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  • My headline would be
    Farmers protest against the increase of energy costs.
    In Greece there was an intensification of the moves all the farmers made to show their dissatisfaction to their government concerning energy costs. Especially in our city because of flooding the problem became bigger because they couldn't harvest their crops.
    The farmers decided to block roads specific times as a sign of their disapproval of the whole situation.

    1. To add to your comment not only Greece face that in Nigeria we face starvation due to reduce of farmers they reduc because of the fact that their crops didn't harvest due to theft and lack of governmental support.
      The nation would want to really see improvement or at least a change in this strategy.

      1. Also it is happening in Spain that is suffering the protests of the farmers, because of the prices that have the crops and fertilisers they need to use to produce the crops.

  • I would wtite a news headline with the title:
    "How Nigerians react after the AFCON"
    I chose this headline because it's about the recent African Cup of Nations game where Ivory Coast surprised everyone by winning against Nigeria. Normally, after a match, Nigerians tend to blame the players if they lose. But this time something different happened. Instead of blaming them, people supported and encouraged them. Bullying and complaining were much less. Also, some people took the game very seriously. They couldn't sleep at night and spent the next day at school talking about the match and how it made them feel. It's important to support our teams and show encouragement, even when things don't go as expected. This positive reaction shows unity and sportsmanship.

    1. I exceedingly agree with you polite_king, believe it or not, I was among the people who couldn't sleep at night and spent the next day at school talking about the game and how it made me feel.
      I think that this will be a great headline, because on a normal day in my country, when our national team looses a match the players are being bullied, and backlashed. I was extremely surprised when Ivory Coast won against Nigeria, but I was exceptionally surprised when the Nigeria national team were supported and encouraged by their Nigerian fans and the bullying was less.
      When the fans always keep encouraging the players and not bullying them they create confidence and generate high self-esteem which will encourage the team to play better in their next match.
      As you stated, I agree with you that this creates unity and sportsmanship.

  • My headline would be on inadequate ELECTRICITY, because I believe our daily activities won't go well with inadequate my area electricity has been a major problem.trades can't sell their products and it is affecting the economy.
    Most, health care that use all sought of machine for their patient will not be able to do their work efficiently.
    Companies that deals with production will have little products, because of inadequate ELECTRICITY.
    We will not be able to listen to latest news and story that comes up ,due to lack of electricity.

    1. I agree because... I believe that the issue of electricity is a big problem as it affects the jobs of some such as technicians and artisans. This issue of electricity has been of a great deal in Nigeria because the inadequate electricity makes we Nigerians incur extra cost through buying of fuels to power our generators. Also as you have already said, lack of electricity may serve as a bridge of communication of information especially in the rural areas. In addition to all I have said I believe that Nigeria's problem of electricity is becoming better since when our new president, President Bola-Ahmed Tinubu came into power because we now have up to 18 hours of uninterrupted power unlike before where we had at most 10 hours. I believe that this is a good start on Nigeria's way to year long uninterrupted power supply.

      Thank You

      1. Interesting ideas. Can you tell us where you found your evidence?

    2. I agree because yes even in my community we pay money for 24 hrs of light but they hardly give us up to 8 hrs a day and now at this time electricity is a big part of our lives because we perform all of our activities with devices that need electricity to work, so because of ti we are sometimes delayed back because of our house chores we didn't complete since there was no electricity.

    3. Actually, I have two topics in mind. Please permit me to summarize both. Thank you. The first is titled, THE PPI PROJECT IN NIGERIA.
      The major problem of electricity in Nigeria is a major inspiration of this topic. Nigeria claims to have actively participated in the 28th Annual Conference of Parties (COP28) and has been inspired to enter a treaty with the Germany to make use of the Presidential Power Initiative to supply more efficient and cheaper electricity in the country and reduce the effects of climate change. The project's main objective is to increase the power capacity in Nigeria from 4500MW to 12000MW. The project is still under preparation so I will encourage others to engage in such healthy ways to generate electricity as its end results seem appetizing.
      Nigeria is being threatened, internally by dangerous gangs such as Boko Haram. Some causes of these activities include:
      - High rate of unemployment and underemployment.
      - Underdevelopment.
      - High rate of corruption, even in the government.
      These solutions include:
      - Strengthening of the country's borders.
      - Good governance: Transparency in the government.
      - Enforcement of security forces, and so on.
      I would like to hear your opinions on these topics. Thank you.

    4. I agree because... We pay lots of money for 24 hr electricity πŸ”Œ but we end up getting low current or even light πŸ•―οΈ.
      This bad for the economy 😞we need light for our daily activities.we need electricity πŸ”ŒπŸ’‘

  • hello everyone,
    The topic of this topic will be global media. Artificial intelligence guides the communication. Satellites are sent into space with the help of science by discovering artificial intelligence. It has made communication a global village. The wall and the land are protecting communication everywhere. Human to human interaction, exchange of ideas, introducing new worlds.

  • My headline would probably be,' People protest about gas and electricity prices raising' because people have been losing their jobs and it has been hard for them to pay their gas and electricity bills.

  • in my perspective headline is the first thing that you read/listen so it should be positive because that all will rom in your mind the whole day so my headling would be " psycologist found a way to be happy your whole life"

  • Hi.
    If i was a news reporter my headline will read "Food prices in Nigeria going out of hand rice at an all-time high of N65000 per bag"
    I chose this headline because I want to talk about food price,in Nigeria every food item has increased ,people can't buy the food as they expect to buy the food. The government should really intervene reduce food prices so that the citizens of the country can afford.
    Thank you.😊

    1. I agree because... the discussion of food prices in Nigeria is something that needs to seriously be drawn to the attention of the public. This is a topic that needs to be conveyed to the public because the increase in price of food is on an alarming level which is also linked to climate change. For example in Nigeria "Garri" known as cassava flakes was said to be a poor mans food but now a bag of "garri" that used to be 7,000 naira is going for about 20,000 naira.

