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honorable_wilddog My headline is about CHILD MISSING In Nepal there are many headline about child missing in this... Create a headline 26/2/24
honorable_wilddog In my thoughts AI can also preserve the trees and plants like humans. They can be good and bad... AI and the planet 25/2/24
understanding_wilddog In my opinion 2nd and 3rd policies are fair, and I'd like to explain why for each of... Fair or unfair? 13/2/24
excited_harp I think that punishment should be the main priority of prison officers. Giving punishment to the... What’s the purpose of prisons? 10/2/24
sincere_honeyberry AI is the education and the future of work because Education is a fundamental pillar in our... Competition #3 winners 09/2/24
cheerful_contribution I think that 'Eco-anxiety' and 'News near you'. To be more specific the discussion 'Climate... Competition #3 winners 08/2/24
educated_fern When business and politics mix, it can be a recipe for trouble. Imagine a situation where... Businesses and elections 08/2/24
understanding_wilddog I think that businesses should not be allowed to openly support one candidate over another in... Businesses and elections 08/2/24
honorable_wilddog I think that and I believe that Using celebrities as the "face" of a brand can help to make a... The “face” of a business 08/2/24
honorable_wilddog In my opinion AI will impact jobs in different ways. We know that AI is created by a human. In... Jobs of the future 07/2/24
excited_harp I don't think that I should withdraw my business from country A because if country B relies on... Countries behaving badly 07/2/24
generous_power Businesses should not have complete control over a celebrity's face because celebrities have the... The “face” of a business 07/2/24
excited_harp I think that many people are not changing their behaviour to protect the planet because of... Why don’t people change? 06/2/24
understanding_wilddog I think that we should try to start a discussion or debate on this topic ''Should Prisons Focus... Suggest a discussion 06/2/24
understanding_wilddog We should continue the business on the country A as withdrawal would mean wasting millions of... Countries behaving badly 06/2/24
cheerful_contribution We all know that prison is a place to lock up dangerous people in the society to make the... What’s the purpose of prisons? 05/2/24
enlightened_leopard I think if the criminals starts fearing prison officers or the law, the crime rates will... What’s the purpose of prisons? 04/2/24
cheerful_contribution To be honest the thought of commercial kitchen didn't really cross my mind while writing this... People v robots 04/2/24
educated_fern I think there should be a hub discussion about whether the AI created by humans are going to be... Suggest a discussion 03/2/24
enlightened_leopard In my perspective, all the purpose should be prioritize. But the most significant purpose will... What’s the purpose of prisons? 03/2/24