KwH of power annually – or enough electricity for around 25 average UK households.

        US to limit toxic ‘forever chemicals’ in drinking water.
        The USA has proposed placing the first ever federal limits on toxic ‘forever chemicals’ in drinking water.
        The chemicals have been found to be dangerous in amounts so small as to be undetectable.
        Restricting them will save thousands of lives and prevent serious illnesses, including cancer, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says.
        i hope this has done justice to your question.

  • Usually we hear a lot of news about countries like China, India, Russia, Iraq and so on polluting the environment because of high production rate. But now technology has begun to help us reduce the way we pollute the environment. According to the International Energy Agency, "the year 2023 was on track and saw the biggest increase in renewable energy capacity". I am really glad to hear that the release of harmful gasses like CO2 into the atmosphere has reduced drastically. Honestly climate change makes me feel guilty because I am aware of the fact that I also harm the environment. I feel sad when I hear about destroyed habitats or extinct species. I am really glad that the world is trying to reduce it's carbon footprint.
    I get really concerned when I hear news about extinct species. Life is really important. We should all try to save it and not destroy it. Each beautiful specie of plant, animal and even microorganism matter. They are all really important. We think it does not affect us but each life form on earth is important. Each life form has a role in balancing nature in one way or the other. When a life form goes extinct this balance is broken. Without balance humans will also be affected. According to sentient media, " scientists have already recorded the extinction of between an estimated 7.5-13 percent of species before the year 1500 C.E". If we do not act now we many more will go extinct because of climate change. Climate change is likely to wipe out many more species.

  • Hi,
    During some of my research about climate change I found out that things are really being done to really make our situations better, in fact I was so excited when I read about a piece of news that stated that last year being 2023 marked the biggest increase in renewable energy capacity till date and contributors to this development is China, and even though they are one of the world's biggest climate polluters they made an effort to start correcting they mistake and honestly I think that this should serve as a very good example for us, like I said in one of my other comments we all are contributing to climate change not only an individual, group, country or even a particular continent so we should all work together to make sure we tackle this problem and find a solution that will not inconvenience anyone. Also during this same research I found out many countries are also committed to reducing climate changes. for examples countries like: Denmark, Sweden, and Chile who have developed frameworks, policies, and laws to strive to attenuate and adapt to a changing climate in their own country along with support to other countries that are also developing. Not only that but we are also working towards creating a better place in the future, I read this from a website and was really elated when I read it, it said that "According to the International Energy Agency’s Electricity Market Report 2023, 90% of new electricity demand between now and 2025 will be covered by clean energy sources like wind and solar, along with nuclear energy. This growth in output means that renewables will become the world’s largest electricity source within three years – providing 35% of the world’s electricity and overtaking coal." To see that the world is also preparing for the future really gives me hope for this earth we call home, and now we can only wait to see if action will seriously be taken or there is a different agenda.
    Thank you!

  • Ever since I got into the advent of climate change, I have heard a mixture of bad and good news. One news that made me feel good about climate was that planting trees would be able to increase the oxygen level and make environment warmer as it emits and stores carbon dioxide and the of the use of renewable energy increasing. However, one bad news about climate change was the scary warning scientists gave humans about our earth, saying if we don't work on climate, reports have warned that some changes are irreversible, such as melting of ice sheets and the increase of globally warming. However, I believe Finding a balance between good and bad news is important as it helps us to be aware of both the challenges and opportunities that we face in addressing this global issue. Finding a balance on good and bad climate change is better than focusing on one aspect, because it gives a more comprehensive and realistic understanding of the situation, and it encourages me to act with both responsivity and optimism.

  • Hello everyone,
    While thinking of the fact I should share, I decided to share the fact that there are now fewer deaths due to harsh winter conditions. This kept occurring to me as would watch news on climate change and it would give me a settle warmth inside me because going through eco-anxiety is not a very nice experience and now knowing that your anxiety is now reduced with a great chance makes me feel very good.
    But seeing other bad news also makes me feel concerned and urges the need inside me to arise and take charge of the situation, one of these piece of news was that the sea level is rising very quickly and causing prolonged floods which are taking the homes and lives of many in the blink of an eye this makes me concerned because... human lives are being taken due to an effect caused by humans, this makes me feel for the gathering of humans to fix this problem once and for all.

    Thank you.

  • In my opinion, the climate has enhanced vegetation activities, agriculture in certain high latitude regions.In addition, l am worried about change in climate, since,seas rise, growing CO2 level in the atmosphere and melting glaciers.Future developmens could make them worse,we need to take serious actions.

    1. I disagree because... I don't thing future advancements can worsen the climate conditions, because i believe that future advancements can bring technologies and ideas which may be helpful to the climate. like now due to better technology we have sources to reduce carbon footprints as well as greenhouse gas emmisions.

  • the climate that makes me feel good is the climate of spring because then the flowers bloom and the weather is good so I can play with my friends outside!!!Βut the climate that I don't like is the climate in autumn because apart from being humid, last autumn my area was flooded by the many rains and some people lost their lives.

  • Lately i have been really interested in reading articles and newspaper but i recntly read about the global average surface temperature has increased by more than 1.6 degrees
    And the impacts of rising temperatures aren’t waiting for some farflung future the effects of global warming are appearing right now. The heat is melting glaciers and sea ice, shifting precipitation patterns, and setting animals on the move, also i read that the ice is melting world wide especially at the earth‘s pole. All those news made us relise that „alone we can‘t do much but if we put our hands together we can do anything“ the earth was made to satisfy our needs not ugliness.

  • The news about climate change that makes me feel good is that the increasing global focus on renewable energy sources. Many countries are making significant strides in transitioning to cleaner energy alternatives such as solar, wind, and hydropower. Many governments, businesses, and individuals are investing in sustainable technologies, contributing to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and depletion of ozone layer.

    This shift towards renewable source of energy is encouraging many individuals, because it signifies a collective effort to address climate change and move away from fossil fuels, which are major contributors to environmental degradation. Transitioning the way to use cleaner energy sources not only helps combat climate change and global warming but also promotes innovation, job creation, and sustainable economic development. The commitment of many individuals to renewable energy is a positive step toward a more sustainable and resilient future.