      1. Hi jazzed Tamarillo
        I agree with you, in 2015 Nigerian bag of rice was N7β€š000 and now it is more than what we can afford now at, N75,000 , but we are working but the money earned is little compared to the expenditures. The government should increase salaries,because some of the citizens can't afford food items also if the government reduce food prices the citizens can afford the price of rice and more.
        Thank you.

    2. I agree with you, inspired_volcano, that the main causes of the rising food prices globally and in Nigeria are transportation and manufacturing costs (increase in fuel). And this is making people very miserable because this is incredibly difficult for certain individuals.

      1. I agree because... the main reasons behind the escalating food prices worldwide and in Nigeria are the transportation and manufacturing expenses largely driven by fuel price hikes.
        This situation is causing significant hardship for many individuals making it incredibly challenging for some to meet their basic needs.

        1. I agree because... recently fuel subsidy was removed, and the price of most items have skyrocketed. For example, a liter of fuel used to be N65 but now it is N675. I think that subsidy can be brought bac to help reduction in prices of everything.


      2. I agree with you creative_personality,
        This is because as at 2005 Nigeria the fuel price was at 65.00 naira compared to 2024 the fuel price has increased more than the expectations of Nigerian to 650.00 people are still striving to buy it because it's needed in the daily activities of people, even though it has affected so many things like food prices, high cost of transportation, unemployment etc.
        I think that the removal of subsidy in the price of fuel should be returned because it will make the high cost of transportation reduce and this will help reduce the cost of food because most of the foods we eat are transported from one place to another, so I think that if subsidy is returned back to the price of fuel it will help a lot .
        Although some people say that the subsidy removal from fuel price is put on some other things like education, health care, etc Should the subsidy removal be put on or removed from the fuel price or it should be put on education, health care etc. What are your thoughts on this?
        Thank you.

    3. I agree because even Hearing about the news nowadays it is said that the long grain rice, which used to sell for between N45,000 and N50,000 in November, now costs over N70,000, putting a huge pressure on the consumers.
      Even A bag of beans is now N65,000, which is three times the price it used to be. Also, groundnut oil is now N8,400 for four litres, and a bag of rice is now N70,000.
      This unprecedented increase in the prices of commodities has caused nationwide hardship, with residents of some major cities taking to the streets to register their displeasure.
      In conclusion I can reason on the same side with you that the most available sources that can really intervene in this situation is the government.

    4. Hi, inspired_volcano your suggestions and headline was great. Rising food prices is a dire problem in today's world. This is not only the problem of your country Nigeria but the problem of all countries in the world. So, in my opinion, all the countries of the world should discuss this issue.

    5. You are right, the rate at which food prices are increasing is quite alarming. People are starving and some are even dying due to hunger. The government really needs to do something about this because some people do not earn a lot of money so it might be hard for them to afford three balanced meals a day. People are really going through hard times and the government needs to take control and do what they were voted for.

  • My news headline would be about "public exams" because classes 11 and 12 will be taking their exams next month. All the students have been working hard every day and preparing well for their exams. This month, they are going to take their practical exams. For every student, this is a life-changing moment.

  • My news headline would be about the Indian election that is going to happen in April. So, from now on, they are starting to conduct meetings about this. Each person will arrange a separate meeting, and they will tell us that if you select us, we will do this for society, etc. This election is to select the prime minister of the country, the person who takes care of the whole country, and every five years, they will be replaced.

    1. It's great to see that you're interested in this! Keep your eyes peeled for the eighth Festival 2024 topic!

      1. Yes, I am eager to learn about the upcoming election. Since childhood, I have always been interested in politics and curious to see what will happen in this election. Let me tell you about the process. Every five years, the Prime Minister will be changed and each political party will have a separate name and symbol. Anyone who wishes to participate in the election can join, but they must meet certain eligibility criteria such as age.

        Before the election, each party will have members who support them in different states and communities. They will arrange meetings with the public and discuss their plans for the future if elected. For example, they may promise to fix the roads in a particular area or introduce new schemes like providing a monthly allowance for old people or building houses for the poor.

        After the election, the winning team will have a meeting in either the Rajya Sabha or the Lok Sabha. There will be a speaker and a team who will work together to create new schemes and laws. The opposing team, who came in second place, will also have a say in this process. They can pass a "no-confidence motion" if they feel a particular scheme or law won't work.

        I am eagerly waiting for the upcoming festivals, specifically the 8th festival.

  • Personally, my headline would be "We need green". That would be my headline due to how dirty our planet and my area/community is. That headline will be telling all citizens that we need our planet green again which talks about healthy grass which makes a good looking world and not one with trash everywhere.

    1. Nice headline,it is necessary for us to maintain a good environmental hygiene,we do this in other to reduce the number of diseases and illness,most of this disease are contagious and they spread rapidly.having a clean environment is important in other to prevent all kind of diseases like, bacteria,fungi and so on.
      The various way to achieve a clean environment,proper disposal, cleaning equipment after use , sterilizing medical equipment,proper drainage putting dirt in the incenerator instead of dumping them on the doing all this such environment is free from food contamination,water contamination and air pollution.

      These are reason why we should keep our environment clean.
      * We are preserving the earth natural resources.
      * To have good climate change,if their is no frequent burning of plastic and dirt's,I think the climate would be pleasant.
      * To beautify our earth .
      * Clean environment makes us healthy and perform our task effectively.
      * Medical reason, medicine are been produced from the trees in our environment,this are reason why we should stop deforestation.
      * To keep our animals alives,most of this animal serves as food,so therefore they need a clean environment also.the animal that is affected by human pollution are fishes(AQUATIC ANIMAL).all sort of toxic substances are realeased into the sea.
      * It preserve nature.
      * Next generation to come will appreciate the beauty of the earth.
      With all this we will be able to keep the earth GREEN .

