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Hi ! I agree with statement A which states that the responsibility of the environment lies on... Profits or the planet? 21/3/24
I agree because... boycotts can help to raise awareness regarding poor quality or services... Are boycotts helpful? 18/3/24
Hi ! I think , that the government should be transparent with their current policies and laws... Are young people politically engaged? 11/3/24
Hi ! I agree with option C as it states that the prison staff should be provided with support... Prison staff 11/3/24
Media plays a significant yet invisible role in our decision changing and making , people may... The media and elections 04/3/24
My country India is known as the young country since we have the largest population of... Are young people politically engaged? 27/2/24
If I were to create rules for an inclusive, safe and fair competition then , instead of having... You make the rules! 27/2/24
In sports the three 'S's' are Strength, Speed and Stamina . A sportsperson must be efficient in... Unfair advantage? 26/2/24
Legal age for voting should be over 18 years across the globe since most of the countries... Age restrictions 25/2/24
I believe that whenever words like housework, taking care of children and fulfilling duties... International Women’s Day: good or bad? 25/2/24
Joe Biden's decision is fair on one hand and unfair on the other. If the number of immigrants... Fair or unfair? 14/2/24
When it comes to completely withdrawing my business from the country, I don't think it's the... Countries behaving badly 06/2/24
The simple reason for people not contributing to make a change is ignorance. Most of the common... Why don’t people change? 04/2/24
I firmly believe that we would see major development in education sector in the future, but at... Will schools exist in future? 28/1/24
The news story that caught my attention the most was the inauguration of Surat Diamond Bourse... Competition #1 winners 26/1/24