    1. I agree because there has been loads of things that are good and bad

      1. Can you elaborate on the good and the bad?

        1. I can't detail it more of how it is good and bad, so we can start with good and say that it is good because some business workers, all doctors can get more money to survive, and then it's bad, because that people are actually getting sick and more people are not surviving, and they getting worried, so are the children, so if we wanted to say that it is bad, I agree with you, but this is also good, to which I can understand

  • Recently I read an article on which says that " Climate change is our planet greatest existential threat"
    If we don't limit green house gas emissions from burning of fossil fuels; the outcome may still be available, climate change is already causing suffering and deaths. From raging wildfires and supercharged storms, it compounding effect can be felt today outside our windows.
    Even though everyone is being affected by climate change, those living in the world poorest countries which have contributed least to the problem - are most climate vulnerable.
    However climate change has it effect on humans; as global temperatures climb , wide spread shift in whether system occurs, making events like drought, hurricanes and flood more intense and unpredictable. Climate change worsen the air quality. Extreme whether events that may have hit just once in our grandparents life time are becoming more common in ours. Climate change severe drought in one region while making flood more likely in another. For example; Tokyo during a record breaking heat wave in the year 2020.
    If the sea level rise, it also harms the environment as encroaching sea water can both erode coastal ecosystem and invade fresh water. Saltwater incursion is already reshaping life in nations like Bangladesh where one quarter of the land lie less than 7 feet above sea level. For example; A waterlogged road, caused by rainstorm and up stream flood discharge in the Shaoguan, Guangdong province of China in the year 2022.
    Well, not every place will experience the same effect of climate change. Ultimately the way climate change impact weather ,the environment, animals and agriculture affect humanity as well.

    1. Interesting point caring spring , climate change affect life on land, which is animal, human and plants. don't you think it also affect AQUATIC ECOSYSTEM.

      Globally ocean temperature are changing, warm ocean temperature could lead to coral bleaching and this will make aquatic life to seek cooler water.we have the sustainable development goal "life below water"which give aquatic life right to clean and fresh water.
      So many cases of climate change as affected aquatic life ,and so many aquatic animals are dead or infected.
      This will be of great loss to human communities that rely on fish for food and as a source of income.

  • Gooday everyone,
    There are many good news and bad news about the climate which I have see. The good news make me feel excited and happy that our planet can be saved. Some of the good news I have seen are as follows;
    1. Growth of renewable energy: Many countries such as Germany, Norway, Sweden and Austria make use of renewable energy like solar, wind, and hydropower instead of fossil fuels. This steps taken by such countries help to improve our climate.

    2. International Agreements: The Paris agreement signed in 2015 by 169 parties on the issue of limiting global temperature also served as one of the steps to improve our climate.

    3. Afforestation and Reforestation: Planting of trees also contribute to the improving of the climate by improving air quality.

    There have also been bad news relating to the climate which makes me sad and guilty such as extreme weather events, rising sea levels, melting ice caps and glaciers and so on.

    Thank you

  • In as much as there are negative effects of climate change, there are also positive benefits. I mean, there are some causes of climate change that we cannot control and we have to live with. Some of the things include:
    Solar Changes which involves changes in the sun's energy output which can influence the earth's climate. When the energy output is stable over short periods, long term variations may occur and lead to flunctuations in the climate.
    Another factor is volcanic activity. This may invovle the eruptions of large amount of gases and particles in the atmosphere. Well, they have short-term cooling effect but the also release greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide.
    These natural activities are things that we cannot control, but we should not give up, there are also some advantages that come with it. Although the disadvantages may outweigh the advantages, let's take a look at them.
    1. Warmer climates in some regions: In some cold regions, a milder climate could lead to elongated growing seasons which would lead higer agricultural productivity.
    2. Another advantage is new shipping routes. Melting ice in the Artic will open new shipping paths, potentially reducing transportation costs and time for some industries.
    3. Lastly, there is increased access to resources. Melting ice may make certain resources such as oil and minerals accessible in the Artic region.
    With these points of mine, I am not saying that climate change is a positive thing but there are just some advantages that we should not overlook.

  • From the last few decades, we are continuously hearing the bad news about climate change. Still many new news regarding climate is coming in front of us. Among them the news which catch my eyes most is the excess emission of carbon dioxide which is the main cause of greenhouse gas effect. Due to excess emission of carbon dioxide the world's temperature is getting warmer day by day which result in the melting of ice in polar region. Also, seasons are getting irregular which are greatly affecting human life. Apart from this now a days we are also seeing some good news regarding climate. The most recent positive news about climate is that the Oxone layer is healing, and people are getting more conscious about climate. According to CNN report, the Ozone layer is on track to recover completely within a decade which is surely a great news for us. The Ozone layer protects the earth from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. It's a matter of pleasure that the people are engaging more in the works of saving the climate. Recently a climate deal that target fossil fuel have been signed among the different countries to decrease the use of fossil fuel which is the main reason behind carbon emission. The agreement calls on countries to contribute to the transition away from fossil fuel in energy system and save the climate. If the agreement is implemented properly, soon we will start to get the result of it. The process of getting good news and bad news about climate will continue. In the midst of it, we have to work to save our climate and advance our world.

  • The climate makes me feel good because i get to experience it,and live through it i get to go outside and also play with my friends and have a good time. It makes me feel concerned because I can't control it, I can't control if it's hot or cold, I can't control if it's rainy or sunny. I can only control what i can control and i always want to be aware of what climate im in.

  • I agree with you, I believe that climate change news is a difficult mental health challenge. The bad news I found is that climate change is causing a pothole plague. In the United States there were about 44 million drivers that reported damage to their vehicles from potholes in 2022, which was a massive 57% increase over 2021. These potholes are from the excessive heat causing the buckling of the roads. One good new I found is how young people are helping plant more trees and reducing the amount of energy is using per day. According to the text it says," About a 48% of young people now are helping the Earth by planting trees and reducing the amount of energy that is in use".

  • The news regarding the climate change that made me concerned in the topic of climate change is that the temperature of the earth is regularly increasing resulting in global warming. According to the data the temperature is rising with the average rise of 0.11° Fahrenheit (0.06° Celsius) per decade since 1850. This has resulted in the total rise of 2° Fahrenheit in the earth till today resulting in various problems such as drought, acid rain, etc. Various countries as well as agencies are putting continuous effort in minimizing climate change. But no acceptable result has been found.

    1. I'm not sure about this..... but in my own little way , I will like to contribute by saying we can lessen climate change by reducing the amount of electricity we use because electricity relies on coal and other resources which need to be burnt ; and when they are burnt , they release green house gases which are harmful to the environment.

      1. I disagree because...You said that we should reduce the amount of electricity that we use but electricity is a basic necessity of life . Instead of reducing it, we can change to renewable sources of energy like hydropower from dams, solar energy from the sun and wind turbines. I think that this is part of the AGENDA 2030 that many countries have subscribed to and we are making progress as a civilization.

        1. I disagree because... Electricity generation is one of the main causes of climate change. When we produce electricity, we often use fossil fuels that emit harmful gases into the air. These gases, such as carbon dioxide, trap heat in the atmosphere and make the Earth warmer 1. But we can change this by using cleaner and greener sources of electricity. For example, we can harness the power of the wind, water and sun to generate electricity without polluting the environment. These sources are also renewable, which means they will never run out and we can use them forever!