      "Environment is no one's property to destroy ,but everyone responsibility to monith Agadi.
      With all these great benefit it will provide to us ,I think is necessary to live in an hygienic environment.

  • Well, my headline would be. "PEACE!!"
    I have chosen this headline because it summarizes most of the problems in my locality in a single word. There was an event of loss of lives in my locality due to terrorism and if I was news reporter, I would choose this headline so that people would be aware, yet they will be settled.

  • My headline that I want to share is global unity in action because with the help of this headline we will be able to come back all of the global crisis known to mankind. This is my point thank you

  • Hello!
    My headline will be
    "Nigeria's tech flourishes, attracting global investors and creating job opportunities"

    1. Thank you for your suggestion - can you explain why this would be an important topic to discuss?

    2. I agree because right now in Nigeria most people are looking for jobs that would be able to fed their and get their needs done not only in Nigeria but globally from 13 to 17 worry of the job they would try and get in the future this can lead to anxiety put them in serious worry for their lives.

  • Accra faces severe power outages amid an economic crisis.
    I chose the headline "Accra faces severe power outages amid economic crisis" because it highlights a significant recent event that has both local and national implications. The power outage is a pressing issue affecting the lives of people in my local area, and it is occurring against the backdrop of a serious economic crisis in the country.

  • My headline will be on " flood", because the rate at which this disaster has been destroying various area and state is too much.
    In Adamawa state in Nigeria,there was a severe rise of water on October 5 2023,lead to severe flooding.which cost the life of many people.

    So therefore development of illegal structures across drainages should be PROHIBITED.

  • I think that a suitable headline will be PEACE AND UNITY, I said this because worldwide people wake up and they hear news about war and they will also hear about countries and tribes being divided. I said this because in my country there is a lot of news about divided tribes and unrest in different states. So I think that if there is peace and unity worldwide the world will be a better and safer place for we humans to live in.

  • I would write a news headline about "Topical Talk Festival".
    I choose this topic because many schools and children in area aren't aware of global conversation. Creating a headline about it could raise awareness about important global discussions and our contributions to society. This platform allows us to discuss various news issues with peers from around the world and leading topic experts. By highlighting this festival, more children may be inspired to join, learn and stay informed about global events. It is an opportunity to broaden our perspectives and understand what's happening beyond our local communities.

    1. I agree with you because creating a new headline about the topical talk festival will raise awareness. It is true, many people including my friends and cousins don't know about it. By promoting it, more people and schools can join the discussions. This will allow them to share ideas and learn from others including those from different countries. Making this a headline will be beneficial promoting awareness on topics like climate change, the evolution of AI, businesses around the world and the dos and don't related to them. It will also highlight what we can do to protect the climate and make the world a better place.

    2. Prior to joining this festival, I had a hard time listening to other people's ideas and collaborating with my friends. I thought I was always right and that my ideas were all I needed to create change, but this festival has changed my mindset, it has reformed my thinking pattern and that has resulted in a rapid rate of development for me. Diverse facts about Artificial Intelligence, Climate change and other crucial categories of research have been revealed to me through this platform. I consider myself very lucky to have been part of this conversation and I want others to also share a part of this mind-blowing experience because I am well aware that there are people out there like me who ignorant of many things and need reforming but have no channel to foster it, but I believe that this platform in the solution to their problem.

  • Namasthe and hii guys, If I were an reporter my headline would be Reduce electronics and other would be plant more trees..
    First when we started using items like mobile phones, laptops we became very lazier and the children's became week in their studies by using such kind of items..
    It also destroys our eye etc . And we need to plant more trees to get rainfalls, to get pure air etc.
    Than you,

  • "The COVID-19 pandemic a trigger for medical and IT transformation" would be the headline if I were a journalist.
    This is because the COVID-19 pamdemic was a sobering reminder of the interdependence of all living things and the vulnerability of world systems as long as it continues. The necessity for coordinated worldwide efforts is highlighted by the uneven distribution of vaccinations and the emergence of novel variations, despite breakthroughs in vaccine production. The burden of increasing cases on healthcare systems strains them, exacerbating already-existing social and economic divides. This crisis emphasises how urgently we need to work together to address the wider socioeconomic effects in addition to the acute health concerns. We cannot navigate through these challenging times as a global society and come out stronger and more resilient unless we work together in unison.

  • If I was a news reporter my headline will read "nurses demand for the review of the verification rule by the NMCN (nursing and midwifery council of Nigeria)"
    Why I chose this headline is because nurses don't have freedom to migrate without the pressure of 2 year of verification process.

    1. Can you give some more information on this?

      1. Yes on the 7th this month the nurses went on a protest against the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria. They were protesting the new verification certification guidelines which now requires a non refundable fee for verification by foreign boards, that they should also have 2years post license experience as well as a letter of good standing from the CEO where they are working.
        They feel that these requirements are done to stop them from leaving the country for better paying jobs abroad.

  • My news headline will be about the ongoing Punjab farmer's protest, also known as Farmer protest 2.0. The protest began on February 13th, 2024, with farmers demanding that the government acknowledge their list of demands. They are protesting for better profits and to have their demands met by the government.

    1. I totally agree with you despite the fact that I am from Nigeria this is because one of the major sources of income in my country is Agriculture due to the blessing of fertile land in the country. This implies that most if not, a big portion of the income generated by the country is from the farmers yet people undermine the dignity in their work. When requests for tractors and other machinery are placed by farmers to boost the level of their productivity and reduce stress, the government neglect. This is very sad because my father is also a farmer and seeing him been treated like this not fair at all.