      2. I do not agree that reducing the use of electricity can help in reducing climate change. I do not actually have idea about the dependence of electricity over fossil fuel, but I have a clear idea that hydroelectricity is an eco-friendly project that is also a renewable source of energy. It utilizes flowing water to generate electricity that can be a great replacement of fossil fuels. If you think reducing the use of electricity can lessen climate change, then please give us some hints regarding the topic with some solid reasons.

  • At the start of the year of 2023, I saw a news about greenhouse gases. I saw that greenhouse gas is heating up the Earth and melting icebergs. Which is increasing the sea level of water in Earth that can lead to lands getting drowned. I got scared about that because already there are wildfires in Amazon rainforest but also now icebergs are melting! I was thinking the end is near. Also recently I heard about a news talking about both ozone layer and wildfires. It said ozone layer is healing and wildlife fires are decreasing. I got very happy and also proud about humanity because at the end we faced the problem and solved it partially and still working on it.

  • Well for the negative I would like to share how in my country a news story by the Daily Trust on 25th October 2022 stated how over 50 houses had been destroyed in Jos North communities of Gangare, Rikkos, and Tudun Osi, IOM(2022) leading to more than 245 people have being displaced by the floods and more than 2000 people affected including many of my friends, this was something I experienced personally and gave many of my neighbours eco-anxiety, this lead to many other symptoms such as depression, grief, and even fatalistic thoughts this was really saddening, but with bad news comes good news and in this situation what happened was the banning of Styrofoam, which was said to be the main cause of this problem. The fact that a group of people can convince the government to take such an action for the good of the people was enough to solve the eco-anxiety of many people in the area.

  • I've always been an avid reader of articles and newspapers, and recently I came across some intriguing news regarding climate change. I was thrilled to read on CNN that the ozone layer is showing signs of healing, and the rapid adoption of electric vehicles and solar panels, as well as the decline in Amazon rainforest deforestation, has given us hope. In India, the government's policy measures to promote renewable energy have also been encouraging. These developments demonstrate the power of collective action, as the world is starting to heal thanks to the efforts of scientists and individuals.
    However, amidst this positive news, I've also encountered some disturbing reports, such as rising temperatures in Canada and melting glaciers in Antarctica. These developments are alarming, as they remind us that if we don't address climate change urgently, our planet could be irreparably damaged. As Mahatma Gandhi wisely said, "The Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed." It's a stark reminder that we need to prioritize sustainability over excessive consumption.

  • The news about the healing ozone layer provides a sense of optimism and relief. Over the years, concerted global efforts, such as the Montreal Protocol, have successfully curbed the use of ozone-depleting substances, leading to a gradual recovery of the ozone layer. This positive development demonstrates the effectiveness of international collaboration and environmental policies in mitigating the impacts of human activities. It serves as a testament to humanity's capacity to address environmental challenges when united by a shared commitment to sustainability.

    Conversely, the news about melting glaciers is deeply concerning. The accelerated melting of glaciers, attributed to climate change, poses imminent threats to ecosystems and communities reliant on glacial water sources. The melting contributes to rising sea levels, leading to coastal erosion and the displacement of vulnerable populations. Furthermore, the release of freshwater from melting glaciers into oceans disrupts marine ecosystems. The cascading impacts underscore the urgency of addressing climate change to mitigate its severe consequences on both the environment and human societies. This news highlights the need for urgent, global action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to the changing climate.

  • One piece of news about the climate that makes me feel good is the decrease from cold waves. The decrease helps farmers plant and farm easier due to spring coming earlier. However, one piece of news that makes me concerned about climate change is the increased drought. The warmer temperatures can be nice, but it can also dry out water. Because of the water drying out, there won't be homes for sea animals.

  • I have been following news topics that deal with renewable energy a lot because I believe its key. It could help a lot of countries where electricity is scarce and very expensive. I was elated to read that reports of significant increase in renewable energy adoption worldwide. More countries are investing in and transitioning to cleaner energy sources, reducing reliance on fossil fuels now more than ever. It aids of a lot of homes in different countries that can't afford electricity; now electricity will be cheaper now. In contrast to the good news, there are also growing concerns about the accelerated melting of polar ice caps, leading to rising sea levels, and this poses a threat to coastal communities and biodiversity in the artic and beyond.
    Infact, solution just came to mind. Why don't we build floating cities? They could adapt to the rising sea levels and can provide comfortable and sustainable homes for people.

  • People around the globe are realising the bad condition of the climate today and are trying to help recover the climate in any way they can. Leader of different countries are coming together to solve this issue and recently a news article "A climate deal that targets fossil fuels" has been giving a lot of hope amongst people about the fact that climate change can be solved more earlier than we think. In this news by CNN World stated that the two weeks of fraught negotiations of COP28 climate summit in Dubai concluded with nearly 200 countries making an unprecedented commitment to move away from fossil fuels. This is a very good news on the topic climate change as people are starting to realise the bad effects of fossil fuels to the climate and are starting to use the alternative sources of energy which are much better for the climates condition. The leaders encouraging the use of alternative source of energy will be much more impactful due to their influence on their own country helping a tonne to save the climate.

    But, like professor Caroline said there are bad news as well that are concerning to not only me but others as well. The most concerning news that I came across was "Flowers blooming in Antarctica". As we all know Antarctica is the always covered in snow the whole year. There is not a single sign of plants like flower growing in Antarctica due to its nature of ice cold environment but around 4 months ago people have found flowers blooming in Antarctica which is a lot worrisome as it shows the sign of global warming which is very very bad for the earth. Global warming is one of the top reasons why there are a lot of phenomenon are occurring that are not supposed to be happening. It is the reason why mountains are slowly turning naked, low laying counties are drowning and unexpected climate is occurring in unexpected places. This is a very bad news on the topic of climate change as it shows the sign of danger to all the species living in this beautiful planet Earth.

  • One piece of news or better a document I saw and made me concerned was one about fishing and its detrimental effects.
    What also was surprising was the fact that I Learnt that a big percentage of sharks die because the get caught in the net fishing along with the ones that are purposed for seafood. It also continued saying that even if they throw them back in the sea some of them are already dead.
    Fishing was not actually one of the top issues I thought as an environmental problem.
    But it made me wonder how can fishing and the excess of it can destroy the balance of nature in seas.
    I really hope that measures are or will be taken for protecting seas. We shouldn't forget that seas and water consist 80% percentage of our planet

  • Hi Caroline
    I've always believed that no matter what the topic is we have to have balance in positive side and negative side. Also if we hear positive news we can get motivation and if we hear negative news we can get awareness.From my research the news I got was:
    Positive news is:
    -The world took a big step toward compensating countries hit by deadly floods, heat and droughts.Almost all countries finalized the creation of fund to help countries struggling due to climate change.
    -Swedish start-up making clean energy even greener. By making wind power by wood. Wind power construction relay on carbon intensive material like steel.A Swedish company recently debuted the world’s tallest wooden wind turbine tower, near Gothenburg in southwest Sweden to create net zero wind power.