    2. I agree with you, tidy_ostrich. Indian farmers have started a mass protest, also known as "Delhi Chalo," by marching on the streets of New Delhi. The protest began on February 13th, and today marks the 5th day of the protest. However, the farmers are not in the exact New Delhi because the central government has blocked some of the paths like bridges, as New Delhi is the capital of India. If the farmers started protesting in Delhi, it would affect the people and transportation there.

      The last time the farmers protested, the main demand was to repeal the farm laws. This time, the main demand is for a legal guarantee of minimum support price [MSP] for all crops. Another demand is to implement the recommendation to increase MSP by at least 50%. Apart from this, there are other demands, including sugar cane price, a pension of Rs.10,000 for people over the age of 60, strong action against the accused in the Lakhimpur Kher incident, and land in Delhi for a memorial for the "martyrs" of the earlier farmers' protests.

      As of now, the farmers have not reached New Delhi yet and are currently in the places of Punjab and Haryana. They have built their camp there to stay. Due to this protest, the price of vegetables and fruits has increased.

  • My headline will be,
    "How are students adapting in the change of education system?"
    In Bangladesh, the government has brought a huge and much needed change in the education system and in the curriculum. But it becomes hard for the students and the guardians to accept the change and adapt with it. But the change was needed and crucial to advance the country. Our new curriculum focused more on practical knowledge instead of memorization or bookish knowledge. This facilitates the students to understand the power of change and to accept any changes easily. It also teaches the students to search for the positive sides from new changes. All the students are going through the changes and are getting new experience. For this reason, as a student, I want to highlight this change and want to learn to accept the changes.

  • "Problems around the world" ought to have a general hub issue, in my opinion. Because there are so many issues in the world, corruption and pollution are just two examples. Thus, via discussing this, we would both learn more and enlighten others. In order to raise awareness about it and improve the state of the planet 🌍.

  • If I were to be a reporter, my headline will read "people's voice being heard". Do you know when you give opportunity for people to be heard, you are giving equality for all. If people are heard, they are able to express their selves in a good and positive way, why? Because, if there is a problem that is happening in the society, the people can freely complain and express their problem, therefore, problems being solved. I noticed in my country that local environment such as villages are not heard and this particular problem can be very important in the society and needs a solution. Maybe if this problems are solved, it can be possible that the country can develop. So"people's voice being heard", is very important. That is why I want my headline to read " people voice being heard".

  • If I was a news reporter in Atlanta, Georgia; my headline would be ''Schools should talk more about filling taxes.'' I say this because kids growing up most of the time don't even think about filing taxes including myself.Another reason for that is if kids at a young age get the full concept of filing taxes,when they get older they won't have to go through all that stuff with the IRS.And people will have a better start of being an adult.That is what my topic and headline would be if I was a news reporter in Atlanta Georgia.

  • I think a good headline could be The consequences of are actions.I think it should be called this because in my area I’ve noticed there has been a great increase in trash just being everywhere and people not trying to help contribute to stop it.With this we are causing pollution more and hurting are earth.I think we need to realize what we’re doing , how we do it, and how we can stop so the world can be better for us and are future generations!

  • Hello everyone I think that If I were a journalist, the headline of my news would be; "Importance and Harmful Effects of Al". Al will have a major impact on the future world. Then, people will easily be able to do things that no one can even imagine today. Al also has other important aspects. However, this will cause many people to lose their efficiency and creativity. Many people do not know about all these aspects.So, I will choose this title to convey this information to everyone and save everyone from the harmful side of Al.

  • My news headline would be ''women rights in India" because the authorities of India had delayed the case of women athletes who were assaulted and were abused by Brij Bhushan who is the member of parliament and wrestling federation president . The athletes were protesting for their rights . The Indian government has not approved the International Labour Organization Violence and Harassment Convention (C190), and a law to reserve women one-third of seats in parliament and state legislative assemblies has not been implemented and at last the women athletes gave up by their athletic career by returning their "khel ratna award" and "arjuna award" which was given by the prime minister of India.

  • My headline would be 'Tax paid β‰  Progress made'
    Many individuals are finding it hard to understand where their tax money is going. Despite the significant amount paid by each person, there seems to be no visible progress in our surroundings. While it is possible that there are major projects underway, the government should consider lowering the tax rate to lower the burden on citizens..

  • If I were to write a news article and publish it my headline would be - " SAVE OUR FRIENDS, OUR ELEPHANTS" enlightening the readers about the conflicts happening between Elephants and humans and how cruel acts are being displayed by humans in this case when they can raise voice for these poor speechless animals are raising their voice against them . This would not only give them glimpse of the case but also to ignite in them anew fire of kindness and compassion .

  • My headline will be "Teachers" because In my country teachers are not given the accolades and respect they deserve.this is not suppose to be like this.
    They are the foundation of all professions ,I think they deserve more respect and merit from the government.
    They are paid low salary,and this non chalant attitude of the government, result to strike .
    One of the strike carried out in Nigeria is the Asuu(Academic staff union of universities) strike.whereby all teachers will stop working for sometime and this will have an effect on students.

    1. I totally agree with you! Teachers are the backbone of society, and they definitely deserve more appreciation and support from the government. It's unfair that they're not given the respect they deserve, especially with the low salaries they receive. The strikes, like the ASUU strike in Nigeria, highlight the need for change in how teachers are treated.

      It's crucial to recognize the invaluable role teachers play in shaping our future. They deserve fair pay, respect, and support. The government must prioritize valuing and investing in our educators to ensure a strong education system for all.

    2. Any working practitioner or professional personnel is a proud product of a teacher. They say that children are the leaders of tomorrow, but that vision is nearly impossible without teachers, teachers groom, the recruit they train, they work to ensure that o piece of talent is being wasted they show students how to use their gifts to foster POSITIVE change in the society. One of the major reasons behind improved development in the society is due to teachers but yet, when you come to countries like Nigeria you see the government making little or no effort to reward their good work. With the hike of prices in the country and the devasting state of the economy, how do they expect them to cope? we have seen cases where ASUU goes on strike for months without an iota of care shown by the government, they end up resuming their duties because of the love they have for their students but still the government ignores.
      This is not right in any way, the system is improper, and all has been done at the detriment of the people who single handedly build the society with their passion, desire and love for children. If there is any right I will fight for, it will be that of TEACHERS.

  • Hi wonderful topical Talkers
    My headline would be based on "Deplorable roads that needs to be fixed in my country. "
    I chose this headline because there are many bad roads in my country that when you ride on, you will never be comfortable and accidents can even happen on this roads. So to prevent this, many people travel by boats and it results in capsizing of boats which cause most of these people to die and their bodies are sometimes not found.In either ways, there are many risks that can be taken on these means of travel so it means that the government should be able to fix the roads in order to maintain safety in our country so that they will not risk their lives by boat on water bodies or by vehicles on the road.

  • "The Young Must Read" would be my headline if I were a news reporter. These days, young people just love utilizing the internet for a variety of purposes, which causes them to become use to it and start to diverge from their cultural norms. A youngster may be introduced to a world of creativity and imagination through reading. Children who read will benefit both mentally and physically as well as developing their skills. Reading contributes to a kid's education since it signifies that the youngster will be building stability for the future. So in my opinion, the headline "Young must read" need to require even the youngest readers to do so.

  • My headline will be on "Health care",most health care are not given good facilities to work with,this can cause causalities in their job and cost the life of patients.
    This is a place where life's are saved ,so therefore there should be proper provisions of facilities from the government.

  • My headline will be on"study habit"all of us on this hub are all students and each and every one of us must have one of this bad habit when reading.
    Many students refuse to read at their convient time and end up cramming a lot of note in one night.this act is very dangerous to our brain which can cause student to have examination anxiety that leads to examination malpractice.

  • I think a good headline is "Exciting New Technologies Unveiled at the Annual Tech Expo, Revolutionizing Everyday Life!"

  • One of the questions asked by Nigerian Nurses trying to emigrate to the US is, " Can they practice when they relocate ?"

    The answer is Yes and No.

    Here is why,

    In America, Nurses are trained as generalists. Then when we pass our boards, we choose our specialty.

    In Nursing school, we are taught about every specialty . Let me use my
    aunt as an example, although she is a specialist in Adult and Gerontology Internal Medicine, she has basic knowledge on the Emergency room, midwifery, obstetrics, pediatrics, neonate care, public health occupational and many more.

    The thinking behind this is so we can function in pretty much any capacity.

    However, in Nigeria, SOME Nurses are trained as specialists. Eg Nurse Midwife. Pysch RN.

    So if you are trained by specialty, it may be difficult for you to pass your NCLEX as you can be questioned on care of stroke or care of neonates or what to do when a patient is having a myocardial infarction.

    This is why I mostly recommend UK for some Nurses instead of US. UK Nurse training is similar of Nigerian Nurse training. They train by specialty there also.

    Feel free to ask ❓ questions .
    Thank you

  • Breaking news 🚨🚨🚨 K.mbappe has agreed to move to Real Madrid in summer.

  • The news story headline that I would make is "Google announces a youth talent contest." This is a competition where youths would send Google videos about their skills, talents, or career dreams and why they want to achieve their goals in these categories. They would choose the top 100 posts in each category to give scholarships to any school and university they want so that they could achieve their goals.

  • Hi,
    I personally think my headline would be UK in recession again .
    I think this is a sufficient headline because it affects a lot of people in the UK . A recession is a period of economic decline . This will mean that the cost of items will go up once again . We see this in the UK when 50% of the UK has reported their cost of living has gone up as of January 2024 .
    This would also affect businesses . We know this will happen because of the recession that happened in 2020 due to Covid - 19 . 17,500 businesses shut in 2020 showing what impact a recession could have on a company .
    Lastly it would affect the government as in the last recession we had the economy shrank by 9.9% . This would affect the government because they would have less money to help the people of their country .
    That is why I think it is a sufficient and good headline for the UK at the moment .

    1. IT's great to see you using research to find facts about your topic suggestion? Where did you find your facts?

      1. Hello Tiff ,
        Thank you for your question . I found these facts on the website called pwc which is a news website .

  • If I were to be a news reporter in Nigeria, the headline I would suggest is INSECURITY,this is because the case if insecurity is very common in Nigeria and not only in Nigeria but all over the world.
    I think that the headline INSECURITY will make a very good discussion because people would share the opinion they have on how to tackle or stop the case of INSECURITY. Remember the cases of INSECURITY needs to be crubed because many people have lost their lives and even render some people homeless, unemployed etc.
    INSECURITY would be a good headline for a country like Nigeria.
    Thank you!

    1. Absolutely, INSECURITY is a powerful headline for sparking discussions in Nigeria. It's a prevalent issue globally, impacting many lives. Tackling insecurity is crucial for the safety and well-being of individuals. This headline can prompt important conversations on solutions and actions to address this pressing concern. By discussing and addressing this issue, we can work towards creating a safer environment for all.

      Thank you.

    2. To put an end to insecurity our security officer,like the police, army,navy and so on need to be paid a better salary .this people risk their life to protect others but the government decide to treat them like animals.they deserve a better officers and those that fight for the country stay away from their family in other to protect other people.
      The only best solution to insecurity is paying security officers enough salary because everyone needs money to survive .and the government should provide accomodations,food and weapons for them .
      Recently a Nigerian army was locked up in jail by the government.reason unknown don't you think this is unfair.
      Justice need to be served for the Nigerian army.