    Negative news:
    In 2023 in India in Uttarkashi’s Silkyara-Barkot tunnel 41 workers were trapped in for 17 days in November.The workers were trapped when a 60-metre stretch of the tunnel collapsed apparently due to a landslide, blocking their exit.Hopefully the workers were pulled out by rescuers after being trapped for more than 2 weeks.

    Thank you.

    1. Can you provide sources for the news stories you found?

  • Hi there!
    I would want to talk about the news that makes me feel concerned about this climate change. That is the depletion of the ozone layer. As the result of this climate change, the ozone layer has been affected to the point that the degree of the sun has gone too high and thereby affecting people. During the dry season, the sun is used to being to dangerous for people down here in Nigeria especially people with soft skin. Some people who have soft melanin find it very difficult to survive during this period because of the temperature of the sun. The sun will dry up all the water on the ground, making way for scarcity of water everywhere. This sun issue has made people to slump and has also led to loss of lives. I am deeply concerned about this sun as one of the news that made me feel concerned about this climate change.

  • The most interesting news related to climate change and cleanliness is probably, my city, Indore becoming the cleanest city of India 7 times in a row.
    This is a big achievement for not just me and all of Indore but for the whole world.
    The reason behind it being that 8 years ago if you were to tell me this would happen, I would not have believed.
    Not just the municipality but all the people worked really really hard and did what they could at their level. Separating wet and dry waste, not throwing garbage and stopping others from doing it.
    This is really inspirational because it proves that if we join hands we can do anything and sky will be the limit, humanity and our Mother Earth would prosper and the future generations would be saved.

    1. I agree as I have also observed various changes in Indore, I have seen it's journey from just a regular city to that of the 'Cleanest City of India: Indore'.
      And, this change would not have been possible without the citizens. They changed their habits to make their city the cleanest.
      This news inspires every Indian to make their country a clean one. Thereupon, these are just small certain steps, however they are capable of converting the world, people and their habits, along with preventing climate change.

      1. Interesting ideas @triumphant_beaver. Can you give examples of how people can change their habits to prevent climate change?

        1. I can assure you that changing your habits is only tough as long as you want it to be tough. I can proudly say this because I am one of the 300000+ 'Indoris' who have changed their habits. Today none of us would throw garbage here and there, in fact we would pick it up if we saw someone do it. You may wonder, "What led to this change?"
          Well the biggest changemaker was the motivation that the municipality spread amongst people. Everyday, regularly, garbage vans would go to each and every neighborhood, to every house and collect the garbage. These garbage vans played music that actually inspired us to treat our city like our homes and keep it clean. How much can the municipality and Government do alone? If we really want cities, countries and even the world to prosper we must change our habits and step up and take initiative.
          The best part was that the people understood their responsibility in Indore and segregated wet and dry waste befor giving it to the garbage van. This not only ensured that the wastes could be recycled probably, it helped the city in making millions of dollars worth of profit. It helped create urban fuel which would be used to run buses and public vehicles.
          All this could not have happened if the people didn't change their habits and took initiative. Indore is a real life inspirational example and I am really proud of what we were able to achieve. I hope that we can carry it out to a larger scale and make the World a cleaner and greener place to live.

  • I saw some good news about climate change on an online newspaper. It said that carbon emissions in Germany "fell last year to 673 million tonnes, the lowest level since the 1950s, 46% below 1990 and beating the government's 2023 climate goal of 722 million tonnes." The website said that Germany plans to cut its greenhouse emissions by 65% by the year 2030. It is always encouraging to see that people are thinking of ways to save the planet. I feel this news will both inspire others to do something to save the planet and encourage people who struggle with eco-anxiety.
    Unfortunately, on the other hand, I saw an article that talked about the endangering of animals' habitat because of climate change. Rising temperatures can affect some animals by causing their habitats to become uninhabitable for them. Increasing occurrences of natural disasters like wildfires can destroy their homes. But worst of all, we humans play a part in this. When we cut down trees, not only does it release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere that deplete the ozone layer, we also destroy animal habitats. A lot of tree dwellers like monkeys, squirrels and birds will have to leave the homes they have known all their lives. As a nature lover and an avid birdwatcher, it saddens me to know that some of my favourite animals are being forced out of their homes.
    Although this is sad news, not all news concerning climate change is negative. To find a balance, while worrying about the state of our planet, we should also encourage ourselves because it's not totally over. This is not to say that we should relax and not worry about climate change, neither is it to say that we should stress ourselves out worrying about the climate. A little bit of both helps us to keep our cool.

    1. What was the name of the online newspaper where you found the statistics?

      1. My main source was "The Guardian", a British daily newspaper. It featured studies by German think tank Agora Energiewende. A think tank is an association or group of experts who form a body in order to study and provide advice on various topics, like politics and economics. I then went to the Agora Energiewende website for further information. They use scientifically and politically sound methods and strategies in order to study and achieve "climate neutrality."

      2. My main source was "The Guardian", a British daily newspaper. It featured studies by German think tank Agora Energiewende. A think tank is an association or group of experts who form a body in order to study and provide advice on various topics, like politics and economics. I then went to the Agora Energiewende website for further information. They use scientifically and politically sound methods and strategies in order to study and achieve "climate neutrality."

  • Positive Climate News:
    A recent report highlights a substantial increase in renewable energy adoption globally, with a significant rise in the use of solar and wind power. This is encouraging because it signifies a tangible shift towards cleaner and sustainable energy sources, reducing reliance on fossil fuels. The global commitment to renewable energy contributes positively to mitigating climate change, lowering carbon emissions, and fostering a more sustainable future.

    Concerning Climate News:
    Reports indicate an acceleration in the rate of ice melt in polar regions, surpassing previous projections. This is concerning as it suggests a faster-than-anticipated loss of ice mass, contributing to rising sea levels. The implications for coastal communities and ecosystems are profound, emphasizing the urgency of addressing climate change. The accelerated ice melt underscores the need for continued efforts to mitigate global warming and adapt to the inevitable changes in our climate.

    I think we all should do something on it.

  • Good News:
    As an Indian, I'm filled with pride to see our country, India, making significant strides in renewable energy. We've set an ambitious target to achieve 50% of our total energy capacity from renewables by 2030, with a specific focus on solar power. This commitment reflects our dedication to combating climate change and leveraging our abundant sunlight resources for a sustainable future.

    However, amidst this positive momentum, there's a pressing concern about the accelerated retreat of Himalayan glaciers, a critical water source for millions in India. As an Indian, this deeply worries me, raising immediate fears of water scarcity and emphasizing the urgent need to address the real-time impacts of climate change on our communities.

    Thank You!