  • Hello everyone,
    My headline would be "Local School District Implements AI Learning Assistants". I would choose this headline because it highlights the progress of science and technology even in educations systems. This also hints that the local school district is embracing innovative methods to enhance teaching and support students academic journey. This would also encourage other schools to start implementing AI learning assistance to enhance their learning too.

  • Cote D' Ivoire wins AFCON 2023 would be my choice because this is an event that is spoken about all over Africa. They don't have the best players but were able to overcome all the challenges which quite amazing. The team didn't give up and won against one of Africa's best teams, the Nigerian national team. They truly deserved the win.

  • I suggest we talk about" WOMEN'S RIGHTS TO FREEDOM ",in my defence women should have equal rights as well as men , women are sometimes seen as good for nothing, men sometimes say women are only go for cooking and taking care of children. So I suggest we help our womens out

    1. I really respect the fact that you thought out of the box and came out clearly and intentional about your point, the fight for the right of women is something most people neglect and even those that have such ideas in mind are usually afraid of coming out in the open to express their selves. Women are a unique specie because they have an inbuilt ability to multitask, organize activities and do many other incredible things, you cannot tell me that all that potential will only be of use in the kitchen, certainly not. Women should be allowed to participate in crucial and influential areas like politics, business, climate management, AI development, even as far as designing sophisticated prison systems. For a long time now we have been having men controlling the major affairs while women are been left as the minority, but I feel it's time for a change because I believe that ''WHAT A MAN CAN DO, A WOMAN CAN DO BETTER.''

      1. I agree with you......but I would like to explain the phrase "what a man can do a woman can do better"
        I understand that you may have a different perspective on this statement, and that's okay. It's important to recognize that both men and women are capable of achieving great things in their own unique ways. Rather than focusing on who can do something "better," it's more productive to foster an environment of equality and collaboration where everyone's skills and contributions are valued. Each individual has their own strengths and abilities, regardless of gender. Let's celebrate and support each other's accomplishments, regardless of whether they are done by men or women.

  • News I hear more about is about kidnapping of children and old ones , in my own opinion I would say that kidnapping should be discouraged in the country.

  • One headline I would choose to write would be ' Fires should be stopped"
    Before a couple of months in my country there was a terrible fire. It all started in summer. A team of arsonists had visited our first without anyone know about it. They started setting g fires and with the help of climate change our forests was burnt. A lot of people lost their properties, and risked their lives. Firefighters were trying to stop them but unfortunately a big part of the forest was gone. When we got back to school we talked a lot about it and we decided to organise a project for planting trees in places around the city.

    1. Thank you for your suggestion, can you think of some ways we can prevent fires?

  • My headline would be, "Fighting Against Rising Poverty"
    The word "fighting" and poverty" would be a great way to attract the reader's attention. We need to raise awareness on homeless and poor people around here. Recently, our school went on a field trip and I saw two homeless people begging for help and food. I think the government should try and solve the problem of poverty rising because of inflation or other reasons.

  • My headline will be "Local Festival2024:A Vibrant Tapestry of culture and Unity " because the head line reflects the essence of the festival by emphasizing its celebration of cultural diversity and the sense of unity it fosters within the cimmunity. It amis to capturr the vibrant and inclusive atmosphere of the event, highlighting its significance in bringing oeople together and promoting harmony among diverse groups.

  • My headline will be " Community Comes Together for Annual Charity Fundraiser " This headline highlight the recent event in my area, focusing on the collective effort of the community to support a charitable causes . It underscores the importance of unity and collaboration in addressing local needs and making a positive impact.

  • My headline will be on public schools and private school, people tend to argue on which one of this school is the best.

    1. Can you give your opinion on the positives of attending both private and public schools?

      1. Private school is owned by an individual while public schools are owned by the government.

        In a public school,no religious biases, teachers have qualification,it is populated,it is free,they provide food and school uniform for those who did not have,it exposes different kind of culture.

        Why private school on the other hand do not have to comply to state law, classes are conducive,they have freedom to design their curriculum, student have the right to choice, good libraries and technology,the school authority focus on the students, student and teachers have a closer relationship,safe learning environment, they graduate at an early age .
        Lastly they go on holidays faster than public school,this is what every student wishes for and the private school students are opportuned to have it .πŸ˜„

        1. Well said admirable_butterfly.
          In general, private schools are owned by individuals, while public schools are owned by the government. Public schools do not have religious biases, employ qualified teachers, are often well-populated, are free to attend, provide food and school uniforms to those in need, and expose students to various cultures.

          On the other hand, private schools have more flexibility and do not have to comply with all state laws. They offer conducive learning environments, have the freedom to design their own curriculum, provide students with more choice, have well-equipped libraries and access to technology, and prioritize the needs of their students. Private schools also often foster closer relationships between students and teachers, offer a safe learning environment, and students typically graduate at an earlier age. Additionally, private school students often have shorter holiday breaks, fulfilling a wish for many students. These advantages are often seen as opportunities for those attending private schools.

      2. The advantages of public schools are that they provide free education, including school bags, books, shoes and uniforms. In Tamil Nadu, all students receive a "lunch plan" that was introduced by Kamarajar, and subsequently developed into a "nutritious plan" by M.G. Ramachandran [mgr], providing them with healthy food options. Additionally, they provide an egg every day. Kamarajar played a significant role in developing the education system in Tamil Nadu. For 11th and 12th-grade students, free laptops and cycles are provided. Students studying in 6th to 12th grade receive a monthly allowance of Rs. 1000. If the students are studying in Tamil medium, they are given priority in everything.

        The benefits of private schools include good infrastructure, quality teaching, and additional extracurricular activities like drawing, Silambam, Bharatanatyam, etc. These schools also offer opportunities to participate in competitions like poem recitation, Yi's drawing competition, etc. Students can also participate in events such as Topical talks, TED-ED programs, Yi Thalir, EFI programs, and more.

      3. Hii Aimee @ topical talk
        In my perspective, Both public and private schools offer unique advantages,
        here's a simpler breakdown:

        Private Schools:
        - Small Classes: Fewer students in each class means more attention from teachers.
        - Special Programs: These schools offer unique classes or activities.
        - Fancy Stuff: They often have better technology and facilities.
        - Values: They focus a lot on teaching good behavior and community service.

        Public Schools:
        - Lots of Different People: There are kids from many backgrounds, which helps you learn about different cultures.
        - Everyone Can Go: They're free for everyone, so you don't have to worry about affording it.
        - Lots of Choices: There are many classes and activities to choose from.
        - Real World Prep: You get to meet all kinds of people, which helps you prepare for life outside of school.

        Ultimately, the choice between private and public schools depends on individuals preferences,values and circumstances. Both type of schools offer excellent education and valuable
        experiences for students.

        Thank you!

  • Hi!
    I live in Chennai,one of the district in tamilnadu,India.
    Journalists in Chennai, like in many places, have a tough time reporting local news because they lack resources, face pressure from politicians, worry about safety, and struggle with language barriers and getting information from authorities.

    To help them, we can:

    1. Train and Equip Reporters: Provide reporters with proper training and tools to do their job well.

    2. Ensure Their Safety:Protect reporters so they can work without fear of threats or attacks.

    3.PromoteTransparency:Governments should be open and give reporters accurate information to report the truth.

    4. Support Independent media: Encourage different news sources to give a broader view of what's happening.

    5. Include Everyone: Let everyone share their stories, so we know all that's happening in our city.

    By tackling these challenges, we can improve local news coverage in Chennai, making it more accurate and reflecting the diverse issues and perspectives in the city.

    Thank you!

  • The headline I would suggest is "Breaking Barriers: Women Shaping the Media Landscape with Their Trailblazing Contributions!" This is because it captures the empowering spirit of women in the media organization or industry.

    1. I strongly agree that "Breaking Barriers: Women Shaping the Media Landscape with Their Trailblazing Contributions" is an impactful and empowering headline. It effectively conveys the pioneering spirit and significant contributions made by women in the media industry. Thank you for highlighting this important perspective.

  • One headline I would choose would be:
    "Greece adopting a greener lifestyle on their islands".
    This headline is based on the recent COP28 that Dubai hosted. The government of my country and especially the prime Minister promised that eco goals will be implemented. One of these was an eco projects transforming some islands into eco-islands, such as that of Poros. This such a promising goal that people of my country feel more than welcome This idea. We are still here to see if this is going to happen .

  • If I were to write a news headline about the situation in my area, it would be titled "Collaborating with the Government to Combat Insurgency". My country is facing many challenges such as kidnapping, terrorism and banditry. Instead of solely relying on the government, we must come together as a community to fight these issues. For instance, in areas where kidnappings are rampant, local communities can unite to help apprehend the kidnappers. We need to change our mindset and work together in a positive manner. By doing so, we can inform the government about insurgent activities and take collective action to protect ourselves. If we collaborate with both the people and the government, we can effectively fight insurgency. I believe that change starts with us, and together, we can make a difference in our community's safety and security.

    1. I agree because when we work together, we can protect our community. Being able to notify the government of any unusual changes is a crucial step towards ending incidents in our community. Although it may be frightening, we should unite to ensure everyone feels secure. This is akin to protecting the environment. By collaborating, we can achieve our goal.

  • I think this will be a sport headline which will probably be Liverpool versus Brentford 4-1 Liverpool winning the match even though I have been lots of injuries as for Brentford they remain in the ways for for Europa places trying to avoid the relegation zone as for Liverpool there will be looking to win the Premier League. This is my headline I couldn't write everyday about it because it will be too much

  • One headline that comes to my mind is:
    Greece offers free courses to programmers.
    I heard about this piece of news on TV and it came to my mind the topic we discussed about AI.
    This program aims programmers to be more specialized in new areas of technology such as AI in order to help improve educational tools.

  • "Local Community unites to clean Up park After storm"
    because this headline highlights a positive event where the community came together to address a problem caused by a recent strom emphasizing unity and resiliance.

  • I think a perfect headline to encourage people to work together against global warming and pollution is "Time to team up to clean up!". The slogan perfectly portrays the idea of working together to stop pollution and help save our planet. We may also try to drop the price of electrical products, so that more people will switch from gasoline cars to electric cars. It also has a nice ring to it.

    1. Absolutely!
      I would like to buttress your points .
      Another way to encourage people to work together against global warming and pollution is by promoting renewable energy sources like solar and wind power. We can highlight the benefits of these clean energy alternatives, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil fuels.
      Additionally, organizing community clean-up events and recycling initiatives can help raise awareness and involve more people in taking action. Together, we can make a positive impact on our planet!

  • My headline would be the state of the Nigerian economy will it soon collapse ever since the win of Bola Ahmed Tinubu the Nigerian economy has become more unstable than ever.

  • My headline would be on "Harmful traditional practice"
    In Nigeria there are so many harmful traditional practice example are; artistic expression (tribal marks on the face),child marriage,female genital mutilation,male preference.

    Male preference is a problem to all Nigerian,it is a must to give birth to a male child unless you will feel like an outcast in the female.they believe female child are not prominent in the society but I guess they are on the wrong path.because now female child are "blazing star".

    All this practice are dangerous to human health,most of they are performed with dangerous object which can spread all sought of disease.

    This unhealthy practice should be eradicated completely,the female child are mostly the one's to suffer from this harmful practice.
    I think it high time the government put an end to this completely.

    This in no longer CULTURE it is TORTURE.

    1. Can you tell me more about the consequences to male preferences for women?

      1. Male preference is the act of preferring a male child to a female child.due to this unruly act female are denied access to qualify education,health, property right and proper marriage right.