  • One piece of news that stood out to me in a good way is that renewable energy and sources are on the rise in the UN and global work to combat climate change. It is shown in 2022 that renewable emergency was able to combat the traditional fossil fuels and prevent a 4% increase in CO2 emissions, which would have been 230 million tonnes! This made me feel really great because it shows that we are in the right tract to a more balanced future our environment, and I hope it continues to head that way.

    One piece of news abut the climate that made me feel very concerned however, is that the amount of heat waves and the duration being generated is far more than the past. Not only did I feel it here where I live in the us going out this fall and winter, it hit a lot of places in the world. It really stood out to me because where I am in the US, New York is famous for not only its bustling city, but its beautiful winter look that falls over the city. But this year, it didn’t snow much at all. In fact, the National Weather Service for New York did the data and found that 2023 had the least snow since 1913! That is honestly really something to be concerned about.

  • Since always, I had an innate love about our planet and I always tried to find ways to protect it. For this purpose, I recently decided to be member at the local rescue team which has a purpose to protect the world and more specifically the water and land sources. Every day, we carry out a one hour session where we discuss about the evolution of climate change and what should be done. One day, one of the members told us that while he was surfing on the Internet doing more research, he fell by chance into a great news article. He mentioned that the article was about the increase of renewable energy sources and the noticeable reduction of fossils fuels, which seemed to raise the interest of people worldwide. This made all of us so eager that we still had hopes for the solution of this matter. However, later that day we run into a different, negative, article which made our optimism vanish. This article was about a scientific survey that was mentioning that global temperatures will increase rapidly from human-made greenhouse gases. This will lead to the loss of sea ice, the melting of glaciers and ice sheets and the rise in sea level. Nevertheless, scientists predict that it is not to late to take action and prevent this disaster from happening. After this, our team's moto became: " Effort is better than procrastination"

    1. It sounds like you're taking great collective action. Is there anything that is challenging about your role?

      1. Well, it is expected that when such collective actions are organised, there will always be challenges on the way. Particularly, the main thing that I find challenging about our role as members of the local rescue team, is that we are constantly receiving new informations mostly negative ones. That might not seem that provocative, but people like us that must process negative news every single day might be affected in a substantial amount. Not only can we lose our hope and our sumbeam of optimism, but we can also be discouraged to continue our small but very meaningful action.

  • The last few years I have heard a lot of news about climate change and its detrimental effect. But one that made me concerned was the news this summer about ice melting in Antarctica. Specifically it said that 2023 was the warmest summer in Antarctica. As we all know the increase of temperature could be fatal for humanity. The continuous increase of the level of the seas can lead to the flooding of many areas. Rare species of animals like polar bears could become extinct.
    Because of ice melting some countries may even start a war so as to make their borders on the sea.

  • one piece of news that made me feel good about the climate is-
    About the carbon capture plant in UK, which can remove CO2 from the air and turn in into jet fuel, i believe this is a great step for us as carbon footprints play a major role in the climate conditions today. Once carbon footprints are reduced problems like climate change, bad air quality, global warming would also be solved

  • One piece of news that makes me feel good is the rapid spread of electric vehicles and solar panels. It feels really nice to be part of a society which works hard to change thier ways and make our surroundings cleaner. Many have switched to electric vehicles which reduce pollution and has helped the environment hugely. Many have started using solar panels to generate energy at various locations like homes, factories and offices. This is a big step especially when alternatives are always difficult to put into our daily routines. This news makes me very happy as rates of pollution and dangerous gases have significantly decreased.

    One piece of news which makes me concerned is the depletion of the ozone layer. Due to many greenhouse gases, the protective ozone layer has started to deplete. Using ACs and refrigerators are a major cause of this. Without the ozone layer, people are likely to get affected by the UV rays. Skin problems are a consequence of this. Such harmful situations are something that make me uncomfortable. Therefore, working for this cause is vital.

  • A piece of news that made me feel concerned was a piece of an online article that said that the year of 2023 was the hottest year on record meaning that climate change is getting worse and thinking about it if the heat keeps going up many devastating things may happen such as the sea levels if the heat keeps going up the ice in the arctic and antarctic will melt and if it melts the sea levels will go up and this could reach into cities and flood them if it doesn't stop.

    Even though I've heard of this news contrasting it from the same article is a piece of news that talks about some new technology that can help address climate change, such as heat pumps to solar panels to EVs and they can be purchased and are even getting cheaper making its expenses less than that that will hurt the planet. It also says that transportation sector is about 20% of emission in climate change meaning with the new technology if everyone switches to it we can reduce emission by a whole 20% even though the number may seem small when you look at the amount of tons its 1.4 billion metric tons. We just need to pay attention to the light in the darkness and we can make it leave.

  • Have you ever heard the saying, “many a little makes a mickle”?
    I remember hearing a story once where there were hundreds of ants in a small colony. Each ant carried a tiny grain of food. But together, they were able to create a large food supply.
    I didn’t really understand the concept at the time, but when I heard the news, I knew that even one small action today can change the world tomorrow.

    El Hierro is one of the smallest islands in the Canary Islands.
    It’s the only island that has been able to function for 28 consecutive days using only wind & water power.
    10,000 people live on the island and the local government is committed to sustainability.

    However, the news that really worried me was of the drought that hit all nine Amazon rainforest countries - including Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Peru which is expected to worsen in 2024!!
    Researchers have said the drought could worsen forest fires, which when coupled with climate change and deforestation could push the Amazon more quickly toward a point of no return after which the biome dries out and ceases to be lush rainforest.

  • When it comes to the climate, there is both good news and bad news. On the positive side, it is encouraging to see that more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of taking action to address climate change. There are also many exciting new technologies and innovations being developed that have the potential to greatly reduce our carbon footprint and protect the planet for future generations. This gives me hope that we can still turn things around and create a more sustainable future.

    However, there is also much to be concerned about. The impacts of climate change are already being felt around the world, from rising sea levels to more frequent and intense natural disasters. The window of opportunity to take meaningful action is rapidly closing, and if we don't act soon, the consequences could be catastrophic. It is clear that we need to take urgent and decisive action to address the root causes of climate change if we hope to avoid the worst outcomes.

    As the ancient Roman philosopher Seneca once said, "It is not that we have a short time to live, but that we waste a lot of it." The same could be said of our approach to the climate crisis. We have the knowledge and the tools to make a difference, but we must act quickly and decisively if we hope to avoid the worst outcomes. As the Latin proverb goes, "Acta non verba" - actions, not words. It is time to stop talking and start taking action to protect our planet and ensure a sustainable future for all.

  • One positive climate news is the increasing adoption of renewable energy sources globally. Countries and businesses are investing heavily in solar, wind, and other clean energy technologies, contributing to a shift away from fossil fuels. This transition not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions but also promotes sustainability, creating a more hopeful outlook for addressing climate change.One concerning climate news is the acceleration of ice melt in polar regions, particularly in Antarctica and Greenland. This trend contributes significantly to rising sea levels, posing threats to coastal communities and ecosystems. The potential for more rapid and extensive ice loss could have severe consequences for global sea level rise, impacting millions of people and exacerbating climate-related challenges. Addressing this issue requires urgent and coordinated efforts to mitigate the impacts of climate change.While the positive news about increased adoption of renewable energy is encouraging, it's important to maintain a balanced perspective. The concern about accelerating ice melt underscores the ongoing challenges posed by climate change. Achieving a sustainable future will require continued efforts to address and mitigate environmental issues, emphasizing the need for collective action and innovation.

  • Caroline has rightly pointed out "there is a lot of good news out there, but there's also a lot of things to be worried about" as India too faces such diversity. My concerns rose when this summer I came upon the news about cities and states in India recording their maximum temperature for the first time or after many years. IMD (The India Meteorological Department) announced 2023 as India's second-warmest year since 1991. In May 2022, a severe heatwave was recorded in Pakistan and India, with temperatures reaching 51°C. Climate change makes such heatwaves 100 times more likely.
    Apart from such concerning news, India has also been continuously putting efforts in addressing these environmental challenges, with initiatives ranging from renewable energy projects to afforestation campaigns. India's renewable electricity is growing faster than any other major economy. By 2026, new capacity additions are expected to double. India is also one of the world's largest producers of modern bio energy. The Indian government has implemented several policy measures to encourage renewable energy.

  • One piece of news about the climate that makes me feel good is that scientists have discovered new emperor penguin colonies in Antarctica after spotting their guano from space. This means that there are more penguins than previously thought, and they may have a better chance of survival in a warming world. Penguins are important indicators of the health of the Antarctic ecosystem, and they are also very cute and charismatic animals. 🐧
    - One piece of news about the climate that makes me feel concerned is that Canadian tar sands pollution is up to 6,300% higher than reported, according to a new study. This means that the oil industry is emitting much more greenhouse gases and toxic chemicals than they admit, and that the environmental impact of tar sands extraction is much worse than expected. Tar sands are one of the most carbon-intensive and destructive forms of fossil fuels, and they contribute to global warming and air pollution.
    Some sources that helped me :
    (1) Why are people climate change deniers? Study reveals unexpected results.
    (2) Scientists deliver ‘final warning’ on climate crisis: act now or it’s ....
    (3) The Daily Climate - Good News.

    1. Great use of facts and sources!

  • One positive development in climate news is the increasing adoption of renewable energy sources globally. Many countries are investing heavily in solar, wind, and hydro power, which contributes to a cleaner and more sustainable energy future. This shift indicates a collective effort towards mitigating climate change and fostering environmental well-being.Rising global temperatures and the acceleration of polar ice melting are concerning. The impact of these changes includes sea-level rise, extreme weather events, and threats to ecosystems. This highlights the urgency to address climate change and implement measures to mitigate its consequences, as it poses significant risks to both the environment and human societiesWhile the positive news about increased adoption of renewable energy is uplifting, it underscores the interconnectedness of climate issues. Addressing climate change requires a holistic approach, considering both the positive strides in sustainable energy and the pressing concerns of rising temperatures and ice melting. It emphasizes the need for continued global efforts to create a comprehensive and effective response to the challenges we face.

  • One news about the climate that makes me feel good that revolutionary Carbon-Capturing Material is Discovered in Deep-Sea Expedition . In a groundbreaking deep-sea expedition, scientists have made an astonishing discovery—an entirely new type of carbon-capturing material. This remarkable substance named "Oceanite" was found in the depths of the Pacific Ocean, within a previously unexplored species of bacteria.Initial tests reveal that Oceanite has an unprecedented capacity to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, surpassing any existing carbon-capture technology. Furthermore, this natural material displays exceptional stability and has the potential to be produced on a large scale.
    Experts anticipate that Oceanite could revolutionize the fight against climate change, environmentally-friendly solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

    One piece of news that makes me concerned is that the ice caps of Antarctica are melting faster than any time. In 2023, the biggest iceberg had melt. It was 3 times larger than New York City. It is happening because of the rising temperature of the world. Because of this sea levels are increasing day by day. If it keeps going like that then so many countries will sink under water. Many species will extinct. World will loose it’s beauty and it will be hard for us to lead our life well.

  • I think...
    Positive Climate News:
    Countries and businesses are increasingly committing to reforestation efforts, aiming to plant billions of trees to combat deforestation and restore ecosystems. This is heartening because reforestation plays a vital role in sequestering carbon, enhancing biodiversity, and mitigating the effects of climate change. The global emphasis on tree planting signifies a collective effort to address environmental challenges and promote a sustainable future.

    Concerning Climate News:
    Recent reports highlight a significant decline in the health of coral reefs due to rising ocean temperatures and coral bleaching. This is alarming because coral reefs are crucial ecosystems, providing habitat for marine life and supporting fisheries. The deterioration of coral reefs not only threatens marine biodiversity but also impacts the livelihoods of communities dependent on these ecosystems. Urgent action is needed to address the root causes of coral bleaching and protect these vital marine environments.

    Thank you.

  • One positive climate news is the increasing global focus on renewable energy. Many countries are investing in sustainable technologies, reducing reliance on fossil fuels. This shift towards cleaner energy sources gives hope for a more environmentally friendly future, mitigating climate change impacts.One concerning climate news is the accelerated melting of polar ice caps, contributing to rising sea levels. This poses a threat to coastal communities and ecosystems, leading to potential displacement and loss of biodiversity. The implications of this trend are significant for the planet's health and human populations.

    Considering the positive news on renewable energy, it highlights the urgency of transitioning away from fossil fuels to address issues like melting ice caps. A global shift towards sustainable energy practices is crucial in mitigating climate change and its adverse effects. The two news stories are interconnected, emphasizing the importance of collective efforts to combat climate challenges.

  • Here in India encouraging new regarding environment is highly appreciated and circulated on social media , like recently i read and article of Australian institute of marine science that after bleaching in the great barrier reef almost 90%of reefs were destroyed but now most of them have recovered and many new reef are forming everyday this is highest amount of reefs in Great barrier in 36 years . Scientist have participated in this redevelopment process they have collected healthy sperm and eggs from left out reefs and reared million of baby reefs in artificial environments and then they planted them of damaged reefs for redevelopment. Also and initiative in India know as piplantri as drawn my attention this is the initiative of the village head , a village classified a desert earlier but with revolutionary plans and great enthusiasm the headmen in a span of 11 years has converted that desert into a forest .
    But news like the world's biggest iceberg A23-A broke out from antarctica's coastline and now floats in the ocean this happened on 25 November 2023 this news is devastating as this iceberg moves towards a belt named as the iceberg destroying belt this indicates the increase in temperature and show deadly it could be as this iceberg melt the water levels will increase .