        Reason why this unlawful act is practiced is because of economic contribution,to carry on the family name,support family members,and I guess female can do all this even better.

        These are the consequences of male preference to woman.
        Early divorce, family conflict, domestic violence, discrimination against girls,male dominance, hostility,denied access to education,hatred for mothers, lack of respect for women in the society and infanticide (killing of female child).
        This people see the female as a "price to pride over masculinity"but no they are to be appreciated and celebrated.thanks to various gender equality program this has reduce in my country,but some people still choose to take part in doing this harmful practice.
        So therefore,I will employ the government to do something about this, because all genders are equal and have a prominent role to play in the society.

  • The headline I would like to suggest is "Empowering Change: Women in Media Paving the Way for Gender Equality and Representation!" #WomenInMedia #GenderEquality.

  • The headline I would suggest is " WOMEN". I suggested this because the women's international day is nearer if we start a discussion on this topic it would be a great help.

  • The headline I would suggest is "military rule or civilian rule". I would prefer the civilian rule because, it's democratic in sense that the people decides the better or worse for themselves while the military rule is based on dictatorship ( no human right).
    Thank you!

  • My headline would be " LET CHILDREN GO TO SCHOOL" . In my area, I see some kids working at restaurants, homes, etc instead of going to school. As education is really important for children. Everyone has right to go to school but these kids are working. I think that government of the country should provide some facilities like healthcare, education, etc to poor children and people.
    Thank you!

    1. I completely agree with your headline,
      "LET CHILDREN GO TO SCHOOL." Education is a fundamental right for every child, and it's disheartening to see some kids being deprived of this opportunity. It's crucial for the government to step in and provide necessary support to ensure that all children, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, have access to quality education. By investing in facilities like healthcare and education, we can give these children a chance to break the cycle of poverty and build a better future for themselves. Let's advocate for equal opportunities for all children!

  • My headline would be on "jungle justice"
    Jungle justice happens when people take the law into their own hands instead of letting the proper authorities handle a situation. It's like a group of individuals deciding to punish someone they think did something wrong, without a fair trial or legal process. This can lead to serious problems because it's not the right way to address issues in a community. It's important to let the legal system do its job to ensure fairness and justice for everyone.

    1. I agree with the sentiment expressed in your comment about "jungle justice." It is crucial to uphold the rule of law and allow proper authorities to handle situations effectively. Vigilantism and taking matters into one's own hands can lead to injustices, escalation of violence, and undermine the foundation of a just society. Respecting due process, providing fair trials, and upholding the principles of justice are essential components of a functioning legal system. It is important to advocate for the rule of law and discourage acts of vigilantism to maintain a just and orderly society.

  • My headline would be on "BALANCED DIET"

    Crafting a well balanced diet is very important to our health as adults or children.i see many people in the street eating junks and all sought of unhealthy food.
    It is necessary for us to consume the six classes of in our daily meal.the six classes of food are; carbohydrates, protein, vitamin, mineral salt,water,fats,if a person lack all this nutrients such person will look unhealthy and is likely to have one of this deficiency,which is scurvy, night blindness,Ricket,beriberi, anaemia e.t.c
    Schools, hospital,media,and family should educate people on the need to eat healthy food.
    So therefore it important we all eat healthy food.

    Thank you.

    1. Can you explain how this links to a news story in your country, admirable_butterfly?

      1. It leads to the story of Hunger and inflation of food price.recently in Nigeria our food price has skyrocked.people can no longer eat healthy food due to the price,a bag of rice was 65000 naria as at last month but it is now 78000.if people don't get to eat properly due to price inflation this will cause hunger in the society and hunger will lead to deficiency.
        That how I came about this topic "balance diet"

    2. Well said admirable_butterfly.
      Maintaining a well-balanced diet is essential for our overall health and well-being, regardless of age. It is concerning to observe individuals consuming unhealthy junk food in public spaces. Consuming the six essential classes of food on a daily basis plays a significant role in promoting good health. These classes include carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, mineral salts, water, and fats. Failure to incorporate these nutrients into one's diet can lead to various deficiencies such as scurvy, night blindness, rickets, beriberi, anemia, among others.

      It is crucial for schools, hospitals, the media, and families to actively educate the public on the significance of consuming nutritious meals. By raising awareness about the importance of healthy eating habits, we can encourage individuals to make better food choices and lead healthier lives. Let us all prioritize consuming nutritious foods to support our overall well-being and vitality.

  • The headline that I would suggest is the UCL match between LAZIO 1-0 BAYERN MUNICH the match was well played during the first half but no matter how hard BAYERN strived they couldn't beat provedell in LAZIO goal but it wasn't only BAYERN that atacked during the second half when LAZIO were awarded a penalty immobilia took it home and LAZIO managed to win the match even thu they are facing serious problems in the sirea A they are still the under dogs in this competition

  • I think they should be a discussion on "woman who take part in dangerous jobs"like militants,police, firefighter, aircraft pilot, constructors.this jobs involve risk of life and need more not saying they should not allow female take part in this jobs but I feel they should be paid better is not easy to protect the country and risk your own life.
    In conclusion I think women that are into military and other dangerous jobs should be paid good salary.

    1. Hello!
      It's great to see recognition for the bravery and contributions of women in dangerous professions. These women often put themselves at risk to safeguard communities and ensure safety. Fair compensation not only acknowledges their dedication but also provides tangible support for the challenges they face. It's important to value their efforts and ensure they receive the recognition and resources they deserve.

  • I would write a news with a title "Local Community Comes Together to Clean Up Park Following Weekend Festival" - This headline highlights a positive event where the community showed unity and responsibility in maintaining public spaces after a festive gathering. It emphasizes community engagement and environmental stewardship, which are important aspects of local news coverage......

    Thank you.