  • Good news: Scientists have made significant progress in developing innovative carbon capture technologies, offering hope for mitigating CO2 emissions and combating climate change. This advancement brings a sense of optimism as it addresses a key aspect of environmental sustainability.

    Concerning news: The accelerated melting of polar ice caps poses a serious threat to sea levels and ecosystems. This raises alarm due to its potential impact on global climate patterns and the displacement of communities. It underscores the urgent need for comprehensive climate action.

    In linking these stories, the positive progress in carbon capture could contribute to mitigating the negative effects of rising sea levels by curbing overall greenhouse gas emissions. While challenges persist, these developments highlight the interconnected nature of climate issues and the importance of addressing them comprehensively.

  • In India , Delhi current PM 2.5 concentration is 6.1 times above the recommended limit given by the WHO 24 hrs air quality guidelines value . So this has got my mind for a very long period of time .I was really concerned about this when the air quality was very poor last month, now I am happy to hear that the pollution has been decreasing gradually .
    Thank you .

  • I am grateful to hear your wise words, Caroline. You've truly planted the seed of love for nature. I've gained the understanding that we need to be more aware of our environment. Everything begins at home; it's up to each individual to choose a healthy or unhealthy environment. We all must be conscious of our surroundings and take actions to reduce eco-anxiety. This awareness should pervade each community, ensuring the security of our Mother Earth. I assure you that from now ,I'll be more conscious about our environment and will play crucial role to enlighten the true fact of eco anxiety.

  • One piece of news that made me feel concerned is the one I heard on TV about sea level rising. It also stated that after some years some seaside cities will be affected of this and the sea level will cover part of it or will be sunk slowly.
    This was a bit terrifying because even if it seems fat away we should keep in mind that future generations will face a lot of environmental issues.

  • However, the tragic reality of climate change is revealed through the constant burning of waste, littering of plastics on streets and in bodies of water, unrelenting use of fossil fuels, extinction of species, alterations in weather patterns, deforestation and numerous other consequences resulting from our actions towards our planet. This planet is our home that we are slowly but surely destroying - an environment created exactly for us. Unfortunately, there is no alternative to Earth; it was uniquely designed with humans in mind yet we continue to harm it instead of nurturing it. Rather than focusing on its development and growth, we destroy what remains claiming that such destruction will improve our lives.

    there is a way for us to safely and effectively use fossil fuel so we don’t abuse it , a way to use utensils without the build up of waste plastic and a way to make furniture without the scene of deforestation and there ecosystems which suffers this is the Amazon rainforest which is considered the lungs of h=the earth and image a body without lungs that is what we are doing to that forest which provides air air we breathe .

    Surely it won’t be easy taking a step to bring our earth to it’s natural state and it is a fact that Earth without humans for the next 20-30 without humans is going to thrive better than it is today but it doesn’t have to be so that without humans earth will thrive it has to be because humans are help and caring for their surroundings earth is thriving and we can take that step by using eco friendly material , reducing the numbers of animals on the verge of extinction because each and every animal matters even the most invisible creatures matter, the safe disposed of plastics etc.. LETS GO GREEN!

  • One news that makes me feel good about climate change is the number of people switching to electric vehicles. For the past so many years people have been using petrol/diesel-powered vehicles which produce extremely harmful gases. These gases include carbon monoxide too which causes global warming and other harmful effects. So now that everyone's using EVs the pollution has reduced a lot and the air is cleaner than before. I feel very happy seeing all of this as it implies so many people care about the environment and are willing to take action.
    However, One news that makes me feel concerned is about the rivers being so polluted. Yamuna River in India has become extremely polluted. The ammonia levels have reached 2.3 ppm, causing a 40% reduction in water production. Such news makes me worried about the plant and animal life there, the people using that water and the tourists that take bath there. I hope measures will be taken by the people there to reduce water pollution.

  • The latest news I’ve read was from “le monde”reported that the wildfires in Chile are keep spreading in Valparaiso since last Friday, at least 112 people have died in these fires. As I saw this, I directly related it to the earthquakes and tsunamis which occurred there ten years ago, they are all severe natural disasters causing by climate change. I feel extremely anxious about how we’re going to overcome this crisis. This could’ve been avoided, if we could cut down less trees, if we could use more sustainable resources, if we could burned less fossil fuels, if… But there’s no if for us, people suffered, animals suffered and these damages couldn’t just be ignored. I always wonder if this is too late for us to notice the consequences, this makes me also insecure.

    Hopefully, it is not too late to take action. People demonstrate and protest a lot; for example, the climate strike "Fridays for Future" is a good example of what people can do, appealing for positive changes. However I was disappointed while looking through the news about climate change, what I saw was overall negative news. It is a cruel fact that we have to accept, there ARE lots of issues that need to be fixed, and we still have a long way to go.

    1. I'm sorry you feel anxious about climate change but you mention some great examples of positive action being taken. Can you share any other good news stories around climate change that might alleviate any worry?

      1. Hello and thank you for answering.
        I looked it up earlier this day and I successfully found an article which reports about the Dubai agreement which was signed in December 2023. This article was published on 13.December 2023 on, written by Lottie Limb. I personally suggest you to read the original article, more details were outlined and I eased my worry a lot.
        Basically this is about the Dubai agreement, stressing the need for swift greenhouse gas cuts to meet 1.5°C targets, and countries are urged to transition from fossil fuels to net-zero emissions by 2050. By casting a glance at renewable energy, renewable energy could be able to replace the use of fossil fuels at some point and solve this urgent problem. If this goal could be achieved, it would be a huge step for the transition of energy.
        In this case I think if we could grab this chance tight in our hands, and be able to find a proper solution,it might alleviate my worry.

  • One piece of news that made me feel good was the news about the global carbon emission levels and the healing of ozone layer, recently during the pandemic it was found that the global carbon emission levels have fell drastically due to the prevailing lockdowns and it has also lead to the healing of ozone layer which previously was developing holes inside it. In my perspective the only one benefit that the pandemic brought with it was that it gave the planet enough time to heal itself up thus creating a balance that was needed.
    While one piece of news that broke my heart was that the excessive dumping of plastic in pacific ocean has created plastic islands that floats in the pacific ocean, this was truly an horrifying and traumatic news to hear. We humans really need to open up our eyes and consciously mind our actions before it's too late.

  • I think one piece of news about climate change that makes me feel good is about people cleaning the earth and protesting about climate change to the government, because sometimes they have some factories which brings out a kind of gas and can make the climate change even worse. A piece of new about climate change that makes me feel concerned is when some unwealthy people do some kinds of activities which makes the climate change worse, and some of these people don't even know what the climate change is, so they just continue to worsen the climate change without knowing what kind of harm they are causing to the earth.

  • One piece of the news that makes me feel good is the increasing adoption of renewable energy sources. It's great to see more and more countries and companies transitioning to clean and sustainable energy options like solar and wind power.

    One piece of climate that makes me feel concerned is the increase rate of deforestation in many parts of the world. It's disheartening to see the loss of precious forests, which are vital for biodiversity, carbon sequestration, and maintaining a balanced ecosystem.

  • Hello.
    I try to keep up with the news regularly to adapt to the changing world.The news that I like about climate is the active role of various organizations in dealing with climate change. For example, the 26th United Nations Climate Change Summit in Glasgow, United Kingdom. In addition, various conference, organizations and institutions are conducting various awareness campaigns to combat climate change. Such actions climate change. Making people aware about it and helping to increase preventive measures in the future.

    The news about climate change that worries me is the increase in greenhouse gases, sea level rise and wildfires. The climate is changing due to various man-made reasons and due to climate change such crises are being created in the world. If it continues like this, on the one hand, human life will be threatened and the world will be destroyed one day.
    So we all have to work together to fight climate change from now on and make everyone proactive in such work. Thank you.

  • One piece of good climate change news that I've heard is that more individuals and organizations are working to help stop climate change. This makes me feel good because I know that a lot of people care about the economy and climate change, and want to save the planet. One piece of news that makes me feel concerned is about increased risks of droughts, affecting crops. This concerns me because we need farmers to be able to grow crops so we can have fruits and vegetables in the market. If there's a shortage of water, there's a shortage of food.

  • The news that individuals are attempting to alter the climate change cheers me up and helps me feel positive about climate change. The news that individuals genuinely desired to make changes about climate change is fantastic and should be applauded. The world will experience many great and good things when they cooperate to accomplish a common aim. If everyone is attempting to improve, then this is truly excellent news for everyone. If someone starts, others can pick up the momentum and keep working to create a safer and better environment.
    Burning trash and burning plants is a highly common practice that practically everyone engages in. This is harmful since it contributes to the greenhouse effect. The ecology will suffer as a result. On my daily commute to school, I pass by trash being burned, and there is a lot of smoke in the air. This worries me a lot. What modifications will this make?

  • One piece of news that made me concerned was actually a discussion we had with our classmates after one student shared his opinion that unfortunately we are in urgent need to find solutions to protect the environment. We discussed that even our food are not the same as previous years as they are some of them sprayed or modified.
    However I remain optimistic as zi believe people now more than ever know how to react against these problems.

  • I think Finding truly "feel-good" news about the climate can be challenging, as the vast majority of headlines point towards the very real dangers we face. However, there are glimmers of hope emerging, and focusing on these positive developments can be motivating and empowering. Here's one example:

    News: Costa Rica is on track to be the first tropical country to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

    Why it feels good:

    Tangible progress: Costa Rica's commitment demonstrates that achieving net-zero is possible, even for developing nations facing unique challenges. It sets a powerful example for other tropical countries and the global community.
    Nature-based solutions: Costa Rica has prioritized protecting its natural forests, which not only absorb carbon dioxide but also support biodiversity and local communities. This approach highlights the potential of natural solutions in climate action.
    Community-driven effort: Costa Rica's success can be attributed to strong political will, collaboration between government and civil society, and public support for environmental protection. This shows that collective action can lead to meaningful change.
    It's important to remember that this is just one example, and the bigger picture still requires significant global effort. However, focusing on positive developments like this can help us maintain hope and encourage continued action toward a more sustainable future.

  • The piece of climate change that makes me feel good is the reduction of congestion because with all these electric machines that reduce congestion which makes a huge impact in places around the world, icebergs won't fall and that is a good sign in reduction of congestion.
    And the news that makes me concerned is the scarcity of products because of the increased price of essential goods might put some people in debt and cause poverty to rise again.
    Thank you!

  • One piece of news about climate change that makes me feel good is that scientists have discovered that reforestation efforts in certain regions are proving highly effective in absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. For instance, a study conducted in the Amazon rainforest has shown that areas once deforested and left to regrow naturally can recover up to 80% of their original biomass within 20 years. This is really great news to me because it shows how nature can bounce back and lessen the effects of climate change. Planting trees not only traps carbon but also brings back diverse wildlife and gives us important things like clean water and air, which are super important for people's health and happiness.

    One piece of news about climate change that makes me feel concerned is that recent data from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) indicates that the rate of ice melt in polar regions, particularly in the Arctic, is accelerating beyond previous predictions. This loss of ice contributes to rising sea levels, posing a big danger to coastal areas globally. Additionally, the thawing of polar ice messes with ocean currents and weather systems, leading to unpredictable and extreme weather events🌡️ such as what most parts of Africa are experiencing right now.

  • Well it is a bit late but one news about climate change that has really turned over the world of science is the achievement of true Nuclear Fusion by Lawrence Livermore institute it is when two nuclei of a hydrogen atom are collided thus resulting in a blast of high energy. As a fellow science student and chemistry enthusiast this is ground breaking technology.
    Another peice of news that really caught my eye was the use of Gallium Nitride (GaN) in batteries. It is a replacement for traditional batterium that operate on Lithium Ion technology. Not only GaN batteries are smaller in size but give higher volatges and outputs of electricity.
    The world is moving at a faster pace than we expected towards evniroment-friendly practices and thanks to programmes like COP-26 sufficient funding is provided to make such healthier alternatives. It is highly appreciable to see such booming technology come into our use.

  • One piece of news about the climate that makes me feel good is that renewable energy is set to overtake coal by 2025.
    Over the next five years more than 90% of electricity expansion across the world is planned to be accounted for by renewable energy sources. This planned increase in renewable capacity is more than past 20 years and 30% higher than what was predicted before the crisis. Coal pollutes our environment in many ways. It increases CO2 in our environment which affects our daily life. The temperature is increasing indiscriminately because of CO2. If renewable energy overtakes coal, it will be great news for us. Our environment will be less polluted.

    One piece of news about the climate that makes me feel concerned is that the sea-level rises more than nine meters above the present. The main reason behind it is the increase of global temperature.
    Man has pumped large amounts of CO2 into our atmosphere from coal, oil and gas from 1850. Today CO2 level stands at 0.040% which is 0.012% more than before. In the past, it was 0.028%. Every year we produce 21.3 billion tons of carbon dioxide by burning fossil fuels and releasing it into the atmosphere. For this reason, CO2 is increasing in our environment. For each trillion tonnes of carbon put into the atmosphere global temperature increases by 1.5° celsius. Since the last century, global temperatures have increased by 0.8° celsius because half a trillion tonnes of carbon has pumped to our environment. Also, Spain is facing solar radiation more than ever and it's increasing every decade. If sea level rises like that one day many parts of the world will sink under water especially those areas which are located near the sea.

    1. Great use of evidence to back up your points. Please can you provide a source for your information.